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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,555
    And avoid the chain stores!
  • You're right, that without rigorous testing of relevant samples we can only speculate how many CR-Vs have the problem.

    That the problem does exist is not in dispute, since Honda has acknowledged the problem by issuing a TSB.

  • al8al8 Posts: 2
    In December I purchased a new 2005 CRV-ex model. I have recently found out that this car was manufactured in the UK. I have heard from a friend at a local dealership that I should get rid of it because many have been coming back with issues. One person had the rear axle of the car fall apart while they were driving approximately 40mph.

    My car had a premature alternator failure at the 5k miles. It took the dealership over three weeks to get the part in due to back orders for this particular part. I assume that other must be experiencing similar problems. I have read of other issues in regard to engine fires caused by oil changes and was wondering what else I am missing. The car is less than one year old and I am ready to trade it in for another vehicle other than Honda.

    Does anyone have any other information to provide?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I had a UK made Civic. In the first 6 months of ownership:
    1) Both driver and passenger window regulartors and run channels were replaced
    2) The clear coat peeled and had to be repainted
    3) The spare tire tub was leaking from underneath, and had to be resealed.
    4) Both front rotors warped and were cut under warranty, then warped again and I replaced them with Brembos.
    5) The Center A/c vent broke apart
    6) The front seats rocked excessivley
    7) One interior panel was gouged pretty bad
    8) Engine initially burnt about 1.5 quarts of oil per 1000 miles, and then about 1 quart per 3000 miles.

    All defects, but the oil consumption were fixed under warranty. I drove the car happily for the next 2.5 years. The oil consumption was still evident and I had to add a quart at 3000 miles, before the 5000 mile oil change intervals. But that is the price you have to pay for having a high revving high horsepower engine in a Civic. This is the same engine that Honda puts in CR-V's overseas.

    I came back to Honda and made sure I got a Japan made CR-V. There are no manufacturer that has no defects, at least Honda stands behind their product when something goes wrong. Your only other choice is Toyota, but they are rather boring vehicles. I don't mean looks, I mean driving dynamics.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,555
    Seriously, if you are that worried you should probably sell it and buy something different. Alternators can fail but it's pretty unusual. I once had one fail on a new Buick after six months. This was in 1989 and the person I sold the car to still has the replacement alternator after 150,000 miles.

    The fires were caused by people not paying attention while changing oil. If the old gasket gets removed there won't be a fire.

    I wouldn't lose confidence in a great product because of isolated things you may hear and read about.

    And, I would be saying the same thing if this were a different make.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,555
    A UK Civic?? Where did you buy that? Never heard of Civics being built there.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,555
    I don't dispute the fact some CRV's are affected. I'm just surprised I've never heard of this except in these forums. I honestly haven't.
  • I have a 2005 EX Canadian (4WD) and it PTTR after all try ( TBS, Subframe,
    allignment, tires). The real problem there is that there is NO fix for this, it's not
    like an exhaust or tranny where you can change it.

    I was wondering (ask on if anyone of you ever change both front struts ? I'm so tired about this problem that want to try it myself (w/ KYB
    struts). I know for shure that one guy tried that by switching both front struts
    assembly from a V that do not PTTR to put on his and that solve the problem
    but before spending money (stupid, I know...) I would like to have some opinions.

    Hope everybody understand my english,
    Philippe :lemon:
  • Ok, I'm a noobe, and here is my experience after 4 days of owning a 2005 EX CRV, I have the same problem on shifting to the right when you release the steering wheel. I called my dealer and of course, pass me down to a Service Advisor and Here is what he told me, This is normal, and explain to me that Honda did it from MY 01 to present for safety reason., if when the driver having a health problem while driving, like falling to sleep or maybe having a heart attack, he said that the vehicle will go to the right side of the road instead of going againts the traffic, for me it does make sense, What I can do right now is watch my tire if it will wear abnormal.
  • Ok now tell me why there is a TSB about that ?

    Not only on the CR-V but also on the Accord and the Mini Cooper and a lot of other cars. It's not normal. If you can live w/ it i'm truly happy for you but I can't.
    The dealer gave you a lame excuse. There is a TSB so the problem is real. They
    (the dealers) don't want to talk about that because the is about no fix for this
    problem... I just want to let you know that the subframe fix just work for about
    1000 KM and now my tires have wear abnormaly... I will see my dealer for the
    last time next monday...

  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Ha. I've heard that before here. It's a bunch of bull. Would they make CRVs for the UK so that they pull to the left since they drive on the left over there?

