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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 Owners



  • k5qmk5qm Posts: 7
    My 2005 Silverado 1500 has a 4.3 engine with a 4 speed automatic transmission. With cruise engaged and climbing hills the transmission downshifts into 3rd for about a second and a half then goes to second . At this time the engine rpm goes from 1800 to 4500 rpm. Not a good situation on wet surface. Chevy dealer tells me that chevy has had this problem since 2001 and refuses to fix it. I contacted customer support and they could care less, no problem as far as they are concerned. Does anyone know how to solve this problem short of a different brand?
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    I hope I don't offend you when I say this, but here goes:

    Don't use cruise control when driving on wet surfaces. I'm not trying to say that the downshifting when in cruise isn't a problem (both of my current Chevy's- one's a truck, the other a newer model car, do the same). Just that I've always been taught that using cruise in heavy traffic or poor weather was a recipe for disaster.
  • k5qmk5qm Posts: 7
    When your trucks down shift how long do they stay in 3 rd gear before going to second and what year are they?
  • k5qmk5qm Posts: 7
    About a second and half and I don't practice using cruise in slick conditions if i know they are there, but I have hit slick spots from blowing sand or something spilled. In Oklahoma you might find any road condition without warning. Last Thursday I was in OK City and there were areas where it had rained very hard and it cut off like a wall was there.
    I have contacted GM Customer relations (real joke) then I contacted the office of the CEO for CM Auto division. Should hear from them next week. If everyone with these problems would stay on GM's case the problem would get fixed. What make car do you have that is doing this. Our dealer led me to believe that the a problem with 2001 - 2005 trucks with 4.3 engine with auto transmission.
  • chevy4mechevy4me Posts: 203
    I bought a set of 20 inch wheels with 305/50/20 Proxes for my 05 Tahoe. ( I also have a 1500 Silverado ). I find the ride kills me on the Tahoe ,not at all what I expected. Anyway I am considering installing them on the Silverado rather than writing them off altogether. The question is will they fit since the Tahoe seems to have more room for that size( 32"tall by 12" wide) and has anyone had experience with that combo on a Silverado? Thanks :cry:
  • k5qmk5qm Posts: 7
    I have a friend who is the Chevy service manager where I bought mine and he put some larger tires on his truck and of course the speedometer was off and he couldn't get information from GM as how to reprogram his computer for the larger tires. He had to buy an aftermarket computer or chip, not sure which, but he said it cost him about $500 to get the problem solved. Sure don't get the support from GM like I did in '58 when I switched to GM. Good luck.
    PS:I would be glad to get you the accurate info from him if it would help.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    I don't know for certain that what you're experiencing is exactly the same as what mine are doing, but it does sound similar.

    I haven't timed this behavior before, but that sounds about right (when in cruise). The worst part is that the downshifts are harsh compared to the way the transmissions downshift when not in cruise. Downshifts when not in cruise are relatively smooth, and you can tell that the torque converter is doing its bit first (unlocking, etc. before the shift, resulting in a much more gradual increase in rpms). In cruise the transmission acts as if it skips unlocking the torque converter in favor of immediate downshifts instead, resulting in a major jump in rpms and a hard bump or lurching feel as the lower gears engage.

    Anyway, if your situation is something specific to your tranny / engine combination, I wish you luck getting the situation taken care of.
  • k5qmk5qm Posts: 7
    It is just as you described it. Transmission and engine work fine when cruise is disabled. Didn't hear from GM today.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    As far as I can tell it's "normal" for GM vehicles with the electronic throttle control (aka throttle by wire). Another quirk that's related is that on certain downhill grades the truck feels like it's coasting to just above the set cruise speed then slowing then coasting, and so on (kind of feels like a boat on choppy water). Anyway, we first noticed the hard downshift issue with our 2004 Malibu. It's been mentioned several times on the boards for those vehicles in these forums too. GM issued an updated PCM for the cars that supposedly helps, but ours still does it even after our dealership reprogrammed the car, so I've just decided to live with it for now. In the meantime I just kick off cruise any time I notice either of our vehicles doing a hard downshift and wait until I'm on a more level stretch of road. (Ours mostly does it on hills)
  • swebersweber Posts: 1
    Hello All,

