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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    I think you did great! You've got all the options and 30,000 more miles of factory warranty. Congrats! If I was looking today and we had that car on our lot I would buy it at that price. : ) Enjoy your new ride and welcome to the forums.
  • vabearvabear Posts: 18
    My local dealer in Newport News, VA has an '06 Azera Limited, new and never titled, on his showroom floor for $24,500.
  • fwalletsfwallets Posts: 7

    Would you mind if I ask which dealership you purchased your GLS from?
  • fwalletsfwallets Posts: 7
    Hi. This is what I got from a dealer in Texas today.

    "For the last several months the HMFC balloon came with a $3500 rebate on the Sonata GLS, although this month you only get $2500 rebate on the balloon on any of the Sonata's."

    Is this really true?
  • starachistarachi Posts: 2
    actually, i'm going to buy 2007 sonata limited (without option. i'm living in new york..
    someone helps much is it?
    i'm going to buy cash...
    plz e-mail me (
    thank you
  • coolraincoolrain Posts: 2
    2007 Sonata GLS with Premium Package
    $14,500 + TTL in Las Vegas, NV

    Automatic, Power Seats, Steering Wheel with Audio Controls, XM Radio, other interior upgrades I can't remember....

    MSRP $19,800 + additional regional adjustment (whatever that means)
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    I'm trying to find the best pricing i've seen prices all across the board on Sonata's theres a Hyundai dealership near me that has an 07 Sonata GLS the MSRP is $19,280 and dealer invoice is $18,633 i know theres a $2,000 rebate which would bring the price down to $16,633 but how are people getting deals down to $14,500 ?? am I missing something?
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Per my earlier post #3964, I aggressively negotiated and recently bought a new 2007 Sonata Limited for $19600 + 3% NC tax. I also aggressively negotiated for my trade-in as well.

    Without the low cost options I had, I would say that you could get it for not more than $19500.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    It all depends upon what the dealers in your area are offering OR how far you are willing to travel to pick up the car once you make the deal.

    Towne Hyundai's current internet deal is $1500 under invoice plus $500 owner loyalty, for those who qualify, (plus the Hyundai standard $2K rebate you mentioned). The car you mention would have a price of $14,633 in Towne's current offering. Not quite the $14,500 but pretty darn close. Towne also has a $189 doc fee. Some of the prices reported here may not include doc fees or any other dealer fees.

    (That's why I like to see prices reported as MSRP, invoice, dealer price, any rebates, doc fees, any other dealer fees [like extra charge for handling DMV paper], to = the price plus registration and sales tax.)
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    I live in Michigan and checked a few different dealerships and they aren't offering anything close to the prices I see on edmunds the only way to get the additional rebates it seems you have to be a recent college grad or be in the military.
  • coolraincoolrain Posts: 2
    have you tried getting internet quotes through their fleet dept? my experience has been that once you step into the dealership, if you haven't already been in contact with their internet dept, you'll more likely than not be quoted a higher bottom line price. commissions are higher.
  • yonghan77yonghan77 Posts: 1
    I would like to buy Sonata GLS with an automatic transmission. What is the reasonable price?
    thank you
  • joediejoedie Posts: 16
    Thanks for all your replies to my question about best price for a 2007 Sonata GLS. I gave up on Hyundai. After going to the dealership two times and doing all the research online and calling around and reading everything here. My experience: Go with internet infromation copied in hand. Prices advertised mean nothng as most of you know I don't now anyone who wants the most basic car used as a base price. The big turn off was the pressure to use the balloon financing. And the limit on down payment. I wanted to put 5000 down and they would only take 2000. Monthly payments would be low, but the after three years the last payment is 10,000. plus. Who wants to pay that much when the car is that old. It is possible to get the low price and refinance on your own after a few months or pay it off if you have the cash. After three years they said just bring the car back. When I said I wanted to see the terms for bringing the car back after three years, they said I would see it in the contract at signing. I walked. I bought a 2007 Saturn VUE V6. zero% interest, 5000 down. Something totally different than I started out looking for. A great decision. Do your research and you will be happy.
  • I purchased a 2007 Sonata in June and have been very pleased. I think i may trade in my daily driver and get another sonata and so stopped by a local dealer in the DFW area. The internet sales manager said the Balloon note rebate had increased to $1,800 until July 31 in addition to the $2,000 rebate.

