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    No . you wont ..............Why???? 2014 are not out yet. You may start to see a few at dealerships in Sept, hardly enough to change pricing on the 2013's. When you see 40 or 50,,, 2014's on dealer lots and alot of 2013's thats when you will be able to get a better price. Trust me on this 99% of buyers will not see a 1700 below invoice price sale this month or next month.

    If i was buying a 2013 and waiting for better pricing i would find a couple of high volume dealerships. These dealerships would be the ones with the most 2014's on there lots in OCT/ Nov.

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    haha Brian, I guess I was thinking of cars being released and instantly rolled out everywhere like the new iPhone. Thanks for the reality check.
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    Hi. Anyone have experience in central nj with a fully loaded exl v6 Accord w Nav. I'm going to get serious in a few months and want to be prepared. After some research here, seems like abt 32k. I'd like to see if anyone has a more specific exp in nj they can share. Thx in advance.
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    If pricing at the end of this month is not going to change much compared to last month, then maybe I should re-evaluate how much longer I should wait for a good deal (at least $1500 below invoice plus $500 flex cash) here in MA.

    I am still going to reach out to dealers next week.
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    As the months get closer to Dec, 2013 you will notice more dealerships selling at 1400/1500/1600 below invoice. Right know looking at this pricing board alot of dealerships are selling at 1000 to almost 1300 below invoice. i think if you follow thru with your target price/ strategy with dealerships you will hit your mark or come very close. Its hard for me to gauge pricing cause alot of the new folks buying in here.. Are buying at the wrong time of the month and many newbies' really dont know how to Negotiate. I would of helped you guys this month on buying a new Accord and area pricing here on the East Coast but it seems my cousin has set his sights on buying a new Suv instead.

    If you get 1400 or 1500 below invoice make the deal. Not driven this Accord for a couple of hundred is not worth the wait. I'm sure you could say you have wasted 2 or 300 hundred dollars in other foolish ways. The model/ color you are looking for wont be there in 2 more months or may be on the wrong dealerships lot who is refusing to sell at your price due to his limited supply and stock. Pull the trigger this month or next and dont look back.

    Also take this into consideration.

    The 5 dealerships in M.A that are offering flex cash this month may not offer next month. Any dealership that will give you 1300 below plus flex you should jump on it. i would even consider 1200 at the lowest price to buy. with flex cash.... thats still a 1700 below price. Make 1500 below your target price/ plus flex cash and adjust down a couple of hundred for the sale this month.

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    I am planning to buy a 2013 Honda Accord EX with all seasons mats and mud guard. This forum has been a great help so far.

    Following are the initial numbers I have received. (Lowest of three dealership in Chicagoland)

    Sale Price - $23,596
    Accessories - $309.00
    Tax - $7.50
    New Plates - $196.00
    CVR Fee - $25.00
    Doc Fee - $164.00
    Taxes 7% - $1,686.58
    Total $25,984.08
    - $500 (don't know exact reason for this discount)
    Final $25484

    Q1: Would you say sale price is 24036 (invoice) - 23596 = 440 below invoice or 24036 (invoice) - 23596 - 500 = 940

    So is the goal to get sale price $22336-$23036 (1000 to 1700 below invoice)?

    Q2: I have graduated (part time) couple of months back. I have not mentioned that to any dealers.
    A: Is $500 graduate incentive applied at last to above total?
    B: At what point do I bring that up? or How long should I not disclose?

    Q3: do you see anything not right about the above quote? (Other than the price needs to be negotiated)

    Q3: What might be best price for me to ask a dealer? i.e. I would like to buy this car at $22000?

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    I appreciate your advice.

    Last month, all the dealerships I contacted were offering about $1000 below invoice plus flex cash. Although I am not trying to pinch pennies here, if I can negotiate at least $1500 below invoice with $500 flex cash without any BS, then I might jump on it. If dealers are not prepared to make a deal at that price, I am not sure buying at say $1200 below invoice will be beneficial to me.

    Worse case, I will wait another month. As you have pointed out, once 2014 models start appearing on dealer lots, they might be more inclined to make a deal on the remaining 2013 models.

