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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • I had the same problem and found out what it was the hard way! The bottom ball bearing joint that hold your rotor has leaked and so there is no lubricant to keep the metals from rubbing. Replacing it would have cost me $1300 but my mechanic had my warranty pay for it. If they would not have covered it my other option would have been to get another joint from a junk yard to keep the cost down. Change it soon because it will surprise you one day and fall to the concrete and could cause you to get into an accident.
  • I recently bought a used 2003 Audi a4 3.0 (my first one after selling my old Toyota). It still had a few months on the warranty so I figured I was safe. I bought it, took it to the dealership and asked them to run a full check. I honestly think they did nothing to tell you the truth. A few weeks after I did this the car started "bouncing" or "jerking" when I start the car and take it from Park to Reverse. I immediatly have to rip it back into park to get the "bouncing" of the engine to stop. I took it to the dealership and once again the computer diagnostic says nothing. Now I can be driving the car on the highway and the engine in Drive will just flip back and forth into Neutral and I can lose gas power. The light across the (P,D, N) strip on the dash will jump to all being red.

    Now my car has been in over 3 times, has 40K, the warranty has run out, I've paid to run diagnostics, and still nothing is coming up. Someone please HELP! What can I do? They refuse to admit anything is wrong if the "computer diagnostic" has no errors.

  • kcraigkcraig Posts: 1
    The problem is my back right hand window of my Audi A4 cabriolet (2003)has separated from the canvas top. Does anyone have the same problem?
  • Any suggestions on order companies for parts like car covers and window shades?
  • hello, I have a 2002 audi a4 1.8t cvt. The PRND display fails to show what gear its in after engine temperature is optimal. It will not show for about 15 to 20 minutes of driving and then it will blink(almost flicker) and then turn on and work showing what gear im in. When it does not display gear my shift tronic does not work. Reverse does not work. If i put the car in park it display P. but will not display any other gear if shifted. When this happens and the car is stoped i can put it in nuetrol for about 3 seconds and switch to drive or reverse and then the PRND starts to flash. When flashing reverse works and so does the shift tronic. After driving for about 15 minutes with the flashing I will stop the car and put it in park and the rpm jumps to about 1500 then down below 1000 then to about 1000rpm and the flashing stops and the car works. displays what gear, reverse works and so does the auto stick. Its so weird but it happens all the time and started originally around 50,000 miles. the car has about 52k now. I used the vag com system and got the following codes out *17090 – Transmission Range Sensor (F125): Implausible Signal*P0706 – 35-10 - - - Intermittent*18032 – MIL Request Signal Active (Check TCM for errors tool)*P1624 – 008 – Implausible Signal* I was told by mechanincs that it could be a broken TCM or multiswitch.(Dealer repairs only) Does anybody know about this problem. Please HELP!! The dealer wants $2200 for new tcm. I would hate to pay that. Thanks
  • You've probably found out what your problem was by now, but I had that same problem at about 45K miles and the service rep. asked me if I was using gas from places such as Costco, Arco, etc. I said, "Who, ME?" she said only use the "Top Tier gas," which is like Shell, Chevron, etc. I haven't had that problem again YET.
  • I also had my 99 Passat towed to the dealer. They replaced the Power stage unit and I was charged $680. I was told the Power Train warranty does not cover this correct?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - welcome to CarSpace! That person hasn't been around for several years so you might want to try asking in the Passat Maintenance and Repair discussion. Good luck - hope we can help.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    We always use "top tier" gas. We usually run midgrade finding that the performance and gas mileage is just fine with gas that is 5% less expensive. We fill up with premium occasionally & do not detect a difference.

    We took it to the dealer & they did not hear the noise, but ordered a fuel filter (at least in part based on the imput I receive from this forum) anyway. A week later, my wife heard the noise & took it in. They said sounds like fuel filter issue. Scheduled to be replaced under warranty this week. Will let everyone know after a month or two if the noise stops
  • Hello,

    I have a 2002 A4 with just over 90,000 miles. I have had issues with my oil level. I have had it in several times and they never find a leak. Just took it in again and they did an oil consumption test on it and still couldn't find the problem. The tech at the dealer called Audi of America and they advised him that 1 - 1.5 quarts used in 1000 miles was acceptable. The tech disagreed. I called Audi of America and they told me the same thing, I am going to have to watch the oil level every 1000 miles and then add if necessary. Has anyone had this type of problem? Please help.
  • Luckyluke, I have exactly the same problem, no joke I can't believe I am reading this, can you email me [email protected] if you have gotten the issue fixed the dealer is trying to tell me I need to replace the Transmission...
  • Hi,

    I have the same problem, its a A4 2003 Cabriolet, I have extended warranty, but the dealer refuses to honor it. I will complain to Audi directly about this. This is definitely a craftsmanship defect. And you can't even repair it, becuase the glass uses a special glue/press machine. You need to replace the whole top.

