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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • You are really shelling out $9213.32 for a rebuilt tiptronic transmission?
  • Hi I'm new to this site and I have a problem.
    I cannot get a spark on No:2 cylinder. I've checked the coil pack and connection to it, plus changed them around but still no spark.
    Can anyone help me with this?
    Thanks in advance.
  • sdazzsdazz Posts: 2
    I have a 1997 A4 which started knocking. I had it towed to the dealer, who told me that it was the "Final stage for coils." what exactly does this mean?
  • The Bosch ABS control modules that are originally in many Audis and VWs are known to fail. That's why your ABS light is blinking. You still have normal, non-ABS brake functions, just no anti-lock braking. I had this same problem three weeks ago. So, I just removed the ABS unit and sent it off to be repaired for $250. Got the unit back a week later and the problem was solved. If you're a DIY person, then go to The guy who runs it is very personable and has a quick turnaround. They even have a video on their website showing how to remove the ABS control unit from and Audi. You can remove the unit and still drive your car, because you still have perfectly normal working brakes, like any other car that was built before ABS came along.
  • check out the seem to have a pretty decent selection of parts for audis, including catalytic converters. just don't pay dealer prices...they rip you off!
  • try and find an independent audi/vw mechanic in your area. $9K is WAY too much to be paying for a new transmission. where i live, just north of boston, there's an excellent audi specialist that charges rates 50% below what the stealerships charge.
  • hi i have just done head gaskets on my a4 2.8 v6 all ok apart from my injection when i remove the injection from the manifold it injects but when in position it will not .althou i still have power and fuel presure can any one help????
  • jer4jer4 Posts: 1
    A while back the airbag light on my A4 came on. I took it to the dealer and they said it was caused by a faulty sensor in the rear-view mirror (huh?) and two days later they gave it back to me with the light off. A couple of months later the airbag light came on again. I took it to a different dealership and they immediately said "Oh yeah, there's a tech bulletin on that." When I got the car back, I asked what the deal was that it had come on twice in the first 5000 miles. I was told that it looked like the tech bulletin had been done wrong the first time, that the wrong connector had been applied under the driver's seat, and that as soon as they removed the electrical tape the wire fell out of the connector. So my question is, during the three months between the repairs, when the wrong connector was in place and the wire was held in by tape, did I have a functioning airbag?
  • I have also recently fallen prey to the engine sludge problem with a $2,600.00 repair bill that the local dealer claims Audi will not cover under warranty. Has anyone had success in getting Audi USA to cover this?
  • sounds like a rear wheel bearing
  • does any one know the proper procedure to replace a left rear wheel bearing on an audi a4 :confuse:
  • Yes, I had the same problem on my 02 A4. It was over warranty but they decided to go ahead take care of it because of on-going problems with the sludge.
  • I have the same kind of problems, very bad on slippery roads when wendy. Did you fine an answer?
  • Hello;

    I have never participated in a forum before but I need some help. I own a '99 A-4 1.8T and had to replace the engine when my timing belt failed last April. Have you had any luck locating someone to help you recoup your expenses, either as part of the class action suit or otherwise?

    Thanks much in advance.
  • why does Audi have so many electrical problems similar to Chrysler K-cars in early 80s? Has the German lost their technical skills? I read so many complaints for all models.
  • I'm having the same problem with my 02 A4. They said I need receipts of all the oil changes. I seem to be 2 short right now. Any word on how to get this taken care if you don't have the receipts. Thanks
  • nirownirow Posts: 1
    I'm thinking about buying a 96 A4 2.8 Quattro with a little over a 100k miles. Are there any particular problems to look for in a pre-purchase inspection?
  • This morning when I started my car the radio information displayed normally, however I could not hear anything. I checked the volume level but nothing. I could hear a faint ticking noise (the noise you can hear from a speaker when the connection is made but there is a problem). After 10 minutes of driving I turned the heat fan blower down to listen for the ticking noise again but it was gone. I decided to try the radio and believe it or not the radio worked just fine. I pulled into the Audi dealership and explained the problem to a service rep. He thought that sounded strange however another customer pulled in yesterday to tell them his radio would not even turn on (no display) when he started the car and after 10 minutes it was working. It has been very cold the past two morning so I was wondering if maybe the radio has to warm up which should not be the case at all.
  • Whenever I hit my gas pedal my car takes a split second to respond and then finally begins to move forward. When I asked the salesman at Univeristy Park Audi (Dallas, TX) about this problem he told me it was because of the computer in the engine. He told me it takes a split second for the car to tell the computer to go into turbo mode and begin forward. Once the car kicks in it goes like gang busters. Does this sound right?
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    A turbocharger takes engine exhaust, compresses it, and sends it back through the engine... Because of this, it does take a second or two for any turbocharger to rev up. As a result, you'll experience what's referred to as "turbo lag." Some turbos are better than others. It's not a problem or a defect or error or anything else... it's just the way that turbos work.

