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Mazda6 Sedan



  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    Yeah the Passat does look bigger on the outside to me than the 6 so thats probably why I think its bigter in terms of interior room. I think the 05 Passat(redesign) is supposed to have more interior room than the current model.

    I would stack the 6 near the 94-97 Honda Accord in terms of volume of interior room which isn't bad.
  • r2s2r2s2 Posts: 93
    >>>The 6 is a great-lookikng and handling car, but most people with kids are going to find it a little small for their use.<<<

    I don't agree. There are plenty of young people with children who do just fine -- aesthetics aside -- with Chevy Cavaliers, Ford Foci, Dodge Neons, Honda Civics, etc. The 6 would be a step up in size and I think it would be fine. And mine is sure as heck more fun than a Camcord.
  • I have four kids and I take three of them to school almost every day. They are 12, 11, and 3 years old. They love the 6 when I go through the corners. They are very comfortable.
  • xgbtxgbt Posts: 28
    I am deciding between a Mazda3 and a Mazda6. One thing that makes me prefer the 6 is its traction control which is not available on the 3.

    I believe traction control will be quite useful to me as I often find my wheels spinning when starting off on wet surface or in snow.

    However I learned that some traction controls cut off the gas too easily (other than braking the spinning wheel) and thus make the vehicle not quite moving at all.

    Can someone who has the traction control on the Mazda6 tell me how well it works ? Thanks !
  • a1leo1a1leo1 Posts: 7
    I bought my fully loaded 2004 6s in November And I LOVE THIS CAR. Around mid-December I began to hear what sounds like styrafoam rubbing together coming from inside the rear of the car I thought it was just the boxes of Christmas gifts I kept in the car but after removing them the sounds still occur when ever I hit any type of bump in the road. I thought maybe the seats were loose or one of the boxes knocked the speaker loose but they all appear to be tight and fitting properly. If anyone has any idea on what this might be it would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have an 18 month-old son. He and his car seat fit just fine in the the 6. Even with the seat in the middle, Mom can sit next to him if she wants.

    Automobile's mantra is "No Boring Cars", so it's no surprise they chose the 6 for their favorite family sedan. Amen to that! It's gratifying to see that the car publications (Automobile, Edmunds etc.) with Long-Term 6's still like the car after months of ownership; familiarity obviously did not breed contempt here. Even with the rust issue, there is no car in its category I'd rather have (actually, no other car in its category interests me at all). My 6 has been trouble-free and a joy to own.

  • a1leo1a1leo1 Posts: 7
    I bought my fully loaded 2004 6s in November And I LOVE THIS CAR. Around mid-December I began to hear what sounds like styrafoam rubbing together coming from inside the rear of the car I thought it was just the boxes of Christmas gifts I kept in the car but after removing them the sounds still occur when ever I hit any type of bump in the road. I thought maybe the seats were loose or one of the boxes knocked the speaker loose but they all appear to be tight and fitting properly. If anyone has any idea on what this might be it would be greatly appreciated.
  • troybentroyben Posts: 42
    Has been more than adequate for my family. Have two children, ages 3 & 7, both boys. The 6 interior space is perfect for us & we love the car. During Christmas transported 3 adults in back seat on short trip without complaints.
  • mes58mes58 Posts: 21
    If your kids cannot fit in the 6, then either you have a pretty large family (in which case no other sedan will fit your needs anyway), or you have some pretty big kids! We have had no problem hauling our 5, 8 and 11 year olds in our 6i and they love the car. For the times we really need space such as vacation trips, our other 'car' is a minivan (dare I say it, an Odyssey).
  • buck40buck40 Posts: 7
    on numerous occassions, and they have been comfortable. I think the 6 is a great size for a family of 4. My kids are 19 (about 6'3") and 16, and they don't complain about legroom or headroom. I have not had experience with car seats, however.
  • waydewayde Posts: 198
    When did production start of the h/b?
    Anyone know when dealers are supposed to get them/when the official launch date is?
  • What would ya'll recommend for this car for mainly urban stop-and-go driving (Houston, TX), the 4 or 6? Would the 4 with auto trans be underpowered? Looking to trade my Audi A4 1.8 turbo quattro with 5 speed for a car with auto trans my wife can also drive. The A4 is plenty fast for me but I don't know if the auto trans cuts into the action. I notice a lot of leftover 2003's at dealers and they are all the 4 cyl with auto.