    Shoot me an email if you want to hook up: [email protected]
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's share experiences right here in the discussion rather than take the conversations to email. That way all can benefit and you have a better chance of getting feedback.

  • hI

  • bkanbkan Posts: 1

    I have the same problem with my 2003 A4 cabrio. I have extended warranty. But I haven't taken it to Audi yet. Now i'm wondering what they're going to say. I guess this is a common problem with convertibles. I really don't want to have the top changed.

    have a great day
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Is this turbo very noisy? Usually for a turbo to suck oil, the bearings have to be bad in the turbo itself--so they'll scream before they smoke. But the symptoms you describe could very well be a bad turbo.

    Also could be old or crack valve stem seals. I hope the dealer's diagnosis is accurate.
  • no the turbo is not noisy, its not sucking oil, there is no oil in the engine. the car has never "screamed" What i think it is, even if the car only 33,000 miles for a 1999 the seals are cracked :( I did call the dealer where i got the car and spoke to the manger, so now i have to decided to fix it now or wait a little bit..i am just a little mad thats all..
    mel :mad:
  • I have a 98 Audi A4 1.8 and it has 100551 miles. My husband has pretty much replaced all major parts on it. I am having trouble with all the indicator lights remaining on..I can't find in my manual how to correct the problem. My most recent problem is the hot radiator light comes on sometimes but, the c/ guage shows it's not hot, I can only put water in the overflow,. I have no idea where to put coolant in the radiator.... :cry: my husband recently changed the thermostat so we know it's not that. Please help.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Aha! If someone put in a new thermostat they might not have bled all the air from the cooling system.
  • I'm in the market for a used car(2006/07 A4), and really like the Audi, but as I read more and more on the web about the cost to maintain the Audi, I'm starting to have second thoughts. I plan to keep the vehicle well past the 5/50,000 factory warranty. Are the repair cost really that expensive?? Any personal experiences would be helpful.
  • davida2davida2 Posts: 16
    Just to give you an idea. I have a 99 A4 with ~130k miles on it. (I bought it with 100k miles). SO far I have changed the timing belt ~$800, Front shocks, bearings, lower arms-$1200, valve cover leak-$400, Need to service tranny-~$500. Hope this info helps you with your decision.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Yeah they are expensive to repair. Parts are pricey.
  • Hi
    You have probably read my comments on Audi (and by implication, VW).
    Audi has steadfastly refused to honor its warranty commitments on failures which should not have happened, given the age, mileage and top-notch treatment that we have given the car (2004 Audi A4, 25000 miles). Our repair costs have totaled about $2800 in this time.
    Our treatment at the hands of Audi has been so abysmal that we will NEVER buy another Audi (or VW). It is a matter of corporate policy on their part to blame the car owner for their problems of design and/or manufacturing.
    Our experience parallels that of many people who have submitted comments. All across the country, Audi service people are reading from the same (corporate) script.
    A Thornton
  • Hello,
    Thank-you for your personal experience. I have since talked to a repair shop that works exclusively on BMW/Audi/VW. They advised "hell of a car to drive...tough on the wallet to own". I have moved on from the Audi, and now looking elsewhere. Thank-you for the swing vote!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    My buddies own a very successful Porsche/Audi independent shop and they also love and respect Audis---but they also have their little jokes about the expense of keeping them up. And you know, when a Porsche mechanic talks about Audis being expensive to run, you have to at least listen to that.

    it's really the parts prices. I mean, labor per hour is the same for a Porsche or an Audi, but some of the Audi prices for components are pretty hard to take.

    I guess if you are just maintaining an Audi and not replacing parts, you're okay, but when it comes to buying major pieces, it seems like the bills add up quick.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    I have a 2004 A4 w 42K miles. While trying to quickly adjust a mirror, my control popped thru the hole & into the armrest. When I took it in the service associate gal said, "I have seen lots of these, you will need a new switch." When I picked it up, the service manager said he did not think it would be covered under the warranty and that he had never seen this problem before.. HUMM - who is speaking the truth here???

    Has anyone seen this problem? Seems to me that it should be covered under the warranty. Any suggestions?

    Other than a recently replaced fuel filter that was causing a humming noise (under warranty no questions asked) our A4 has been pretty problem free --- so far.
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    Expensive to run, and they don't make parts for their classic Urquattro anymore. :mad:
    I sold mine because the car spent much more time in the shop waiting for parts than the time I spent having fun driving it.
  • I have 01 A4 at 93k miles. My mechanic told me that my turbo is in fact sucking oil and that's why I ma running out of oil after 2000 miles.

    We decided to reset the check engine light and take it to the dealer for a trade in.