    I have a 2000 1500 and just recently, while towing my boat, noticed the trailer running lights were no longer working. Walk around reveled the truck's daytime lights were no longer on either. All other lights, turn signals, brake light, etc. still work fine. Only the two front, white daytime lights and the trailer running lights. With no trailer lights connected, the daytime lights still do not come on.
    I suspected a blown fuse but all test good. There is one relay on the fuse panel that I suspect as the daytime lights normally come on with a click when the emergency brake is released. Now there is no click.
    Does anyone have any info on the relay functions on the fuse panel, or any other ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

  • k5qmk5qm Posts: 7
    `I took a 120 mile trip today to get a bed liner installed .All the way to the other town I experienced the same old shifting problem. I got the liner installed and returned home. There was not one rough down shift. It would downshift smoothly and the rpm would go from 1800 to 2200 rpm. The cruise control maintained proper speed. Guess I should have gotten a bed liner sooner. Will give a report in a couple weeks or so.
  • lewman63lewman63 Posts: 1
    Hello, have a question, 2004 chevy 1500 z71, why is the dash language in french, cannot for the life of me figure out how to change it to english...thanks
  • lando2000lando2000 Posts: 6
    I Just bought one off of ebay for my 2000Silverado 4X4 ext cab. Any opinions ? Suggestions?

  • easygoingeasygoing Posts: 1
    Hi there
    Is anyone out there familiar with the Cruise control on the 95 Chev Silverado.
    Mine died on me last week and I was wondering if a person can test for whether the cruise control unit is fried or if there is a disconnect somewhere in the wiring?
  • litew8tlitew8t Posts: 4
    I have the option to buy the extended warranty on my 2003 silverado. We bought it in april as a leased buy back vehicle. Any thoughts ? Are the Chev warranties good? This is our 1st chevy truck :)
  • I've got a 2005 silverado 1500 5.3L crew cab LS. Just wanted to let anyone know who is having a popping noise of some sort inside the cab that sounds like it's coming from the AC vent area under the dash but behind the ash tray or glove box. That general area, hard to say exactly. The noise is really annoying and sounds like something is loose withe the vent or dash itself.

    Just back back from the chevy dealer and they fixed it so far anyway. It's a D4707 Module or assembly, hvac control head reprogram that was needed according to their receipt. Further explanation is 3L A/C actuators out of calibration, left temp clicking -Chk A/C data with tech 2 and recalibrate A/C controls actuator ok at this time. 0.4 hrs.

    I searched on the internet and apparently other cars not just GM uses this type of programmable actuator/controller for the AC. Must have been a tolerance issue wiht the software.

    The silverado has about 4200 miles on it. Bought in april 05.

    Best gas mileage I've seen is about 19mpg although the sticker says 20 is the highway mileage. Most of the time it is 16 or 17 for around town.

    I tow a 23 ft twin outboard offshore boat, twin axle trailer. Probably over 5,000 lbs No problems there. I like the suspension a lot better than the smooth ride suspension on the 4.8 L truck but I still think the suspension could be firmer with better shocks and springs.

    I know the difference considering I drove an 02 vette with the z51 suspension package for 1.5 yrs. I don't think there's a better suspension out there. The truck is a bit too soft although the HD suspension in the crew cab is better than the smooth ride suspension. I still believe it could use improvement particularly if you tow anything. Occasionally the truck can get into a harmonic when towing on the front suspension that causes the nose to bounce going over hills. Not what I would prefer. Stronger dampening rates and springs would probably help a lot.

