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Ford Super Duty

ruzruz Posts: 59
edited March 2014 in Ford
This is for continued discussion of Ford Super
Duty trucks.


  • ruzruz Posts: 59
    To read previous discussions, check out topic #159, Ford '99 Super Duty Delivery Issues.
  • Hey fellows, better have a roll call and see if
    we are all together. I found the change after
    being out of town for two days (must be the Davy
    Crockett in my blood). Anyhow monday will be
    15 weeks. Maybe I will get the record. Maybe
    my truck will beat the year 2000 model. Anybody
    heard if Ford will expand the colors or change
    the two tone scheme on next year models.
    Just touching base.....
    The brown fish man.
  • I know you can't order the 'snowplow' package on a lot of the crew cabs. (Maybe Ford doesn't think anything that long is maneuverable enough?) But as I read it, you get all of the parts anyway when you choose the diesel, trailer, & camper packages. Take a closer look before you choose the v8 instead of v10. I'm not bashing the v8, just make sure you're picking an engine for the right reason - it's easier to add parts aftermarket than a motor.
  • mjemje Posts: 33
    Sorry gobrownfish,but, unfortunately I believe I
    will get the record. It was 16 weeks on Wed.
  • Funny you should mention colors offered by Ford. I spent a lot of time looking at colors before placing my order and I was not happy with the limited choices. (I ended up with White over Gold) While waiting the last two weeks for delivery my selective perception was able to pick out new Super Duties at 1/2 mile distance while traveling the Interstates. I almost drove off the road when I started seeing Super duties in colors that I know were not offered!!!!!
    Turns out Ford has adjusted the colors available and NOT reprinted the literature yet. There are so few SD on the lots it is difficult to see the choices in person. Get your dealer to do some research. Some of the colors from Expedition and other Fords models are now available.

    Lastly, check out the Dec 21, 1998 issue of Business Week for a full color picture of the SUPER DUTY turned into a SUV that Ford is going to sell for $50,000 each!! Called EXCURSION.
  • Thanks for the insight f150man, I too had a
    difficult time picking out a suitable color but
    am fortunate to be friends with the owner of
    Cho Cho Customs and he agreed to do a nice two-
    tone customization for near cost.
    I'm nearing the point that if this truck is going
    to be another month or two and I really don't have to sell my old truck till ready, then I might just wait another six months for the 2000
    year model and reorder. If I could find out any
    improvements or new options it would help me make
    up my mind. By the way, I talked to my dealer
    fri evening and he said Ford is so concerned with
    the delays that Ford is sending a "CARE LETTER"
    to everyone waiting. I almost told the dealer
    that I was not a starving Ethiopian, just a poor
    slob trying to get a new SD Truck, but I thought
    that was not in good taste, and I'm sure Ford is
    concerned and doing their best to get these orders filled. What I think is highly unfair is
    the priority larger dealers have over the smaller
    dealers. Can someone explain to me that a order
    placed Dec 1st at a large dealer should be built
    before a order say 8/14/98 from a smaller dealer.
    See, once you start bumping orders from a smaller
    dealer then the chain is hard to break. Each
    new order from a larger dealer will have priority
    over the smaller dealer and the fellow like my-
    self is waiting longer than others. Fellows,
    someone has to live in the rual areas but we have
    the same wants and needs of others.
    If anyone hears of new options or changes in the
    2000 model please post away, I would love to hear. Hope all has a great weekend.
  • mjemje Posts: 33
    I am starting to think like you. I will give it until the end of the year and then decide,but, by then I will have waited 5 1/2 months anyway so I could wait another 6 months and go with the 2000.
  • trap2trap2 Posts: 19
    If you hang a snowplow on any truck that does not have a snow plow prep package in the vin# you void the warranty.
  • So if we all cancel our orders on the 99's and
    order 00's will we still be in the same boat?
    How do we know that the demand will not be as great then. If you wait for the 00's for 5 months then it would be near December 99 you could wait 6 more months and get a 2001. I am sure I will wait till the end of Feb. to think very hard on canceling the 99. Mine was ordered 8-7-98 and still has not been picked up by Ford to build. I am as impatient as any one else but the other 2 of the BIG 3 is not an option in my mind.
    Impatiently waiting and optimisticly hoping; Casper47
  • Thats not really the case. When Dodge came out
    with their new model it was the same case for the
    first year and when orders were caught up by the
    second year model the lots were full of them.
    Ford intended for this to be a Super Duty Utility
    Truck that looked good, they did not expect the
    rush by people like me and others to want this
    truck to pull a boat or camper. Myself I think
    the SD looks like a truck and really don't like
    the new style of the F-150s.
    My point is this truck will be out a full year
    come feb or march and if I get a 99 SD the book
    value will be the same as if I had owned the truck
    one full year. So Ford will catch up on its orders and you will be able to order this truck
    soon with about a 4 week wait. Since I am in a
    position to wait a few more months if I must, then
    I was trying to find out if Ford was expanding
    their color scheme or their two tone scheme.
    Just a thought from the brown fish man.
  • If you have been waiting over 3 months with no Vin # yet, it might be worth going to a larger truck dealer and asking what his lead time is. The allocation system was put into place to protect those dealers who always sold a lot of trucks, from the "car" dealers who rarely took orders for HD pickups. With the popularity of the Super Duty, those dealers who formally sold few HD trucks are getting a lot of action and the dealers who have traditionally sold lots of trucks have the juice to make sure Ford puts them in the front of the line.
    PS On the model change... it would be very unusual for Ford to make any changes the first year a truck is in production. If they had any changes to make... they would be "running changes" and not anything that would happen at the traditional time of year for model changes.
  • sd99sd99 Posts: 65
    Concerning hanging a snow plow on a truck that does not have a snow plow prep package. It is true you will void the warranty, but only that part of the warranty that the snow plow would affect, such as front end. You would not void the complete vehicle warranty.
  • trap2trap2 Posts: 19
    I was told it also voided the engine and drivetrain warranty.
  • gobrownfish,

