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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    What are these dealers giving you for their outrageous $499 and $599 doc fees? Sounds like nothing less than the old thumb on the butcher's scale routine.

    You took the words right out of my mouth. :confuse:
  • As I previously stated, it is my opinion based on present available information.........that being said time is my friend and the enemy of your opinion...I'm not compelled to buy today , tomorrow or even next week, I purchase when I am comfortable with the purchase price, and as yet have not obtained that number.

    I am still amazed and amused that so many have not yet learned that the BUYER is in control of the deal...not the SELLER unless the Buyer relinquishes control to the SELLER!!!
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    I re-checked it again on a brand new '08 V6 EX-L today. It has only the wheel locks. NO splash/ mudd guards unless one orders those as accessories. Saleman said the '08 V6 with Navi is hard to find. Also, the V6 EX Coupe is a VERY HOT model which is usually pre-sold.
  • The dealership was David Michael Honda in Freehold NJ, the sales girl was Staci. I drove the car off the lot last night. 4 Door Sedan, Polished Metal Metallic. She was very easy to work with, and I would highly recommend her.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    The '08 V6 EX-L does have fog lights.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
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  • trs900trs900 Posts: 19
    Your right it is a total rip off, it is just a way for dealers to advertise a below invoice price then add fee to make a profit, but once they put it on buyers order they had better put it on all or end up in court with a class action suit or ?? The best way to judge a good deal is the bottom line.. Almost all dealers around here have a fee so it's going to be on buyers order no matter what, thats why they show price of car below invoice on my deal befores adds to get my price to where I wanted it.. I don't think anyone has really bought one below invoice yet(with freight included) the salesman said I did but when the dealer fee was added it made the price $26,250.67 ( invoice $26,050.97 with freight ) just about $200 profit pretty good on a EXL-6 for the dealer "IMO" even with the wheel locks-mud guards-strpes-paint sealant they had added. The other costs are actual costs tax-tag etc..
  • Was it manual stick shift or auto trans? Did the price include dealer prep or was that extra?
  • jack47jack47 Posts: 312
    Re; doc fees

    Several state legislatures have imposed a cap on these so called "doc fees"...the cap fee in New York, e.g., is $50.

    So if the dealer attempts to rip you off by charging a "doc fee" of more than $50....simply say... OK, I'll pay the $399 or $499 (or whatever) fee as long as you reduce the base price of the car by a like amount.

    If he won't , walk out.
  • We just bought 08 Accord Coupe EX auto yesterday. It's a black on black with 26 miles.
    Paid $23450 OTD. Tax here is very low, 3.25%. The net car price is about 200 under the invoice.
    I think it is a decent deal.
  • trs900trs900 Posts: 19
    Thats what you have to do. here in our local market they use very deceptive advertising.. 1 of my favorites was 50% off or less on every new car.. less meaning less than 50% more like 15% off.. that was a classic.. then there is the famous * after price meaning watch out.. dealer fees are there to hopefully get the extra profit if you scream loud enough they will reduce price of car but won't remove dealer fee from buyer's order as that would open up a can of worms.
  • Just accidentally checked the mfg incentives in central Florida, my father lives in Summerfield, ( Zip 34491) seem that TOY is offering cash back and low APR on full product line, including Camry, except hybrid.

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    2007 Toyota Yaris cash
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    Orlando foreclosures are at record levels yet not nearly the worst metro market, 28th, 1 in 114,,,,article below.

    I continue to expect National incentives to move cars off the lots in the future...

    Orlando > Print Edition > Industries > Economic View - Bankruptcies Subscribe to Orlando Business Journal Friday, November 16, 2007
    Report: Orlando foreclosure filings up 184%Metro area recorded 7,189 filings, or one for every 114 households.

    Orlando Business Journal - by Bill Orben Associate Managing Editor
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    The number of third-quarter foreclosure filings in the Orlando area climbed more than 184 percent from the same period a year ago and was nearly 60 percent greater than the second quarter, according to a RealtyTrac report released Nov. 14.

    Orlando, ranked 28th on the list of foreclosure filings for the top 100 metropolitan areas in the country, recorded 7,189 filings, or one for every 114 households, the report says. Orlando had 5,428 properties with at least one foreclosure filing against it during the quarter.

    Among other metro areas statewide, Fort Lauderdale was ranked No. 4 with 16,595 total filings -- up 89.8 percent from the second quarter and 127.4 percent from a year ago, while Miami came in at No. 8 with 15,484 total foreclosure filings for the quarter, up 42.7 percent from the second quarter and 82 percent from the year-ago quarter.

