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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    The doc fee looks excessive to me, but otherwise it seems like a good deal, and the interest rate is pretty good also.
  • cstewart27cstewart27 Posts: 23
    Is the doc fee negotiable? Every Ohio dealer has quoted it at $250
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    Maybe, maybe not. In MN there is a state-imposed maximum doc fee (much less than $250). In my experience it is not negotiable--but it's also not as much as what they are charging you. If charging $250 for documentation is an accepted practice in OH, you may not have much luck getting it reduced.

    Another factor is that I've read the clunkers program requires quite a bit of paperwork by the dealer. I wonder if the $250 fee is taking that into account?
  • cstewart27cstewart27 Posts: 23
    In Ohio Revised Code 13171214 - On June 30, 2006, an amendment to section 1317.07 of the Revised Code, which governs retail installment contracts, took effect. That section now provides that a seller entering into a retail installment contract can charge a fee of up to two hundred fifty dollars ($250) for preparation of documents related to the sale. Previously, the maximum fee that could be charged for document preparation was one hundred dollars.

    Apparently, the dealers here are automatically charging the maximum fee. I was quoted the $250 doc fee without even mentioning the CARS program on most of the quotes.
  • ray78ray78 Posts: 27
    Sounds like a good deal? Are you joking- the price that was posted was almost $131,000.00 (130,807.66). Better take a good look at the figures!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    Some of us simply read the entire post and made an allowance for the typo I guess.
  • Is this leather interior ?

    Also what is the clunkers rebate and hyndai rebate ?

    Do they still give the loyalty discount which they use to if you bought a hyundai before ? Also why should be pay for frieght.

    Is there anything else that you could think of. This is for charlotte, nc
  • mikebztmikebzt Posts: 44
    How do you figure that is a great price? Its almost 2K more than Fitzmall for the same car???
  • cstewart27cstewart27 Posts: 23

    Here is the best quote I've gotten checking with northeast Ohio dealers as well as talking to a few out of state. Please let me know what you think.

    2009 Sonata GLS with popular equipment package and carpeted floor mats

    $20735.00 MSRP

    $1990.00 Dealer discount

    $18745.00 sale price

    $1282.16 sales tax (6.75% tax rate)

    $250.00 doc fee

    30.50 title fee

    $20307.66 gross price

    $3500 CARS voucher

    $3000 rebate

    $13807.66 total amount financed

    Financing for 60 months 4.39% with approved credit. Our credit score is over 800.
  • chipmakerchipmaker Posts: 1
    The Fitzmall increased the price recently, since the car has the popular equipment, this is a good price if you want to compare with Fitzmall. BTW, you can hardly get the 2k price lower even in the past few months(consider the 6.75 tax and PE) if you are only qualified with the regular incentive rebate.
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17
    Thanks to all who chimed in with great advice. I got the dealer to take off another $600. I bought it yesterday and will pick up in few hours as it is a dealer exchange. The other quotes that I got that included freight were at least a $1000 more. Like OH, doc fees in VA is what every dealer charges. Even with those, the price was lower then the dealers in MD. Plus I am getting the cargo tray, and additional light window tint for free. Mine is cocoa metallic w/ cocoa interior and the interior can can get pretty hot in summer. Also my gap insurance is only $215, other dealers were at least twice that amount.

    I know that everyone's got to make money but with cars you never know what other incentives the dealers get from the manufacturer for moving a high volume, etc. My dad's friend who retired as sales manager at Lincoln some years ago used to tell us that when the Lincoln LS first came out the dealer kickback was around $3K. That's how they can sell you below invoice.

    Also know this, the 09 Sonata will become a leftover model by Oct 09 as the 2010s will start shipping around then. So if you can wait and don't have a clunker eligible trade then wait and the same car will be at least $2500 less.

    My clunkers was a 99 Villager minivan with 146K on it with a trade-in of less then a $1000. It runs perfect and no problems but it was too lucrative to pass up the govt. rebate. It qualifies for $3500 with a 18/25 mpg difference based on published mpg ratings

    My other OTD quotes were:


    I forced the dealers to communicate via e-mail only and send OTD quotes with breakdown and no phone calls. Some kept sending junk/spam, the above four responded with real quotes.

