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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jlenhjlenh Posts: 3
    parviz, thankyou. can u tell me how much u paid for?
  • I am in San Diego CA and I own accord sedan 2004. I really want to get 2008 accord coupe but all they are totally over priced. The dealerships are calling for way much higher price than the MSRP! I might go to OC or LA to get a better deal. Is this overpricing happening all over the states or just my area?

    Anyway I want Accord2008 coupe EX with no option added. Does anyone have any idea how much the actual price these cars are being sold at now?

    The MSRP is around 24000.
  • See if they wil do 25k even OTD....if not consider going elsewhere.

    You're not serious are you, jb? This price is already $608 under invoice. How much better is she going to do? Who here has done this well? What am I missing here? :confuse:
  • I think it depends on where you shop.
    I bought 08 Coupe EXL in Chicago land for $24,203.34. It's around at invoice. Only accesory I had was wheel locks.
    Shop around and you will find a good deal.
  • Can a dealer cheat the price?

    A dealer said the MSRP is 24595 but the real MSRP is 24132 and both include the same price details.

    He gave quote of 23,562. I am not sure if this is a good deal for Accord08 coupe EX black. no options.

    Please anybody suggest any advice Thanks :) :blush:
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Hi there, That is my real name. He would remember me since I had to go more than once to get my rear-view camera installed. Good luck.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    That is in line with what I paid for mine with a navi for about $2000 more. It is a very good price, for now anyway.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    BTW, all new Accords are to be delivered with full tank of gas. Mud guards are $70 online and very easy to put on.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Sure, $27920, plus $660 for the rear-view camera.
  • jlenhjlenh Posts: 3
    parviz, the car u bought is a ex-l v6? please give me a break down of the charges.

  • Joyce Honda in Denville, NJ -- ask for Aline Hanja. It's been running great for the 61 miles we've had it so far.
  • This was through Rock Honda.

    He was beating a price, which is probably why it is so low.
  • This is without Navigation.
  • Black on Black 2008 Coupe
    EX with NO additional options
    4 cyl

    He gave a quote of $23,362, and he said it's $800 over the invoice he has.
    What do you guys think about that price? If you were me, would you buy it?
  • diuneidiunei Posts: 23
    24595 should be the MSRP for EX Coupe I4 auto.

    anyway, just got my blue ex coupe I4 auto from Honda of Boston for $22K w/o options with a trade in. I have been there four times since day of one. I guess they were sick with me and decided didn't want to see me anymore. Anyone lives at Boston area should try that dealer.
  • did you mean they traded in your previous vehicle and didn't pay you back for the value of the car you traded in, but instead they sold your new 08 coupe at 22k?? Sorry, if I misunderstood.
  • Accord Coupe is one of the hottest car right now, every dealer is gonna sell them at MSRP or $200 to $500 below MSRP. Accord Sedan on the otherhand, you can probably get them much cheaper, as supplies are much higher in every dealerships. right now sells them $800 to $900 for the Sedan. I personally love the Coupe, but no way I will pay that price for it... For the same price of a EX-L V6 = Lexus IS250 Manual.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Sedan EXL, V6 w/ Navi. Price included destination charge.
  • MSRP is 23160 + Dest. Charge $635 = $23,795

    There are places in LA where you can get it for flat 23k or MSRP -750. If you can wait till next summer, price will at least drop another $500.
  • I recently purchased an '08 EX-L with auto transmission and 4-cyl engine. This was the first car I ever bought and the contributions to this board were very helpful during the car buying process. Thought I'd return the favor by providing a breakdown of the price I paid for the vehicle in case someone else was looking to test the market. FYI, I reside in New York City.

    Price of vehicle (including destination) - 23,576
    Taxes - 1,974.49
    DMV and dealer fees - 249.50
    Total OTD - 25,800

    Based on the negotiation, I still believe I might have left another $200-$300 on the table, but this has already been a six week process and I didn't really want to devote much more time to this. I think better deals than mine can be had on Accord Sedans if you're patient. Most dealers that I've dealt with appear pretty desperate to unload their inventory of these vehicles and I personally think it won't be long before prices fall pretty substantially. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again to all those who took the time to help people like me save a buck or two. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to respond when I can.
  • This was an Internet sale from a "volume" dealer. Nobody else in the area came close. It was $500 under Invoice: $24,915 + 635 dest + 487 processing fee + Tax and Title. 80% of the sales experience was over the internet, phone and fax. I didnot return calls to dealers that would not email or fax me a quote.