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    As a general statement, I'd say that the problem you're having was in fact self induced. Typically when a turbo fails, it is due to one or both of the following two different reasons:
    1) You didn't follow the VW/Audi oil specifications and/or the oil change schedule.
    2) You didn't allow the turbo to properly spin down before shutting down the engine following spirited driving.

    Assuming one or both of the above is true, how is it Audi's fault?

    Best Regards,
  • jlkiljlkil Posts: 18
    I dropped my 02 jetta in today for an oil change, surprise they found a leaking CV boot, that they had replaced just over 14,000 miles ago, with 12,000 warranty. As they were changing my oil, I drove an '08 EOS and an '08 A4. The A4 was sweet, 2.0 turbo, performance; solid feel and tight. As my Jetta has cost me $2800 in repairs this year, I am looking to trade. After reading this, I think the A4 is out. Any idea on the new C class a friend traded his mercedes after 17 shop visits in less than 2 years? BTW, I don't have any complaints with the local VW dealer; vast inprovement over years of GM dealers.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    I suppose one could argue (if I may be devil's advocate for a minute) that there is a fine line between asking the consumer to follow instructions and burdening him with more tasks and details for maintenance that he could reasonably be expected to know.

    Or to argue another way, what makes Audi turbos so sensitive to abuse whereas other cars don't seem to mind it?

    Still I do question the diagnosis---once the turbo gets loose inside, it will suck oil, that is quite true, but this usually appears at start up, with high engine vacuum. In other words, if you have a "sucking" turbo, you'll look like a mosquito fogger every morning. Is this the case? Are you surrounding by blue smoke in the morning when you start 'er up?

    I'd also check this engine for sludge.

    Once the engine is warmed up, it's hard to believe a turbo could burn a quart of oil all by itself in 2000 miles. I'm wondering if a cylinder leakdown test is in order for this car as well.
  • my engine was never burning oil, it is clean clean clean. The turbo seals where cracked and when they opened it up it was cracked inside. I have 34000 miles on a 99...the problem has been fixed ....2000.00 later :surprise: :P :(
  • one day, i tried to start my car, it tried to be started, but failed. I tried 3~4 times, and finally it started when i push the gas. Then, the EPC light was on, but next time, the EPC light was gone. This starter problem was happened sometimes but not always, and I knew if i push the gas it started. So i didn't go to fix my car.

    But, now i have another problem. while I was driving, it just stopped on the road!
    the other lights are on, everything is fine, but car just stop. So i turned off my car, and then started again. It worked. It happened two times a day. And engine check light was on. But next time, that light was gone again. I can feel that my car was little trembling when i was driving, not stable. Can you help me?
    Is that a serious problem? Cause I know it's expensive to fix audi, and I want to know a little bit before going to audi repair shop. Thanks
  • If I were to buy another sell it before the warranty expires....had my 2003 a4 1.8t for 3 months....already have problems...havent spoken to one audi owner whos never had a problem or two with their the car..hate the maintenance....if ur practical, dont buy it...if u can afford repairs and overlook those costs..then go for it..good luck
  • amandamand Posts: 5
    Same problem with my 02 3.0 A4 Quattro. Brake light blinks three times and there are three beeps - only happens when I am turning direction - any help would be really appreciated.

  • I just replaced my timing belt. now the car will not start. How do you set the timing?
  • I lease a 2007 A4 2.0T Quattro with only 5,400 miles on it. As I write this I am waiting for the tow truck to tow me to the dealership. This will be the third time with the EPC problem. Last time they replaced the electrical harness (a $1300 part approx. and they had the car for 2 weeks so mega $$ for labor and rental car...but I'm covered under my warranty). This time I am suggesting they replace the computer. After that, I'm getting a lawyer and proceeding with a lemon law case. Yes, it is a serious problem. I never know when this problem will happen and fear I will be in some really crazy situation because of when I got stuck on the side of the freeway recently! When the EPC light comes on I can still drive it but it only goes 25 mph...any higher and the engine revs and refuses to accelerate.
  • I have only 56k miles. I had a dash signal not knowing what it represented come over the dash. I checked everything including the oil. When I did it was almost out. This car has given me nothing but problems. I will not buy another sudi either or advice anyone else to do so. ;)
  • My car would not crank and had to get a jump. I determined that I may have been battery. I replaced it. Now my radio will not play and all it say on the screen is "SAFE". What does that mean and if anyone know what has happen. I do not have an hand book and do not seem to can get one to find out my problem alone. HELP!!!!! :cry:
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    If you stop by your nearest Audi dealer with your VIN number they can provide you with the code to re-activate the radio. This is an anti-theft feature and you will need to provide proof of ownership to receive the code.
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    OK, let me understand this. Your let your vehicle run dry and somehow it's the vehicles fault? Whatever.....
  • Given all the serious problems listed on this site, this one sems trivial. My son has an '04 A4 turbo quattro. Tail light has burned out. Owner's manual says take it to the dealer. I did see a series of photos on a web site showing how the entire tail ight assembly needed to come out to teplace a bulb. Lots of potential for expensive damage.

