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Electronic Gremlins - Electrical Problems That Are Driving You Crazy



  • srs_49srs_49 Member Posts: 1,394
    The sprockets in the tape player need to be able to turn freely. If they don't, then the player thinks it's at the end of the tape and tries to reverse it or eject the cassette.

    Might want to check that the "fake" tape reels in the adapter turn freely. If they don't, then that's probably your problem.

    Like Shifty said, that would be a defective adapter.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    sometimes you can open the cassette up, if it has screws, and carefully flip over the lubricating sheet that the rollers spin on--that might make them run smoother..using any kind of lube is tricky and would have to be some kind of very light grease applied in tiny tiny amounts to the wheels---a last ditch thing.
  • mshales282mshales282 Member Posts: 1
    On a recent trip, my Edge with 16000 miles on it just stalled and started running rough at low idle with no throttle response.....several times at 70 mph in heavy traffic. It would occur usually after at least 3 hrs. of driving and would temporarily go away upon stopping the car and shutting off the engine. This is intolerable due to the obvious safety issues which almost resulted in a rear end collision. I discovered via I pad research that many other edges were reporting similar issues which is the only way I knew to stop and get the car running again 2000 miles from home. As true to the other reports the dealer could find no codes to indicate a problem, but due to the overwhelming anecdotal evidence I supplied them and with the cooperation of the regional rep. they agreed to put a new throttle body into ......more to come. MKS
  • fiordifiordi Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I have 2000 Subaru Legacy GT limited w/140K miles on it. About every 20th time I go to start it, the car will not start- as in the starter doesn't turn over at all. I've had the battery checked and even replaced it on speculation, but that's not it. All the accessories work fine when I have the problem and the guy at auto zone says the battery has a full charge.

    The weird part is this- when I run into this situation I can turn the key back and forth rapidly from the OFF position to the START position, back and forth and sometimes this will get the car to start. Other times though this has no effect (its about a 50/50 split). If I can't get the car to start using the rapid and repeated key turning move, all I have to do to get the car to start is let it sit for ~20 minutes. When I wait 20 minutes, the car starts up, first turn of the key, no problem. WTF?!?!

    The one caveat I would add is that I did replace the starter with a refurbished cheap-o unit about 1.5 years ago, but the starting problem started only about 6 months ago.

    Any ideas?? Could it be some sort of computer chip with a timer in it or something? Is the ignition switch bad? What do you think? and how can i best diagnose what it going on?

    Thanks in advance,
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Probably the best way to find out would be to put a voltmeter on the starter solenoid when the problem occurs. If the solenoid is getting voltage when the key is turned to start then it's not on the ignition switch side. If the solenoid is getting voltage and the starter doesn't engage then the problem lies in the starter.
  • gftmachinegftmachine Member Posts: 1
    I own a '90 Justy ECVT 4x4.After replacing the combination switch(headlamp switch)and ignition switch,the taillight,parking lights and license plate lights stay on when ignition key is turned off.
  • mbradley22mbradley22 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Cobalt. I havent had my car for about 6 months now has been to many different places to get fixed about 5 actually. My cobalt is literally haywire. Ive checked the wiring, transmission, engine name it ive probably had it checked.
    My engine light and sercurity light are on. When Im driving (when I can) the gears are rough trying to change. (feels more like Im driving a manual) I had just filled my tank up and it said low fuel. Some times it will start sometimes it wont. One time it started and the key wasnt even in it (and Ive already changed the ignition 2 times) Someone told me it could be upper transmission module with the "communication penns" but no one seems to have those tools. Sometimes my car says power steering but it works and when it doesnt say power steering the steering doesnt work. My hazard lights will go crazy the headlights pretty much anything with what might seem like wiring will go haywire and Ive had all wiring checked. When its in park or at a stop light its making a weird clicking sound by the gears. If Anyone has a new idea as to what this could be please let me know besides getting a new car. I havent had a car now for 6 months and kinda becoming a pain.
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    Most of the things listed are electrical, and 'stuff' on today's vehicles can be pretty sensitive to voltage irregularities. Might be worth while checking battery/charging system.
  • gin10gin10 Member Posts: 1
    I own a 2008 cobalt and it is doing the same thing. My security light will come on randomly then dash reads low fuel, power steering, engine light comes on. When I come to a red light and then start to take off car bucks (jumps) into gear. Also when it going haywire and I put it into reverse then drive car jumps into gear. I have had the batter checked and replaced but car is still doing the same. Had my auto repair guy put it on the monitor and the read out said all 5 computers were bad, (mechanic said this is highly unlikely all five would be bad at the same time) but once monitor was discounted from my vehicle it reset itself and is running fine for now, however it will happen again. I have been dealing with this problem for over 8 months now. Any help out there would be greatly appreciated. I only have 35,000 miles on my car.
  • reg21reg21 Member Posts: 2
    I have a1994 chevy s10 blazer electal all good but will not start fuel pump is new what can i do
  • reg21reg21 Member Posts: 2
    my blazer will not start all elect is good fuel pump new what can i do
  • mikesauto1mikesauto1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi there sir , l own a nissan quest and i have come across the same issue of the headlight crackling ....exactly the same as yours ,
    can you help me repair mine ,or direct me to the source so i can fix mine asap , now i sometimes smell a burninf electrical smell on and off so getting worried ,i dont want to loose my 1999 nissan quest

    thanks mike or reply to [email protected]
    :mad: :cry:
  • onlyshallow86onlyshallow86 Member Posts: 4
    As the weather's getting warmer, I've been running into a strange issue with my car. The car will not start when it's been sitting out in the sun/noshade on 80 degree+ days.

    When I attempt to start, there is:
    - no "click"
    - no noise whatsoever from the starter
    - no changes in dials on the dashboard
    - dashboard check battery light turns on
    - A/C, stereo, headlights, etc. turn on

    This has happened several times - always on hot days when the car has been sitting out in the sun. It will consistently fail to start if I attempt to start repeatedly. I've had success getting the car to by opening the hood and letting the engine "air out", when it's not particularly hot out, or leaving it for a few hours and returning in the evening when it is cooler.

    Yesterday, it failed to start right after I pumped gas in the afternoon. I was able to get it started by waiting a few minutes with the hood open.

    I've had the car for five months and never had any issues starting in the winter.
    It's 13 years old and has about 110,000 miles on it. The battery is newish.
  • wirepaladinwirepaladin Member Posts: 2
    I could really use some help... I've been dealing with the dealership for about four months now.

    My problem is with my 2007 saturn hybrid vue, I've had the problem before and a previous dealership fixed it... The first time it happened around 60k started again at about's now at 99k, and the dealership put on a 1,000 miles and said the problem wouldnt reappear, three days later and only 50 miles on my part and the problem is back. The problem is as follows.

    While driving I have random lights on my dashboard flicker on and off. I get almost every light except the check engine light flickering on and off...The ABS the emergency brake the TCM...the security light flickers on and is the only one that then remains on for the rest of the drive.

    This stuff has happened but seems to come and go depending on when they return the car...I've also had all of my gauges zero out... I've had it go into a "power saving mode"...where I couldn't accelerate very fast. I also had one time where I stopped at a red light and the car turned itself off instead of doing the normal hybrid stop...and then restarted itself like nothing happened while me and my friend stared at it confused...

    The dealership seems to have no idea what is happening...they say they have replaced all the modules and checked all the wires...

    Please help if you can, thanks.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Would it be possible for you to gently rap on the starter motor with a broomstick or some such?
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