    Only time will tell, but I am not sure I want to wait till December to save a few hundred dollars.
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    2013 Honda Accord EX-L - W/O Navigation

    Price: $25250
    TAx $1578.13
    Title - Regi - $305
    Flex Discount - $500

    $26633.13 OTD (Dallas, TX)

    Hand Painted Pin Stripe
    Splash Guards
    Nano Window Tint (Lifetime warranty)
    Wheel Locks
    Trunk Tray
    Nitrogen Upgrade
    Door Edge Guards
    Fender Wheel Trim
    Body Side Moldings
    Cargo Hook
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    Who was the dealer ?
  • saravathirusaravathiru Member Posts: 4
    Honda Cars of Mckinney!!!
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    I am totally new to buy a new car. Have read some post here and thank you all for the helpful tips.
    I got a offer from sf bay area with sales price 20,588 and 22,530.
    Basic LX CVT model w/o any package.

    not applied flex cash and graduate rebate.

    I see Brian says a price below 1000 invoice will be acceptable.Seems the dealer will not happy to low the price and complain they are losing money.

    Is this acceptable for now?
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    Hi there,
    So I've been diligently reading post for the past few days as I am looking to purchase a new 2013 accord EXL v-6 at month end (or sooner). I submitted 8 requests in the Boston metro area yesterday and received one for $26,939 including destination. It didn't say anything about the $500 flex cash or a specific car so I replied to ask about the flex cash and their current inventory (colors, etc). No response. I sent a f/u email today - no response.

    I called a closer dealership to ask about a price match and the sales rep wanted me to make sure it wasn't a demo car and he also said that dealerships are not allowed to advertise below invoice and that the dealership can lose their affiliation with Honda. I told him an Internet quote is not advertising but was not going to argue as he disagreed. If this is at all true, how in the world do people post prices paid below invoice on a regular basis?

    Also, do dealerships ever provide lower online quotes for a demo car only to bait and switch once you get there? I thought I was golden given that the quote was $1353 below invoice.

    I appreciate thoughts and feedback!
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    I am also looking at metro west boston and my experience is the $500 is built in to the quotes. I have asked when it hasn't been explicit (and it's never been explicit). The dealers like to take credit for what Honda is giving.

    I haven't got anyone to budge from the EXL 4 cyl coming in around 24980 for car, destination less flex cash. I'm really hoping for 1000 off that. Am I being crazy? Any news from the other Boston folks?

    My best so far continue to be from Prime and Bernardi. Boch, Herb Chambers, Honda cars of boston all seem to be a bust...at least 400-500 more and that's with the flex cash! Silko was a little lower the but Raynham is such a haul.
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    I have not yet reached out to any dealers in the Boston metro area, but I will be doing so soon.

    $24980 is not a good deal at all if that includes flex cash. That's $1419 below invoice or about 13% off MSRP. I would be aiming for 15% off MSRP.

    I would recommend staying in touch with the dealers giving out flex cash and try to make a deal the last two days of the month, as Brian recommended.

    Could you list the price provided by Honda Cars of Boston? Did they offer any flex cash?

    Keep us updated on your progress.
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    Hi sandy/ Samchuck
    Go back and read my posts the last 2 months and apply what i'm saying. How and when to buy.
    Read post 30550 and 30558 to start. Stop worrying about getting better pricing off a general email price quote. it does not work. sales rep not gonna happen with better pricing. Its August 22, the buying game starts the last few days of the month. There is no leverage buying right now especially in the area's where pricing may only be 1000 below invoice price. If you guys read my posts you will understand why your getting low pricing right now.

    The more dealerships you bring to the dance.. the better chance you have to get your targeted price.. Buying at the end of any month or at quarters end.

    Sept ends the 3rd quarter for car companies. if august ends and you dont like pricing Sept will be better.

    If you contact, email, call, or visit your targeted dealerships in your area and 15 dealerships market pricing is at 1000 below then that is what you can get this month in your area. Make your best deal knowing you got the best possible price in town and Nobody can tell you differently. Just because i'm saying i can buy for 1500 below invoice price does not mean your getting it. WHY... there may be other factors that helped me get this deal. example: My area is selling at a lower price... The dealerships i contacted had more stock,,, Or i might be a better negotiator. i dealt directly with the internet sales manager. I bought at the end of the month and the dealership i purchased from needed to make there monthly sales quota. These are all big factors that contribute to maybe getting better pricing. i reached out to 30 dealerships by phone and email telling each dealership i will buy today for this price.