    I am very satisfied with the whole process and looking forward to enjoying my Sonata for some years to come.

    BTW, the price on the GLS is very good.
  • samir1010samir1010 Posts: 13
    This is what I'm going to the dealer with. Just want to see if it sounds reasonable.

    2009 Hyundai Sonata GLS I4 Automatic
    Popular Equipment Package
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    Cargo Mat
    Mud Flaps

    $21545 including Freight
    -3000 Rebate
    -3500 Cash for Clunker Program
    -2200 Dealer Price Reduction ( Is this a reasonable amount?)
    $12845 Final Price +TT&L

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • cstewart27cstewart27 Posts: 23
    It beats my best quote of:

    2009 Hyundai Sonata GLS I4 Automatic
    Popular Equipment Package
    Carpeted Floor Mats

    $20735 including Freight
    -3000 Rebate
    -3500 Cash for Clunker Program
    -1990 Dealer Price Reduction
    $12775 Final Price +TT&L

    I've been quoted these extras: Cargo mat $60.00 & mud guards $50.40 X 2 (front & rear) does not include installation.

    This is an Ohio quote and no other dealer in Ohio has been interested in trying to beat it. Where is your quote from?
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17

    This is a very good price indeed. Make sure it includes the destination charge (usually $720). Also factor in any doc fees, sales tax in your state, and tags/title fees.

    I am actually suspicious of the $2200 price reduction, doesn't seem real, especially for a GLS. Did the dealer quote you over the phone? Most will give false pricing just to get you in the door. Make sure you get stock #s for at least 2-3 units currently at the dealership at that price. I got a $1543 discount over Edmunds TMV price for my Limited.

    Anyone else here got close to this price on their GLS purchase?

    Also, consider this the 2010 Sonata is only weeks away from shipping to dealers. All dealers have orders in for it. The incentives on the 09 leftovers will be crazy low. 08 Limited 4 cyl leftovers sold for around $15500.

    If your clunkers trade-in is close to $3500, and you can wait for the 09 leftovers, the price difference may only be couple of hundred dollars. Only if you can wait. In my case, I wanted a very specific car which would have been almost impossible to find as a leftover and I didn't want to take that chance. And my clunker was only worth about $1200 private party.
  • pat82pat82 Posts: 11
    My husband and I are going car shopping this weekend. We want to purchase a Hyundai Sonata. I've come up with this price to ask - and have emailed the dealers in our area. We can either go north or south - we live in the boonies and have to travel to Knoxville Tennessee or Somerset Kentucky for a dealership.

    The price I've been asking for is this:

    GLS - no equipment package

    $19,900 - automatic
    $ 720 - freight charges (Per edmunds)

    $20,620 - MSR
    $4,500 cash for clunkers (We have an Izusi Rodeo 4x4)
    $3,000 Hyundai Rebate

    $13,120 - after rebates

    I'm asking for $13,000 OUT THE DOOR , to include taxes, tags and tittle
    (I am assuming that Out the Door includes all dealership fees, notary fees, freight, gas charges)

    Title Taxes and Tags should be around $1,400 - KY does 90 percent of sticker price. You have to pay taxes on the $4,500 and $3,000 rebate (why I don't know)

    So I'm asking the dealership to give me a about a $1,500 discount from his own pocket.

    have any of you dealt with any dealerships in Tennessee - Morristown and Knoxville are the two places we could buy at.

    Somerset in Kentucky is about as far as we want to travel - after that it gets to lexington - although that's about as far as Knoxville.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    Sorry, Pat, but you're overpaying by nearly $2K. WITHOUT the Cash for Clunkers program, two months ago my wife and I bought a Slate Blue GLS I4 with PEP, Floormats, and Blueconnect for $16800ish OTD in Virginia (after I've adjusted for our owner Loyalty rebate; we paid $500 less than that, but you sound like you don't qualify). You're paying 17620 for a car WITHOUT over $1000 of upgrades, that's almost $2K too much.