    He said their were rumors that since the current rebate offers were only in effect from July 10-31 that larger rebates would be offered to clear out the remaining 2007 inventory.

    The dealer i stopped by had over 100 2007's on the lot as of July 14 of course most of them the V6. Well i'll probably wait until Aug. 1 to make up my mind as i dont see the rebates decreasing for the sonata but more of a possibility of increasing or staying the same. Ive been quoted time and again to go pick one off the lot and they would take $4,000 off from dealer invoice, not tooo bad...
  • The VUE is nice....however, i used the Balloon financing to get the extra $1,500 off at the time. My dealer had told me i could not pay off the balloon, but has since said i could get the not refinanced or pay it off early with no penalty.

    I like the balloon with the options to turn in the car after 2 years, refinance or payoff the balloon after two years, trade in the car for another hyundai with no fee.

    Heck ya get a chance to use the car for 2 years to "try" it out and if any major problems or just dont like it flip em the keys after 2 years and no hard feelings. If it works out for ya keep the car, if ya like the look of the 09' hyundai trade it in.....those options are great to me.

    I dont know about the 5K down, but i would of just put the 2K down took the cheap balloon payments kept the 3K in my pocket or just right out financed the car and put the 5K down but you would have lost the $1,800...

    I purchased an 07 GLS 4 cyl $1,900 down payments of $174/month...i bet the VUE payments are more...i ran the numbers on the sonata to finance and even at 72 months same money down it would have been over $200/month
  • Thats a very good price...much better than my price...but i did get tinted windows, xm and power package for $15,500 from Vandergriff Hyundai in Arlington. My wife drives the car and i cannot hear the engine running its sooo my Vibe any day....
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Johnson Hyundai in Cary, NC advertized 2007 new GLS I4 automatic for $13995 recently. Check it out.
  • joediejoedie Posts: 16
    iper, Those are great prices. Post back and let us know what kind of financing they can give you. I'm very curious because I was all set to buy a sonata and then was turned off by the sale people and their terms.
  • worldlyworldly Posts: 23
    Yesterday, I offered $14,700+TTL (cash, only) for a 2007 GLS with Option Package 02, MSRP: $19,745 (San Antonio, TX). Here's the reply I received from the dealership:

    "Your offer of $14,700 + TT&L will not be accepted at this time unfortunately. The best that I would be able to do on the Sonata GLS would be $16,565 + TT&L. This price is not only includes the $2,000 rebate but is $200 below invoice. If this will be acceptable for you, then I would like to set up an appointment for you to come into our dealership to get a closer look at this great looking vehicle. You can let me know when the best time for you would be by either emailing me back or calling me at the number listed below."

    Needless to say, my return reply was highly critical. Then, I received an e-mail from the General Manager. He bragged that he ran two Hyundai dealerships, provided an invoice that showed what a "great deal" the quoted price is, and urged me to come in for discussions.

    This is the main reason I dislike most dealerships. Despite the Information Age (includes the Internet), they continue to use predatory sales practices, and attempt to justify ridiculously high prices with methods any person conducting basic research can refute.

    I will drive a little further, and get a competitive price from a dealership that is fair and sane.
  • joediejoedie Posts: 16
    Good story. I was amazed that cash is not the preferred way to deal anymore. Good idea to move on and stay away from balloon financing as it is mostly a scam.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    If you really want to have some fun - drive by the dealership that sent you that silly reply and show them your new Hyundai when you buy it, along with a copy of that email!!
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Gee, I bet I know the name of that dealership as I had inquired on the same vehicle yesterday and got the same response as you did. I too am in the process of checking with other dealers.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Am I correct in reading the dealer's email to state the offer he is making is $1800 above invoice, less the $2,000 rebate, to get you to $200 below invoice? If so, that guy is a bandit, at least compared to much of the country.

    Here it is, almost August and the 2008's are out. In February we bought an '07 Sonata SE, MSRP of $22080 for $16,651, plus dealers fee, & TTL for an OTD of 18,189 based upon 6% sales tax.

    Find another dealer fast. You should be able to buy for below invoice before considering the $2K rebate. (You shoud get the car for more than $2K under invoice after rebate.)
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Actually I think the MSRP was $19,530 and invoice was $18,765.00 with the actual price I was quoted being $16,565.00, so they were going $200.00 below invoice.
  • fwalletsfwallets Posts: 7
    Hi. I just came back from a dealership here in Texas.