  • I first test drove the 6i (4 cyl) last year, with just myself and the sales guy. I thought it had quite some zip, and didn't think I would need the V6. However, I ended up getting the 6 with AT, and did not regret it one bit. My "Yellow" has a lot of power, and I love merging into highways, when I get to play with the manual mode. Before I know it, I get to 80 mph and cruising. Compared to my wife's Subie (she has an Outback VDC with 212 hp), I can say that my 3 feels like it's half the weight, and it can fly.
    Definitely get the 6s with AT for yourself. The AT will help you in stop-and-go traffic, and the manual mode gets you the fun. Best of both worlds. (Just look out for the "stains"...)
    So far (after 4 months of zoom-zooming) ... 6000 miles without a hitch, and no stain for me. I'm a lucky guy!
  • After 6 months with a 4-cyl automatic, I can say this: get the V6. The 4-cylinder coupled with the automatic produces absolutely awful gas mileage (less than 20mpg, and I'm not alone), probably because the engine is constantly struggling. Once the engine revs up, power is great. However, the transmission insists on keeping the engine rpm as low as possible at all times and is reluctant to downshift. As an added bonus, the V6 is smoother, quieter, and much more refined. It also uses a standard oil filter rather than the 4-cylinder's much more expensive and complicated cartridge filter. If you are used to the power in the A4, you'll hate the 4-cyl. If you were getting a stick, it would be a different story...
  • I consistently get between 26 to 27 mpg on city and highway driving with my 6i auto. Something ain't right with your particular car...
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    If you must buy an automatic, I'd probably get the V6.

    At the same time though, the 4 cyl isn't that bad. Compared auto vs. auto and manual vs. manual, the A4 1.8T quattro is about equal to a 6i as far as acceleration is concerned. It might not be as smooth as the V6, but no 4 cyl is. The fact is, the 2.3L is one of the more refined I4s available.
  • kmaurerkmaurer Posts: 48
    I would recommend the 4 cylinder with AT ONLY if you do not have to use the air conditioner (unlikely in Houston). My 4-cylinder has decent power when I don't need the A/C, but the car grinds to a halt with the A/C on.

    On the positive side, my gas mileage with the 4-cylinder has been averaging around 28 mpg (60% freeway/40% city). I didn't consider the V6 because of the poor gas mileage.
  • ramped1ramped1 Posts: 159
    is certainly adequate, especially for kids. But, you don't have a lot of extra space for all of those kids' essentials that go along on most trips (games, stuffed animals, you name it). And, it is a little snug for more than four adults.

    My wife thought the back seats were uncomfortable compared to the Accord, but then again, she doesn't spend much time in the back seat anymore, as far as I know :)
  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168
    The 6 does have a much bigger trunk than the Accord though and the gas struts don't interfere with the cargo space as much.
  • ramped1ramped1 Posts: 159
    Agreed, the trunk is cavernous, and the flip forward rear seats are a great touch. A well thought out detail, as is the reading light over the back seat.

    Every time I think that I've dismissed the 6 and moved on to other options, I remember how good it is in most areas and I have second thoughts.

    Wayde: I believe that the hatches are going into production either this month or next, with cars hitting the lots around early April. Rich can give you more information whenever he drops by.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    the H/B is on schedule for late feb/early march. My first one is showing week 3 of Feb and it's a sold order.
  • " consistently get between 26 to 27 mpg on city and highway driving with my 6i auto. Something ain't right with your particular car..."

    This is the first time I have heard of anyone getting good mileage with a 6i auto. There have been several other discussions with many 6i auto owners consistently getting 20 mpg or less.