    Anyone know of any after market stuff to help out the bouncy-ness of the 1500 suspension (I've got the heavy duty suspension but not the HD truck). :shades:
  • dcates2dcates2 Posts: 4
    I purchased an 05 Crew Cab LS this April, I have had problems with the front-end suspension as well. The A/C has not had a clicking sound but rather a gurgle that is constant. "GM" said the gurgle is normal. ??? the bouncing of the front end on bridges is with or without a trailer. I have also noticed that the front end has a "jolting" feeling over "any" irregularity in the road. I drove an 04 Crew Cab from East Texas to Wisconsin & back last year and never noticed anything close to this action. It drives more like a 60s model 5 ton front-end not a $30K, 1/2 ton truck. After the dealer tried to fix another like truck with the same problem (with no improvement) GM called and told me this is normal for this truck & "Your Case is closed" ! :confuse: :mad:
  • dcates2dcates2 Posts: 4
    My 05 Crew Cab truck has front suspension problems and A/C problems. GM refuses to fix it. I have filed with the BBB but they are very limited in what they can do to help. Everyone needs to speak up if they have a problem. GM has a really bad attitude They just told me "to bad" . what is the number for the CEO?
  • does anyone know how to indentify the air injection manifold on a 2005 w/ the 4.3L im looking to buy some headers only problem is i know i dont have egr but not sure if i have air inj manifold. dont think i do but not sure. plz help. :confuse:
  • m_boisem_boise Posts: 12
    I too have the AC problem. 2005 Crew Cab LS Z71 5.3 V8. It is a constant hissing/gurgling and is easier heard when the AC is at 1 or 2. The sound continues for some time after turning AC off and even after the engine is turned off. I have heard similar sounds in other vehicles, but this is very noticable and loud. I've had people ask what was wrong because it was so annoying. Usually I just turn up the radio or the AC to 3 or 4 and I can drown the noise out. Other than that, I love the truck. It rides great--no suspension problems. Added a flowmaster and opened up some of the restricted horses. Sounds great and better mileage!
  • thinking of switching out my regular 05 silverado 1500 z71 cluster for a ss silverado cluster, anything i need to do first other than have the miles put on it?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    nope...well maybe double check the pins to make sure they match.
  • thank you obyone...sure appreciate it!
  • dcatesdcates Posts: 1
    I NEED HELP! I have gone through all the proper channels to try to get the problem with the front suspension and the AC gurgle fixed on my 2005 Crew cab. I filed with the BBB and they sent an expert..... ha ha.. to test drive it. The kid could not find the office with directions, an address and a GPS. Then he calls several times trying to find me. He got there at Noon. Our town at noon is traffic gridlock. He drove it 16 miles down a freshly paved road and came back with a report that he did not notice any problem. And oddly enough his report used very simular wording as GM. I have been driving longer than he has been alive. He had no idea what Kinetic or dynamic harmonics was. So now I have to go to arbitration against GM Lawyers and they are going to use this report to tell me that I am imagining this problem. I need anyone that has had this trouble to reply.... please.. I know it is not normal for a 1/2 ton truck to ride like this. I know I am not the only one that can hear the AC gurgle. I have been pushed aside, Right are wrong you do not question the big spenders. I seem to be the only one here willing to stand for what I know is right. I have heard from others but they will not file.
  • kcarter3kcarter3 Posts: 16
    Does anyone have photots of a larger size tire on your Silverado 2004 z71? I am trying to determine a better looking tire size.
  • :sick:
    My silverado is just out of warranty. It rained all day on it yesterday, now it won't start!
    I have the hood opened trying to dry it out.

    Any suggestions???? :confuse: :sick: ">
  • k5qmk5qm Posts: 7
    You can't get to the CEO. I have a problem with my 2005 and was told to live with it by the CEO's secretary (Ms Johnson). I sent a certified complaint letter to the CEO and some dud in the mail room signed for it and Ms Johnson replied to it and told me if I wasn't happy with their help I could sue. GENERAL MOTORS COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS.
  • Page 3-64 regarding the Driver Info Center (DIC) in the manual states:
    Display Language
    To select your personalization for display language,
    press the select button while DISPLAY LANGUAGE is
    displayed on the DIC. Pressing the select button
    will scroll through the following languages:
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish
    Choose one of the three options and press the
    personalization button while it is displayed on the DIC to
    select it.
    If you accidentally choose a language that you don’t
    want or understand, press and hold the personalization
    button and the trip information button at the same
    time. The DIC will begin scrolling through the languages
    in their particular language. English will be in English,
    French will be in French and so on. When you see
    the language that you would like, release both buttons.
    The DIC will then display the information in the
    language you chose.
    You can also scroll through the different languages by
    pressing and holding the trip reset stem for four
    seconds, as long as you are in the odometer mode.

    Does this help?
  • What exactly are your problems? The dealerships make money when they can perform repairs. It is unusual for someone to "refuse to repair" a problem that is making the vehicle not run or drive or such. Please describe the problems, and what has been diagnosed?
  • The sound from the AC can be an issue for some folks. Please bear in mind that the factory could certainly add more insulation or heavier materials, but this adds to the price and the weight, which are prime considerations. It is hard to make a vehicle be all things - sometimes, certain compromises must be made.
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