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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • my 03 sonata lx broke down out of town; not unexpected (trans. had been rumbling in 3rd gear). I had been planning on a new one this fall, so with 332,360 miles on it, I decided to drive it to failure. I had done plenty of research and carried with me my financial info. and printouts of internet pricing from several dealers. Hyundai Roadside Assistance provided a tow to the nearest dealer. They lent me a loaner overnight, next day when they confirmed trans internal failure, I went to sales dept. and said to the sslesman assigned to help me "okay, here's the deal" and controlled it from there. I told him what I wanted vehicle wise, price wise and finance wise, showed him the pricing I had already researched, picked out a car that I knew they wanted to move (production date June, in dealers inventory since July and they gave me everything I asked for. $20,500 includes $55 doc fee, $10 temp tag, sales tax and registration (which I took care of myself when I got home. :D
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    Now that is what I would call an intelligent deal with an accommodating dealer. What state did you buy the car and what state did you register the car? What model did you buy?
  • I'm sure I didn't get as good a deal as I've seen with many of the others on the site, but I got the best deal I could with the two dealers I had to choose from (Even though they were very nice to deal with, I wasn't keen on flying to Maryland and driving back a better deal from Fitzmall) The sticker on the car was $25,345, invoice of $23,827. I was given two choices $1200 under invoice, or $200 under invoice and low financing. It was an easy choice of the financing (%2.9 for 60 months). You could probably swing a much better deal, but I needed another car immediately and with nothing on his lot and such a hard time finding ANYTHING with black leather (it was brought in from over 200 miles away)I took the deal. From a copy of the invoice I have it looks like there is currently $742 of holdback (shown as **HB742) and a code of **FA248. I'm not sure what that is, I'm sure someone else on the site knows. I tried to get the sales manager to waive the advertising fee as some suggested, but he was adamant that he would not go any lower. If you hold out a few more weeks a lot more of the late model 2007s are arriving (look for the three buttons on the left of the steering wheel instead of one mute button). Good luck, I hope you get a deal you're happy with.
  • The FA248 is the floor advertising fee. There is always hold-back and advertising money on every invoice.
  • xj220xj220 Posts: 78
    I didn't realize just how good Fitz's deals are until I've heard from others in this forum. They sometimes don't have the very best deal you can get, but their prices are extremely competitive and their sales rep are absolutely forbidden to bargain with the advertised price, so there's no haggle. You either accept the price or move on. Plus, they have a good range of models and colors. I guess living in Maryland has its perks.
  • bought the car in York, Pa., I live in Northern Va. Drive for a living (prime contractor for a division of UPS, sub for a broker...all long distance driving). Bought standard Limited..don't like sunroofs. :)
  • I've been checking the Fitzmall deals for the Limited Sonata and the prices look reasonable but I had a concern. The concern is that the car's package says nothing about an XM radio. I called Fitz and the sales rep said that because this Limited has the 08 option package that it means it has XM. I don't think so. It could be an earlier Sonata Limited before the XM versions. Since the XM version of the car cost about $350 more then the older version it stands to reason if the Fitz was selling the latest version the description would stater that. I wouldn't want to be the one driving there to find out otherwise. Hopefully the $1,500 Hyundai rebate will return in January. Judging from the Sales figures for Nov 06 versus Nov 05 Sonata sales are down about 40%. You'd think the sales folks would be more reasonable.
  • If Sonata sales are down, I do not understand how I wasn't dealt with better during my attempt this weekend. They weren't willing to budge AT ALL and gave me my keys back within 20 minutes of the negotiation. Is this unusual? Or are they playing games with me?
  • dncbdncb Posts: 70
    I paid 22,750 including about 12% tax, title transfer with ultimate package and dealer tinting (I'm in Arizona). That was, however after leaving twice and trading down the 17" alloys for 16". I've bent alloys before when paired with low profile (short sidewall) tires on my old Eagle Talon, and don't like the harsh ride anyway of low pro's. I fugured the dealer could sell the 17" to somebody as dealer value added option. He did, however put on a set of lousey Michelins with a treadware of only 400. I didn't complain.
  • treadwear of 400 is excellent for a high performance tire...go to to understand tire ratings etc....I used to be in the tire buisness. ;)
  • 1. Where do live? Rear wheel drive cars in the snow belt...not this time of year.

    2. What does your Mustang book for? What are others in your area selling for?

    3. Were you upside down when you bought the Mustang? If so, you have to get to an equity position before you trade or you are just building a snowman.

    4. Try another dealer if that is an option.

    5. The dealer may not have enough room to absorb the difference in what you owe and what the car is actually worth to them. They base their appraisals on what they can buy the car for at an auction or such.