    You probably won't be able to OTD for $11K, but you should get a seriously nicer version of the car (PEP makes a WORLD of difference in the feeling of quality in the car) for the price you're paying if you're getting $4500 more off. Use Edmunds to try to see what dealers local to you are doing, and get a comparison from Fitzmall, too (they can't be more than three-four hours away from you, and isn't that worth $2K?)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    Around $1500 under MSRP before rebates, which is several hundred under invoice, isn't a bad discount, but can be seen from recent posts there have been better deals elsewhere, e.g. the recent post about over $2000 under MSRP before rebates. Getting $3500 under MSRP before rebates, as billward suggests you shoot for, is nice if you can get it--but not typical. Still, you might want to shop around some more before pulling the trigger.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    But right off the bat at Fitzmall, there's a White and a Willow Grey GLS I4 Auto for $15498+TTL. Take off the $4500 and she's at $10998+TTL. Both come with floormats at that price, and the Willow has Mud Guards. She can do substantially better with just a few minutes work. I didn't buy from Fitzmall, but my dealer (West Broad Hyundai, in Richmond Virginia, two hours from my home in Virginia Beach) beat them by a few pennies in the OTD price for our car. She should at least go armed with some of that information if she wants to get the best deal she can. She's starting in the $17620s.... and right there is $2122 she can save. Of course, she might not like those COLORS.... but the points the same, and some of the other cars aren't much more.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    $15,498 + $3000 = $18,498, or a little more than $2000 under MSRP depending on how old it is and what the destination charge is. That is pretty far from $3500 off MSRP. But it's a good example that it can pay to shop around--it's around $600 less than the deal that was offered.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    Backy, she's quoting 17620 for her quote, after the $3K rebate, but before her CARS rebate. This is $2122 less than what her dealer offered, with a few (Mats and Flaps) options as well. I'm unsure where you're getting the $600 less part. Is her original dealer quoting MSRP?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    The original post said the offer from the buyer was about $1500 under MSRP, not accounting for the rebates; basically the dealer would be paying the taxes and fees. You remarked that was about $2000 too high, based on the deal you got on your car. My great math skills :) tell me that's an expectation of $3500 off MSRP.

    The Fitzmall price you noted is about $2100 under MSRP, before rebate. Again using my fantastic math skills, $2100 - $1500 = $600.
  • dca4dca4 Posts: 5
    I've been following the forum to get an idea for what i should offer for my next Sonata, but i am confused with all the figures in the last dozen or so pages. So, i am hoping someone could offer perspectives on the internet quotes I got from two dealers in the Chicago area.

    I am interested in a 2009 Sonata GLS i4 Auto, with PEP. Two quotes I got:

    1) MSRP: $21,650; Quote: $16,650 + TTL (no trade in)
    2) MSRP: $21,900; Quote: $16,900 + TTL (no trade in)

    I am not sure what the difference is b/w the MSRPs.

    Are these reasonable quotes? how much more can i push this down?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
  • clunkersclunkers Posts: 1
    Kansas, Olathe McCarthy Hyundai - they claim to be the lowest across US continent.

    MSRP: 20720

    Popular Package +650
    Floor Mat +95
    Carge Mat +95

    MSRP Total with options: 21435
    Invoice total including options: 20645 to start with:
    Hyundai discount: -3000
    Dealer discount: - 1990

    Final: 15655
    It'd have been 12155 with clunkers - their claim sees true so far. And they'll throw in an iPod cable also.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    Be sure to check other dealers in the U.S. that publish their prices on the Web, e.g. Fitzmall. If you find a better price for a comparably-equipped car, they would naturally have to beat it, right? ;)
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A large magazine reporter is looking to speak to consumers interested in talking to recent car buyers who have negotiated good deals in these tough economic times. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to [email protected] by Thursday, July 23, 2009.
  • samir1010samir1010 Posts: 13
    Ok, so here is the breakdown of how it figured out. This is from a local dealer in Dallas.

    Sonata GLS Auto + Popular Equipment Package + Carpeted Floor and Cargo Mat

    $21460 including 720 for freight
    -3000 Rebate
    -3500 Clunker Program
    -2000 Dealer Price Reduction
    $12960 +TT&L

    It wasn't too bad of a deal. I actually got offered a lower price by $200 from another dealer but with a color that we didn't like. We decided to pay the extra $200 for the color we preferred. This dealer wouldn't budge off of this price. We had a really hard time finding many of these in the Dallas area.
  • pat82pat82 Posts: 11
    Okay, here's the email quote I got from my dealer. Its a GSL 2009 Sonata.
    If I figure everything correct, he's only giving me about a $934 break on the price and he's adding an advertising charge (which I think is ridiculous).

