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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • ross5ross5 Posts: 2
    Love this site! Wish we had discovered it before purchasing 03 RDV CXL. We too have had problems with rear gate, clicking brake peddle, engine cutting out at low speeds etc etc etc.
    BUT our new big problem is with transmission. I took rdv into "jiffy" type lube to have engine fluids checked this is second time (we have 40k miles). Within 180 miles car started acting wierd intermittently as if a FUEL PUMP problem was acting up- car would not always respond to gas pedal being pushed / rpms would not respond etc although it was not a problem to start. Anyways barely got to destination and had car towed to dealer. They said our transmission had been overfilled by 2 quarts and this had caused 'areation' in system keeping transmission from being lubricated resulting in ruined cluthes and eroded transmission. They imediatly began to take out transmission and set motion to replace.Needless to say dealer says that our extended warrenty is nullified on this due to the fact that work was not performed by them.
    But could all of this erosion and ruined transmission happen in 180 miles. Or are they trying to get out of warrenty work? "juffy" type lube place says they have video tape of no fluid being put in.
    What to do?
  • Have 42,000 miles and have had numerous problems. Soleniod in transmission causing no upshift, very poor heat ( not hot enough) and little flow from dash air vents. First visit GM tells me normal, friend is a Grand Master tech for GM tells me their is a Dealer TSB on this issue as vent doors don't work properly -back I go and get vent fixed, bringing a copy of the TSB to my Dealer.....
    Lumbar support knob broke, hatchback strap broke (same style strap as the Montana I had replaced twice under warranty - you think they would figure it out?) I had as front wheel bearing did replacement one one side, 3k later get other side done, Now leaking intake gasket ( common problem) and speedometer going all over the place. Warranty is over now so the fight begins with GM. Have been a loyal GM purchaser for 25 years and my wife had a 97 Grand Prix, 60,000 miles transmission at $3,000.00, 80,000 miles same intake leak caused blown motor - thousands more. 2000 Montana intake leak. It is a known problem for GM with the 3.4 motors that intake leaks.

    And to think I used to laugh at my friends that drove Honda's and Nissans for 200,000 miles with oil changes, one set of brakes and a timing belt. Time to switch over. With any luck GM reads these boards and realizes that many customers switching to other OEM's.

    Toronto, Canada.

    Suggest don't buy a Rendezvous or GM period. The Re
  • Went to dealer one week ago to get a new instrument cluster as the odometer read "error." Already had a BCM installed under warranty because remotes on steering column wouldn't operate radio and traction kept going in and out. Was told that the wait is 1-2 weeks because they are having the instrument cluster rebuilt by the manufacturer. Also had a bearing replaced at about 40,000 but complained to GM and they picked up the $100 deductible for extended warranty. We like the car otherwise.
    Wagner in Wisconsin at EVS
  • jdksjdks Posts: 42
    Hi Rcwaker:

    I am too from Toronto - can you please provide me with the TSB about the poor heat - I've complained to the dealer and was told that it was normal or so did so many people on this site. Good luck with all your problems - I too have a lot of problems.
  • The problem was that had very little air flow from dash vents or defroster. GM has a techcial service bulletin regarding this as there was a problem with the air box damper that controlled flow. They fixed this under warranty but as for heat this car is a joke. Very little heat and is not "HOT" like my other cars. This was never fixed proerly - same old story as you got is normal, another pile of BS

  • wagnerwagner Posts: 4
    How long should the original tires on the 2002 RDV CX last for safe driving? Miles have been almost all on freeway at reasonable speeds and conditions.
    Wagner in Wisconsin
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    If you're on the original factory tires, I wouldn't expect them to last much - say 30,000 miles. A quick test is to put a penny with Lincoln's head facing into the tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head clearly, your tires need replacement.
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    I have a 2002 RDZ CXL and it came with Uniroyal Tiger Paws Touring SR tires. They came with a 70,000 mile warranty (see link: I have 38,000+ miles and I still have plenty of tread left. If you rotate your tires regularly and keep them properly inflated, your tires will last longer, imho.

