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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • My leased A4 transmission "shudders" when coming to a stop. Dealer recognizes problem and they "are working on it" but the problem still exists. Anyone have luck in "exchanging" vehicles or being let out of lease?
  • In the past 2 years I have replace the battery and alternator in my 1999 A4 1.8T. Last week it began a new problem of barely turning over and won't start. It turns over a little better when I jumt it and it will start then. The battery and alternator check out OK. I'm thing the battery cable or starter motor but I starter motor seem to work or not work. Any suggestions?
  • There is a tech bulletin on this problem at least with the 2004. My dealer finally replaced my CVT transmission with an updated version and it works great. Good luck with yours.
  • Thanks for the heads up. Wonder why this has been a problem for 3 model years? I will follow up with the dealer and Audi corporate.
  • I had a similar, but not identical, problem and it turned out to be 1 of the ignition coils. I did get a MIL and since I have a code reader was able to diagnose. I replaced for $25 and the problem was "fixed" except that due to the shaking the flexible coupling in the exhaust had to be replaced. BTW, the stealership price for the identical coil was almost $50 so shop around for parts.
  • I know this is a forum for A4 problems, but thought I'd add some thoughts from a happy owner. I now have over 150K on my 01 A4Q (manual trans) and have had very few problems. I use synthetic oil changed at Audi's recommended intervals, I replaced a rear wheel bearing at 120K (I actually changed both since I misdiagnosed the bad one), finally got around to replacing the timing belt at 150K, replaced brakes at 80K (they didn't need it I just wanted low dust pads), replaced 1 ignition coil at 100K and my Symphony stereo has the common ERR1 on the internal CD player. Other than that NO problems.
  • I am at 70k miles with 3rd party extended warranty. Getting good will is near impossible for my situation. Also, the dealership service department in Euless mentioned that my A4 had metal fragments in the fluid meaning more serious issue. Dealership quoted 8k for new transmission; I have talked to other shops quote as low as 6k. I decide to take the path of least resistance and trade mine in. At trade-in they discovered my transmission issue and only offered me 9,200 that’s after many back and forth negotiations. The car's blue book is near 15k now I'm taking a major loss by accepting 9,200 but I think it's worth it. It all comes out in the wash and I end up with a newer under warranty car. I hate to give up on my Audi loved that car and was fun to drive. But, me being a recent college grad I just didn't want to have any more expensive repairs to come up.

    Thanks for your tips; I hope no one else has these issues.

    One thing with the CVT I'd like to point out. I have read they use to only put them in smaller engine cars. I think this is an issue with the CVT not standing up to the horsepower of the 3.0 V6.
  • I purchased a certified pre-owned 2005.5 A4 2.0T Quattro from Boardwalk Audi in Plano, TX on 12/22/06. Two days later when I first started the car up it flashed me the 'coolant' warning. I checked the coolant, it was low. Suspecting a leak, I drove the car around a bit and then parked the car in a clean spot. I came back a few hours later and, sure enough, there was a fresh pool of coolant under the car.

    My car has been sitting at the dealership since then. They told me that the source of the leak is the coolant flange and that the part is backordered. Here's my question. What is the likelihood of a significant leak of coolant caused by a worn coolant flange appearing suddenly? Is it reasonable to assume that the dealership knew about the leak when they sold me the car?

    Also, I've heard cases of Audi dealerships not honoring warrenties because customers are not able to provide full maintenance documentation for the life of the vehicle. This vehicle was sold to me by the dealership as "certified pre-owned", but I was not provided with maintenance documentation for the 28k miles on the car at the time of sale. Should I be concerned?

    Finally, one of the documents I was given during the sale contains warrenty information. It says "Buyers Guide" at the top. There are two big checkboxes, one says "AS IS-NO WARRENTY" and the other says "WARRENTY". The latter is checked. Within that, there are two small checkboxes: one says "FULL" and the other says "LIMITED WARRENTY". Neither one is checked, but the text for "LIMITED WARRENTY" has two fill-in-the-blank spots. The first sentence reads: "The dealer will pay 0% of the labor and 0% of the parts for the covered systems that fail during the warrenty period." That sounds pretty bad. I also paid for an extended warrenty; an additional 2 years and 50,000 miles of covereage.