    Assuming that one is of less than average mechanical ability, is this something to leave to a dealer despite that it will probably cost $50 to replace a $2.50 light bulb.

  • I have a 2004 A4 1.8T (79,000 mi.)which is now sitting as upon completion of a 2.5 hour drive the check engine and oil light went on and the engine began sounding a bit like a diesel engine. I immediately parked and it needed 1.5 qts of oil to top it off, but other than that I have done nothing. It seems to be foolish to drive 6 miles it to the dealer. Would this be indicative of the sludge problem that this engine has been having, or something else?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    It's possible. How often have you had the oil changed and what kind of oil have you used???

    Best Regards,
  • YES, that is exactly what happen to our A4. TOW it to the dealer and contact Audi Customer Relations ASAP.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Doesn't sound good. If it's not sludged up (have you used synthetic oil faithfully?) then you still need to figure out where the oil is going.

    Also this engine is very fussy as to which oil filter you use. If you have some kind of jiffy-lube filter in there, get it out fast and put in an Audi filter.
  • i'm a new member of this forum. i'd just like to post my car issues over the years. i seem to have similar issues like most in this forum.

    1. "Jerking" when changing gears (R to D...P to R) and accelerating. This has happened just a handful of times over the years.
    AUDI DIAGNOSIS: ECU did log the occurances but they could not replicate the issue in the shop. of course! More of a nuisance when it occurs. i just try not to accelerate quickly after changing gears.

    2. "Light Bulb" indicator. Occasionally pops up when i hit a pothole...i figure its a loose connection somewhere. not worth the money to fix. i just drive over another pothole to fix it. ;)

    3. "Oil Light". This has been coming on more over the past 10K miles. I've put in 2 quarts of synthetic within this time.

    4. "Hard Cranking". This too has just started recently (past 15K). It would occasionally take 2 tries to start the car. I think it might be related to the oil sucking.

    I haven't been true to the maintenance schedule of the car so i decided to the do the major and timing belt at 95K.

    AUDI DIAGNOSIS 11/5/07: They opened the timing belt cover and found an OIL LEAK in 2 of the hydrolic tensioners for the timing belt. COINCIDENCE with items 3 and 4...i thought it made sense so i decided to pay for the repairs ($3000+). i did inspect the car (they actually let me in garage!). it didn't appear they smeared oil in the covers or tensioners (I have trust issues with auto shops).

    Anyways, i'll see in the next 3-4K miles whether i still have the hard cranking issues and whether i'll need to put more oil or not. But i guess my suggestion to folks who are experiencing items 3 and 4 to remove the covers for the timing belt and take a quick look. it didn't seem to troublesome to do from what saw.

    Otherwise...i think this car has taken pretty good care of me over the years considering i didn't follow all the maintenance schedule.
  • I've been told that I need an ECM (Engine Control Module) for my '99 Audi A4. After reading some other message boards I've found that the problems with the car are consistent with what other Audi owners experienced who needed an ECM. Can anyone tell me what I should be paying for this part? I was given a quote of about $900 for the part. Is this accurate? Please advise.
  • I have an Audi A4 3.0 that I bought used. It has about 50K on it. I just had the front brakes and rotors replaced as well as the fuel pump which had been recalled. I took it into the dealer in the first place because a light (which I now know was the Electronic Stabilization Program light) flashed on and some time stayed on. The first time it happened, I pulled into a nearby lube place because I didn't want to get on the highway with it. The guy there thought I needed air in the tires. He put a little air in each tire. It was fine for the rest of the drive. On my way home, the car sometimes felt like it was hydroplaning (or similar slid-y feeling) when changing lanes or turning. The next day I took it the dealer (which I now hate). They did the work on the brakes and fuel pump and changed oil and charged me a lot of money but said the ESP light had reset itself and was not a problem. I asked if the mechanic had taken the car out for a test drive and was told yes. I picked up the car today and it still felt weird when I was driving. On my way home for work, I still had the same problem and the ESP light came on again and the car seemed to be making adjustments in the wheels as if there was no traction in one of the tires or sides of the vehicle. It wasn't raining when I was driving and I haven't had this problem previously. It's a really weird unsafe feeling when I'm driving. I'm reluctant to take it to the dealer again without having a better idea of what the problem is. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know of a good audi mechanic in the montgomery co., maryland. The dealership I went to was on rockville pike and I was very unhappy with their customer service. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.
  • anarsanars Posts: 1
    I have an Audi A4 2000. There seems to be something drining the battery becasue if I leave it for 2-3 dys, the battery is dead. I replaced the battery 6 months ago, so its not the battery. anybody have a problem like this?
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