    More info on turbochargers.
  • I am so done with Audi. They won't cover this oil sludge problem unless you have all the receipts for the oil changes. I have 8 of them all done at Audi. I can't find 1 or 2 that they want. They won't cover the repair because of this. They have a crap engine and they don't want to own up to it. They extended the warranty but only after they had major problems with this and now they want you to jump thru hoops. Terrible company.
  • (1) Make sure the timing belt and water pump and tensioner have been replaced. Supposed to be replaced at 90K, but a lot of people replace sooner. Cost to do this at a decent independent shop in the Chicago area is ~ $800.
    (2) It's a good idea to see if the control arms were replaced. They are supposed to be notoriously weak (that said, my '99 A4 has the original set at 82K)
    (3) Common, minor problems for the B5 A4 include (a) side mirrors rust, (b) sunroof stops working, (c) headlight washers crap out, and (d) plastic molding on the low part of the body falls off.

    All, in all, I really like my 2.8 A4. I have spent an average of $600-800 /year of maintenance in the 3-1/2 years of ownership. It's not the cheapest car to maintain, and it can't be considered a "sports car" at all. It's too heavy. But it drives and handles very solidly.
    You'll probably find the rear seat is cramped for bigger people.
  • The day I bought my 2002 A4 1.8T pre-owned, the muffler needed rewelding. Since that day, I have had to go into the shop every two months with electrical and mechanical problems. Some are new but some are also repetative: Does this sound familiar?:Check Engine Light - 6 visits to the shop, the mechanics don't know what the problem is so they reset the check engine light so that it doesnt light up but then as I am driving comes on again. Once this caused my car to be in the shop for over a week! and then it still came back on.2.light bulbs keep burning out, the tail light particularily,3.the horn stopped working ...twice even after repair, the headlight switch too, The radio kept shutting down, attributed to the fuse but later, the dealership conceded that the whole radio needed replacing, paint on the wiper blades peeled off, that needed replacing, the seat warming switch got stuck. It goes on and on. Oh and if you are under the 80000, then you have a chance that the service centre will look at the car, but at 80001..THEY WONT EVEN talk to you. Quite frankly,,they are liars. And, the mechanics don't know anything about cars.They plug in their little lap top into your car and dont even look under the hood!
    If you have the extended warranty, and the same problems that you had under the manufacturers warranty crop up again, they now make you pay $50 bucks for it!. Oh and if you do get warranty work done to your car such as breaks, DONT JUST DRIVE AWAY assuming that they replaced your breaks. The liars where I go to for service said they replaced the breaks on my invoice, but, LOW and BEHOLD when I looked at the car, they did not replace them at all!
  • I purchased an Audi A4 February of this year. I have driven standard 23 years and have never had to replace a clutch on any vehicle I owned. This includes the 1995 Acura Integra with 176,000 miles on it, which I still own and use. I try to keep a car for 10 years. The reason for the background was that my clutch went on my Audi at 15,400 miles while traveling out of state. The car drove fine one day and the next morning when I retrieved it at a hotel car valet there was a obnoxious burning smell coming from the car, there was a rattling / vibration underneath it and the gears were difficult to work with. I literally got the car to a local dealership when the clutch went completely. The service light did not come on. I had to rent a car to get home to CT and my car will be in the Boston area for the next couple of weeks. Besides that the gas gage started to become problematic about a month old and it had to be replaced. I believe this is happening again. Has anyone heard of these situations? Is this car a lemon? :lemon: ?
  • I read your post and the problem with the fogging of the windshield on the interior of the A4 2002 happened to me. I took it to the dealership and they didnt know what it was? They turned on all the defogging controls in the vehicle on max air flow and the windshield barely cleared. This happens on the most humid of days. So , I couldn't figure out how to clear my windshield. It is so embarasssing to drive such an expensive car and I can barely look out the front windshield as I am driving around. I have not tried the suggestions that you were given but I will next summer...if I havent sold the piece of junt that I own. I also noticed one cold day this month, that when I got into my car in the afternoon, there was condensation / moisture on the inside windshield>??? I have never seen that before. Oh by the way the fogging of the windshield on humid days...It forms a kind of pattern at the base of the windshield where the vents would be. Did you notice the pattern to the fogging also?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    and the next morning when I retrieved it at a hotel car valet there was a obnoxious burning smell coming from the car, there was a rattling / vibration underneath it and the gears were difficult to work with

    when i read this, and i bet others read this they are going to think: i wonder if the valet knew how to drive stick? or i wonder if the valet took your vehicle on a "test" drive?