    What actions should I take to protect myself? I was so excited about my new car, but now I'm just worried.
  • you need a new air flow meter, when the car is running and this happens if you turn the key full off and back to on a.f.meter should reset, if this happens you i'd change the air flow meter.
    good luck
  • Hello, I just wanted to touch bases with you regarding your issue with Audi. I recently had my engine replaced by Audi and then 29 days later the new engine began leaking coolant. I was told that they would not fix it, however after letters to the BBB, the Attorney General and a news story on channel 11 they decided to fix it. There were several things that they looked at and it did take them a while to actually find the problem. I was without my car for about 3 months (while they were deciding what to do with the car). I do like Boardwalk Audi better than any other dealership in the metroplex. I spoke with Craig Bowen who is the service manager and he was awesome. I wish you great luck. I have had my car for 4 years and I do love it, but it seems that Audi does not exactly stand behind their product.
  • Chelle4, thank you so much for the reply. My car has been sitting in the service department for almost 2 weeks now. I am furious. I called them tonight for a status update and they couldn't even find me in the computer.

    Please, I would love to talk with you in more detail. Is there a way I can contact you?
  • I have more of a question than a problem, but my Audi salesman wasn't much help so I thought I'd try here.

    I just leased an '07 A4, 2.0, standard audio system. Prior to getting the '07 I drove an '06 A4 3.2 for a week and when I wanted to change the radio station on the 3.2 I would just roll the steering wheel control and it would go to the next station on my preset list. Now on my car when I roll the control it seeks the next station it can pick up, not the stations I have in the preset - which really makes no sense to me. Are the systems just different, or is there something I can change in the settings?
  • The clutch of my 2006 Audi A4 went out after just about 5000 miles of use. Audi ruled the problem due to abuse and I was forced to pay $1400 to replace it. Has anyone had a similar problem and know how to refute Audi's desicion?
  • Hello there

    Just wondering if someone can give me some advice. My wife has just bought a second hand Audi A4 SE 20V, 1996 model auto. Every time she starts it she needs to put her foot on the accelerator as soon as it fires to keep it going or it conks out. Once it is going it is fine and has never stalled but it is every time she starts it.

    The other question is that it has the little red light on the dash that suggests an immobiliser or alarm but it never flashes. The dealer gave her the key to the car which isn't a remote key (seemed strange).

    Would really appreciate any help or feedback
  • scouziscouzi Posts: 28
    Thank everyone for warning me. I'm stying away from WV/Audi. I was going to buy an A4. I thought my KIA dealer was bad, but I'm in heaven compared to people here. At least, my KIA dealer would always admit when a problem was widespread for my model.
  • tubulustubulus Posts: 17
    About to buy a 2006 A4, new, but obviously been sitting on the lot for a while - 6 months or so. I'm already worried about the bad reputation of Audis for reliability, and I will probably exhaust the warranty miles within 2-3 years. Could sitting on the lot for that long increase the odds of problems? Also, how is the stock Symphony II (non-bose) sound system?
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    I used to work for VW..and I own an A4. It is very common to see a clutch go out at that or even less miles..VW/Audi clutches should be engaged and disengaged VERY QUICK but not too quick! That's the practicing you need to do, and you will get better at it, ask the service manager. Avoid slow traffic man..I swet everytime I hit one..sorry nothing you can do..they see alot and never cover it, it is considered abuse. I'll tell you though $1400 is a Great deal(serious) mine was quoted $2800 from a friend!
  • I recently leased a 2007 A4 2.0 Quattro w/6sp auto. Have about 1,000 mi on the car (it's just about 1 mo old). Today I had the most frightening experience of my driving life -- while on the highway at 60mph, I stepped hard on the accelerator pedal to change lanes and move around a slow-moving car in my lane. The A4 dropped down a few gears immediately and very quickly I was doing about 75mph. I let up my foot off the gas, only to have the car keep accelerating. I thought maybe I hit the cruise by accident, so I tapped the brake and even moved the cruise lever back & forth. By this time, the car was doing 80mph! My foot was completely off the gas.

    I shifted the car immediately into N and pulled off into the left shoulder -- with the engine still racing (probably 7,500 rpm!). The car came to a stop (again, I was in Neutral). My heart was racing. I shut off the car, put the gear selector in park and restarted.

    Everything seemed normal for the rest of the 15 mi left to get home.

