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Toyota Tundra Accessories and Modifications

farmguy2001farmguy2001 Posts: 5
edited May 2014 in Toyota
I am trying to find a source for getting a quad cab Tundra 4X4 modified to add a camper-type shell to bed that is tied together with cab so there is internal access between cab and bed. The goal is to get a hybrid vehicle with interior similar to Sequoia SUV but with utility of the pickup bed of the Tundra.


  • I just bought a 2002 Tundra LTD, V8, automatic, and am interested if anyone else has put on aftermarket exhaust, air intake systems, etc, and how noticeable they were. I put these on a Dodge Ram I had previously and the performance was very noticeable, but some vehicles benefit more than others. Anyone out there with these mods?
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Does anyone know the best way to add cruise control to my 1993 basic Toyota truck? I'd like to get the orginal system off a truck in a junkyard, but they are hard to find. Is there a special aftermarket cruise control available for older Toyota trucks? I checked at the dealer and the kits only went back to 1997.

    - Paul
  • I went for the after market exhaust system, got the flowmaster muffler and tailpipes-stainless chrome things with the sharp/angled edges.

    They stick out of each side, fairly noticeable, especially when clean.

    A mid range sound. I don't know the actual number (i.e. 40's, 70's). Not obnoxious, but they sound healthy.

    I think they mean more to people that really know cars than to me. I'm just learning and am enjoying this expensive, creative process.
  • danno9danno9 Posts: 6
    I will be picking up my new 2002 Tacoma Prerunner Extended Cab today (July 5th). It does not have the security system on it so I started looking around the internet for one. Romania Toyota has the RS3200 Genuine Toyota Security System on sale right now for $199.00. I snapped one up. Their website is I have nothing to do with them commercially and I hope it is OK to bring this to the attention of the group. This is my first message and I hope I haven't broken any forum rules. Thank You D.W. Tucson, AZ
  • twowheelertwowheeler Posts: 89
    does your taco have keyless entry? Also, did you have the option to purchase the alarm when you got the truck?
  • danno9danno9 Posts: 6
    Hi Twowheeler,

    I don't have keyless entry but that comes with the security system. You get two remotes. I purchased my truck through an auto broker and got the one that had most of the options I wanted. It came from our local Toyota dealer. I get a better deal from the broker. Just bought my wife a 2002 RAV4 from the same broker. Originally I was going to have the dealer put the security system and the tow hitch on. The broker made it part of the deal and I was going to get both items at dealer cost. The night before I got the truck I found I could get the security system and install it myself and a tow hitch is much cheaper from many other places that a Toyota dealer. Nixed these two items from my order and my monthly payment went down $16 a month. One thing to note. Your truck must have power door locks in order to be able to use the security system. If you look on a window sticker the RS3200 security system is $499. I think $199 and a little bit of labor on my part is a good deal. The kit comes with instructions and everything is plug in. No soldering and hopefully no drilling. The kit even includes tie wraps.
  • twowheelertwowheeler Posts: 89
    I was gonna mention that if your taco(ma) had the keyless entry already installed, then you might be able to upgrade the factory system to full alarm for free (RS3000 model not sure about the others)! My '02 Tundra came with the keyless entry as part of the convenience package and they wanted, I think, another $250 or so for the alarm upgrade. I said no, and then later found out that the alarm is factory pre-installed in the '02 Tundra. All you have to do is spend about 30 mins simply unplugging/plugging a couple connectors and programming the remotes. But you have to buy the LED/microphone ($25) and glass breakage sensor ($ ?), as that isn't pre-installed.

    Wasn't sure if your taco was the same; sounds like not, but just wanted to mention that cause you might get off cheaper!
  • vibrationvibration Posts: 10
    Does anyone know how to remove the tailgate on the 2000 Tundra. Any hints? Is it a big job?
    Thanks for any help offered.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    It should be in the owners manual.
  • vibrationvibration Posts: 10
    I never thought to look in the owner's manual. I did after your suggestion, and to my surprise the instructions are there. thanks.
  • ochizonochizon Posts: 25
    I know little about these things, so I figure I'll ask. What is turbo\super charging? And can it be done to my pipsqeak of a pickup? What about intake\exhaust mods?

    96, 2wd, std cab, 2.4L, 4 cyl., manual tranny
    and somehow magically very fast.

    I want to make it faster :)

    Really, I'd just like to get a clearer understanding of these things. People speak of them on this board from the position of knowledge, so I have yet to put it all together.

    Thank you,
  • usrpetuusrpetu Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how is the wiring for the head unit in the Tundra? I need to add an audio amplifier and don't know which are the wires for every speaker in the Head Unit connector
  • go to for some possible answers. You can ask in the electronics forum or possibly find that info there already.
  • Superchargers and turbochargers both "blow" or force air into the engine. Typically, a naturally aspirated engine "sucks" air into the engine with the reciprocating action of the pistons. The forced air mixes with the correct amount of fuel and enters the combustion chamber. The resulting combustion process of this larger air/fuel mixture creates more downforce on the piston thereby creating more power. Here's a website that explains more on turbocharging and engines in general:

    You can add an s/c or turbo to your truck, but not sure if anyone sells a bolt on kit for your make. You may need to custom fabricate the mounting brackets, plumbing, etc. That would be $$$.

