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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • When might I see this price come available for an 2008 accord sedan EX-L V6 with navi? Am I dreaming or do I have a better chance of waiting until Spring or Summer of 2008 to get this price? I helped someone purchase a 2007 EXL sedan for $22K OTD in April the sticker was a little over $27K. Please tell me I'm not dreaming, because I don't wanna pay anymore than that.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Probably around 2011.
  • You won't find it for that much in Houston, EVER!
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    Nitrogen tire inflation. . . what is that??? What purpose does it serve? What does it cost?
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    :confuse: I was told by the dealer (CA) that the actual invoice for the '08 sedan EX-L V6 w/ Nav is $28,313 (vs. 28036) since they have to pay Honda for advertising cost. Has anyone been told this before or have any info on this? Thanks.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It's moot. They conveniently tell you about advertising cost, but, at the same time, they choose not to tell you about holdback.
    You are never going to be able to know exactly what their real cost is, so just get the lowest price you can.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Thanks for your response. I agree. I don't really care how much the dealer is actually paying for the car. I just want a great deal and after it is all done I know that the dealer did not lose money or he wouldn't have sold the car at that price. My target price is about $28,000 for the EXL V6 Navi, don't know if that is doable soon in northern CA, but we'll see.
  • I live in Chicago area. I'd like to know where you purchased your new accord. If you could, please let me know the name of the dealership and contact info.

  • "My target price is about $28,000 for the EXL V6 Navi, don't know if that is doable soon in northern CA, but we'll see."

    Try to go 28k OTD.
  • yes. I was charged the advertising fee also. They told me everyone has to pay it one way or another. I didn't like it but I paid for it.
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    I think if you waited this long you can wait longer. Honda's are mass volume vehicles. Paying MSRP is a SIN. I leased our 2006 Honda Accord EX(leather) v6 with $0 down for 24 months 15k $366/month including tax. My least ends Dec 12th and I will wait because I will only pay invoice or less and $0 down here in Los Angeles for my car.
  • I have a question on the terminology everyone is using. This will be the first car I buy, so bear with me.

    When everyone refers to OTD, that means Out The Door, correct? Does that include taxes, title, registration, etc? Or is that tacked on after?

    Also, I received a quote from a dealer here. After he discounted the car he included the delivery fee, options and calculated the tax at 5%. But then he added $930 for a line item called Reg/Lic/Title/Fees.
    I'm in Maryland, is any of this negotiable? Seems like a lot of money to not break something out by line. No?

    When people refer to getting the car at invoice, that's before taxes and everything...correct?

    Thanks in advance for the help. This is a nice service.
  • cljackcljack Posts: 13
    Do not go to O'hare Honda in Chicago area, they lie on the phone and when you go to buy the car they don't keep the promise. I wasted 2 days for nothing. I also heard that they have a pathetic after sales service. They claim that they have the lowest price but in fact their prices are always more then 500 dollars from others. I would suggest to refrain yourself from this dealership if you need piece of mind and good deal.
  • cljackcljack Posts: 13
    OTD means "Out to the door" this includes ALL THE Costs. You should not pay more than OTD to drive the car home.

    Be very careful before you go any dealership as they add so many other costs when you arrive at the dealership. Talk to you bank before getting it financed from dealership you might be able to save some money and hassles.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Also, I received a quote from a dealer here. After he discounted the car he included the delivery fee, options and calculated the tax at 5%. But then he added $930 for a line item called Reg/Lic/Title/Fees.
    I'm in Maryland, is any of this negotiable? Seems like a lot of money to not break something out by line. No?

    Yes, it does. It sounds like he added a lot of profit into that $930. The best way to negotiate is to find a dealer who doesn't charge $930 and tell this dealer that you can get a fairer deal elsewhere

    And what is the delivery fee? If you're not referring to the destination charge that's on the sticker, that's probably another added dealer profit. Also what "options" are included. As Hondas don't really have options (they have added accessories), some dealers add other profit makers as options such as window etching and paint protectorant.

    You're welcome to post a line by line item of the quote on here, and people will comment on your offer.
  • bdeabdea Posts: 5
    I've been searching for the last month on a 2008 EX V6/I4 Auto,The Best Price has been Honda of Serramonte in Colma,CA (a really Dead Town...most of the population is in its cemetaries !!!)The General Manager, 12 Trees has been very straight forward and has beaten the lowest price quote by $300. My deal was 2008 EX V6 Auto Cloth Interior,11 Miles on Speedo,Free Wheel Locks,Mud Guards and Door Edge Guards:

    This was his most aggressive price match, Kudos his efforts!