    I know the A4 is a drive-by-wire vehicle with no accelerator cable to get stuck. I was wondering if anyone else had this experience with their A4? Did my winter mat somehow get stuck under the pedal and cause this? I was/am totally freaked by it given Audi's past history with sudden accel.

    I called the dealer -- they said they had no TSB's on this and had not had any A4's where someone came in with this problem. Nonetheless, they said to be safe to bring the car in Monday to have them check it out. All I can figure out they'd do is hook it up to their diagnostic machines and see if any code was saved (did the A4 record any problem?) and/or check to make sure all sensors involved with the drive-by-wire check out and are working properly.

    Any Audi technicians that read this board have any ideas?

    I am totally afraid to have anyone else in my family (wife or kids) drive this thing.
  • I have a 98' A4 2.8 Quattro and the speedometer has gone bonkers. It mellows out if your not accelerating but when you take off it's all over the place. could it be just the speed sensor or what?
  • I have an Audi A4 T 120K miles on it. I just got it back from an oil change and the tech person said to take it to an Ausi delearship right away to get the radiator or antifreeze flushed. Apparently I have the wrong type of antifreeze in it and they told me that I needed a specifice AUDI antifreeze. I have been using this type of antifreeze for a long time and have had no problems. Is it really necc. to replace the antifreeze?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    RE: Antifreeze.

    Yes! You need a RED antifreeze. The dealer has it or sometimes you can find it at parts brand is called "PENTOSIN", and it is supposed to be nitrite-amine and phosphate fee.

    RE: Speedometers. A4 speed sensors are a known frequent failure item.
  • I thought that was just for Audi's that are from 2000 on. Mine is a 1997 and I keep getting mixed signals from different dealers. I haven't had any major problems as of yet. Can I buy this PENTOSIN at any Car Store Like Pep Boys?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    I don't know about Pep Boys. My Audi connection puts it in all the A4s but gee if you've had no problems, there's probably no rush for this. The rule of thumb for Audis is "if it's green, it's probably the wrong stuff" but you know...not necessarily.

    This looks like a good source but I haven't dealt with them personally. They'll sell you all the correct fluids for your make/model.
  • 2tearsnabucket,

    i believe i am experiencing the same problem you describe. i recently took in my 2002 a4 1.8 cvt in for a 80k maintenance. after the first day where the outside mechanic did the maintenance and flushed my coolant system, he ended up fixing a leak in the coolant system and replacing a purge valve. now i feel a tremor at low speeds. although he seems to have done a good job in the past, he does not have a lot of experience on these "new" cvts and suspects it may be the transmission. he recommends bringing it into the more expensive dealer for some kind of computer that he does not own to run a diagnostic. if it is the transmission, he recommends complaining to audi to fix it although it isn't under warranty. what do you think? reply to me at [email protected] if you don't mind. thanks

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Actually, it would be a lot better if people would respond to you here rather than take the conversation off-line. That way lots of folks can benefit. ;)
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    If you have just accelerated hard and then let off the gas, it may be shifting up a couple gears suddenly to save gas.
    See the following post on the Texas Audi Club forum:
  • I am in the process of preparing to install a GENTEX auto-dimming mirror in our 2003 A4 Quattro and I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out a way to remove the original mirror without breaking the windshield. I contacted our local dealership to see if they would remove the OEM mirror, but they didn't want to have anything to do with it, although they did say that if I wanted to take a chance, just twist the mirrot counterclockwise until it is vertical and then wiggle back and forth!! At this point I'm considering using my Dremel Moto-Tool and just slowly cutting it apart in little pieces!! Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    here's a suggestion from another forum but I'm not endorsing it, just offering it up:

  • I leased an Audi A4 2.0T 2007. Three days 160 miles later, the car stalled on the freeway. The dealer towed the new car back to the dealer and gave me a loaner. Today I found out that one of the hydrolics components in the transmission was defective and it was being replaced. They also said that they wanted to test the car for at least 30 miles, to make sure everything was OK.
    My question: Can I legally request the dealer for a new car and refuse the car being repaired?
  • Have you received any feedback from the Audi dealer? I had a problem with my new Audi A4 I was on the freeway doing 70 75 mph I noticed my speed was decreasing even though I was accelerating, I got to a point in which the car just woudn't go and moved to the shoulder. As soon as I stoped, I noticed the gear indicator in the instrument panel was flashing. The engine was still going and the car was ingear but going no where. I switched gears back and forth with no luck. I turned the engine off for a few minutes. Once I re-started the car it worked fine. I called the dealer and they towed the car. Today I found out that the transmission has a faulty component that they are replacing.
  • I have a simple question for any Audi owner out least on the A4 2.0T CVT model for sure. I am looking at purchasing one and when I was test driving it the other day I noticed one of the slots on the transmission shifter was an S below the D. Is this for a sports transmission, or something else entirely?