    Just to comment on some of the recent posts. There's a difference between pulling to the right and drifting to the right. Riding in the right lane a vehicle will tend to drift to the right due to road crowning. As such, riding in the left lane and the vehicle should drift to the left due to crowning.

    The PTTR disease is a distinct pull or tug of the vehicle to the right that will require some force on the steering wheel to keep from going to the right. Best described by steve_royal and his bionic forearm that he got as a result of his CRV.....
  • I've seen posts about it in three other Honda CR-V forums.

  • This is normal, and explain to me that Honda did it from MY 01 to present for safety reason.

    The service advisor lied to you. Call Honda directly. The number is in the back of your Owners Manual. Complain to them about both the PTTR problem and what the dealer's service advisor told you. Then contact a different Honda dealer. You do not have to take your CR-V back to the dealer you bought it from.

    I also agree with mikefm58 about drift versus PTTR. PTTR requires constant pressure on the steering wheel to keep the CR-V driving straight. If you release the wheel, the CR-V immediately starts moving to the right, not just a gradual drift.

    Good luck.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    A UK Civic?? Where did you buy that? Never heard of Civics being built there.

    You forgot about the Honda Civic Si. All of Honda Civic hatchbacks are made at Swindon, UK plant, including the hotrod Civic Type R. And you sell Hondas?? lol
  • Pretty good ending here. My local Honda service contacted Honda Corporate about the faulty A/C in my 2001 CR-V SE (with 46K miles) on my behalf. Honda Corporate agreed to pay one-half for parts and labor to replace the A/C compressor and receiver/drier, etc.. Actually worked out a bit better than one-half because I only paid one-half of Honda's cost for the parts (not the retail price). I ended up costing me about $515 to get the A/C working again.
    I'm still disappointed that the A/C failed to begin with, but I'm satisfied with Honda's response - particularly since I didn't purchase an extended warranty for my car. Thanks to all in this forum for your assistance and information.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,555
    Yeah...I totally forgot about the SI's! Duh!

    Been so long since I sold one I suppose.
  • Sorry if this posts twice. I'm new to this.

    I've read the archives on groaning noises coming from the rear of the car. Is it really possible that with only 11,000 miles on my CRV that I need to replace the rear diff. fluid? For the past couple of days I've heard a groaning noise when I parallel park. It seems to be coming from the front but it could be the rear.

    Also, does anyone else with an '05 have wind noise issues on the driver's side at speeds above 60 mph?
  • Yes, there is a difference between the PTTR and drifting to the right -- I had the former before and the latter now. This I understand. I also understand that the TSB is supposed to fix the PTTR (and it did in my case). What I am still confused about -- is the drifting to the right (complete lane change in 4-6 seconds on a flat road at 60-70 mph with hands off the steering wheel) normal? If it is not, is there any fix for it? Thanks.
  • The pttr is not normal. After two trips to the dealer, the Honda rep reviewed my issue. He agreed, after driving my vehicle that it did have pttr. After taking your hands of the wheel the vehicle would pttr within two seconds. He reviewed all of the work that had been accomplished and recommended that the sub frame be adjusted and then do another 4 wheel alignment. So far, the pttr is gone. He did say that if it takes six seconds or longer to pttr that Honda considers this normal for any of their vehicles. I asked him about the CR-V engine fires and he said it really got blown out of proportion, the problem was the techs were not insuring that all of the old oil filter gasket was being removed from the block before installing the new oil filter. Hence, allowing oil to leak and spray on the exhaust manifold and starting the fires. We discussed about when to change the engine oil and filter for the first time. He said that there was additional additives in the oil from the factory and to wait until the recommended 5000 miles before changing. After that change every 5k or 6 months or sooner. We do alot of city driving so I change my own oil every three months or 3k miles whichever occurs first.
  • Honda rep informed me that the TSB was really for the torque pttr. All front wheel vehicles have torque pttr when you accelerate. The harder you accelerate the harder the pull depending on the vehicle. He also said that a six second drift is considered normal for their vehicles.
  • Thank you for sharing the information. Too bad Honda considers a six-second drift normal -- I find it rather annoying (though it is much better than the pttr). They should at least warn potential customers about that.

    There is another problem with the drift. When they did the TSB and fixed the pttr on my V three months ago, the car almost did not drift. Now, after 2K miles it drifts more. I brought it to the dealer, and they re-did the alignment, but with no improvement. If it goes the same way, I guess it's just a matter of time when the drift will be out of the "normal" six-second range.
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    Once again, I think that the Honda rep was just blowing sunshine up your backside in an effort to have you go away. Isell, and everybody else, should READ the TSB!. It says:

    SYMPTOM: Vehicle dirfts or pulls to the right while driving at highway speeds.