    Sonata GLS I4 Auto + Premium Package

    Price Paid

    MSRP: $ 19,480
    Sales Price: $ 17,100
    Balloon Financing Rebate: $ 3,000
    Final Price: $ 14,100

    Tax: $ 881.25 (6.25% of $ 14,100)
    Doc fee: $ 50
    Title and License: $ 124.50
    Dealer Inventory Tax: $ 31.98

    Balloon Detail

    Downpayment: $ 2,500
    Amount Financed: $ 12,687.28
    7.9% for 24 months (finance charge: $ 1,844.03)
    Monthly Payment: $ 165.97
    Balloon Note: $ 10,714.00

    As there's no prepayment penalty, I will pay it off after three months (I was advised to make at least three payments to avoid the possible take-back of HMFC rebates.)

    The original negotiated price was $ 13,700 including a recent graduate rebate of $ 400, but it was later found out that the balloon note is not combinable with the graduate rebate.

    Probably it wasn't the best deal available, but I'm just happy that it's done.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I don't understand your reaction to this dealer's offer. To me, it looks like they are dealing with you up-front and professionally. They politely rejected your offer and then counter-offered, and noted that their price includes the rebate and is $200 under invoice--which is true. Then they invited you to come in and drive the vehicle. I wish all dealers played the sales game that straight! I don't see their behavior as being "predatory" at all.

    Of course, it's your option to say "no, thanks" (which you did) and go in search of a better deal. But each dealer has the right to set whatever price they want for the cars they sell, within the law. It's their business to run. We as consumers can accept or reject their deals.
  • worldlyworldly Posts: 23
    Well, backy, you must be a dealer, or the friend of a dealer.

    First, the deal they countered with is COMPLETELY UNCOMPETITIVE, and was an OBVIOUS attempt to take advantage of a consumer.

    Second, this is DEFINITELY PREDATORY SALES tactics. You may feel it's justified, but I'm willing to bet the majority of consumers DO NOT appreciate these tactics. The era of this type of salesmanship are numbered. It reflects VERY POORLY on the brand name. The automobile industry is so competitive that these dealers will be forced out of the business very soon.

    By the way, did you ever take Business 101 in college?

    The only thing you got right is it's a free-market economy, they can ask any price they want, and I can refuse such predatory offers, and go elsewhere.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I am neither a dealer nor a friend of a dealer. I did not take Business 101 in college, but I do have an MBA if that counts. And I have over 20 years' experience in the sales business, but not selling cars. I've bought and leased a lot of cars over the years, though.

    Your summary shows that you understood precisely what I was saying: it's a free-market economy, dealers can ask any price they want, and you can go elsewhere if you don't like it.

    I am shaking my head wondering how a $200-below-invoice, straight-up offer is "predatory". Is it the best offer you may be able to get? Probably not. But it's not what I would call a "bad" offer. If this dealership had made this offer to me, I would have simply told them, "Thanks for your offer on the Sonata. It is not acceptable to me, so I will be shopping at other dealers. Please let me know if you change your mind about my original offer."
  • joediejoedie Posts: 16
    Sounds like a good deal if you pay it off as soon as you can without losing rebates. I was told to do the same thing. Otherwise the balloon payment is a rip off in my opinion. I was not able to pay off the balloon financing so fast.
    I am VERY happy with my 2007 Saturn VUE V6. Big powerful engine, onstar, zero %, big tires. I feel I need the high clearance from the ground. Tired off being scared in floods/water while others pass me by. A consideration in Texas right now. Not much if any more total money.
  • worldlyworldly Posts: 23
    To backy:

    You said, "I am shaking my head wondering how a $200-below-invoice, straight-up offer is "predatory". Is it the best offer you may be able to get? Probably not. But it's not what I would call a "bad" offer."

    Congratulations on your MBA. But, I wouldn't want one from the school you attended.

    Have you done ANY research on the effect of "time of the year" on automobile prices? Do you know anything about "car pricing and excess inventory" at the end of a model year, and the beginning of a new year?

    If, at the minimum, you had examined the prices other posters were recently paying, on this site alone, you would understand how ridiculous and uncompetitive an offer of $200 below invoice is on a 2007 Hyundai GLS.

    Before you speak up in the future, I recommend you know what you're talking about, and do a little homework.

    You may be an experienced salesman with an MBA, but you know next to nothing about car sales, pricing dynamics in the auto industry, and building brand loyalty in an extremely competitive environment.
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