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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    Hi, Inkie
    Thanks for your post. It shows that you do know more on oil than other Honda defecnder on this post.

    The Technician is not my dealer. My car is only a couple weeks old which is far away from 1st oil change.

    My post is one of complaint case from the NTHSA, i.e. National Traffic Highway Safety Adminstration, United States Depatrtment of Transportation, web page. It is located at if you search under 2004 Honda CR-V, you find find many complaint cases including the one I posted. I thought it is interesting as many peoples just blame technicians for the fire.
  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    Just saw the recall information for 2004 CR-V from NTHSA. Does anyone done or received any information from your dealer/Honda regards to this recall? It is another safety issue on this CR-V. When you count on safety air bag, it may actually increase your risk of injury.

    See below:
    Make : HONDA Model : CR-V Year : 2004
    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number : 04V255000 Recall Date : JUN 02, 2004
    Component: AIR BAGS:FRONTAL
    Potential Number Of Units Affected : 130617
  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    There's no arguing the point, its a design defect. Honda’s fault and a good reason to NOT buy a CRV!.

    I agree. Read the cases at NTHSA web pages, it really did not give you the scary and worry for the oil change. Some engine fire started right away. Some happened two months later. Those folks were lucky if the engine fire happened on highway/street in the city. What happen if you are driving CR-V along those two-lane highway (one lane for each way) in mountain area in the dark, then the engine got fire. You could not even possible call 911 as some of those area your cell phone cannot get any signal. Then you stuck in either way is in dangerous condition to get hit by cars - walk on highway or stay there (or in some case, you may be freeze to death. As you may leave all thing behind you when jump out of car for the fire).

    I suggest anyone who intends to buy CR-V may read the complaint cases regards the engine fire on NTHSA web page, then decide whether want to buy it. Unfortunately, I did not know that web page before I bought. Otherwise, I would not buy it.

    Honda/Dealership owns the responsibility did not inform consumer the fact and extend of possible engine fire after oil change.

    Why not Honda Pilot? Why not any other maker has this kind of fire cases like CR-V? For those who keep deny its CR-V design defect and just blame on technician should be shamed.
  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    My typo: it really did not give you the scary and worry for the oil change.

    It should be: it really did give you the scary and worry for the oil change.
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    Julia, no one should feel shamed by stating what the results of the investigation have brought about so far. The investigation has not put blame on Honda at this point and it is a fact. They have stated that it is technician error from not checking (double gaskets, etc etc) and that is where it stands now. It may change in the future.

    It is unfortunate that you have had fire in your new V. Many things can happen to cause harm to people in this world, and you can imagine freezing to death because of the fire, etc. It isn't helpful to think of them constantly for your health. If most people read the complaint cases at NTHSA, they wouldn't buy many of the cars they do.
  • This was also a recall on our '03. We got the recall notice in the mail a couple of months ago. It took less than 10 minutes at the dealer to correct........
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,655
    Julia had a fire. She's just reacting to the news she just learned.

    She has been complaining about her CRV since she bought it. In my not so humble opinion, she should probably just sell it and move on.

    I hope that she reads every negative thing she can find, however, about whatever she replaces it with. There will always be unhappy owners on evey make and model.

    For the umpteenth time...if the person changing the oil simply pays attention there will be no danger of a fire!
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    isell - do you have the numbers on how many 2002, 2003, 2004 CR-V's were sold thus far? - U.S. only.

    Just curious.
  • you appear to be confident the fire issue is due to the techs. Once and for all, Can you describe why we only appear to see the fires on the CRVs and specifically only certain years.
  • kizhekizhe Posts: 242
    I would recommend people, who are changing oil in dealerships, to ask mechanic to bring and to SHOW the OLD oil filter and examine the gasket. At least 5K double gasket problem could be solved by doing this.
     Making a test drive and checking for oil leaks would be nice too. I know in PA at least one honest conscientious dealer, who always doing test drive as SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) - and it does not matter what he did with the car. (Miller's Tire).
    I do not believe in the "latest theory" - about oil residue on the frame or "cross member" starting the fire. It's laughable IMO. According to this theory fire should start immediately after leaving the dealer :-). ???
  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    I hope that she reads every negative thing she can find, however, about whatever she replaces it with. There will always be unhappy owners on every make and model.

    If people read message from this board, they should know why I am unhappy about CR-V. First, the CR-V pulls to the right. Then the exchanged one got some other issues. I had to go to dealer for two times service since I bought a couple weeks ago. I expect to happy and enjoy the summer week with my new CR-V. Only this trouble car wasted my weekend and weekday times to have to waits hours in dealer's for service on brand new car. IT IS CR-V MAKES ME NOT HAPPY. I am very happy with my old Toyota car. Would you be happy if you buy a nice suit to wear to the party, then you found defects/dirty that resulted in have to send it to dry clean first and miss the party? You can still return the suit, but not return the car.