    How hard should I push - I would like him to take off at least another $800 to $1,000 which would be equvilant to the $2000 someone else on this boad received. Of course, he's already whining about not making any money on the deal.

    This is amount the same "quote" I've gotten by email from other dealers - but I haven't made them break it down. It seems as if the dealers are using the $4,500 for clunker as an excuse to not give you anything off "their costs"

    Retail My Cost Your Cost

    19,990 MSRP 19,056 19,056

    895 Dealer Prep 250 (Est) -0- (My cost to mechanics and detail for getting the car lot-ready)

    95 Floor Mats 76 95

    695 Freight 695 695 (The 720 I quoted is for 2010 models)

    -0- Advertising 150 150 (This is not locally spent money, it’s charged to me by Hyundai for national advertising)

    21,675 Subtotal 20,227 19,996

    1117.26 KY Sales Tax 1117.26 1117.26 (We think sales tax will be charged on cash for isn’t on rebates)

    129.95 Doc Fee 90 (Est) 129.95 (This covers title fee, registration fee, license plate and overnight charges to banks)

    22 Lien Fee 22 22 (Recording fee at one courthouse)

    -0- Rebate (3000) (3000) Consumer rebate from Hyundai deducted from your price

    -0- Clunker Cash (4500) (4500) Assuming it isn’t changed by the government when rules are announced July 24

    22,944,21 13,956.26 13,765.21 (Slightly different from the number quoted, but I’ll still honor $13,721.24 on the road)
  • pat82pat82 Posts: 11
    Okay, what is Fitzmall
  • pat82pat82 Posts: 11
    has anyone used the cash for clunkers to make a deal yet. My husband printed off some of the guidelines (which aren't official til the 24th). In it said car owners should discuss with the dealer about the money received for scrap value of the car (the dealer could withhold $50 for document prep). Does anyone know how you would go about finding out what a dealer will get for crushing the car?
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    Hi Pat!

    Fitzmall is a high volume dealer with excellent Internet prices and a no haggle policy... they are a good benchmark for costs. Here would be a good spot to look for a Sonata. You may not buy from Fitzmall (I didn't, as it turned out) but you can at least use their prices as leverage in your won negotiations.

    You would be looking at the "Internet Price", btw. Starting at a price of $16,196 there are definitely GLS I4 Autos with PEP (one each, Cocoa and Camel Pearl, a bunch more Camel Pearls at 16199, and some Khakis at 16207, all with PEP, but the Slate Blue in that range is NOT PEP), but be sure to check the particular car; $16208 Slate Blue, for example, has the PZEV I4 engine with auto but no extra options (PZEV is a lower smog engine, IIRC, mostly for California; try this Wikipedia article for more info on those; they tend to cost a good bit more, though part of the car actually would then have a 15 year/150K warrenty....). Fitzmall charges a straight $100 for all documentation work, plus you would have to pay your own sales tax for KY (but no miscellaneous taxes for Virginia/Maryland, IIRC) (though the dealership will figure that for you).

    Depending on how far from the DC area you are is how long it would take to get there. You are currently talking at least a minimum of $1000 lower than the price that your dealer is saying he's not making a profit at (so he's lying to you; Fitzmall definitely is making a profit, too). Go back with hard numbers from other dealers (including Fitzmall) to the dealer/dealers who've been most forthright, see if they'll match or beat the best you can get. Just be prepared to say (and do!) "I'm going to Fitzmall" (or whereever) if the dealer isn't reasonable. Good luck!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    Two things:

    * The $895 for Dealer Prep is bogus. You can point out to the sales rep that it clearly says on the window sticker "includes dealer preparation".

    * Be sure that you can actually get $4500 for CARS on the Sonata. That is the maximum, and it depends on the mpg difference between your old car and the Sonata.