    I feel the same way you do about the color choices. For example: I thought originally the woodland green was more like the Explorer or Expedition shades of green. The choices really were disappointing. I choose the hunter which was more like a deep teal which I liked.


    The wait your going through now is ridiculous. I can not believe you did not have your order picked up by now. There has to be a more equitable solution for this dilemma between small and large dealers and allocation to waiting period ratio!!!

    I wish you both the best!

  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    I got mine at a small dealer -- no waiting. If you're not happy, I recommend going somewhere else. During negotiations I made it plain that time was more important than price (although I still got a great deal). My advice would be to find somewhere with no wait who'll get you the truck fast at a reasonable price. You're having to wait way too long IMO. Many dealers in this area (large and small) are quoting (and delivering) 5-6 weeks if there are no mechanical holdups (such as shortages).
  • Stanford I believe you're right about waiting this
    long for the truck. This friday will be 15 weeks.
    This wed I will travel back to the dealer that
    gave me the next to best price (250 over invoice)
    and re-order but with some stipulations. I should
    have realized what was happening before this and
    got off my duff and made the move.
    Wandrr: My dealer told me 8 weeks too......
    Mroffshore: I'll shoot you a E-mail later...
    The Brown Fish Man
  • After reading the 600+ entries for Ford F-250 and the 200+ entries for Gas vs. Diesel. I'm ready to join the SD Club. I have made my choices and ordered my new truck today. 99 SD F-350 XLT 4X4 SC LB V10 Auto 3.73 LS.I have been driving GMC's for 15 years, but now I am a converted man. I am rancher and my trucks take a beating every day of the year, so I hope this SD will meet my expectations. Now the long wait for delivery.
  • arrowhd,

    Rancher, where? Please tell me!

    Don't laugh Gobrownfish Man how else are we going to find places to bird hunt, besides it was your idea! Ok close, he may not be a Teacher in Kansas but he might be a Rancher out there! What a great way to break in my 7.3 PS! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Good move Mroffshore, good move.....