    The report ranked the Tampa/St. Petersburg area 19th; Palm Beach, 21st; Sarasota/Bradenton, 25th; and Jacksonville, 33rd.
  • vbug,
    Let us know how do did when you make deal.
  • Automatic, the price included dealer prep
  • banhughbanhugh Posts: 315
    I was looking for a car for three months in Houston. Every dealership I visited (and I visited all of them in 30 mile radius) was charging 1k over official MSRP.
    Eventually I found Gunn Honda in San Antonio that not only did not charge any markups, but their quote was significantly below MSRP even for the new 08 EX-L I4 with Navigation that I bought last Saturday.
    I totally recommend the dealership to anyone. I traveled from Houston to San Antonio and saved money. The dealership offers Edmund's "One Simple Price" which means there was no pressure or anxiety of negotiations. I called them gave me a quote that was $2k below the quotes (with the markups) I was getting from Houston dealers. I took the next Greyhound bus to San Antonio and drove my new car Back home!
    While waiting for the installation of some extras (that were reasonably priced) they gave me a tour of the dealership. It is huge. Their service area is impressive and I have only seen such service bay facilities in more luxurious brands like BMW. I wish I was living closer to have the car serviced there.
    BTW, every Wednesday they have a therapist visiting the dealership for chair massages to the customers waiting for the car to be serviced!!!

    Last but not least: Alabaster Silver / Black leather EX-L with Navi I-4 (190HP) $26450 + TTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi all,
    I was looking for a good deal on a 2008 Honda Accord LX Auto and I had a price quote from a dealer in TN
    Special internet price $19,991.00
    taxes $1,562.11
    customer service fee $199.00
    registration $34.50

    Out the door $21,786.61
    Is this a good deal? How much can I ask for?

  • Wow, that's a great deal, below invoice I think! Maybe below invoice pricing for the 2008 Accord will become the norm if dealer inventories grow large by end of year?
  • does this price include, tax, license and fees?
  • japsjaps Posts: 29
    below invoice pricing on the 08 accord coupe is pure fiction. Around summertime you will see very liberal pricing. Since my posts are being deleated on this subject, and numbers are just being tossed around, I'll just say that a family friend owns a Honda dealership, and I know what these things are selling for in most every market.

    Just like the Sedan was not intially discounted, so it goes with the coupe. It's still way to new to get below invoice pricing.
  • Seems here in NC they are willing to deal. I did buy my Accord (2005 LX auto 4-cyl) in July and they were willing to take less then what their lowest offer was to me so it may take some months to lower that price. Right now it seems like they are quoting at MSRP but I believe they will take invoice. Remember invoice price does not really mean invoice price. The dealer is still paying less then what Edmunds states invoice price is. The 2005 Accord I bought was much less then invoice price. If I do end up buying a new one I will post details. I'm also looking for a 2008 Accord LX auto four cylinder. Seems the 2007's are all gone now.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    I will say that in my neck of the woods (central VT/NH border) dealers are not going to invoice, you can certainly get below MSRP on sedans but in small markets like I live in, below invoice just isn't happening yet. This is still a new car remember.

    I try not to let the prices I read in these forums sway me too much, since they vary greatly from state to state but instead look at the Edmunds TMV which is the average sale price across the country. I beat TMV by a lot so I know I got a fair price.
  • comment on lx-p for $19,500 being below invoice were based on Edmunds invoice pricing for the lx-p automatic trans ($19,362) plus destination charge ($635) = $19,997. So to me this is "below invoice".

    Does anybody know what the dealer holdback is on the 2008 Accord?
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    I'll also add that you will make yourself NUTS if you come here after you buy and see if your "price was good." Someone somewhere will always have found a better price, you rarely know the all the details, and, as much as some won't want to admit it, I do think the occasional poster fibs about the deal they got, or leaves off some details.

    Just my opinion, not trying to step on anyone's toes. :shades:
  • A voice of sanity...AMEM
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    I have seen it posted many times that the invoice listed on Edmunds is not the price paid by every dealership. I don't doubt that may be true -- but does anyone have any concrete authority for this assertion? There may be holdbacks (which seem to be a flat percentage for every dealer) and maybe even volume discounts (any real evidence of this?), but when it comes to what the dealership is invoiced (and has to base the carrying cost of the vehicle), is there any real support for the proposition that different dealers pay different prices? :confuse:
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    Does anybody know what the dealer holdback is on the 2008 Accord?