    Take all forum posters who seem to know how to buy and incorporate into you own buying system and use these tricks and tips to help you get the lowest price. You need nobody but yourself to get a good deal.... apply it.

    Post# 30558 is a must Read it.. call those internet managers and dealerships. This is why alot of you new guys are having trouble with pricing. If your not letting 20 dealerships know what earns your business at the end of the month then take what they want to offer you.... You have missed the bus..

    Gotta go lay down my golf game was so bad today... Nothing but rage and 2 broken putters................LOL

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    I've been searching our local dealer inventories and have noticed (as you would expect) way fewer coupes than sedans. I'm typically seeing 3-5 coupes on the dealer websites, although one dealer had 13. Is it possible to score a good under invoice deal on coupes? Do the negotiating tactics change?

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    There was a posting in here within the last 2 weeks of a Accord coupe sale for 1543 below invoice price. Your negotiating tactic's should never change.

    Target price range 1000 to 1700 this time of the year

    Your problem might be limited stock on the Coupe resulting in a not so good below invoice price. Its best to check inventory like you have and try to get your lowest price with dealerships with the most Coupes. Or bringing more dealerships into the mix hoping that they need to meet there sales quota for the end of the month. The small dealership knows if he has 3 or 4 coupes on there lot he will sell them closer to his price. DONT GET DISCOURAGED. Make your deal and the end of the month or next knowing you did the best you can. My last post talks about key factors in pricing so dont look at this board and say i want that price to. being aware of area pricing in and around educates you on what you could possible get and not making that stupid offer.

    Buying your coupe at 1000 below invoice is by no means a ridiculous offer. and you should be able to get this price given we are almost 9 month into 2013. Use the tips given to help you

    Do not let dealerships add 500 flex cash to get you to that 1k below offer. Thats your incentive that you get from the honda corp to finance thru them.

    Make sure you add dealers doc fee charge onto your asking price to buy. Especially if they are high.

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    Here are some thoughts:
    1. Check the TrueCar suggested prices.
    2. Ask the salesperson what was the lowest price paid at that dealership the your model. Most likely they will not reveal that info. They will probably show you invoice prices, etc. Keep insisting.
    3. Offer 5% lower than the lowest of 1 or 2. If they are offering a color that was not your 1st choice, offer lower. If they will not deal, walk out. You will get a call later that day, or soon after.
    Note: Do not make a credit card or check down payment until the deal is finalized. They will ask for your payment info and if you refused, they may say that's how they do it there. If you decide to back out of the deal, you may be pulling teeth to get your check, or credit back. Watch for doc, dealership etc fees, after your final offer. Here in NJ, doc fees can be $399. Some dealers can tack on $700 in fees....refuse to pay them. I end up agreeing to pay $200.

    Here is something I find interesting. If you are referred to a salesperson, ask him/her to show you the lowest price paid for the model you are interested in. You don't need to see the buyers names or any personal info. Walk out if it does not happen.
    New car sales is a ripoff profession, just like repairs or used car sales. Final prices can vary widely. If a customer offers too high a price, will the salesperson say 'you are offering too much'? As a customer, I would hate to know I did not get a good deal. Its not like clothing that can be returning, if you feel you have overpaid.
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    Thanks Brian! good stuff. I'm in the cincinnati, Oh area and there are quite a few dealerships around here, which helps. I'm not in a huge hurry, so I can afford to be patient. Do you have a sense of a reasonable target price (under invoice) one can expect on a new 2014 when those roll in? It doesn't appear there are any real changes (other than a price increase) in the new model so it seems going for a 2013 would be a better option.
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    2014's...... if you could find a dealership willing to sell at Invoice price or no more than 500 above invoice price on the new ones you should consider buying. Otherwise the 2013 is where you will find some great deals.

    My neighbor in N.Y. who i helped buy her 2013 Accord 3 month ago told me that she inquired about a 2014 at 2 dealerships for her daughter

    Both dealerships were at sticker price and the second called back to tell her they would go 500 below MSRP.