    Something wrong with my car? LOL. It has already spent 28 days out of service in 6 months, and several parts have been replaced 2 or 3 times. When the fuel leak recall notice comes in (should be early next week for all 2003 owners), the car will go in for that, the rust fix (real rust on mine), a squealing torque converter, another HVAC blower fan (3rd one), the infamous brake moan (TSB and revised parts), hesitation and bucking, hard starting, noisy power steering pump (scraping), and a wobbling crankshaft pulley. The car will probably be out of service for at least 2 weeks, and when I get it back I'm heading from the dealership to a Lemon Law attorney's office. Most owners have had a wonderful time with their 6... I was the lucky one to get the lemon. However, it won't be replaced with another 6.
  • ramped1ramped1 Posts: 159
    Thanx for the update on the hatch. Is the wagon on the same timetable?
  • moose54moose54 Posts: 20
    Could you inform us what the number and title is for that technical service bulletin? Did it take care of the problem? Thanks for the info.
  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168
    I consistently get close to 30mpg on the highway and maybe 24 in the city, but I have a stick. I don't see a reason for crappy mileage on the highway unless your engine is reving at 5krpm or something high. Maybe the torque converter does not lock up? I recall the AT having a taller overdrive gear.
  • bluem6ibluem6i Posts: 77
    Our 6i automatic is averaging 24 - 26 mpg in local driving. Not much highway use at all.
  • rdm925rdm925 Posts: 46
    Hi everyone, We just bought a 2003 6s w/auto trans. I love it, but it is the first auto I've had in 20 years. I'm getting 19-20mpg in city/suburban driving, but I was hoping for a little more. What are other owners getting? Thanks,
  • I have had my car for nearly a year, and have been tracking my mileage the whole time. I currently average 25 mpg, with about 75% of my driving being in the city. No complaints from me about mileage.
  • I have 10,000 miles on my 03 6s AT. I average around 21 mpg in driving similar to yours. If you spend much time in Manual Mode on the AT with shifts above 5,500-6,000 rpm you will burn gas by the tank full.

    Glad to see you like your 6s AT. This is my first AT automobile. I have been very satisfied. I had the stain/rust? repaired several months ago. It has not come back. I enjoy driving it more each day.

    Every new auto has some issues in the first year of a redesign. Check out the 04 Sienna board, or the 03 Accord. You could even look at the 04 Quest, and the Jetta/Passat boards.

    You made the right decision. The 6 is the best vale out there today. It is even doing a decent job holding it's value. Of course it's not easy to battle the Honda Hype.

    You lift off the brake as you enter the corner, the chassis responding to your inputs with the precision of a fine watch. The apex approaches. The chassis plants as you dig deeply into the power band. Suddenly you realize your in public traffic. You quickly disappear into the flow of traffic. As you look in the rear view mirror you notice your smile. You were not even aware it was there. Then you realize why you purchased the MZ6.

    Mark. : )
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    When I'm the carpool driver, I get about 23-24 mpg. On weeks that I'm not the driver and my driving is done in less traffic, I get about 26-27 mpg. On the highway, I have gotten 33 mpg.

    I really think your mileage results are heavily dependent on what kind of driving you do.

    Jerry seems to be getting really bad mileage, but from what it sounds like, he also spends a lot of time in really bad traffic. If you aren't going anywhere, you are getting ZERO miles to the gallon. If the traffic is that severe, sub 20 mpg results aren't that shocking.
  • Sorry, I haven't even seen the text of it. It is supposed to cover the installation of a revised brake clip to stop the moan produced while tightly turning at low speeds (e.g., turning into a parking space). As soon as I get the info, I'll let you know.
  • That is very true. However, I got 27-28 mpg during the same daily commute in my 99 Protege ES. Granted, it was a 5-spd. But, it had an EPA rating of 30mpg highway, while the 6i auto has an EPA rating of 29mpg highway. I figured I would get just slightly lower numbers. Did I mention I am running 38 psi in the tires just to touch 20 mpg?

    The best fuel mileage I have experienced so far was a trip to my parents' house in Ventura. It is 410 miles round trip, and I managed to push 395 miles out of a tank. This trip was with no traffic (early weekend mornings), cruise set at 70mph, and no hills. When I filled the tank on the way home, it took 16.8 gallons. That's 23.5 mpg... better than what I normally get, but still bad. However, with a wobbling crankshaft pulley and scraping sounds coming from the alternator and power steering pumps, poor mileage is not surprising. In the Protege, I would easily make the entire trip on a single tank (13.8 gallons) with enough fuel left to get to work the next morning.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    Something has got be wrong with your car then.