    I was also not happy as I was not informed with the risk/possibility of engine fire after oil change when I bought the car. It just like smoke may cause cancer. But now very smoker gets cancer. At least people got warn before they smoke. Since only CR-V has risk of engine fire after oil change as reported (no matter the percentage), consumer should be informed the risk of the engine fire before they buy the car. I do think Honda and its dealer own the obligation.
  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    Thanks for your post.
  • kizhekizhe Posts: 242
    Julia, you are VERY unlucky person. I certainly sorry for you, but I never heard of a case, when Honda owner had had so many problems with two cars (OLD and NEW) a the same time. Statistically it's a very rare case (like winning a lottery and being strike by lightning at the same time). We all know, that lawyers love cases like that - they always trying to present atypical, rare cases like typical (American news media - too).
    Since I bought my CR-V in May 03, I had NO PROBLEMS whatsoever.
    I am at 31K now and I made 6 oil/filter changes. Maybe I am lucky too :-).
  • kizhekizhe Posts: 242
    It would be interesting to ask a mechanic at your Honda Dealership, how often he finds that filter gasket sticks to the plate (especially servicing 5K CR-V) ?
    Is it ones a day, a month or never ?
  • inkieinkie Posts: 281
    Read the latest crv discussion messages it explains the oil fire theory further.
  • kizhekizhe Posts: 242
    Sorry, maybe, I put it not very clear.
    What I meant was: "IF THAT theory was true, fires(or smoke) should have been started soon after leaving the dealership after oil/f change... " - and they were not.
  • the crossmember point is I am tired of reading posts blaming the techs. If they are at fault it is because there is something funky about certain year model CRVs. This is NOT a common problem among other makes or even other Honda's. To say so appears to be rediculous. That is not to say a fire can never occur on another model, just that they seam more prone on certain year CRVs. My guess is that this is not really impacting overall sales....YET. If so I'd bet the salesman, in addition to begging the techs to very careful would be be berrating Honda...then again, perhaps they are.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    "the crossmember point is I am tired of reading posts blaming the techs. If they are at fault it is because there is something funky about certain year model CRVs."

    the crossmember point is I am tired of reading posts blaming a mystery defect. If a defect is at fault, it appears that the techs are in a position to prevent it from leading to a leak and fire.

    No one has been able to explain why we have no reports of leaks in 2002 models. No one has been able to explain why this appears to be a problem with only the first oil change. No one has been able to explain why this hasn't happened to the Element.

    We can't explain much of anything.

    So (everybody) let's not start any fires here in these threads until we have more solid information and a little less hysteria.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,655
    I was about to respond to andreplume but you beat me to the punch.

    Thanks. I'm getting tired of the "sky is falling"
    hysteria as well.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Thanks. I'm getting tired of the "sky is falling"
    hysteria as well."

    Well, maybe the "oil is falling" hysteria. Still, I had to think about it as I picked up my 2003 CR-V from the dealer after it's 3rd oil change. No smoke so far... but then my dealer is very good.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Well, I think that people have every right to be concerned about this problem. A little hysteria is only natural. It's the conspiracy theories and senseless debate (with no facts in sight) that are starting to drive me nutty.

    Okay, I've been nutty for years, now. But you get the point.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    "do you have the numbers on how many 2002, 2003, 2004 CR-V's were sold thus far? - U.S. only."

    Approximately 375,000 units since November 2001.
  • I was wondering why the Elements and other Honda's dont have this problem also. Someone did mention that the oil filter was redesigned for the 2003 model and thats why the 2002's dont seem affected? not sure

    As for Julia, she has every right to voice her opinions on here..I looked on this site before buying my 2004 CRV, and read road tests. If the Road Tests had been honest and talked to the poor seating positions, rattling and pulling to the right, I would have avoided the car..I even drove 3 of them and one belonged to a friend..her car rattled like crazy but she said, it didnt, it was just stuff in the back of the car..well, it still does rattle! and now that I notice it more, it pulls to the right..

    The point of this forum is to discuss problems with the CRV..not defend them..someone could be saved a $23,000 headache if the people on this forum , like Julia, continue to be honest..

    If the community leader and the honda salesman take offense to the truth about the CRV..please visit a different forum, but dont insult anyone for saying whats REALLY going on with their CRV..

    In my opinion, they're nice cars for the money, some people have problems with them, and some dont.. but they are not the GREAT car's publications make them out to be!

    CRV Buyer beware!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,655
    I sure didn't mean to if I did.

    It's just that things tend to get amplified in these forums.

    Our 2003 CRV doesn't pull or rattle. We love the car as do most owners.

    I've ridden in, probably a hundred or more CRVS and I haven't heard one comment about pulling to the right or rattles. I'm being totally honest.

    But, are they flawless? Of course not!

    I can't speak for our commnity leader but I certainly don't take "offense" to any of these comments. I do think there needs to be a balance to reduce what can become a dogpile effect.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    "As for Julia, she has every right to voice her opinions on here."

    No one has suggested otherwise. Please do not put words in my mouth.

    "The point of this forum is to discuss problems with the CRV..not defend them."

    Yes, this is where you should discuss problems. That has never been disputed, either. But it's also nice to have discussions regarding solutions in this forum. Furthermore, it would be nice if the discussions were grounded with some FACT.

    So, please pardon me if that bothers anyone here.
  • Hey All,

    I've been reading this forum for a while and finally joined today. Just wondering if anyone seems to have an inordinate anount of brake dust on their front rims. My old '89 Accord had the same problem, but my '99 Galant didn't. I'm wondering if this is just a Honda thing...??

  • My '99 CR-V EX does not, and I only wash it once or twice during the summer, and whenever the temps get above freezing in winter.

  • if you want "fact" take a look at a few charred CRV'S!!!
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Mackie - Brake dust is almost always a problem with FWD cars, though some rims are more resistant to letting it stick than others. And softer brake pads will also generate more dust than others.

    That said, I've never noticed a big problem with the new CR-Vs. If you find that more dust is sticking than you like, give the wheels a good cleaning and then wax them whenever you wash the car.

    Like Racoon, I have not had a problem with my 1999 CR-V EX. But mine is faster than his and the dust may just be blowing off. =)
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    I too had an '89 Accord (loved that car) and after 13 years the wheel covers were stained from the brake dust. Like varmint said, it is a lot better now.
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