    Also I am not sure about tax being taken out of the CARS money--something to confirm.
  • dovid2dovid2 Posts: 90
    I don't really know if it's a good deal or not, but this line is a crock:

    895 Dealer Prep 250 (Est) -0- (My cost to mechanics and detail for getting the car lot-ready)

    Basically this is having the porter wash the car and maybe vacuum, if it's had a lot of test drives. They used to cover cars in cosmoline that had to be removed (I did that in college), but I don't think that's done any more. Even though he's not charging you, he's trying to make you think you're getting a better deal.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    You know, it only hit me today how you're figuring it... and from that perspective, you're right. Regardless, she can save a lot of money by going in armed with better quotes. It's one thing if they're $100 off... it's another when they're 500-1000 off.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 171,069
    But, the dealer wasn't charging him anything for dealer prep.. His cost was -0-

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    That was not clear in the post. So the dealer was saying, we add $895 to the price of the car for dealer prep, but for you, to give you a GREAT deal, we'll take it off? :confuse:
  • pat82pat82 Posts: 11
    Yeah, he's taking off the $895 dealer prep.

    but still, he's not giving me any discount for the car!!!! And he's adding a $150 advertising fee that Hyundai is apparently charging him (that he simply can't remove)

    From what I've seen these posts, a Sonata GLS should be this:

    $19,990 - automatic, no equipment package
    $ 1,900 dealer discount of 10%
    $18,090 for the car
    $ 695 freight fee

    I have to pay the freight
    I should get about a 10% discount off MSRP

    I should not pay the $895 dealer pre
    i should not pay the $150 advertising
    The doc prep fee is iffy (i figure they're charging aoubt $100)

    oh, and just in case anybody else is from kentucky - and i assume it applies ot other states as well - they cannot charge you sales/usage tax for manufacturor rebates or the $4,500 rebate for cash for cars. Call your department of revenue if they question that - In Kentukcy there's an affidavit that has to be filledout. My question is do that dealerships keep the difference? i guess that was a dumb question, wasn't it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    I've seen some Hyundai dealers not budge on the advertising fee. Others don't even bring it up. But it's not really important in the end. The important number is: what is the dealer's price to you for the car, before rebates, taxes, and license, but including fees (e.g. freight, documentation, advertising, helium for their giant gorilla on the roof, etc.)?

    Think about it this way: if a dealer insists on passing along advertising costs to you, why do you care as long as they give you the best price?
  • pat82pat82 Posts: 11
    because it's money out of my pocket???

    But, yes, the bottom line is - it it realistice to expect a 10% discount of MSRP on a Sonata 2009 GLS, no extras added
  • pat82pat82 Posts: 11
    no extras added to the car, not extras to my bottom line.

    Although the dealer prep fee for over 895 is not going to happen
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    because it's money out of my pocket???

    Dealer A: Offers $2000 discount off MSRP but has a $200 advertising fee.
    Dealer B: Offers $1800 discount off MSRP, no advertising fee.

    Which one is more money out of your pocket?

    10% off MSRP or better before rebates is realistic based on reports here. Is it realistic to expect it? No. Is it realistic to try for it, or even a bigger discount? Sure. You won't know until you ask. But there's wide variation in different markets. So just because someone else got a particular deal at a particular time, doesn't mean you'll be able to match it in your town, at this time. There's evidence that prices for new, fuel-efficient cars are creeping up due to the CARS program. Thanks, taxpayers!
  • Just bought a new 2009 sonata GLS with the option package that includes power seats but without the sun room. Coming off a lease ending before Nov 1, 2009 purchase price was $14,700, out the door $16,300.

    Start with invoice price
    Rebate of $3,000 for everyone
    Rebate of $1,500 for anyone with a lease ending before Nov 1, 2009
    $750 Marketing support from hyundai (dealer incentive)
    Service Dept $100 bonus for sigining up for rewards (have to get an oil change done)
    ~$400 in dealer hold-back.

    This is pretty much an employee price, there is very little dealer margin there but this dealer needs to sell cars, if you live close enough and are looking I'd come up with your own price based on the above numbers and give them a call or email. Tell them the price you want and that you'll come and buy if they can offer it to you.

    They'll say they can't at first but stay firm on it and you'll get it.