    Dealer holdback is 2% of base MSRP, not the old 3% still listed on Edmunds.
  • All dealers pay the same invoice price for vehicles, It would be a violation of the Sherman Anti Trust Act and Clayton Act if manufactures gave preferential treatment to individual dealers....which they do not, and know they cannot. Invoice is, in fact, invoice.
  • holewholew Posts: 71
    The INVOICE price on Edmunds is accurate but does every dealer pay that price? NO! The final price paid by a dealer depends upon how much the factory gives back to the dealer each month, called HOLD BACK. The more cars sold the more HOLD BACK MONEY the dealer gets and that results in the dealer actually paying a price a lot lower then the EDMUND's indicated INVOICE. This is commonly known throughout the auto sales industry.

    today I ordered a new 2008 EX-L Accord V6 and paid 25615 + 635 destination change, which is about $200 over invoice. This was done through the dealer's INTERNET BUYING SERVICE. Four other dealers had provided prices but only one was a firm, unchanged price when I entered the dealership. All the others wanted to play games by at first providing a low invoice price in their initial INTERNET response but upon arrival at the dealership to close the deal they told me they had to add bunch of options such as mud flaps, wheel locks, paint sealer, and on and on. This was after I thought the price quoted by them to me in an E-Mail was a firm offer. So the dealer which is only two miles from my house did not get the deal. The dealer in Baltimore which is 15 miles away got the deal and I saved a bunch of time, a bunch of BS and about $500.

    The dealer which is two miles from my home in Maryland is named S&S for short. The dealer which operated up front and got the deal is Anderson Honda in Baltimore. S&S at first told me they would honor the Anderson price of $25615 + 635 after I showed the S&S sales person the Anderson E-mail. But then two days later when I retruned to S&S thinking that I had an approved deal, the price changed. The sales person rechecked with his manager and came back with the story that the Anderson price was not the bottom line and that I could expect to pay an additional $551 for dealer installed options at Anderson.

    The S&S sales guy said that all the dealers routinely add these items to their in stock cars and that if he didn't have my interior-exterior color in stock he would have to locate me a car at some other dealer who had already added these items to the car. The S&S sales guy emphatically stated that I could not order a car from the factory which did not have any dealer installed options on it.

    So I then called up the sales lady at Anderson. She said I could order a car from the factory and take delivery of it without any dealer installed options. However her dealer installed options of mud flaps, wheel lock, and door and wheel well edge guards would cost $245 not the $551 the S&S guy stated.

    So the S&S guy lost the deal mostly because he was not honest and up front in the beginning. Had he been I would have still looked for another price but I might have gone back to him and given him a second chance to lower his price.

    BTW, there have been issues mentioned here about the V6 having vibrations and surging problems. I drove the V6 today approximately 25 miles on interstate highways with the cruise control set at 65 MPH and never noticed even the slightest vibration or surging problem. While I can fully understand that this issue might surface as more miles are driven, there was not the slightest notice of this in a new almost ZERO miles car. And I am very fussy about engine noises and other unusual performance problems.
  • holewholew Posts: 71
    Hay, car dealers as other business people work to make money. They are not a charity. They are not left wing give everyone everything for free, Democrats. You have to expect that the dealer is in business to make money, PERIOD. If he didn't make money the dealer and his building would not be there.

    Yes, the dealer does make money on every aspect of buying the car, on your loan, one your trade, on the dealer installed options, on insurance if the dealer sells it, on processing fees, etc, etc. But is it a better deal to pay full list price of a car or to pay a lower invoice price? Is it better to buy a 2007 Honda Accord well below invoice since the newly designed 2008 is arriving and the dealer is able to sell the car at several thousands below even the indicated invoice price. Even then the dealer is making a profit. And so he should. It is your job as a customer to do your homework and check out the pricing in your area and to get the lowest price possible. The dealer is always going to make a profit and there is nothing immoral with that. So get use to it. In Communist Russia making a profit was illegal and guess what, you could not buy a car there at any price.

    Now here is a great statement. The salesman at S&S Honda in Maryland told me that on average the owner of a dealership only makes 2% profit per annum on his business. If that isn't a bold face lie I don't know what is. Why would anyone put up with all the problems of owning a dealership, hiring and firing people, being in compliance with OSHA regulations, hiring a book keeping departmant, etc. and only be able to make 2% when he can get 5% on a savings certificate without all the problems? If a dealer cannot make 10 to 20% on his investment then he will be gone shortly.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    Anyone shopped for an actual Honda Accord?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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