    vehicle driving fine one day, and the next it is DOA after leaving it in the custody of someone else... it's possible it just failed on it's own, but that's harder to believe than the other scenario.

    if this happened recently, and you seem to indicate as much, perhaps a call to the hotel's security or main desk might be in order to see if anyone else reported vehicle damage around the same period.

    true story: i used valet parking when i brought my wife to a major hospital to deliver our first child. a couple days later when we go to get the car and put the car seat in, i give the valet my card w/number.

    after waiting an eternity - he shows up driving a vehicle of much higher expense, and his words to me are: "this isn't your car is it?" to which I reply - not even close - is the hospital running a special vehicle upgrade with every newborn? the car was eventually located and a spare key was obtained to get the proper vehicle to my house many hours later.

    things happen.
  • If you are getting your Oil Changes at a Audi dealer, Ask that dealer to pull your maitnence history and it has all the codes for everything done on your car at that dealer. So you should be able to get Audi to cooperate. What is you oil change schedule? Are you every 10k or 5k? EVEN though the book says every 10k I recommend every 5k. :sick:
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I wanted to take this opportunity to follow up from my original post #980 and then #989. Recap: major electrical issues with 2003 A4. 4 dealers with Audi of America involved with near 150 dealer days. Audi of America (AOA) finally sent an "expert" to go over the car, they sent two. (AOA guaranteed me they would fix all my issues) One "expert" was a Quality control manager from Germany. Two weeks later (they had the car two weeks straight) and over 20 repairs later the car is better but not working 100%. AOAs response now is I can go to any dealer I wish and after they told me the prior dealers were not considered capable. Keep in mind I am talking to those above their standard Customer Care group
    As you can see the problem is not with the cars it is with their dealer network and their own customer service attitude. Their "experts" even told me that the dealers I have been to cause them serious issues. But does the company do anything about it or take a stand to win a customer back? Nope.
    It is a scary thought knowing that when things get tough, the company (that made the product) is not there for you. What is worse is when they keep saying "I am having a unique experience" they do little to correct it. Judging by these forums my experience is not unique. If you are wondering if those with A8s get better service they do not. I met quite a few A8 and A6 owners not happy. Same pattern. AOA even asked me to have them call them direct so they can help. If AOAs dealer/service network does not have a red flag that shows a customer (especially an A8) comes to the dealer 10 times for the same issues then they do not deserve that customer.
    My own issues had tech announcements 2 years old related to them. 4 dealers and AOA never read their own documents (most of my issues could have been resolved years ago)
    I don't like bashing, I like to think that mistakes happen and a company can redeem themselves. AOA blew that hope to bits. 3 years ago when this all started Audi Customer Care told me they only sell cars - how true it is.
  • I took a lease out on a 2006 A4 Quattro but opted not to get the overpriced XM radio package. I was wondering whether one could hook up such a beast as Terk's XMDRDS100 (see &storeId=10001&productId=14946&langId=-1 )?

    Backup option is just a plain vanilla XM unit transmitting over FM but it'd be neat to use the car's own satellite capacity. Or has Audi made it such that you have to buy their overpriced goodies?
  • I wanted to know what major electrical issues you have specifically with your A4? SInce, I have an 2002 A4 1.8T that has had mostly electrical but also some mechanical defects since I bought it. I bought mine used and got the Audi extended warranty with the car. My issues have been horn does not work X2,rear break light out(several times),sun roof sticks,radio stopped working (X3)and it was only after I went to a second dealer for this radio problem that I discovered from the service advisor by accident almost that a bulletin came out that the radio had to be replaced !!!. In other words, my regualr service centre did not fess up to this until I went back to them and told them that another Audi dealer said that the radio is supposed to be replaced if it stops working! Then , they finally replaced it. Also, malfunctioning are the head light switch, seat warmer switch, a "check engine light" that has the service centre stumped. (X6) and once it was in the shop for over a week. And mostof the first five times I drive home and the light turns on again before I get home. I think that Audi service technicians are only trained to plug in their lap tops into your car and then clear the dash of all the warning lights and then tell you it is fixed and you can go home. The bottom line for me is that the service centers lie a lot. They don't fix your car properly while it is under warranty and then you have to deal with it when the warranty expires. Crappy company.
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