  • yosmanyyosmany Posts: 13
    Does anyone know where I can get a well priced 3" lift kit for my Tacoma? I have a 2002 PreRunner TRD. Also, What is the cheapest that anyone has gotten a Supercharger for that same model.

    Thank you,

  • Help, I have a "01" Tundra, my milage is poor at 14-16 MPG. Would dual pipes help. I drive fast, 70-80 MPH on highways, do all I need to do is slow down??

    How can I disable my headlights that are always on. Would like them to be turned off when hunrting, etc.

    My rig does not have the limited slip rear-end which came out on the 2002. Can I retrofit this as a option for my truck, Is it worth it?

  • check out:

    There's a forum for both Tacos and Tundra's, but mainly for Tundras. You'll have to register on the site to become a "registered" member which will give you access to the forums. To access the archived "how to" section, you'll have to be a club (paid) member. But asking questions and browsing the open forum is free; you may find answers to your questions that way.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    This is an offroad club, you can ask about lift kits and all other info.
    In short:
    Cornbred spacer lift (one of TTORA members, he makes his own lift kits): by far the cheapest, 1-3" of lift, front only. He can sell you an AAL (add-a-leaf) for the rear with shocks for nearly store price.
    RevTek lift: 2-3" I think. Expensive.
    Rancho lift: 4"'s expensive, but it's better than CB lift, for example.
    Trailmaster lift: 6" lift kit, the most expensive kit.

    Those are suspension lifts.
    For body lifts, you can get a Performance Accessories kit for $150.
    You need 3" suspension lift to clear 32x11.5 tires, and 6" of lift to clear 33s: by that I mean that you will be able to run around without rubbing (even with 6" your 33s may rub some) on the street and offroad.

    As far as charger goes: $2.5K for the standard V6 TRD charger that'll give you 265 hp. You can ask about various other performance mods like headers on the board.
  • So, most lift kits are only for the front suspension. If I want to even out the back I need to add a leaf. Is this correct?

    Also, Should I make any additional adjustments beyond the supercharger, such as an exhuast or is it ok to just add and the supercharger and leave it alone at 265 hp?

    Thanks a lot!
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Yes, if you just want to raise the rear end, you have few choices:
    1. AAL.
    2. New shackles.
    3. New leafpacks (like Old Man Emu ones).

    As far as charger goes, I think it's 265hp with just the charger. If you want to be sure, check and ask in our forums. I don't remember whether 265hp is just the charger, or the charger with headers/exaust.
  • I just took delivery on a 2003 stepside. Cannot find a bug deflector for my truck. Dealer says they are not available yet. Has anyone else had a problem with this. Are there any aftermarkets available yet? Any feedback appreciated.
  • I just bought a basic Tacoma with the regular cab. I really like the truck, but the bench seat is pretty uncomfortable (the lumbar ridge in the back doesn't fit my back very well). I've seen bucket seats with a nice center console in the more expensive models. Does anyone know if the bucket seats will fit in the regular cab, and where I can get them?

    Also, I'd like to add the fender flares that are on the 4wd models. I asked one dealer, and he thought that they wouldn't fit a 2wd truck. Anyone tried this?
  • I have a 4wd standard cab 2000 Tacoma (not TRD), and I want to replace the original shock absorbers (Monroe gas I believe)in hopes of improving the handling. My mechanic suggests replacing the shocks with KYB gas shocks. I know the TRD Toyotas use Bilstein gas shocks. Does any one have any ideas as to which brand of shock absorbers will give me a better feel of the road and better handling?
  • My 96 Taco 4X4 has the 3 leaf spring set. I would like to replace them with stronger springs. Any one have a suggestion of what to get? Thanks...
  • I'd recommend the Bilstein shocks. They came on my Tundra and it rides nicely. I've also ordered Bilsteins for my sports car(restoration project). All the note worthy German tuners use Bilstein shocks and then customize the valving. I've had KYBs and found them a bit rough.
  • I am looking to do the same, or a similar thing. I have heard of poeple using the captians seats of an areostar minivan. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the buckets of a similar year 4 Runner may do the trick... That is just a guess though. I Would like to try. Does any one else have any input?
  • The seats should be able to be installed. However, from what I have found, it tends to be cost prohibitive. You need to buy the seats, and mounting rails. Installing them isn't difficult, however, it may be less expensive to get aftermarket seats.

    As for the fender flares, the sheet-metal for the 4WD models is different to accomidate the larger wheels and tires than the 2WD models excluding the pre-runner. Fender flares for the 4wd model will not fit correctly on the 2wd model. However, similarly, there are alot of aftermarket catalogs available that you should be able to find fender flares for your 2wd truck.
  • Frustrated over the low mileage on the Tundra and wonder if anyone has done anything to improve it. Would duels help? Are there any ways to tweak out more MPG or has Toyota tweaked out to the max? Seems like the rating of 14-17 is not as good as it might be. Suggestions or comments?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897 could always put smaller tires on it.
  • I saw a post earlier that said the RS3200 comes factory installed on the 2002 Tundra. According to my invoice/accompanying pamphlet, I have the RS3000 (with the glass breakage detection), although I never asked (or paid for) any upgrade. Can anyone explain this?
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