    What are people replacing these tires with?
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I don't think the tires are covered under the normal warranties provided by tire manufacturers. They are normally cheaper versions made specially for the OEM. Hopefully someone can confirm/correct this?
  • bflyerbflyer Posts: 3
    With 38,000 miles on my 02 I also have a leaking head gasket and need my rear wheel bearings replaced. I purchased the extended warranty when I bought the car so the head gasket is covered and the dealership is covering the rear wheel bearings b/c the car has been making some weird noise when I turn since I bought it like 5,000 miles ago. However the dealership is making me pay $100 for the deductible that I dont think I should have to pay,not that its alot of money however the point that I purchased the extended warranty so I wouldnt have to pay $ when something like this happened. Do u think if I went through GM they would do anything to cover this money?
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    I've never heard of a tire company making "cheaper versions" of tires. If it's a Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring SR ... it's a Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring SR ... no matter if you bought it at the tire store ... or on your Buick Rendezvous. If the model name/number is different, it is possible that the tires are different, but that's not the case here -- my tires are regular retail tires. As for the warranty on the tires, they are covered per the tire warranty you received with your owner's manual (usually, it's an additional insert specific to your brand of tire).
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I agree a Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring SR model is a Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring SR model no matter where you get them but the components that goes into making them can vary. But they are usually the economical tires that the tire manufacturer makes. An example of the difference is the Michelin LTX tires. In the past, the rubber compound was rated less than the newest ones today which last longer. There was nothing wrong with the old compound and they can continue using it if they choose. OEM's order tires according to their minimal specifications which the older material could meet. That's why in some cases, it's hard to find an exact original tire since those were manufactured only for the OEM and not available for retail sales.

    As far as warranty goes, I don't recall getting a separate tire-specific warranty with any of the cars I've ever bought. In case of the RDV, tires are covered on the 3 years/36000 miles bumper -to-bumper warranty...very generic and not tire specific. This is according to the owners manual. Then it goes on to say any replacement tires will continue to be warrantied according to the REMAINING bumper-to-bumper coverage period. But if you look on, the same tire has a 70000 mile guarantee. Why the big difference? Why does the OEM not use the tire manufacturer's warranty since it'll be much more attractive to a customer?
  • eoleseoles Posts: 1
    This exact thing happened to me today. Now the security light is permanently on, radio is locked, windows and door locks disabled. Find a solution for this? My dealer said they'd have to reprogram my BCM or replace it. Is this what it will really take? I'm past my warranty, now that I'm up to 40k miles, and care not to pay up the wazoo if there's another way to fix this.
  • I am also getting an "error" message on my 2002 Buick Rendezvous odometer. If you don't mind me asking, what did it cost you to get this fixed.
    Also was it the instrument cluster causing this problem?

  • regalluvr2regalluvr2 Posts: 114
    It looks like GM has finally decided to help some of the problem plagued 2002-2003 RDV owners.If you have a problem 02-03 RDV hammer away at GM and make them help you.They owe you.They read these forums and dont like lots of bad publicity.I pulled the following 02 RDV owners quote off another Buick forum where I post at.Here it is:

    wish I had found this site sooner. At least I know I'm not alone. I have probably had almost one of everything go wrong with my 2002 rendezvous and many of the same problems more than once. I was lucky though as I got GM to give me their Major Guard extended warranty for free. It covers me to over 80000 miles and 5 1/2 years from in service date. Crazy, though. I love my rendezvous and would probably buy one again.

    I say good job GM.Deeds like this will give you lots of good publicity.
  • ckinnyckinny Posts: 14
    I have a 2002 RDV CXL and it is at the dealership right now for this exact problem. While driving the engine simply shut off. They have had it for over week and cannot fix the problem. Luckly while the mechanic had it out for a test drive it shut off on him and then would not start. They were bummed because it happened 10 minutes before quitting time. they now want me to come pick it up because the don't know why/can't fix/can't recreate the problem.

    It has 29,600 miles and I have until Sept. for the 3 year warranty to be up and if I have to not drive it and fight with them until Sept I will.

    I was told the Lemon Law here in NY the car has to be within 2 years and 24,000 miles.

    I would love info on how you negotiate a "buy back".
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    There is a NHTSA item on stalling problem, as stated it applys to 2004 models, but who knows, may be applicable to others as well:

    Put in item number pe04075

    Ignition relay replacement at least seems to be fix
  • jwagjwag Posts: 2
    I bought a 02 RDV a year ago in Feb. I noticed a clicking sound and finally convinced the dealer to look in to it. After replacing the air compressor my SES light remained on. Took it back and mechanic discovered moisture in the wiring. It has now been about 6 weeks, the wiring has been totally replaced, got it home yesterday, 3 hours later the car would not start. Dealer came to tow it this morning and the car started up immediatly. Do not know that I will keep car as I am not sure I can depend on it. Unfortunatly, I like the bells and whistles that it has.
  • jwagjwag Posts: 2
    Has anyone else seen such an extensive problem with the wiring? I was told by the Buick service department that I had a seal go bad on the underside of the car. Once moisture got in it created all kinds of corosion problems with the wiring. Once the wiring has been replaced, what are the chances I am going to have more problems? My dealer is offering to put me in something else for a good price, it is very tempting.
  • braxtonbraxton Posts: 2
    Has anyone had any problems with their rear air compressor? I have a 2003 CXL plus, and got it changed under Warranty 10 mo. ago. Now it's not working again and my warranty is now finished. Do parts that have been changed under warranty get additional warranty coverage (i.e. 1 year parts and service) regardless of the mileage?

