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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • joediejoedie Posts: 16
    Congrats to you! You deserve a new car. I went back to the ealership to get my plates put on yesterday. I am happy with Saturn. It seems like I finallystarted to learn something in looking and researching, but I had to get a car.
  • astiffastiff Posts: 1
    :confuse: My buying story, on a 07 SE with sunroof added, I just paid 18.5K, this included all the rebates including the $500 Hyundai financing which I did not want but to get another $500 off I finally thought why not? I will pay it off asap, dealer said to wait at least 3 months. Not sure if this is a good deal or not but I just got fed up squabbling over a few hundred and was ready to bail out until they finally dropped a few hundred off to get it to this final price. I still have to pay the sales tax (in RI it is at 7%) and the registration fees. They had it on the lot at 20.3K marked down from 23k (not that that means much)
  • joediejoedie Posts: 16
    Sounds like a great deal. Did you pay cash?
  • schandaischandai Posts: 10
    After negotiating the price for an 07 Sonata GLS, we went to the last stop at finance manager's office. He sat behind a computer punching keys and blurting out numbers real quick at us, you know, the car price, minus rebate, plus tax, doc fee, title etc... An he threw out a final total dollar amount. I tried to jot down the numbers, and to add them up by hand. The finance manager looked at us impatiently as if we were wasting his time.
    But guess what, his number was wrong, $100 more. I pointed that out, and he said "oops, must have hit the wrong key". Yeah right! (I knew by his quick response that he was wrong on purpose.)
    I read somewhere (maybe this forum) that this was a standard ploy to scam you. If they get caught, oops, "honest" mistake. If not, you are robbed.
    So potential buyers beware, bring with you a calculator or do it by hand, double check everything before signing that line.
  • dcpateldcpatel Posts: 7
    Nope. I did Hyundai Finance so I got $500 rebate.
  • joediejoedie Posts: 16
    What was your total cost of the car including finance? This is the only way I can compare. You got a great deal. Just curious if you did the balloon financing or what percenatge you are paying. Plus how much down?
  • dcpateldcpatel Posts: 7
    My OTD price is $16360. No ballon financing and my APR is 7.99%. I am gonna pay loan after 3rd payment. I have put $11000 as down payment.
  • gofishgofish Posts: 24
    OK All - I've been eavesdropping on Sonata and Accord "prices paid" posts for some time now. Also have been researching availability, window shopping, etc. So far I've resisted the buying bug but may be getting ready to pounce. Time for me to participate!

    I've come to realize from these posts that it is possible to get in upwards of $1800+ under invoice on an '07 before even applying rebates (e.g., Towne Hyundai). I also understand dealer/salesman tactics and to watch for hidden fees, etc (this would be my 3rd new car purchase in 6 years). What I'm getting a little confused about now are the rebates; $2500 basic, then of course there is the potential for military, college graduate etc. Currently at Hyundai's web site I only see the HMFC $500 available as an "OR" not an "AND". In other words, $2500 rebate and cash/conventional rate financing, OR $500 rebate combined with special rate HMFC financing. How are some of you getting $2500 + $500 combined? What rate do you get offered when you do that? Are there early payoff penalties and if so what is the minimum term requirement?

    In any case I too am looking at 07 GLS I4 Auto with at least the premium package and mats, maybe more depending on a particular dealer's selection. For comparison I have also looked at '07 Accords which can be had for a very good deal relative to what one usually gets from Honda, but still more than Sonata with less equipment. Also looked at Kia Optima which mates the I4 to the 5 spd auto which Sonata only offers on V6 models. Problem with Optima is that there is far less selection and ABS/ESC is optional with hardly any availability. You can price-even the GLS that I am considering with an Optima LX I4 auto equipped with appearance package and ESC (Hyundai has XM and power drivers seat versus alloys, fog lights and 5spd auto for the Kia), but because of little availability, there are likely no deals like Hyundai's.

    I am in SW Ohio (Cinci-Dayton-Columbus). Anyone experienced with Superior Fairfield in Cinci. Also I travel to western PA often; anyone have experiences with Bowser on Route 51. These are some dealers that still have selection.

    Thank you everyone. Your posts are very helpful to say the least. If I strike I will post details that hopefully the next purchaser can use to their advantage.
  • roypkroypk Posts: 8
    Is this I4 or V6; also is it manual or auto. Thanks.
  • roypkroypk Posts: 8
    Do you know if GLS 4 cyl 2007 model available in the Atlanta area. I see plenty of 6 cyl in the Atlanta area dealer's website but not 4 cyl.

    Other than Jim Ellis did you try any other dealer. Thanks.
  • gofishgofish Posts: 24
    From MSRP looks like:

    GLS w/XM I4 Automatic Base $18,545
    Destination 650
    Premium Package 550
    Paint Premium 200
    Mats 85

    TOTAL 20,030
  • atlbuyeratlbuyer Posts: 16
    Most dealers are out of them. However, Rick Case said they had some, but I'm doubtful. When I went to test drive, they gave me an 08, saying that it drives the same and they couldn't find where the 07's were parked. I did not like dealing with them. Old style slimy carsalesman tricks. Jim Ellis was much easier thru the internet dept. Good luck!
  • atlbuyeratlbuyer Posts: 16
    I bought and the financing guy said that I had to finance at least 10k to get the rebates. How much did you finance? I got a 7.65 APR. Will still come out ahead after paying off in 90days, but I thought I'd only need to finance about 5k. I wonder if he screwed me.
  • dcpateldcpatel Posts: 7
    I financed $5360. I put $11000 down.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    I don't think you have to wait 90 days, at least that was not the policy in the past.