    You are lucky they gave you back your keys. The local Hyundai dealer here would have put you in the car and called you back in two weeks. They would then tell you they can't do the deal unless you go to 84 months or come up with some money down.
  • Hey craig, thanks for the response. I was upside down in the Mustang (only about 1000) and I thought they'd be willing to make a deal. I tried another dealer alright, I just bought a 2003 Infiniti G35 today (it was originally my #1 option), and they went just about even trade with me. They ended up giving me 500 less than what my car was worth (almost 3000 more than the Hyundai dealer was willing to give). I got a great deal with the Infiniti dealer. And, I already went through the "take it home, your financing is fine" only to find out "oops your financing didn't go through and you have to go 84 months" after driving the car for 2 weeks. I had a check in my hand, willing to sign it if they made a deal with me. That is why I was so surprised that the Hyundai dealer reacted so quickly. No matter, I don't have to worry about it anymore, an Infiniti beats a Hyundai every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  • sty1sty1 Posts: 22
    hi guys, I am presently in the market for a new car. A friend of mine introduced me to the Sonata and, after reading it from this forum, is even more impressed than ever.

    BTW I am looking into getting a 2007 Sonata Limited with Ultimate Package.

    Now my questions are :

    1) I m not really good at haggling - I've read from the posts that some guys have bought it between $22000 and $23500 OTD - but this being the bay area, I'd only settle below the $23500 OTD price. HOWEVER, I am porlly going with the DOWN-PAYMENT option for now and not cash so will the OTD price of $23500 still be feasible?

    2) how does the Sonata Limited solar glass work? I was hoping for tinted glass windows on the passenger side and rear passenger windows but I was told that they have a solar glass that would "function" as a tinted window? I thinking "Transition lenses" for auto windows here - is that a correct analogy?

    3) this last part is more of curiosity than a necessity - they say the "later 2007 models" will come out with a station/track selector on the steering wheel. I assume any Sonata Limited's that are manufactured on or after Dec 2006 will start sporting this feature?

    Thanks for your time in the reply.
  • Enjoy your new ride! My Uncle Dick, a Mustang nut, had an Infinity, I was impressed with it.
  • nyer10nyer10 Posts: 21
    Hey all,

    Wanted to thank many of the posters around the Sonata board and Hyundai boards in general. I originally started out looking for a Civic but discovered the Sonata through here and am very happy I did as I paid less money for more car.
    With all the input here, I made a great deal at the end of December for a GLS 4-cylinder automatic w/premium package.

    Price: $16,600
    Tax: Around $1430 or so
    Doc fee $45
    DMV $130
    Total out the door price: $18,237

    It was a completely smooth, no-haggle deal brokered via the Internet and there were no surprises when I entered the dealership. The bad news is, the dealership -- Hyundai of Manhattan -- has now switched to Nissan from what I understand, but if you know anyone looking for a Nissan, be sure to send them over there. They were great.
    Thanks again. Hopefully I won't see you too often in the problems and solutions thread ...

    I love the car. It's smooth and quiet and has great pick-up, even as a four-cylinder.
  • flc2006flc2006 Posts: 81
    I paid 22k out the door for mine it is a 2006 GLS V6, that is a pretty good price what you have stated that is pretty cheap in bay area terms for 2007 model that is a good deal, people think you should buy it invoice but the problem in invoice is only about 500-1000 difference in the bay area you got to get the colors that they offer you, i would buy it that is more than fair price.
  • yulayula Posts: 2
    I am looking to purchase Sonata limited w/o moonroof. The OTD price is 22,000 including additional charges as well as 7.75% tax. Is that a good deal or more room to go?
  • dncbdncb Posts: 70
    Compare price of moonroof to 08 package, sunroof, Infinity stereo. I'm thinking you're getting a good skinny deal there.
  • what are the additional charges and does the cr have xm radio?
  • yulayula Posts: 2
    I meant the additional charges are registration and doc fees. The sticker MSRP was about $23,650 for the Sonata Limited Standard with XM (Pearl white color).
  • Hey prince. Did you buy the sonata and if so from where? Can you give some numbers. I'm in the dallas area and called randall. Sales guy played games and would not give me an OTD price. "Around 10%" - yeah right.
    On top that he was pretty much lying and trying to convince me that the Freeman ad price of 15,888 was with military discount. I haven't explicitly asked Freeman(will before I reach there) but I don't think the Freeman price of 15,888 is with mil discount. Freeman is quoting me 17100 OTD on 07 GLS Auto 4 cyl with no options, so if I do the math correctly they's charging anywhere from 70-100 in dealer fees.
  • that looks to be a very good price :)
  • After studying these message boards for a while, I decided to check out Fitzmall since I'm in PA and not too far away.