    The vehicle works great but this is a nice to have option that comes in handy from time to time.
  • scv0405scv0405 Posts: 1
    Don't know if this will help you, but I had a '02 Lesabre that did the same thing.For no apparent reason it started to simply shut off as I was driving down the road. Altho, I was able to pull over and it started again every time. Turns out there was some kind of elelctronic piece attached near the gas tank that just went bad and was causing the car to shut off. My mechanic fixed it, and it never happened again.

    I've now owned a slightly used '02 rendezvous for about a year, and I LOVE IT! Unfortunately, as I was driving down the road the other day the "service vehicle soon" light came on. Of course the manual only says take it to the dealer. I found a site online that said it could be caused by a blown fuse, so I have to check that. Anyone feedback from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
  • jbrinkerjbrinker Posts: 3
    I have the same problem and I got an esitmate between 500-1000 dollars. Email me... I am wondering what yours was...
  • jbrinkerjbrinker Posts: 3
    getting the same thing... what did you pay to repair?
  • jbrinkerjbrinker Posts: 3
    Is this going to be a recall?
    I am getting an error accross my odometer and no mileage. What a drag...
    The dealer wants 500-1000 to repair it. Any body else in trouble?
    James B
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
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  • rgrizzzzrgrizzzz Posts: 2
    I just had a problem with my 2002 RDV. Once last Friday,and once Sunday, after driving about 150 miles, the dash went off and on several times while driving, showing the battery light and then the service engine soon message. After a minute the error went away. The car never shut off and drove fine. Monday and Tuesday the car was fine, but last evening, when I went to start the car, it had the same symptoms. I turned the car off and found someone to follow me home, just in case. When I restarted the car, the Service Engine soon light came on again, and then switched over to the Security message. The power locks, power windows, sunroof, radio and keyless entry are all now not working. Any ideas as to what might be the cause of this?

    Later today I'm hooking it up to a friends diagnostic reader for the onboard computer.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    The one thing all of those may have in common is interaction with BCM I think
  • cw1028cw1028 Posts: 2
    I just had this exact same thing happened to me....I was right next to a dealership and pulled in. They are telling me I need to replace the BCM and Ingition Switch. Aprrox. Cost $550.00. I am going to GM Customer Service. This seems to be a major issue with 2002 RDVs. I'll let you know what I find out. I also, found this on a GM tech site...not sure if it is related

    TIP: A microprocessor condition that affected early BCMs was corrected during the 2003 model year, beginning with p/n GMAN169 (Impala/Monte Carlo) and GMAN410C (Aztek/Rendezvous). Any BCM with a higher part number contains the microprocessor improvement. The Equinox, a newer vehicle, never had the earlier microprocessor.

    Based on the history of these earlier control modules, technicians consider BCM replacement as the appropriate remedy for a number of customer concerns and vehicle conditions. However, with the improved microprocessor, this is not often the case. Analysis shows that almost 75% of BCMs replaced under warranty have no trouble found (NTF).

    In cases where there was no trouble found with the returned BCM, the most common reasons for replacement were determined to be:
    - Wrong module replaced
    - Service procedure not followed
    - Wiring
    - System issue

    The information provided here is not intended to replace the need for following established SI diagnostic procedures. But it will help you more thoroughly understand the relationship of the BCM to other vehicle systems.

    In the following tables, you will learn which systems the BCM directly controls, the systems with which the BCM has an interaction, and the systems with which the BCM has no interaction. As you can see, these lists vary considerably between vehicle lines.
    - Thanks to Jeff Strong, Motorola
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    'Analysis shows that almost 75% of BCMs replaced under warranty have no trouble found (NTF). ' I've long suspected that maight be the case, especialy when BCM's get replaced 2 or 3 times on the same vehicle. If it were happening to me, about the second time they wanted to replace it, I'd be asking questions.
    If you have or could find a link to the GM tech item, could you send it to me?
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