    I had a 2001 Protege ES 2.0L 5sp, and my Mazda6i gets the same mileage. Obviously, I'm pretty happy about the mileage in my 6 considering the Protege's was the same, but it was lighter, less powerful, and not as fast.

    BTW, how did you drive from San Diego to Ventura without encountering any hills? What about the Santa Monica mountains?
  • buggywhipbuggywhip Posts: 188
    Something IS wrong with jstand's car. He can barely pull 23mpg hwy; it should get 34mpg hwy easy. And resorting to over-inflating the tires to eke out a few more mpg is downright sad and potentially dangerous on a wet or icy road. Jstand, trade in your 6 for a Mazda3 hatchback or something.
  • Saw a post re noise from back. I also have experienced loud creak from rear window. Varies in intensity. Dealer is contacting Mazda to see if they know anything. Ther is talk of resealing the rear window. Has anybody else experienced this? What is the fix?
  • 3000 miles on my 6s with auto, mileage 21 mpg mixed driving. Go for the V6.
  • I don't know how you can say that this is the first time you've heard of anyone getting good mileage in a 6i automatic. I myself have responded to posts of yours about this very issue, quoting my own gas mileage of ~30mpg on the highway, and 25mpg in city driving. And I know that others have, too. More than once.

    Either you don't pay attention to others' posts, or you like to whine about your car's performance. If you're not MOVING but leave your car running, you are then getting ZERO miles to the gallon all that time.
  • /[email protected]@.ef059a3!keywords=allin%3Amsgtext%20limit%3A.ef059a3%20da- - - te%3A6m%20mileage%20mpg%20OR%206i%20OR%20AT%20OR%20auto%20OR%204&- amp;- amp;- amp;count=20

    I've replied at least 3 other times myself. Once in August, which was the first time I checked my mpg mileage after I got my car, again in Oct after a road trip of hiway driving, and again in Dec of '03. And there's many other replies to your numerous complaints about your low mileage, with most of them getting anywhere from 23 to close to 30mpg on the 6i AT. And this is just 6 MONTHS worth of search results! If I searched the whole year there's probably be even MORE replies to your complaints of gas mileage. As someone else replied to one of your posts...if you're just SITTING in traffic not going anywhere, every single day, for the majority of your commute, your mileage is going to be low. Unless you turn your car off every time you come to a stop. If your car is running but you're not moving, you are still burning gas, and getting ZERO miles per gallon at that point.
  • I've got 13000 or so miles and get 21-24 mpg in mixed suburban and highway driving. Oh, and when I mean highway, I mean going 70 - 80 mph about 70% of the time and the other 30% in somewhat stop-and-go traffic. I think I read somewhere that EPA highwaestimates are based

    Ah yes, love that Chicago traffic! I'd love to find a "driver's city" where the switchbacks are plentiful and there's no traffic on the highway. May have to move to Montana for that!
  • Sorry about that. I do read over two-hundred posts per day in various places, so it is easy to forget 5 or 6 posts over a 6-month period. And there have been several threads (not here) with several dozen posts about 6i automatic mileage with no replies from 6i auto owners getting decent mileage.

    In my defense, according to your search, the first time I complained about low mileage was exactly one month ago on 12/14/03. Before that, I was paying attention to the rust/staining issue and pretty much disregarding other messages since it was hard enough keeping up with the rust/staining. There was a period (late Oct.) when I was a bit too busy watching and keeping abreast of the thousands of burning acres here, trying to make sure I wasn't going to join the hundreds of destroyed homes. You could try searching back beyond 6 months, but I wasn't a 6 owner then.