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    "If you are referred to a salesperson, ask him/her to show you the lowest price paid for the model you are interested in. You don't need to see the buyers names or any personal info. Walk out if it does not happen."

    m, if I'm the salesman, I will pull out an order where I made a big, fat profit and tell you that we really need to make our quota and you can have the car for $100 less than that person paid. And then I will tell you to please not tell anyone because we can never go that low again.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAMember Posts: 982

    You are right. It is bad advice asking the salesperson to give you the lowest price paid for the car you are interested in.

    There is enough good information and advice on this forum for anyone to be able to buy a new Honda below invoice without much negotiation. On the other hand, if you are someone like me who is looking for a good deal then you need to apply some of Brian's suggestions.

    At the end of the day, you should always do your research. i.e. know the invoice price of the car you are buying, incentives being offered such as flex cash and college grad discount, and if you are in no rush, negotiate a deal at the end of the month with either the internet sales manager or the sales manager of a dealership.

    Internet sales rep giving you an online quote are in no position to negotiate. You would just be wasting your time if you even try to.
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    In all my years of car shopping/dealing, I have never heard of this tactic. Who would seriously think this would be successful, or that you would receive legitimate information?
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    Let's hope he just thought he came up with a bright idea and didn't actually use that approach. Or perhaps he brings a portable lie detector with him :)
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    When you say 1500 below invoice should be target is that with destination charge or without?

    Looking to get Accord Sport Manual which invoice is 22,199 so 1500 hundred less is 20,700. Would that be target price or add the 790 dest charge to make target price 21,490?
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    Does anyone have experience with Katzkin leather? Some of the dealerships in town have this option and I'm considering it for the 2013 Accord Sport.

    At the dealership, they had a price of $2500 for this upgrade, but the salesperson said that it was negotiable. I'm just wondering how negotiable?!

    Thanks for any input.
  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243
    Invoice price and dest/ charge are 2 separate prices. add dest/ charge to your 1500 below price.

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    Katzkin leather car seats with single tone on the ex ,sport, or lx are $790. Installation runs anywhere from 375 to 500 dollars depending on who does it.
    multi tones and heated seats would be alittle more.

    1300 hundred compared to dealerships price 2500

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    Hi Brian,

    Destination included, what doable sale price (destination included, doc fees not included) should we aim for during next week? 24.5K 25K?

    I don't want to make an offer where folks will laugh back at me, though that has not been the case thus far.

    Much regards,
  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243
    It depends on what model you want and dealerships stock. You def. need a starting target price. What did you have in mind and what area

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    Does anyone have an idea what effect the release of the 2014 pricing and changes (effectively the same cars) should have on pricing for the 2013s? When would that factor apply -- does it apply right now, say, or only when the 2014s arrive on lots, for example?

    I'm sorry I don't have any concrete sense of this and appreciate any info on what leverage this may provide.
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    Take a look at post #30560; http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/direct/view/.ef006d2/30559#MSG30559 and all the responses that followed.

    I hope that helps.
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    $22,199 for the Sport Manual includes destination, it is $21,409 plus $790 destination.
  • slateythreeslateythree Member Posts: 3
    Just got a price quote for 2013 EXL V6 Accord Sedan:

    Navigation - $29,866

    No Navigation - $ 28,042

    The pricing includes the Destination fee, and also $500 discount is included in that quoted price for financing through Honda.

    This is in the NY/ Long Island area.

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    How is flex cash added into the price of the vehicle? After tax, right?

    So if I'm trying to figure out an OUT THE DOOR PRICE that includes flex cash, it would be (theoretically):

    2013 Accord Sport:

    $22,929 - $1500 = $21,429 + $1,360.75 (6.35% CT tax) = $22,789.75 - $500 (flex cash) = $22,289.75 + Title, License, & Registration?


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    Read thru these boards on pricing and when to buy. Those quotes you recieved are insulting to even think someone is stupid enough to go for a price like that 9 months into this year.

    Invoice price on a EXL V-6, no nav ==27,502
    Dest/ charge.....................................790
    Total invoice w dest.........................28,292

    It was so nice of that dealer to quote you 500 over invoice price then use the flex cash discount to help himself in pricing.

    I bought my Exl V-6 no Nav back in Feb, for 27,500 with dest charge included plus tax/ dmv charge.

