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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • was this $25,708 including destination?
  • best quote i'm getting in la/orange county is $26,105 including destination. anyone do better than this? if so where? i'd also be interested in knowing what kind of deals people got on EX-L with nav in socal. thanks in advance for your help.
  • cat17cat17 Posts: 5
    Well, you got a deal. I just spoke with them and they quoted MSRP. Big deal.
  • This week I was quoted $23,228 (not including destination) as the internet special for the 2008 EX-L (No Navi). I've estimated total price including fees and taxes to be $25,993.51. Is this a fair deal or should I try to negotiate more?

  • Yes, this includes destination.
  • kilnkiln Posts: 41
    $23,228 is below invoice. I'd say that's fair. I guess you could always negotiate more, but I'm not sure how much lower they would go.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    I have seen a little better quote from Grace Honda in San Bruno, nor ca (Bay area), for EXL w/o navi but you are probably interested in so. ca dealers. I got my v6 navi from him for $27,710 (it ended up costing more since I added several other items, including splash guard, wheel locks, trunk tray, all season mat, and of course...the rear-view camera!). He would probably be saving about $400 over the so. ca quote but I am not sure if that is worth taking the long trip for you. Just FYI.
  • The best quote I can get here in N. California is $21,995 + tax/title. Is that good or has anyone done better. I got those quote from Dublin Honda and Honda of Hayward
  • Lowest price quote I have gotten is $20,350 from Honda of Dublin. Anyone get a better quote?
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    See my post ##18908. Livermore Honda is a tad lower!
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    You could do a little better. Try Grace Honda in So. SF.
  • "Lowest price quote I have gotten is $20,350 from Honda of Dublin. Anyone get a better quote?"

    Getting a low "quote" is nice... however a low "quote" would not necessarily mean the lowest OTD price. If you are shopping for yourself go for the lowest OTD price....if you are shopping for others just break down the price because if you do not some people here will have a cow.
  • jpf5jpf5 Posts: 2
    It seems like an good deal, but it depends on where you are. In the Baltimore, MD area we got a Manual EX-L no navi for $24.682 OTD (5% sales tax in MD). Our initial quote was $23,140 which included destination. (I believe the quote for an automatic was about 300$ above that.) If we had taken a car off their lot they even said they would knock $300 off that price. But they did not have the color or model we wanted so they had to get it from another dealership. We added mud flaps and wheel locks which took that price up to $23,390. We picked it up on Dec26th.

    So far so good with the car.

    One tip I can pass on regards financing. We came in with a Capital One financing check ready to pay with that. The rate on the Capital One auto lone was 6.4%. Once we got in with the finance people they offered us a rate of 6.9% through Honda Finance. When we showed them the Capital One rate and said we'd just go with them instead Honda came back with a lower rate. We got 5.9% for 5 years. It helps do do a bit of homework and come in with the paper work.

  • Hi everyone,

    I thought I will give back to this informative thread after benefiting greatly from everyone's contributions here. :)

    I took delivery from Anderson Honda in Palo Alto, CA on 12/26 a 2008 Honda Accord EX-L, I4, non-Navi, polished metal metallic exterior with gray leather interior for $23,388 + TTL + $55 doc fee = approx. $25,500 OTD.

    This was a straight cash deal and I had no trade-ins. The price was obtained through their internet department and this was their first offer (but no other dealers around the San Francisco area were willing to beat this price).

    So far, the car drives fairly nice, great handling, and very good acceleration (at least for a four-cylinder engine). My only complaint so far is an imperfection in the rear right seat cushion (a moderate fit-and-finish problem). I will probably get them to repair it at some point in the near future... so much for made-in-japan quality :( (this car was assembled in Sayama, Saitama, Japan with Japan-made engine and transmission).

    Previously, I had been debating very hard about getting a 2008 Acura TSX vs a 2008 Honda Accord, but the supposedly improved safety of the Accord is what won me over (new ACE body structure, active head restraints, etc.) Overall, I am satisfied with the decent price and buying experience. Good luck bargain hunting!
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Great price if it is an automatic and a good price if it is not. Congratulations.
  • Hi parviz:

    Thanks! It's an automatic and the dealer also threw in free genuine Honda wheel locks and splash guards. :)
  • I received the same quote for EX-L V-6 w/ Navi from Grace Honda plus $775 for rearview camera (installed). What do you think I should pay to another dealer for an EX-L V-6, w/ Navi Demo (with 4500 miles on it) ? I almost agreed on $27925 plus $775 for the camera installed but would like to get it for a little less due to the mileage (only 31500 miles of warranty remains). I was told that EX-L V-6's with Navi are very hard to get.
  • brockpbrockp Posts: 11
    Interesting...4 cyl or V6? If 4 cylinder, tell him Brock Phillips sent you He did say they aren't discounting much on V6. I just told him today that I sent a recommendation out for him. If he's giving crap, I'd like to know so I don't recomend anymore.