    If so, what does it do, or better yet, I am assuming it increases the RPM's, but to what?

  • My A4 (1.8 T, shift stick, 2WD) warranty expires in 60 days or 3K miles. I am looking for some practical advice on how to get the car serviced at the dealer's expense to prevent as many post-warranty problems as possible.

    My current plan is to take it to an idependent mechnanic (suggestions in the Northern VA area are welcome) and pay to have a full in-depth inspection. Though, I would like to come to this mechanic with a list of things to check for based on the most common problems experience by other owners in this forum. I would appreciate if you could post a list of the problems that you have experienced as an A4 owner. Any other advice will also be very much appreciated.
  • I had my vehicle completely overhauled by the dealer with just 100 miles prior to my warranty expiring. They were not happy with me and tried to tell me that they certain things were not due yet, however I took in my maintenance book and common sense. They will not tell you, but even things like cosmetic items are replaced at their expense. I had several of the black buttons replaced because they were peeling, I had the console replaced because it began peeling, I had all fluids replaced, etc. There were about 15 things that I had them fix or replace at their cost. I do not know if you have had any engine trouble yet, but at 70,000 miles Audi had to replace the engine in my car because of the oil sludge problems that they are before your warranty runs out have your engine checked out. They are supposed to honor it for 8 years. There is a class action lawsuit about this, so if they don't want to check your engine, remind them about the lawsuit. Anyway, good luck. I love my car, but will not buy another Audi because they do not stand behind their product.
  • I thought this was an interesting survey from Top Gear that may stir some discussion.
  • I live on the east coast and the recent snow seems to have adversely affected my manual transmission. I was driving on a major road that was unplowed and the snow and ice was scraping the under-carriage of my 1999 A4 Quattro 1.8T. Now I'm getting a grinding noise and shaking and shifting into every gear is not as smooth as before. Any help or suggestions as to what is causing the problem is greatly appreciated.
  • a43311a43311 Posts: 11
    Hello I live in Ohio and I have a 99 A4 2.8, recently car has been good and does well in the snow. I know it is very stupid of me but car has been below 1/4 tank for a few days now and it has been bitterly cold "constantly below freezing and below zero recently".

    Anyway, I was leaving the other day and my car started just fine but was running very rough, then the chk engine light started blinking so I turned it off. Went out today to start it and it did the same thing, albeit still very cold.
    Now i've heard about freezing gas lines and that is very possible here but I was under the impression that the car would not start at all if that were the case.

    Has anybody had any similar experiences and could this be a cold weather problem or do I have an engine problem. Thanks in advance.
  • YES!!! I had a very similar problem last week. I was pulling out of a parallel parking spot. I went in reverse to give myself room, tapped the gas and when I went to hit the break the car continued to accelerate into the car behind me. After the crash, with my foot slammed on the break I put the car in drive to try and change directions and the car jetted out into the street at full speed. At this point I kept slamming on the break, and the car would not stop. Not knowing what else to do I placed the car in park, the car halted to a stop. I jumped out of the car, afraid the car was going to keep moving since the engine was still racing. My boyfriend (who witnessed the entire thing from the sidewalk) ran over to me, reached into the car and turned of the engine. He carefully restarted it a min later and it was still racing, so we again turned off the car. I called Roadside assistance but was on hold for a long time. After about 10 min he tried the restart the engine again and it was fine. He drove it cautiously around the block with out incident. The car was brought to the dealer that day for "diagnostics." At first they told me that it was probably just the floor mat-this happens “all the time.” But they checked the mat and it was secured in place and I did not have the second mat that they say is usually the culprit. (If this is such a problem why don’t they put a magnet or something to keep it from catching on the accelerator???) After I waited 45 min they told me, they really have not found much BUT that AUDI corporate wanted to send out an engineer to inspect the car. I left with a loaner and am waiting to hear from them.
    This was hands down the scariest experience of my driving life- I could have killed someone. I was interested to know that other people had similar experiences. What ever happened with your car? Has it happened again since? I'm kinda scared that they are going to give me the car back and say that "nothing was wrong." Something was defiantly wrong with the car! There were 5 people watching that will agree that while I was standing outside the car, it sounded as though it was going to take off. Luckily there was no real damage to my car, but sadly I can not say the same for the car I hit. I just feel so lucky that this was not a worse accident. I never want to be in this situation again. What should I do?
  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
    1999 audi a4 quatro 2.8L, am trying to locate the fuel filter. is there anybody knows where can i locate the fuel filter? thanks!
  • I left my headlights on last night, AAA came by and jumped my car - and everything is working fine. However, after starting up the car the gas gauge is at empty - and the electronic reading that tells you how many miles are left on the tank reads "0," everything else electronically is working just fine. I've started it up a number of times since then with the same problem... There should be at least 1/2 tank in it now...
    Any suggestions?
  • ajg33ajg33 Posts: 13
    Were you able to solve this problem? I have an '02 Audi A4 with similar lagging/lurging problems when trying to accelerate. Just wondering if you were able to find what was causing this. Thanks.
  • Hi Diana:

    My parents had the same problem with their A8 that they literally just leased. My dad was driving and out of nowhere the car lurched forward, luckily noone was in front of them so they did not hit anyone. They had to pull over and wait for the car to stop revving before they could drive home. I was curious what the dealership ended up telling you about this acceleration problem. They told my parents that there is nothing wrong at all and are not really being helpful. They are talking to a lawyer because they do not want to drive an expensive death trap.

    Any info would be helpful.
  • Scoliopie,
    I just got the car back from Audi, after a week and a half. They told me that they were unable to find anything wrong and the car is "running up to manufactures standards." A customer service rep from Audi of America called me to discuss the actual results that their engineer found but we have been playing phone tag and have not yet spoken. I would be very interested to know how your parents do with the lawyer. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I would be happy to talk to you or your parents about this personally. By any chance was it very cold when your parents had the problem?? If anything comes from my conversation with Audi I’ll write you back.
  • Hi,

    I just bought a 07 A4 quattro 2.0T 6MT - w/ Prem, Conv. and Cold W. packages. I came home and noticed a few things were amiss. Some of them seem genuinely wrong while others I can't find the wrong info.

    1. The 2.0 T on the read trunk lid - the T is supposed to be red. Correct? Mine isn't.

    2. The right mirror doesn't bend down automatically on engaging reverse.

    3. I test drove an Sline and heard a beeping (warning) tone when I engaged reverse gear. I thought that's standard to all A4s.