    This same vehicle with or without Nav should be in the range of 1100 to 1500 below invoice price here in New york plus any rebates / incentives that apply to you.

    Flex cash is not taxed in new york

    Dealers in CT are allowed to add flex cash then tax it. Answering that last post.

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    I am looking for 2013 accord LX at columbus OH. We can communicate each other on best deal around the areas. So far I got the deal at 900 below the invoice and I can pass the info to you. Hopefully you have better deals from your research so that I can share. Thanks!
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    Thanks Brian. Just got a quote from a dealer that said Katzkin leather would be $1500 and adding perforation/piping would be an add'l $185. Seems more reasonable than the first dealer at $2500.

    On another note, the same salesman seemed floored that I knew about flex cash. So thanks to you guys for that.

    We're still off on pricing at this point, but this is the latest from him from Austin, TX.

    Year Model MSRP Price
    2013 Accord Sport Auto. $24,980.00 $21,928.00
    2013 Accord V6 EX-L $30,860.00 $27,291.00

    Pricing included flex cash and the leather on the sport model would be an added cost.
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    Sorry to be stupid about this, (and I know someone else asked already) but when you say 1100 - 1500 below invoice price

    Do you mean $27,502 (base price) + $790 (destination fee) = $28,292 - 1100-1500

    or do you mean

    $27,502 - 1100-1500?

    You also mention asking them to deduct the Doc fees, I guess by listing it on the invoice, but then deducting it from the car price?

    You say you got an Exl V-6 no Nav back in Feb, for 27,500 with dest charge included plus tax/ dmv charge. 27,500 was your out the door price? or 27500 was your sale price and then you paid tax and dmv charge on top of that?

    Thanks again!
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    Not a stupid question at all. And i was not calling you stupid.. dealers think in general we are all stupid.

    first example was correct. Read thru these posts about area pricing and buying go back 1 month to get a idea. Once you have a good feel on buying and a target price you should be ready.

    i will be more than happy to answer any question you have after that concerning securing a good price with the nyc area dealerships.

    New york doc fee's are capped at 75 dollars really not a big deal.
    I always add the dealerships doc fee charge onto my asking price so when its put on the bill of sale with the vehicle purchase its a Wash.

    My OTD price for my model was 30k.... $ 27,500 plus dmv and ny taxes,

    At the time of my purchase dealers in Boston Herb Chambers, and Weymouth honda selling price was 983 below invoice and 900. There doc fee's were 239 and 269. If you subtract doc fee charge from invoice prices i pretty much got the same deal if not better here in N.Y. back in Feb.

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  • slateythreeslateythree Member Posts: 3
    Thanks brian

    So for the EXL V6 no Navi if I fall somewhere in between
    26717 - 27117 I'm doing OK.

    For the EXL V6 with Navi
    28541- 28941

    If I'm financing through Honda (which I most likely will do), I can get $500 flex cash, but that comes off after these prices above. The dealer shouldn't be using that to make it look like a sweeter deal than it really is.

    I've been through these forums a bit, and even copied your couple of posts earlier about when to shop, end of the month and end of the quarter and keep reviewing them - so I figure I can let the dealers linger a bit longer and see what they can do a little bit later.

    The two dealers that have really been getting back to me mostly have been Baron Honda and Atlantic Honda. If anyone has had great experiences elsewhere, that'd be great to know.

    Thanks. :)
  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243
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    might be the dealership at months end. There internet dept called me on feb,28th telling me my manager needs sales numbers will go lower than our last offer.

    New Rochelle, and Yonkers honda may be worth checking out next week.

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    I have been learning a lot from the forum and was about to email the sales manager when I noticed the lease special price on their site. How can I determine whether this deal is the best I can do? No Dest charge is listed in the add and Kelly Blue Book has invoice for $22,199.