  • bdeabdea Posts: 5
    Just purchased a EX V6 from Larry Hopkins Honda in Sunnyvale,CA, $23,620 +TTL
    Best Experience I've had in purchasing a car. Contact Habib,Internet Manager, the car was in stock,3 miles on the odometer + 2.8 miles for tech checkout drive. No Hassles. Price via emails = $25,855 OTD,
    No Extras thrown in! No financing.
    Honda of Serramonte could beat this price by $100 and Grace Honda could match it, but they did not have the car in stock and would have to Dealer trade for one. I did not want any extra miles on it.
    Thanks to everyone whose comments help me get a Good Deal !!! :shades:
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    I was also offered couple of demos, one with 3000 miles for 28013 and another with 2000 miles for 28313! (both in the bay area). Personally, I chose not to go with the demos for such little difference in price. My comfort level on a demo with 4500 miles would be around 26,500, otherwise I would prefer paying a little more and knowing that the car was not abused for the first few thousand miles! As you mentioned V6 EXL's (specislly w/ navi) are hard to find and get a great deal on. If you are in northern ca and Grace does not have one in stock, try Capitol Honda in S.J., he offered a polished metal one to me for 28,313.
  • You should get a "demo" at a used car price..
  • 2007 Accord EX-L 4Cyl AT
    w/ Honda Pro Pack @ COST(208 for wheel locks, mud flaps,trunk tray)

    SALE price 22091.00
    Document fees 50.00
    Licensce 33.00
    State Inv. Tax 23.75
    Sales tax(6.25%) 1448.90
    EQUALS $23,926.95

    Is this a good deal for TX? I know its a 2007, but I don't mind and it should also qualify for special financing.

    Also, the salesman claims to not know anything about the finance rates. Any recommendations before I drive the 90 miles to their location?
  • Can anyone share their prices w/ me on this car? We are looking for a black w/ ivory int. & can only find 1 in the state of TX & they are asking MSRP for it. I have also been told they are no longer going to make this color combination when the factory starts back up in Jan, can any confirm or deny this? Thanks for your help
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    I am not sure about th price in TX. The current pricing for 07 accords are well below invoice. Personally, I wouldn't take the chance driving 90 miles to go deal with a salesman who claims he does not know about a wideely known finance deal on the cars he sells.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    In ca the title would show sold as new. However, what do you think would be the right price for an 08 EXL v6 with navi, with 4500 miles?
  • This demo is driven by the owner of the dealership, so I've been told. I doubt that it was "abused". It has chrome 18" wheels and upgraded tires which I do not want. The salesman agreed to remove them and put the stock wheels and tires on. He also agreed to sell accessories for a little above his cost, except for the rearview camera (he matched another dealer's qoute)

    I could not find any pre-owned 2008 EX-L, V-6, AT, w/ Navi in any of the major car websites (Vehix,, Edmunds, etc. )

    Thanks for your input.
  • Anyone using any extra security alarms on their new rides. I am thinking about Lo-Jack living in the NYC area but I really dont' like the idea of tracking the car down. Any other ideas? :surprise:
  • I'm pretty sure I can get the financing with my FICO, and it's on Honda's site. I will call them first thing Monday before driving there.

    Edmunds claims the car is $23,300 invoice, so it looks like $1300 under that.
  • gavvygavvy Posts: 1
    Could you pl email the dealership name and city for this deal? I need to buy a car urgently ad hopefully I can get the deal you got.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    It sounds like the one I saw at Stevens Creek a couple of weekends ago. If it is the same one, it seemed well taken care of and sharp looking, of course I am biased towards black/ivory Accords! Just consider the milage in the final cost, accessories are not more than $200 (splash guard, wheel locks, trunk tray), and yes, dump those chromw wheels for $3000!, Good luck.
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