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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    I use mine at a minimum of 32 PSI, which I consider to the the lowest advisable PSI at 75 MPH. However this is based on my interpolation of the tire sidewall listing of a maximum of 44 PSI and the factory 26 PSI.

    Actually, I'm running about 34 right now...
  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    The new CR-V CR-V I bought after alignment still pull (see my post last week). The dealer changed me a different CR-V EX with 26 mile on it before I tested it. This one does not pull. But when I drove home, then I realized that this car must be parked in dealer's park lot for many months. It is very dirty at black rubber seal on every door and lots of oil stain back side. Also the back life gate makes crack sound when I open it. I have to bring it to dealer again today.

    I found the 2nd one they changed to me actually is nosizer on the road than the first one (the first one got 5 miles before I tested it). It seems the quality is not same between car to car. I do not know whether the dealer gave me the car which other people tested it but did not wanted it.

    I NEVER expect that I need to spend so much time on a BRAND NEW car service after I bought. I cannot believe how BAD the quality/details of Brand new Honda car like that.

    This is my first and will be the last Honda car. I will NEVER buy any car from Honda again in the rest of my life. I should buy Toyota Highlander or even Hyundai Santa Fe. The latter are amazingly smooth in drive, and much cheaper with best warranty.
  • Julia,

    actually I'm not a big fan of my CRV either..VERY poor build quality and in this part of the state i'm in, NJ, horrible dealers and poor service across the board.
     But that said, I've owned many honda products before and they have all be great, with great build quality. This my first bad one. I wouldnt write them off, just look at some other models because they do last forever. I think the CRV is just a poorly designed car, the other models seem great!

    Good luck!
  • edunnettedunnett Posts: 553
    I agree with autosaurus - I'm driving a 20 year old Civic. How other makes of cars do you see on the road 20 years later... I see Honda, Honda, Toyota, Honda, Honda... They are not too shabby.
  • Varmint, the impact was underneath the car. Long story short, a contractor (who accepted responsiblity) left a collapsed but unrecognizable barrier in the street. The barrier popped up into position while attempting to maneuver the car around it, rupturing the gas tank. Honda found no other damage except a scuff mark on the muffler/exhaust pipe so they decided to replace this as well.

    Question, was the rattle in your car intermittent as well?
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Mine was technically intermittent. It rattled most of the time, but I could vary the volume of the rattle depending on how hard I pushed the throttle. When coasting, it hardly rattled at all. I suspect the variation had something to do with how much air was being passed through the exhaust system.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "actually I'm not a big fan of my CRV either..VERY poor build quality and in this part of the state i'm in, NJ, horrible dealers and poor service across the board."

    Sounds like a different CR-V; mine has excellent build quality. The plastic is prone to scratching, but that is just the way it's made. The fit and finish of my CR-V is fine.

    Was your CR-V made in Japan or England? Mine is a Japan production.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,169
    And I'm in and out of CRV's on a daily basis.

    VERY poor build quality?