    Arrowhd, welcome to the club. You wait may be
    much shorter than ours. Ford is running three
    shifts and catching up on orders.

    The brown fish man.
  • gmacegmace Posts: 31
    Dear The Brown Fish Man,

    I waited one day shy of eight months for a 4x4 F350 CC LB V10 Lariat. I hope you do not have to wait that long. It was worth the wait to get what we wanted, however. When asked about mileage, I say it costs me ten bucks more a week than my little turbo car did. Takes way longer to stop, but I can haul 4 dirt bikes, gear, trailer and racers comfortably.

    I recommend the larger dealer with higher allocations if you can't wait. I think I could have received my truck in half the time by going with a dealer in Phoenix from what others have told me.
  • mroffshore
    I'm ranching in South Central Texas,northern Gonzales County. I remember reading you are a bird hunter. We used to have some doves here but there is hardly any farmland left, so the birds go a little farther south. There use to be quail here too, but the fire ants cleaned them out. I think the only game left around here are wild hogs and people are raising dogs specially for hunting hogs. I wish I had more to offer you.

    Your info was encouraging. I've ordered from a small local dealer, but I think he can get his orders filled on time.He sells alot of trucks.
  • LanceLance Posts: 18
    Just some thoughts as I too wait for my F250 SD V10 4x4 CC Lariat here in CA.

    1.) Does anyone feel that the length of time one needs to wait is related in any way to the negotiated price? That is, are dealers who have say $1,500 in profit awaiting them upon delivery any more likely to get the vehicle delivered faster?

    2.) Anyone try to locate the exact truck they want through a car search company (new car broker or whatever you call those guys)?

    3.) Did everyone who's waiting negotiate the price up front like I did?

    4.) Did everyone leave about $200 deposit? (those of you that did leave a dept.)

    5.) Did anyone still reading this list who did receive their truck find that the negotiated price changed when the truck finally arrived? Did anyone get the negotiated price in writing (and was the price honored)?

  • The dollars of profit have no effect on the Factory.... they may cause the dealer to give preferential treatment to some other cusotmer... but that is hard to prove.
    I did not try to locate a built truck because I had so manyoptions I wanted I knew no dealer would have order such a truck "on spec" for the lot.
    All prices were negotiated and put into writing. If it isnt in writing... you dont have a deal.
    No deposit was required at my dealer.
  • Do I "need" a trailer tow package if I'm going to pull a 5th wheel with a SD F250 PSD 4x4 SB SRW CC? Just trying to polish up the specs on the truck I'm going to order in February (anticipating deliver in May/June timeframe).
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    Do you need one? No. But since it includes prewiring, and is cheap, why would you leave it off? You also get a transmission oil cooler, higher output alternator, et cetera.
  • dlamastr,

    You absolutely should spend the extra few $$ for the tow pkg. The stabilizer bar will give you a much better ride and help prevent the swaying you some times have with a tailer while in tow. I have it and I noticed a big difference in the handling of the truck on the highway. That is just my opinion.

    Good luck,
  • mjemje Posts: 33
    Your idea of a pool buy is not a bad one. I am now at 18 weeks. Got rid of my GMC two weeks ago and grouse season is over at the end of Dec., so it looks like I won't make it up to the north woods the rest of this year. Anyway , my patience is wearing thin. I am all for a web page, but it would be fun if sometime we could all get together after all the trucks come in.
  • I'll check on a few things and get back to you.
    By the way, what city and state are you located,
    just in case we might can pull something off.
    I'm near the Tn - Ky line on I-75 and don't care
    a bit to travel a few miles for the right deal.
    Even a one way air fare ticket is cheap compared
    to what we've been through.
    Let me know...
  • 1) Maybe
    2) No
    3) Yes
    4) $1000
    5) No,Yes
  • Good idea dennis4

    (1) NO! Buildability and priority does.
    (2) NO, Too many options on mine also.
    (3) I did.
    (4) No not required at my dealer on this truck.
    (5a)N/A (5b) Yes and my bank had a copy faxed to them by the dealer also.
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