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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Can you specify the dealer name? I am looking for a EXL I4/V6. Your price looks very good.

  • Hello

    that looks like a good deal. But did u get this deal since u were going for the trade-in. I am located in Houston as well and looking for a similar offer,
  • I did not mention it was 4 cyl w/ no nav. This was my target based on what I expected for my trade; no one else wanted to go below invoice; with the oil changes and added warranty I thought it was fair.
  • What was the breakdown, and how much below invoice price on the car was it? Did you get competitive quotes from other Triangle dealerships. I'm from Raleigh, will be shopping for an LX or LX-P (auto) in the January timeframe.

    Congratations on your purchase, and happy holidays.
  • Did you get those Honda free offers like free lifetime carwash, Free Car loaner progam, First Three Oil Changes Free, Trunk tray, pin stripes and splash guards which is worth $500? That's what Honda dealer claims.
  • Just drove this out from DCH Academy, NJ.

    21,500 OTD with remote start and 3 yr oil changes.

    They threw in wheel locks, door edge guards and wheel well guards for free.

    No hard selling or surprises. Smooth transaction.
  • japsjaps Posts: 29
    send me name of dealer and salesperson...your deal is too outragious to be considered legitimate....thanks
  • "send me name of dealer and salesperson...your deal is too outragious to be considered legitimate....thanks"

    What will you do with this information? You just purchased an 08 Accord...
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    $24,500 (hopefully including destination) for an I4, no navi is a tad above invoice, a good deal, but hardly outragious in my opinion.
  • kilnkiln Posts: 41
    Well, he did get $500 in oil changes and an extension of 2 years 40,000 miles on his powertrain. (I have no idea what that is worth). Sounds like a good deal to me, unless there is some stipulation as to how often you can get your oil changed.
  • acemkacemk Posts: 6
    $23,325 Includes fright?? Because I'm also in the market for EX-L ,AT 4 cyl.
    And this is what I got......
    $23,518 + $635 fright + $99 dealer processing fee + tax/tag.
    Does anyone know if that's a good deal???? Thanks.
  • kilnkiln Posts: 41
    Both deals look good to me.

    Under invoice for the first and $90 over for the second (according to Edmunds).

    If you lived in Florida you'd have to pay $499-599 for doc fees.
  • acemkacemk Posts: 6
    Oh, I forgot to mention I'm getting wheel locks and mud guard for free since it's already on the car. By the way I'm from Maryland and state law only allow dealer to
    charge max. processing fee of $99. Does anyone got better deal than mine. Please
    let know...Thanks
  • Hello all. I would very much appreciate any information you have on deals for the Accord LX-P, 4 dr, Auto, no options. I am looking, of course, for the best deal and would like to be able to take in some facts about what others are paying around the country. Please let me know, I would very much appreciate any info. MSRP is 22,490. Thanks!
  • We did it! After 3 years of lurking on this forum, we found our Accord today and bought it. Thanks for all the advice. Here's the deal: 2007 4dr EX-L Navi, AT, 2.4 I4 with 19K miles, mud guards, rear cargo mat, and flip down TV/DVD for the back seat crumb snachers...$18,400. ;) One owner and condition confirmed via Autocheck and Carfax.

    Hope this helps others in the used market. I figure the first owner burned close to $10K in depreciation in the 10 months she owned it. :surprise: See you all in the other forums.
  • xicxic Posts: 5
    I just got a 2008 Accord LX-P AT, OTD price $22300. Is this good or normal?
  • Dealership is in Jersey City. MetroHonda. The played hardball at first but when I was ready to walk out the door with my credit card, they renegotiated the price and even threw in the wheel locks. I would have rather had the spoiler. I already have a bluetooth gps so I did not need the Navi. Good luck. :shades:
  • I recently purchased this car from Grand Honda in Chicago suburbs for $20300 (Including destination) which is about $420 below invoice. This is not including $58 documentation, $148 title and $1300 taxes.
  • "I just got a 2008 Accord LX-P AT, OTD price $22300. Is this good or normal?"

    That is defiantly on the high side... however just enjoy your ride!
  • Does your price include Trunk tray, pin stripes, splash guards, free lifetime car washes and first year of oil changes free? My local dealer in St. Louis MO says it is worth more than $500.

    For me, he is quoting $21250, which includes above free stuff+destination+doc fee.

    None of the local dealer is ready to sell below 21200.

    Can you please or anyone advise me whether it is a good deal or bad deal? If it is bad, is it advisable to go to Chicago (300 miles one way) and save $900. How about transfer, registration charges...etc any other charges?

    Thanks in advance.
  • xicxic Posts: 5
    I got this LX-P with $20411 which is the price for car and the destination.
    Then plus tax, title, 4year registration, doc fee, tire tax andetc. it finally goes to $22300.
  • JB, can you share with us the best price (broken out) you've seen for a 2008 Accord LX-P auto? Thanks.
  • pvd77pvd77 Posts: 11
    Received 2 dealer quotes for $26,305 on the above. what do you guys think?
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    That is a little over invoice and in my opinion a decent price. You may do a couple of hundred dollars better if you waited but I myself don't think saving a couple is worth the wait. You'll enjoy your car that much more if you get it now. You should make sure they don't get you with outrageous add on accessories. Don't pay more than $200 for a typical add-on such as splash guard/wheel locks/trunk tray combo and you should be fine.
  • brockpbrockp Posts: 11
    Paid $26,490 for this vehicle. Invoice + $440 for add-ons (Mud Guards, Trunk Tray and All-Weather floor mats). I probably could have gotten the $440 down a bit, but they had the exact Alabaster Silver/Black Leather combo I wanted and were the only ones willing to go down that low. I live in Seattle, took train down to Vancouver and drove back last night. Love the car, just ordered the rear wing spoiler and door edge guards online. Can't wait for them.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    I haven't been checking the LX-P pricing as I was interested in EXL. But, FYI, here is the internet ad I got today from the Livermore Honda, a northern ca dealer:

    Dear Parviz,

    Here is our weekly ad:

    2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL
    Special weekend price..............$27,999.00*
    H80099 H80100 H80226

    2008 Honda Accord LX-P sedan w/auto transmission
    Special weekend price...............$20,288.00
    H80104 H80103

    2008 Honda Pilot 4WD VP
    Special weekend price...............$24,499.00*
    H80156 H80143 H80148

    *price is not valid with Honda special lease. All special prices valid through 12/31/07. Please call Kathy for more details.
  • They can definitely go a bit lower than that. I purchased a EX-L V6 w/o Navi for $25,708 last week.
  • cat17cat17 Posts: 5
    Which Dealer did you buy from? Business must be good in Seattle, a lot of them want $1K-$3K over MSRP and have no problem holding the door open for me as I walk out!
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    I think it is mostly that they are trying to unload the 07 cars, also they don't have too many inventory of the 08 models yet. Just hang in there, as soon as they get more cars in, they will be holding the door shot so you don't leave without a purchase!
  • brockpbrockp Posts: 11
    Talk with Kevin in internet sales at Dick Hannah auto group. They were straight up...MUCH better than in Seattle. Bellevue Honda quoted me $750 over invoice via phone, but didn't want to go lower unless in person. Kevin did it all over the phone. Highly recommended.
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