    Price $24,088

    Doc 55

    Dmv 217

    CA Tire 8.75

    Sales Tax 8.25 1,991.80

    Total $26,360.55 :shades:

    P.S EX I4 Auto $22,171 +T+Lic

    Good Luck to all of you on your price searches ;)
  • sl372sl372 Posts: 4
    It was Joliet Honda, illinois. Send me an e-mail for specific information to
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    $28K OTD was for my friend's '04 EX V6 Navi he bought years ago in Northern CA. EX-L is about $2K more. Also, Honda prices have increased a little bit every year. I doubt if you can buy '08 V6 EX-L Navi at $28K OTD. Try to negotiate harder in Fall '08 when they do clearance or wait until Fall '09. I am aiming for that same car. What color do you choose? I love Mystic Green Metallic. Good luck guy!
  • Hey Jet,

    Here is what I was quoted:
    2008 EX - $26,495
    Destination (this is what I meant by delivery) - $635
    The "options" were the add-ons:

    Paint Matched Moldings - $399
    Wheel Locks - $76
    Splash Guards - $143
    Trunk Tray - $146

    The above he quoted at a total of $25,481
    Tax of $1310.8 (5%)

    Then there was the line that said Reg, Lic, Title, fees of $930.
    So, total cost quoted was $27,721

    Since then my fiancee and I have decided we want the EX-L V-6 W/ Navi, so the quote is moot, but I wanted to know what the $930 was. It didn't pass the smell test (but I figured I'd double check first).
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    $27,721 for an Accord I4 is a BIG JOKE. Please tell that dealer forget it. With that amount I can buy more than a V6 EX Accord w/ Navi.
  • Yeah, I figured the internet quotes weren't going to get me much more than a request to come to their showroom. The only problem is that my fiancee and I travel so much, and her lease ends the day after Thanksgiving and we have to get her a new car. I'm actually overseas on business right now and she's a consultant, so we're both so removed from the area it's ridiculous.

    What would be the ideal price on the EX-L V-6 with Navi? Is the 28k OTD mentioned earlier realistic? How flexible should I be? Within 5%? Do they ever provide decent deals via e-mail?
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    I plan to buy an exact same Accord like yours. With $28K OTD right now you can't buy the '08 V6 EX-L w/ Nav. The cheapest offer now is $29.1K. It will be $31.9K OTD (8.75% sale tax).

    You and I better wait a few more months. I do not need a new car right now so I can wait. Yet, this afternoon I met with my body shop guy to check on the paint job for my oldest Accord so I can sell it some time soon and buy a new '08 Accord. 3 years ago I had to pay MSRP for the '05 Accord hybrid because I was in a tough situation like yours right now. It means I badly needed an extra car for my son.

    "Accord '08 V6 EX or EX-L is one of the best cars in the world" quoted by MSN car critic Dan Jedlicka.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    - MSRP is what the sticker on the window is (includes dest)
    - Invoice is what the dealer supposedly buys the car for (includes dest). You'll hear the terms holdback and dealer incentives, which basically means the dealer really gets the car for less than invoice.
    - Your negotiations should typically end you up somewhere between MSRP and invoice. This is unless there are serious rebates or dealer incentives going on (like last year accords had 2k of dealer incentives, so people were getting GREAT values).
    - TradeIn, if you had a tradein, the value would get deducted now.
    - This yields the taxable amount.
    - Add Tax, varies by state and county
    - Add Tags, varies by state
    - Add Licensing fees, varies by state
    - Typically dealers will add an administrative or doc fee. This can range from 0 - 600 bucks. Some states have laws which limit this amount. This is negotiable although some dealerships will tell you it isn't. I let them move money around and take it out up top out of the car, and move it down below here because it isn't taxable here.
    - This yields OTD Out the door.

    As you can see, an OTD comparison isn't really meaningful across states, unless you knew the tax rules for each state. But negotiating an OTD price at a dealership, negates the problem with dealerships trying to tack on additional fees.

    You need to be very careful on the deals that some people are reporting. They could have a tradein where the dealer is giving them 2K less than it is really worth, yet they report a deal that looks too good to be true. Alternatively, someone might report a very good deal, only to get clobbered with their financing or lease rates.
  • jillejille Posts: 6
    Ourisman Honda (Bethesda MD). The key was that they were willing to beat the internet price of another nearby dealer. I was able to get the lower price by emailing several local dealers I would write a check for $25000 period. Bids came in. In the end I paid $25600 with the extras I mentioned (no trade-in). On the sales receipt, the dealer just backed into sales price assuming the $25600 bottom line:

    base price $23446 (incl.door guards, mudguard, wheel locks, fender guards, nitro pro, trunk cargo mat, free oil changes, and first service free)
    processing fee $100
    destination $635
    tax $1209
    tags and title $210
    TOTAL $25,600
  • Thanks to those who posted on this forum. Armed with this knowledge, I went to my local dealer, Leith Honda (Raleigh, NC) and negotiated 28K for my new EXL V6 w/ Navi. They threw in mudguards, oil changes and a tank of gas. With delivery 635 + TTL (3% in NC), my total OTD price was 29.5K. Good luck others!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Wow that's great. Leith is typically substantially higher than other dealers around Raleigh. You must have caught them in a particularly good mood.
  • Was that the grey one with grey interior? I saw it on their website a week or so ago.
    Was there a trade involved?
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Congratulations. You got a very good deal.
  • holewholew Posts: 71
    Way to go! You got a great deal.

    You did not mention if the 23291.03 included transport destination charge.

    I have done some INTERNET inquaries and came up with the following prices

    Anderson Honda, Baltimore, Maryland
    EX-L V6 no GPS = 25616
    EX-L 4 cyl no GPS = 23427

    Schafer and Stromenger, Fallston Maryland
    EX-L V6 no GPS = 27550.09
    EX-L 4 cyl no GPS = 24769.86

    All the above were plus destination, taxes and tags.
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