    Not that I've ever seen!
  • kathgipkathgip Posts: 39
    Julia, I am sorry that you have had a bad experience with your new Honda CR-V. I got mine 6 weeks ago and it is great. It is very nice inside and runs very tight with no pull to the right or left. My only complaint is the road noise, but I am told that it is mostly due to the tires and with a better tire, it will not be so noticable. I did ride in my friends Cadillac the other day and I was shocked at how much road noise her car had, so I did not feel so bad. Do not write off Hondas just because you are dealing with a crummy dealer. My daughter has a 2001 Accord, and it is past the warranty period. Her transmission was giving her problems and she took it in to the dealer and they are giving her a new transmission and giving her a 100,000 mile warranty on it and not charging her a dime. So I do believe that your experience is unique.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I believe Honda extended the warranty for trannys of 2001 Accord's to something like 7yrs/100K miles due to problems with that tranny. Didn't they send you a letter stating this?
  • kizhekizhe Posts: 242
    autosaurus: I have CR-V EX 03. I got 30K on my odometer. Did not have any problems so far - no rattles, no scratches no pulls in any direction. I changed oil/filter 6 times and did not even have a fire! ;-). (I am changing oil/filter and rotating my tires every 5K). My tires look good - they are a bit noisy, but I can live with them. I could easily afford to buy much more expensive car like Lexus RX330, but ... I liked CR-V.
    This car is roomy, economical, got low insurance premium, have a good resale value and not popular with car thieves.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,169
    I do agree with the road noise. Replacement tires will make a MAJOR difference just like they did on my Accord.
  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    Well, thanks for all your post. I was not happy with the 1st car which pull to the right. Then the 2nd car delivered to me was not shine/clean inside and outside as I expected on brand new (Although dealer said to me that they are doing good for me as usually they do not change cars after sold. Maybe this is truth). Then when I drive it on the way to work, then realized that the road noize is even much larger than my old 94 Toyota Corolla LE. So I am disappointed from beginning. But I do see the good side of roomy and other things when I make decision to buy CR-V. However, if I compare CR-V to Toyota highlander, I really think I should not buy CR-V. As Toyota has 0% for 36months on H/L. So there are not really much differenc in prices. Even MPG does not seems hugh difference. If you look inside of H/L, you really appreciate how nice design in every details and consideration. I will not be Honda fan until otherwise this CR-V 's performance down the road change my mind.
  • crviciacrvicia Posts: 4
    Well until today I had not had a single problem unless you count the hail damage. Driving home from work, my CRV caught on fire. Smoked filled the inside. I pulled over immediately. I had just had an oil change 2 days earlier(5500miles). Not sure if that was the problem because the service dept had gone home for the day. What is even more scary is that the person who towed my car told me that mine was the third in three months that had caught on fire in this area. And that is just one company!
  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    Please post what happen after that. This is terrible. Where have you done the oil change? Is it at dealer or deraler specified places?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,169

    Sounds like a case of buyer's remorse to me.

    I somehow get the feeling you won't ever be happy with your CRV no matter what happens. The zero percent financing comes at a cost too.

    Seriously, you may be happier in the long run to bail out now and trade it for something else.

    But, remember, no car is perfect.
  • crviciacrvicia Posts: 4
    oil change was done at the dealership, I probably got the tech fired! I cant believe that Honda has only sent a letter to dealerships telling them to be more careful with oil changes. I will be scared after every oil change. I have been on the NHTSA website, and it seems like there have been more than 27 fires. It may not seem like a large percentage when you look at how many CRVs there are, but when it happens to you the "percentage" no longer matters.
  • My CRV is built in england I beleive.. I checked the vin because of the oil change/fire problem. Which brings up the build quality isue. Some may be perfect .. some aren't. The fact that quite a few CRV's pull to the right and quite a few dont means poor quality control/ design/build quality or some combo there of!

    I have the black interior .looks great..gets dirty fast but I clean my car a few time a week so it really isn't a problem.

    I'll put close to 25,000 miles on my CRV this year .. mostly highway.. so i'm in it ALOT. The poor ergonomics is fatiguing, the road noise is deafening and the intermitent rattling is annoying, and the thought of an oil change is frightening!!! what a great car.:)

    Actually I'm looking at a Lexus RX.. they look about the same size as a CRV..should be lots more comfortable..since I spend so much time in mine thats a priority..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,815
    I agree about the ergonomics.. but, since this is my 2nd CRV, I am used to it..

    If you like the RX, I would suggest the Highlander.. It is virtually the same car.. My uncle just traded his '99 RX for a new Highlander Limited and says he can't tell the difference. They are selling for about invoice right now..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thanks for the info re the Highlander. I have a 2003 Rav 4 that I bought for my son and it does drive real nice, although a bit short on room. I'll give it a look

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,815
    Just some quick numbers.. His '04 Highlander Limited msrp'ed for about $35,800, and he paid around invoice.. $31,800.. But that included signing over the $750 rebate to the dealer. His is loaded (V6, AWD, leather, sunroof), but doesn't have every single option (back-up sensors, navigation,etc). I think you can get the MSRP up to about $39K, if you are trying to.

    Of course, you can go cheaper as well, but his compares nicely to the RX300 which would MSRP for about $43K, similarly equipped.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    Actually, with 0% @36 mths for Highlander, the real cost is considered below invoice (If you think about =>3% for the money even in CD for 3 years).
  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    I know now you are the one who sell Hondas after I read different topic from town hall. So your posts may be biased. I was NOT planned to be unhappy with Honda car. I planned to be happy on the brand new car I bought.