    The assumption I draw from that is that at steady state highway speeds (whatever thay may be, again I would guess 45-65 miles per hour) if you let go of the wheel the vehicle will pull or drift to the right.

    It has nothing to do with torque steer, which occurs when you are on the gas and accelerating. The more you press the pedal the more the vehicle will be affected, and its usually just from a full stop that torque steer is really an issue. I have an Audi A4 with front wheel drive and know what torque steer feels like. The pull to the right that the 2 CRVs I drove was nothing remotely like torque steer.

    Again, from the TSB:

    Probable Cause: The angle of the upper spring seat is incorrect.

    The description of the actions required states that they need to adjust the left and right spring seats, align the front wheels, and take a test drive.

    I personally test drove 2 4WD EX models and both pulled dramatically to the right when you let go of the steering wheel on a flat road in both directions. They even did it in the parking lot. This is not normal, its not designed in for safety, it is a defect that Honda (at least corporate Honda) has recognized and at least attempted to fix via the TSB.

    What is disgusting is for alleged salesmen like Isell and the "Honda rep" who continue to claim ignorance about the issue and put you off with excuses and flat out lies. I'm sure that every manufacturer out there would be promoting the safety benefits of Pulls to the Right when steering wheel released in their brochures if that were truely a designed safety feature. Give me a break.

    Honda admits there is an issue, why can't the dealer and regional personnel at least admit it to and get the issue fixed is my question.

    Any answers Isell?
  • I did read the TSB and showed it to the Honda rep where it said SYMPTOM: Vehicle drifts or pulls to the right while driving at highway speeds. His reply was that it was meant for torque pull. This TSB was accomplished on my vehicle on and earlier visit and only made a minor improvement. After the sub frame was adjusted and another 4 wheel alignment, we went for a test drive the dramatically pull to the right was gone. However, it would start to drift to right after approximately 5 seconds. At that time I stated to the rep that we still had pttr. He said I was feeling the road crown and to prove if it really has the pttr issue that we needed to drive on a two lane road and to drive on both sides of the road. He stated, that if the vehicle has the pttr issue we will pttr regardless of what side of the road that we are driving on. We then drove down a two lane road and drove on both sides of the road, driving down the right side the vehicle drifted to the right, driving down the left side it drifted to the left. The rep said this is the test that we uses for pttr and in my case it is road crown. He asked me if the dealer had given me a copy of a letter produced by Honda explaining road crown? I am going to request that letter.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,322
    Your rep sounds like he is on the money.... Roads are "crowned", so that rain water runs off....Higher in the middle, lower on the side.. So, whichever side you are driving on, your car will follow the crown, and drift to the side of the road..

    5-6 seconds is a pretty long time... At 60 MPH, you are traveling 450-500 feet.... I'd be surprised if your car didn't drift in that amount of time.. I think your experiment on the two-lane road pretty much backs him up on that point...

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  • krn3krn3 Posts: 10
    Here's the link for the PTTR fix some say it works, it did work on one I test drove. As for my 2005 CRV PTTR experiences, two I test drove had it. THey did the fix on one and it worked. I wanted a red CRV when they located one for me, it did not PTTR manf in ENgland its an LX AWD. I bought my 2005 CR-V in June I had a non start problem last week after only 4,500 miles, I was stranded 3 hours from home. After about 1 hour and 20 or so tries it started and I drove it 3 hours home. I Took it to the dealer first thing. After only 4,500 miles I had to have the starter replaced last week, They said the computer read there were some bad spots in the starter. I've also read that someone had an alternator replaced because of non-starting. I hope my non-start problem is fixed but unfortunately I felt a slight hesitation on starting yesterday. Nervous about the compressor problems I am now reading. I also do hear the click upon first driving thats been mentioned, not sure where it is coming from it could be the steering column as mentioned. PTTR, non-Starting, Compressor, boy I really hope I didn't make a mistake in choosing a CR-V. So far it seems to be as un-reliable has my trade in, a 10year old minivan w/ 115,000 miles. I traded it in for less problems not more. On the plus side I get 29 1/2 MPG on the highway, loaded and using the A/C driving through the MOuntains, and going the speed limit as posted :confuse: .
  • krn3krn3 Posts: 10
    Heres the link to the TSB PTTR (Pull to the Right) fix Print it and take it to your dealer. Good Luck
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,555
    No, I don't have any answers and my CRV doesn't pull to the right.