    Wanted a base SE with XM (late build), and wanted specific color (Steel Gray). None in Fitz's stock, but they said they will get it for me. Salesman quoted me $19050, and said that will be their starting 'internet price' for XM-equipped SE's as they get them in stock.

    Going on Tuesday to get my trade appraised. Anyone have any experience with them regarding trades? I don't expect an inflated trade price, as I know they don't have a lot of margin to play with, but have they been fair to you?

  • nik8nik8 Posts: 9
    OTD came to 17,100. I bought the car with no options at all. Steel gray ext with gray interior.

    I bought it from Freeman Hyundai in Irving and had an excellent buying experience. OTD price was agreed to via e-mail before I stepped into the showroom. Absolutely no surprises when I got there and no upsell or bait/switch whatsoever.

    Car was detailed and topped up with gas before I got there. Highly recommend Freeman. I solicited quotes from several Hyundai dealers in the Dallas area and advise that folks be careful when dealing with:

    Huffines both in McKinney and Plano
    Randall Noe
    Texoma Hyundai
  • xj220xj220 Posts: 78
    While I have now purchased two vehicles from Fitz, I have never traded in any of my previous cars with them. I personally sell all my cars. Yes, it takes a bit of time and effort, but I'm sure I've saved at least $1,000/car verses trading it in.

    BTW: Fitz has several lots, but their two main lots are Rockville (famous for the DC Sniper) and Gaithersburg. I purchased one from each place and both times I had outstanding experiences. Just be wary of some of the salespeople. One of them (he must've come straight out of highschool) knew less about the vehicle than I did. He also naively threw away the ID tag for my alarm transmitter (the ID tells me what transmitter goes with my car in case I lose them). And also be wary that they absolutely will not/can not negotiate on the price. Believe me, I tried even knocking down the price a measly $12 (to make at even $14k for my 2003 Elantra) but he said he couldn't.
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    I tried last year to buy a Sonata from Manhattan Hyundai but the deal went bad and mysteriously my driver's license disappeared. It was a high sales pressure pitch with every cliche in the book, even feeding the salesman's children. I offered a care package for the poor children. I walked.

    I still see their Hyundai ads in the local newspapers, so I don't know about the switch to Nissan.
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    I live in the NYC area and I just never see the 06/07 Sonata on the streets. I know the car took a sales hit but I don't know how bad. I get the impression the 07 is already a lame duck. I was going to buy the 2007 but...

    1. Mechanical problems.
    2. Could not get Steel Gray with Black Interior.
    3. Negotiating with the dealer snake pits is such a turn off.

    So I'm out of the market until 2008

    Hyundai will never compete in America with Toyota and Honda in sales: Hyundai will always be a third tier car behind Nissan, Mazda.
  • eagle2aeagle2a Posts: 97
    Sligg: As the owner of a 2006 Hyundai Sonata I4, I can only hope you are mistaken.

    Based on my experience of purchasing and driving cars for over 50 years I believe you are mistaken. The reason I believe this is that I have seen the fall of the Packard Motorcar Company (one of the most respected car companys of all time) and several other long-standing highly respected car companys manufactured and sold in this country, all long gone now. One of the most devastating things that can happen to any individual, or company, is to rest on your laurels and be to proud of past achievements. We're witnessing this now with our own General Motors and Ford automobile companies.

    As the owner of a 92 Honda Accord, and someone who tried very hard to purchase another Honda in 2006, I can only tell you that it seems to me, based on this experience and what I am reading on these boards, that this "proud syndrome" seems to be settling in on Toyota and Honda, and something seems to be terribly wrong at Mazda(Ford purchasing one-third of them?)

    On the other hand, Hyundai seem to understand what it is all about and are investing the money and time producing excellent automobiles. I base this opinion on my own personal experience and what I am reading on these boards and from national testing publications.

    I do not see a lot of Hyundai automobiles on the streets of my city either, and I live in a fairly large South Western location. But I do see more of them now than I did several years ago, so sales are increasing. It also seems Hyundai is spending more money on national advertising.

    So all of this, taken together, tells me that Hyundai will be around for some time into the future. At least that is my take on the subject.
  • You should take #1 off your list. Only two problems have been reported here in the forums and both are being taken care of by Hyundai.

    When I vist Florida I see a lot of Hyundais on the road, a lot. Since I bought mine I see a few more around town. I expect to see more since my dealership has nine preowned for sale.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    I know the car took a sales hit but I don't know how bad

    It did take a hit the past few months, but only because Hyundai severely cut back on fleet sales.

    Hyundai sales release

    Overall, the Sonata seems to be doing very well in my area (Laurel Highlands of PA).
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