    Only the Car I got made me unhappy because it's quality/details - No matter whether this is Honda's fault (pull to the right due to the car) or Dealership' service or whatever dept' s fault (due to out of alignment and dirty inside and outside). No one would expect send the car for service at Brand New - just out of door. If you buy a new cloth, do you expect to wear it or send to laundry first?

    The road noise on CR-V is truth. If the tires are the one cause this problem, why Honda use low quality tire in the first place? My 94 Toyota car use Firestone tires that are considered not good tires - similar to Bridgestone tires too. But the road noise is not that high as CR-V.

    Engine fire is another thing that is not heard from other car makers. It is unique to Honda.

    I do regret to buy CR-V after the initial hassle on the car. However, I do not want to take loss now to trade in at Brand-new. Unless dealership can take the car back (which will never happen), then I definitely will buy Toyota H/L, even not V6, just 2.4L, which is comparable to CR-V. So I will live with this car to see how it performs.

    After all, my decision to buy Honda CR-V was mostly based on Honda’s reputation of reliability. I just want to see whether it is a reliable car.

    And I know in this board, there may be dealers, Honda employees, and of cause car owners, people are free to post opinion. No one should criticize another.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,169
    I wasn't being critical of you. I only suggested that you seem to have lost confidence in your CRV or may be having buyer's remorse. Being unhappy with a car isn't a good thing and despite the loss it may be prudent to move on.

    Before you do, however, consider that Toyotas have problems too. Great cars, to be sure, but they also have unhappy owners.

    The fires are caused by sloppy mechanics who don't remove the old gasket when they change the oil. Engine fires aren't "unique" to Honda either. It would be VERY rare for you to have this problem.

    As far as tires go, Honda uses high quality tires that last a long time. They are, however, noisy when compared to other brands. I wish they would change this even if the alternatives don't last as long.

    Lastly, yeah...I am a bit biased. I do believe in the product I sell. I'm not, however, blind to shortcomings.

    Hopefully your troubles will be behind you and you will start enjoying your new CRV.
  • Just bought an '04 EX this past week and noticed a rattling sound near the sunroof since the moment I brought it home. Not a big fan of immediately taking my vehicle to the dealer (as I've had horrible experiences with taking it in for one thing and it leaving with a few new problems).

    Anyway, I took the seal off around the sunroof (that holds the ceiling liner to the edges of the sunroof) and re-installed. No more problems... just something some of you might want to try if you are having the same problem.

    Now if only I can figure out how to get the clicking sound from the solenoid (spelling???) in the dash when I slow to a stop.
  • "The fires are caused by sloppy mechanics who don't remove the old gasket when they change the oil. Engine fires aren't "unique" to Honda either. It would be VERY rare for you to have this problem."

    No one should have be afraid to take their car in for an oil change because it might catch fire because of a "sloppy" mechanic. No mechanic is perfect..So essentially EVERY mechanic has to be 100% on EVERY day so my car won't catch fire..mmmm.. not sure that is a good design

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Not every oil leak leads to a fire.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,169
    Most drivers would be well aware of a leak way before a fire would erupt.

    And, CRV's aren't the only cars this can happen to.

    And, yes, Don, it doesn't take a skilled mechanic to simply make sure they install the oil filter correctly.
  • kathgipkathgip Posts: 39
    Hi Mike,
    You said, "I believe Honda extended the warranty for trannys of 2001 Accord's to something like 7yrs/100K miles due to problems with that tranny. Didn't they send you a letter stating this? "

    My daughter was married when she got this 2001 Accord, and when she got divorced, she got the car in the settlement, and her ex stayed in the house. No doubt, if Honda sent out a letter about the tranny, he did not forward it to her. So she knew nothing about this problem. Thank you for your information. Do you know anything else about this car that I can forward to my daughter? Where can I go to find out? Thanks.
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    Do you know anything else about this car that I can forward to my daughter? Where can I go to find out?

    You can find recall information on the NHTSA website:

    The service bulletin information is also available from a link on the left of that page. I found this one for a 2001 Accord Transmission.

    Make : HONDA Model : ACCORD Year : 2001
    Service Bulletin Num : 903 Date of Bulletin: SEP 16, 2003
    NHTSA Item Number: 10005022
    Component: POWER TRAIN
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