    I don't expect to get 29 mpg sitting in traffic. However, I don't expect to get 18-20 mpg while sitting in traffic either. Like I've said before, in my Protege during the same exact commute, I would easily get 27-28 mpg and that would include extended periods of 1st gear and 4,000+ rpm, and near redline shifts in 1st and 2nd when I wasn't in traffic, and 80 mph cruising which yields a constant 4000 rpm because of the Protege's low gearing. I was expecting more along the lines of 23-25 mpg combined and 28-30 for just highway.
  • To avoid the Santa Monica mountains and a lot of LA and San Fernando Valley traffic, I take 5 to the 405 (Irvine) to the 10 (Santa Monica) to the 1 (Malibu) to the 101 (Oxnard/Ventura). Plus, taking the coast like that means fun twisty roads between Malibu and Point Mugu, but you are usually stuck behind an RV.
  • I have been averaging 20-21 mpg since I got it. Now that I have turned 6,000 miles, I think the mileage has gone up! Used to be, I got 300 miles a tank. Now, it's like 350 or more (before the light comes up). Is there an explanation for this?
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I see. I've done my share of driving in so-cal and being from MN, one of the things I noticed was that there are tons of hills and mountains. Here in central MN (Twin Cities), there aren't that many big hills, so when you're driving, you don't have to pay attention to elevation changes, just drive straight down the freeway. The big hills and mountains north and east of LA add a whole nother' dimension to driving compared to here.

    That must take you forever with that route. Before I went to CA, I always thought the PCH was a real highway instead of a dinky little two lane. Nice scenery though.
  • ramped1ramped1 Posts: 159
    Just about every engine will be more fuel efficient once it has passed the "breaking in" stage.
  • When did the rebate started showing up for the Mazda 6. 6 months after introduction? or longer?

    I'm looking at the Mazda 3 and will need some incentive to buy it.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    There is a $500 customer rebate in my area ( Philly and Harrisburg, PA) on the Mazda3. I hope it goes up to at least $1000 by March when I buy mine :) $500 is still a good rebate, especially since the car has only been out for 2 months.
  • kmaurerkmaurer Posts: 48
    I purchased my Mazda6i (no sport package) on May 19, 2003. At that time, the only offer from Mazda was 2.9% financing for 60 months--no cash back. I'm not sure how many weeks after my purchase the cash back/0% financing started, but it wasn't many.
  • My mileage has increased the more mileage I put on the car. I have almost 7K on it now and have gone from around 19-20 MPG to 22-23 MPG in mixed driving. This is a total shock as I have heard how bad the AT and 6 cyl mix has been. I am thrilled with the MPG at this point. It is getting almost 2 mpg better than my 3.2TL was getting with the same driving.

    On another note on the "rust" issue......... I did some of my own fixes, since I had very minimal rust from the beginning. I rubbed off all the surface stuff and then wiped down the entire window sash with alcohol (rag and q-tips). I then used touch up paint and coated all the areas there was previous rust/staining. I then went to the local auto parts store picked and up a can of clear coat, and ungraciously stole one of the Gumout straws, and proceeded to spray the clearcoat under the space between J channel and the sash. The straw performed great. If anyone has any ideas about doing this..........some advice.....keep a rag handy and cover anything you don't want overspray on. So far this has worked as NO new rust/stain has developed, and it has been about 2 months. I look continously, because if this works then it confirms to me the Mazda fix should work also.
  • rdm925rdm925 Posts: 46
    Hello All,
    Thanks for the replies and feedback on the 6s w/automatic gas mileage issue. I just installed a k&n air filter replacement element and it may make a small difference. I noticed a small increase in mileage and performance when I put one in my old 2000 Civic SI. Plus, my wife has been driving the 6 a lot lately and I think she has a heavier foot. I my have been spoiled by my last 2000 Honda Civic SI, which got 28-30 mpg, but it took premium gas or my wife's 2002 Protege5 at 24-26 mpg. But since I live in Detroit, the heated seats (bun warmers) are worth the difference. I would like some responses, ideas or input on how I can improve the mileage. Tomorrow(Friday) I'm going to check out the Detroit autoshow.
  • Update on the fuel leak recall. Mazda originally was going to mail out the recall notices today, 1/15/04. However, it appears that has been delayed due to a shortage in supply of the required parts. The word right now is a 3-day delay, but that is not set in stone.
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