    2013 Accord Sport, Auto (I prefer manual $23,715)
    MSRP $24980

    $0 down*
    $229 / mo lease for 36 mo for 12k miles / yr

    + Fee's inc*:
    Doc $299
    Tire Fee
    Bank Fee $595
    1st payment $229
    Ttl due at signing:$1223 plus taxes

    Residual: $15,717.00

  • huskerfan5huskerfan5 Member Posts: 165
    Stay away from that dealer. Looks like he hasn’t updated his site since last fall.
    We’ll assume destination is included.
    The current money factor is .00075. If the residual in $15,717, then the residual percentage on a car with MSRP of 24,980 is 63%. And to get to a payment of $229 excluding taxes/fees, the cost of the car would need to be $22,929 which is exactly at invoice (Your KBB price does not include desination). If you have been reading this forum, you know you can do considerably better.
    But it gets worse. No way can the residual be that high in Aug-13. I took a look at the residual for the Sport CVT at the Weymouth Honda website and it is currently 58%. That would raise the payment by over $30. Looks like the ad was realistic for pricing and residual for Nov-12.
    Read gmanusmc's and my posts in the Accord Leasing forum and take Brian125's advice on getting a good price and you will do fine.
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    I am being quoted 20,569 (22,500 OTD) for the 13 accord lx. Should I go for this price or wait? I dont want to wait if price will only drop a few hundreds.
    I do not get the flex cash because I wont be using honda financing.
  • jy43235jy43235 Member Posts: 6
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    I got an offer at 22,410 at Central Ohio area and this is 900 off invoice. I won't plan to use Honda finance. But in order to get 500 dollars, I will use it for first four payments and then pay it in total.
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    Invoice price on the lx= 20,579. your getting Accord for 10 dollars cheaper than invoice price.

    Here is your homework to figure out your deal

    Whats dealers doc fee charge?
    Is dest/charge included in my quote of 20,569?

    Whats is the breakdown of pricing on my OTD price of 22,500 ?

    Did i check prior posting in this forum to see what a LX model is selling in my area.

    Do i have a target price to buy. Do i know when to buy
    What would be considered a fair price to buy a lx model being next week is Sept and 9 months into this years model.

    Why wont you consider financing thru honda with there low rates and knock off another 500 dollars of your purchase price?
    You could pay off loan after the 1st week.

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    jy43235 -- sounds like a plan! It seems Jeff Wyler Colerain has the most accord coupes on the lot here in cinci. I have not had any hardcore negotiations yet, but plan to next month.


    PS: Apparently I have two accts with edmunds...
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    Hi Brian,

    Actually helping out a friend of mine, looking at the 2013 Honda Accord Sedan EXL CVT, North Jersey.

    I contacted a few dealerships offering 24.5K as sale price including destination and doc fees but so far no one has bit or counter offered with a price different from what they offer to Internet customers, I guess it is too early still but by late next week I should receive some calls back. On the offer price I am not including the $500 flex price.

    Do you ink the price is too far from what is doable?

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    Man i tell you your really going for it on this one. If my numbers are right Invoice with dest/ charge is 26,399 for the EXL/cvt model. that puts you about 1899 below invoice. without flex cash. Thats not do-able right know especially in New Jersey. You will waste your time. Maybe Maryland on a last day sale where the dealership needs that sale.

    i have soured on the N.J. dealerships the last couple of months with there unwillingness and arrogance on pricing. Almost every dealership has raised there selling price on Accords and then used flex cash to lower the price helping themselves. The pricing they are giving people the first half of the month is appalling. Hoping they bite. Please dont. wait til the end of the month.

    There are alot off dealerships in N.J. Email as many as you can next week with your target price and purchase details. i would consider dealerships outside N.J. also if you dont mind traveling a bit.

    If you do your homework like post 30550, and 30558 says thats your best chance to get closest to your target price.

    Your Target price depending on your Area, along with supply and demand will play a big part in your pricing. Dealerships with 25 Lx models you may be able to negotiate a 1700 below invoice price. 4 EXL's on a dealers lot will result in 1000plus below invoice price. Its just how the game works.

    Target price on all models should start at 1000 below invoice price without flex cash included going as high as 1700 maybe more lets see who that all-star buyer is ....... hopefully its you.

    I really would be surprised if any honda dealership sells a EXL model for more than 1700 this month. Even at 1700 below invoice the chance of any of us getting that price is slim. But i'm not saying it cant be done. you really have to know how to negotiate, and have direct talks with the dealerships internet managers/ sales mgrs. to get it. dealing with sales reps / emailing dealerships without talking to the person who is in control of pricing will lead to frustration / and a big run around.

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