    Suggest you call HMFC when you receive your first statement. The statement will show the pay off balance which includes interest up to a specified date. Just clarify that you may pay off the loan when making your first payment.
  • Wow, I am pricing the Sonata's and Honda Civics and I have been able to negotiate a really good deal for the Civic, but it darn near impossible to price a Sonata and see what other people are paying because of all the ways you can configure it. I wonder if they do that in
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    Interesting... lists 8 styles for the 2007 Sonata, and 27 styles for the Civic. Honda's mid-sizer, the Accord, has 33 (!) styles listed. The Sonata has some option packages available on those 8 styles with features such as power seats and moonroofs, which are not available or available on only a few trims of the Civic. But they are common options for mid-sized cars, so Hyundai offers them. Anyway, as you can see from this discussion with 4000+ posts, lots of folks are having success pricing Sonatas and reporting on what they paid. Hope you have better luck with that in the future.
  • atlbuyeratlbuyer Posts: 16
    I will definitely call to find out about the 90 days. I asked the finance guy to show me where it states that you have to wait 90 days to pay it off, and he couldn't. However, he claimed that it would state that on the first statement.
  • 17,905 OTD thats the base SE with Mats. The Dealer keeping the $2500 dollar rebate. My salesman had sold 4 cars to my in-laws so it was a simple deal to swing. My only complaint is I worked a deal on line with the internet manager for a Deepwater Blue SE at $17,795 OTD with no cash from me, other than the check for the car, and when I got there I found out it was the dealer shuttle car with 4,500 miles and scratcher on all panels and a bad rub on the front bumper. They had a Steel Gray w/mats and 480 miles that I got instead. They still have 10 2007 SE's and 38 GLS's on the lot.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    What other colors did they have in the SE version? And were there any '08's on the lot? Have heard that the '08 interior fabric is a bit nicer than the three earlier years.

    The Sandman :)
  • Black, Deepwater Blue, Cherry Red and both Whites. And yes they have 08's It is Ourisman Hyundai in Laurel MD.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Were they the pearl white colors or the regular white. I got up close & personal ;) with the pearlized white version and really loved the paint. Pearlized paint is so much nicer than metallic, but I have to admit when my Galaxy Gray Civic is freshly waxed, it's metallic does look sharp. Too bad Honda didn't offer the same color with pearlized paint...would've been killer!

    The Sandman :shades:
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    The PhD proves you're smart and educated, the Sonata proves you have common sense! Congrats on the car, the baby, and the the handle. :D
  • By both whites I was saying the had the Pearl and the plain white.
  • effect18effect18 Posts: 41
    Here's my deal.

    I got the car for 23,300 OTD including taxes and fees. I live in NJ and the taxes are 7%. I had to trade in my Ford Taurus which I was upside down on so I had to eat $800. I put down 3grand and financed 20,300 at 6.4% interest rate w/ payments at 395 a month for 5 years. Did I get a good price?
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    That seems a bit high or maybe its just because its a platinum edition? did you get any rebates or incentives off of the Sonata? I couldn't see having close to a $400 a month payment for a Sonata.
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Posts: 129
    Although you didn't mention whether your 2007 Limited Platinum Edition is with or without XM Satellite I believe you got a very good deal. :D Here's why: If you got XM, the invoice price of the car is $24,716 - $2,500 rebate = $22,216. If it doesn't have XM, the invoice price of the car is $24,275 - $2,500 rebate = 21,775. I don't know how NJ applies its sales tax to new automobile sales but in my state (Illinois) and many others as well, the sales tax is applied to the difference between the before rebate price of the vehicle minus the trade-in allowance (doesn't matter how much you still owed when figuring the tax). In other words the more the dealer gives you for your old car the less sales tax you have to pay. Since you didn't say how much the dealer allowed you for the Taurus or provide enough information to appraise it, I cannot calculate the sales tax. However, let's assume your dealer gave you $16,000 for the Taurus which you might get if it were a 2007 SEL with every conceivable option, excellent condition and very low mileage. :D If that were the case then the sales tax would have been about $400. There is also the $800 you were upside down plus tax title and license. Sounds to me like you were charged a very fair OTD price and got a good finance rate to boot. Congratulations and hope you enjoy your Sonata as much as I do. I believe that you will find that the pleasure this car gives you is well worth $400/month. :)
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    What was the selling price before rebates? What was the year of the Taurus and how much of a trade-in allowance did you get?
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Posts: 129
    "... What was the year of the Taurus and how much of a trade-in allowance did you get?

    In my rush to commend effect18 for his deal, I failed to consider the possibility that the dealer may have undervalued the trade-in. In addition to the year of the Taurus, what was its condition, trim, options, and mileage?
  • effect18effect18 Posts: 41
    Thanx for the reply, well to start I did get the XM version with 3 months of free XM radio. My Taurus was a 2002 SE w/ Traction Control with 57,000 miles on it. It's body was in good condition with no large dents but multiple(maybe 40) dime sized dents in the roof and hood(possible caught in a hail storm, was like that when i bought it). It had been in two accidents in the past 2 years, both of which were to the front suspension and body(insurance fixed). It caused me problems all the time, the engine would cut off when I sat at a traffic light, or when i came to a stop sign. It would always start back up, but it was a pain. My engine light also would come on like every month, and the error was always o2 sensor, but every time i fixed it, it would come on again. They gave me 4,500 for the car, but my payoff was 5,300. Thats where the extra 800 I had to eat came in.
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