    I don't think I've eversaid this problem didn't exist. What I did say and what I still say is I've never experienced this myself.

    I have driven and ridden in, probably a hundred or more CRV's and I have never seen this happen nor have I ever had a customer mention this to me.

    And, yeah, unless I hadn't read about this in these forums, I would have been one of those salespeople who would have "claimed ignorance" about this issue.

    Hardly an "excuse" or a "flat out lie!"
  • I recently bought a used V Reg 2000 CRV ES which has a factory fitted Thatcham Category 1 Alarm/Immobiliser installed. Unfortunately there have been 2 occasions when I have had a problem with locking the car using the remote.On both occasions I have been parked in a multi storey car park in Glasgow, Scotland. The first occasion I could not get the car to lock with the remote I tried for ages and eventually had to lock the car with the key and when I came back the car would not start and I had to get someone bring me the spare remote for the car which still had no effect. So I just kept trying for about 1 hour, eventually the car started with the original remote. The second occasion was much the same. The remotes for the car are fine and have new batteries installed, although I have found that you have to point these directly at the sensor or the don't work, neither work from a distance, though I don't believe this is related to the starting/locking problem, but who knows?
    I had it suggested to me that there are a lot of stray signals flying around in multi story car parks which may be affecting the immobiliser (makes it think that it is being interfered with)
    My wife and kids use the car regularly and park in multi story car parks on a regular basis so I would appreciate any help or advice.
    Has anyone had a similar experience?
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    That is exactly what I suggested to folks who were going to test drive the CR-V! Take the TSB with you when you test drive so that when the salesperson says they have never heard of the problem you can show it to them. The other point I made a few posts back is that I wouldn't buy one that pulled hoping that they would fix it later. Make sure the vehicle you buy drives straight.

    Isell: I wouldn't have heard about the problem without this forum, but I have heard about it. And I have read the TSB. I don't work for Honda or in the auto industry, and yet I managed to hear and learn about this issue. I find it hard to believe that professional Honda salespeople haven't heard of this issue. And to tell a customer that the problem is for torque steer or that Honda's are designed to pull to the right for safey purposes is in fact a lie. Pretty shameful if you ask me.

    You may find it hard to believe but I actually agree with some of your comments concerning customers chasing the fantom deal they think someone else got or trying to bleed the dealer dry on every deal. I actually think the dealer deserves some money on the deal so that they can stay in business and we actually have somewhere to go actually test drive a car. I can't believe that you haven't driven a CR-V that pulled and that you are indignant at the suggestion that they might actually do so. I guess your dealership is just very lucky or your mechs get that TSB done on every one before you get to drive them.

    I hope to buy a CR-V by the end of this month, but only if I can find ONE that has a manual tranny and doesn't pull to the right.
  • krn3krn3 Posts: 10
    Some HOnda salespeople really haven't heard of the PTTR problem. Because there really is such a thing as torque steering. Torque steering is, upon acceleration (like entering a highway or passing someone) you will feel a slight pull to the right due to the Front Wheel drive. Upon acceleration the right front wheel accelerates first, therefore you feel a slight drift to the right not an extreme PULL. If you explain to the honda dealer that it's pulling to the right, they assume it is the normal pull to the right on acceleration. Until someone looking for the PTTR problem points out to them exactly what they are feeling while driving it, they won't know the problem. The PTTR happens while traveling at a constant speed not upon acceleration. The Honda Dealerships obviously won't drive every CRV on the lot checking for abnormal PTTR. But yes it is a problem don't buy the one you test drive if it pulls to the right. I test drove 2 they both pulled to the right. The sales person had the service department perform the fix on one for me and it worked, however I wanted a red one, which they found at another dealer. When I test drove it, it did not PTTR. I am curious about my car at 4500 miles not starting and needing a starter. I have also heard about hondas not just CRVs needing air compressors soon after the warranty runs out (not the extended warranty). Actually as I was at the dealer last week having the starter replaced, someone else was told they needed an air compressor. I am not sure any details about his honda (Year? make? model? mileage?). I just overheard him say it was out of warranty. I am also not sure the starter fixed my problem, a week later and I felt a hesitation upon starting. NOT STARTING, AIR COMPRESSORS, PTTR.... HONDA help I love my CRV but I can't afford a loan and car repairs. I bought new hoping it would be reliable and cost free for at least five years without an extended warranty. For which I drive about 1500 miles in a month shuttling kids to school and college. My CRV is an 2005 AWD with currently 5,000 miles.
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