    Can any other owners shed some light on these three points? Any useful help appreciated. Thanks.
  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    I bought my 97 A4 2.8 Quattro new. The first problem was all the windows and sunroof rolled down by them selves during a rain storm while the car was parked and no one was in it. It seemed that when getting out of the car,during a rain storm, the window controls got wet(poor sealing. It happened 1 more time and never happened again.
    The windshield broke very soon after I got the car and again after that. I went with American glass next, and it has been OK since. The car uses oil, but that seems to be normal. I lose a quart in the normal amount of time between oil changes. My sunroof frame(plastic)broke. I took it in and they replaced it. The first time I put a hose on the car,it leaked into the interior. I took it back and they fixed the leak. That night I took the car out and the interior lights didn't work. Back to the shop. They had to pull the headliner out and reconnect the wires. I get it back, and the headliner is dirty with hand prints. I cleaned up and then noticed that they forgot the wind deflector when they put the sunroof back in. They had to order a new one. After that I was cleaning the rear window, I noticed the rear part of the headliner was not placed in the channel that holds it up. I got it in myself.
    I went through 2 batteries and knew something was wrong. I got in the car one night, and the radio had turned on by itself, without the key in the ignition. I take it in after reading the ignition switch on some models was a problem. The dealer says no recall on mine. I pay for a new switch.
    A couple of years later I get a recall notice on the switch.
    Now I have to take it in to Miramar Volkswagen Audi to get the switch replaced again. It seems that the switch turns things off all by itself. Imagine that! At 77000 miles the rear suspension broke. The whole piece had to be replaced. That was over $2000 parts and labor. The shop I took it to ordered a new piece from Audi. It gets there and they pull off the rear suspension. It seems like Audi forgot to drill the holes in the suspension part. They had to order a whole new one with holes. The shop finds a bad control arm up front(common problem). The other common problem, is the dashboard is coming loose at the windshield. Now the front suspension is leaking oil. I guess it is time for the rack and pinion to be rebuilt. I love the Quattro system and the engine has been reliable. The paint has held up fine also. I wouldn't buy another Audi.
  • kahludogkahludog Posts: 1
    My 97 1.8 recently was in a passenger side accident, following the repair job now my cd changer does not work. If you switch the stereo to cd you get cd00 err and I cannot even get the cds to eject, the lights don't even come on. I spoke with the dealer, they said it could be a fuse, but to bring it in would be at my cost. Any suggestions on how to fix this without going to the dealer?
  • caps56caps56 Posts: 6
    This site has been a blessing! I was driving my son's car (he is in Iraq) and the oil pressure light came on. I pulled off interstate and pulled into a station. Five guys, after seeing me raise the hood) came over. They checked the oil and said the level was fine but it was "dirty". I told them that couldnt be because I just got it out of the Audi place in Montgomery and they were to change the oil before I picked it up. There at Audi for 2 months. Anyway, I got back on interstate and drove about 20 miles and heard a sound like metal dragging on the road. I went through the light and pulled into the shopping center and turned the car off. Called the Audi tow service. This car did not smoke or drive rough. It was fine. The oil pressure light would go on and off. The car was in an accident (son coming home from Ft. Hood to say his good bye before leaving for Iraq). When we picked it up in Houston all the sensor lights were going crazy. So when we reached Montgomery I took it to the Audi place. Instructed by the insurance company to do that. Anyways, I have no paperwork because when we picked up the car, they were so rude, etc. they made us pay $900.00 because they said the insurance company had not paid the full bill. We drove 2 hours to get to the Audi dealership with my grandson in a full body cast. They were so rude and like I said. I told them when I took it there to do an oil change while it was there. So, now two months after the oil pressure light situation, they now tell us the motor is bad. We need to come up with oil change receipts. My son is in Iraq. I have ask him and the told me the places he took it, one being the Audi dealership. The other two places, one computer system failed and they have no records and the other is out of business. All the records are in his car and guess who has the car - the dealership. The last change was to be done by them and we have not one receipt from them. The car is 2003 and has 58,000 miles. I cant tell my son his motor is gone, he has enough to worry about. They want receipts by this Wed because "an AUdi rep. will be coming there". My son got the extended warranty package, but they also have that paperwork. What should we do? Please help. :cry:
  • caps56caps56 Posts: 6
    I know the last post was long. It is a long story and ordeal we have been dealing with. Not only did they make us pay $900.00, which Mr. Ingram said he would not cash unless he did not receive payment from the insurance company, they did not give us any paperwork. That was in October of 2006. Two days after giving them $900.00, they received the final payment of $900 from the insurance company. I thought it was over however, in December we receive a check from Ingram in the amount of $900.00. They not only cashed our check they cashed the insurance check. They said they would not cash our check and did. They now have had the car since January and every time we would call to see what was wrong, the new service mgr, yes the last one was fired the week after our first experience with them, says she has not looked at it she is short handed and knows our son is in Iraq and the car is fine it is in the back lot. After mulitle phone calls, Friday she says it needs a new engine because the oil pump went bad. I thank you for your time. This is so wrong.
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    I'd hire a lawyer. You do have at least some proof of their impropriety.
    If you notify them that you have hired a lawyer, they may consider coming clean on the other oil changing records. ;)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Well I truly hope things work out for you, but driving with the oil pressure light on was a mistake on your part, strategically I mean, and they might throw that in your you should be prepared to answer that challenge careful what you say.
  • Hello all. New to this forum and I need help! I have an 03 A4 1.8T with 27K miles that wont start. It is not getting any ignition(spark to the spark plugs)even though it cranks fine. A little history on the vehicle: It previously had a small engine fire due to a short in the engine wire harness. The entire wire harness was replaced along with all coils. I double checked to make sure I did'nt miss any plugs although it is possible and checked fuses and relays under the ECU (brain). Im pretty mechanically inclined although electrical problems sometimes stump me. Any sugestions where to start looking for the problem? Please help! Dickson
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