    Don't know what rebates will change come august but for right now these prices can't be beat. Don't forget if this is your first car purchase this year the sales tax is tax deductable thanks to the governments stimulus package so you're getting an extra $300-$500 come tax time next year as well!
  • junoon123junoon123 Posts: 2
    Anyone purchased any 2009 sonatas in chicago and for what price?
    I am going in next week to purchase a Hyundai Sonata 2009 what price can i expect?
    From what i am reading 13000$ would be a good price.

    Please help me out
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    This is amount the same "quote" I've gotten by email from other dealers - but I haven't made them break it down. It seems as if the dealers are using the $4,500 for clunker as an excuse to not give you anything off "their costs"

    Fairly perceptive. I've seen ads with some dealers replacing the heavy dealer factory incentives (many unadvertised) needed to move their product with the $4000 clunker cash. Net result-- same price as months ago, except 4000 more or so for Mr. dealer.

    Real bad for folks buying without clunkers cash for a few months. Prices will be a bit jacked while they work these folks (and their once in a decade "opportunity")for a while.

    ----- post from elantra forum
    Hyundai has agressively cut the price (thru unadvertised incentives) in different parts of the country for years.

    That said, the price in NY/NJ for the Elantra gls auto with pkg (msrp 17400) has been in the mid 14000's at clearance time for several years. Other areas may have higher incentives.

    Your govt has also flooded the market a bit with about 270,000 $4000 cash for clunker vouchers, which will probably raise sales about 10-20% in some parts of the country for a few months. This has jacked up prices a bit around the country.

    I've seen numerous dealer ads around here selling vehicles that were advertised at $15000 for months now at $17000 minus the $4000 voucher. (How generous, some "let" you keep half the govt bucks! -- why shouldn't they? you work hard!)

    Car dealers and congressmen, the lowest trusted professions in just about every survey. (Hint: the car dealers actually rate **slightly** higher than congressmen, er... congresspeople)

    Good luck
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46
    I agree. Keep the "trade in clunker" seperate from your deal.
  • That last post makes me think people really haven't looked into the details of the cash for clunkers deal that is going on. There still is a great deal of question as to the true requirements as congress keeps changing its mind. Some dealers are getting in early on it but "fronting the money" but they are taking a huge risk of not being able to collect should anything change in the next few months. So when you say they are "kind enough to split half the money with you" what they are really doing is being "kind enough to split half the risk with you" and let you get your car now at the risk that you will not be eligible and they will lose the difference. If you really want the benefit of the cash for clunkers be patient wait until september or october when the rules have been fully established and in practice. Dealers won't be so worried about increased risk at this time and will be more willing to give you every penny when pushed. Remember all they really want to do is sell cars to increase #'s, the profit on them is a plus (for the smart ones that look at forums like this anyway) They will sell you a car at no profit but they won't take on loss risk to move a car. I know I've talked to my guy my local dealership, they are expecting that they may be selling some sonatas sub $10,000 when everything is finalized, but they won't do it until they know 100% that the people buying truly qualify and that they won't lose money on the deal.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    That exceptionally large link is causing other
    posts to be decapitated.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    I read yesterday, I forget the source, that the final rules & reg's of the cash for clunkers came out yesterday.
  • cstewart27cstewart27 Posts: 23
    Spoke to our Ohio dealer today. He said that the authorized ohio disposal company is stating that they'll pay $75 scrap for each vehice that comes in under the CARS program. The dealer is permitted to retain maximum of $50 and the $25 comes to me.

    The final rule was issued yesterday and my dealer was permitted to register yesterday. Govt is claiming it will take 2-3 business days (due to expected volumn) for them to authorized dealers who have registered so we're expecting to pick up our Sonata GLS with PEP on Wed or Thur. Our price is $12,245 plus 6.75% tax, 250 doc fee, 30.50 tag/title. I contacted a total of 29 dealers in OH, PA, WV and VA - do one could beat this deal in writing.

    Note for those in VA: Alexandria Hyundai via PHONE said they could beat my dealer by $1000 BUT they would not commit to it via email and I wasn't driving 6+ hrs one way on a hope and a prayer.
  • kusonkuson Posts: 8
    One of the manager at local dealership in jersey offered me Sonata GLS for 13700 while I was walking out (I was there just for test drive, had no plan of buying it btw)..what you guys think? I missed a deal OR was it a bull :)
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