    I know others have done a little better (the processing fee is a rip off), but I am happy and I think I bought the freak'n best car out there for the money. I have been lurking and searching for the last three months and I'm glad it over.

    Merry Christmas everybody!
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Even with the processing fee you are at invoice price. You did good. I don't think it makes sense to wait a couple of months to save a couple of hundred on a a $25000 purchase. Enjoy it and congratulations!
  • That processing fee negates the low price of the car. Just shop the OTD price.
  • Please kindly let us know the name of the dealer.. Really appreciate...
  • holewholew Posts: 71
    Unless you have a close friend who is a dealer and is willing to give you a great price, I suggest that you use one or all of the CAR BUYING SERVICES on the INTERNET.

    EDMUNDS.COM is one. By entering your name and contact info and info on the car you want to buy you will get 3 to 10 dealer's replying, depending upon the number of dealers in your area. The buying services promise to give you a no obligation pricing But some of the replies you will get will just be a salesman calling to make himself know and he will invite you to his showroom. However some of the replies will be prices in E-Mail messages. Some of these prices will be honest firm prices and others will be prices to feel you out. Call the dealers which have responded with what appears to be a great price, i.e., near, at or below dealer invoice. If there is a dealer near you which you might prefer to use but his price is not the lowest, call him and tell him the lowest price you received. He might meet the lower price.

    BEWARE of dealers who tell you you must buy a bunch of dealer installed options which are usually way over priced. If a dealer tells you that, RUN LIKE HELL. An honest dealer will either price some of the nicer dealer installed options at a reasonable price or allow you to purchase the car without them. I am talking about items such as wheel locks, mud flaps, floor mats, door and wheel well edge guards, trunk trays, ETC. Some dealers will charge as much as $1000 and over for this collection.

    Also avoid dealers who add an additional markup the the list price. This is usually called ADDITIONAL DEALER MARKUP or MARKET ADJUSTMENT PRICE. I make it my policy to never, ever buy from such dealers even if the model I want does not have an ADM price on it. Such pricing tactics tell me that the dealer is not honest.

    I did all of the above and got a 2008 HONDA ACCORD EX-L V6 without NAVI for $25615 + $635 destination. This is from ANDERSON HONDA in BALTIMORE, MARYLAND. The INTERNET SALES PERSON was excellent and up front all the way. She told me I could get the car off the truck as it comes from the factory without any dealer installed options. For wheel locks, mud flaps and wheel well and door edge guards her price was $245. Other dealers wanted $551 for these items.

    On the Accord mud flaps are a good item since it keeps the under side painted areas from getting scratched. The edge guards are of questionable value. The wheel locks are OK since they might deter the occasional thief but won't stop the professional. You can buy these at an auto store for about $25 to $25 which is aobut half the dealer price.
  • Genius jb_turner writes: That processing fee negates the low price of the car. Just shop the OTD price.

    Yet another brilliant and helpful comment, thanks. rtxbob paid $26,037 which is $14 under invoice. Please tell us how invoice or less for a recently released car isn't a good price? Particularly when it's the highest demand sedan trim line (the EX-L V6). Why do you keep making these comments? Tell us what you paid or what prices you are finding!
  • Used this forum a couple of years ago and got a great price on my current vehicle. I'm now looking to Purchase (2) 2008 Accord sedans ASAP! Can anyone recommend a dealer in the NY Tri-state area that is willing to negotiate from INVOICE???

  • See my post on what I paid for the 4 cyl EX-L. Believe pricing was below invoice even after dealer fees. I bought my car from Hillside Honda in Queens, NYC. Salesman was Jonathan Chiu. I'm sure he can give you a pretty good deal on other trims as well.
  • They gave me the wheel locks free when I was picking up the car, I didn't ask for them. I assumed everyone got them.
  • Has anyone purchased a 2008 Accord sedan with "molding pkg" installed? I'm thinking of side door molding but I only see door edge/wheel edge molding on mine. Not sure if my dealer took a shortcut. The sticker price for the molding is higher than the price for mud flaps or window tinting. Hard to believe the price of door edge/wheel molding can be that much.
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