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Lexus SC 430



  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I don't own an SC 430, and since I'm in my early thirties and have other expenses I won't be getting one anytime soon. But I'll tell you this, I think the car is stunning. It is simply one of the most beautiful cars on the road. Every time I see one in a parking lot there are always other people looking at it up close. Who cares if the car will be a classic in 20-30 years? The point is the car looks great today and will be for the forseeable future. Throw in its amazing reliability, quality and luxury and you have one fine car. And my feeling is the car is bargain-priced.

    To all who own this great car enjoy.

    p.s. The FXS concept car was just a styling exercise and will never be built from what I've read.
  • It is difficult for those of us trying to form a balanced opinion about something, when you are so willing to make personal attacks on anyone who does not agree with your already made decision.

    I can promise you this, there are LOTS of people who could easily afford to buy your car that do not appreciate it much. That does not either improve or weaken the attributes of the car. Please take your own advice and stick to a discussion about the facts, and leave the insults elsewhere.
  • i have had my sc430 for about 6 months. i think it is beautiful but it is a damn rattletrap.... everday i heat a new friggin rattle....
  • >>>everday i heat a new friggin rattle.... <<<

    Emm, car rattles to me are like living near a railroad or an airport, after awhile the noise seems to disappear, you seem to filter it out automatically. But I guess with new rattles showing up with old rattles in a $60K investment that is only 6 months old, I'd get aggravated also. I suspect that folding roof structure with six or eight motors with hydraulics and who knows how many other associated parts, probably adds to the symphony. Put a set of 3 inch pipes on it with Borla muffers and a Bassani X pipe with high flow cats and hell everything else will fade into the back ground <Grin>. Besides you'll have the best sounding 430SC, anywhere around.
  • Sometimes a little lubricant applies sparingly can help. If it is a rattle rattle, try to locate and possibly tighten whatever. Tony ps better still look back on this board under lexus on the townhall then sc430. There were many posts before suspender
  • ccotenjccotenj Posts: 610
    i have a 6 year old bimmer convertible, and it doesn't rattle... (squeaks a lot when it's damp though)...

    didn't a "why i love my sc430" thread get started somewhere along the line? possibly the poster who brooks no negative opinion about his car might want to find that thread...

    personally, i find it "unappealing" (is that better than "ugly", shifty?)...

    and doc? fwiw, wishnhigh has probably ridden or driven far more quality rides than you'll ever see in your life. so can your "i'm richer than you so i'll insult you" attitude. otoh, don't. the best thing bimmer drivers have going for them these days is that lexus drivers are actually passing them in the poseur category...

  • ccotenjccotenj Posts: 610
    "I'm just pointing out that redundant negative subjectivity does no one any good."

    i suppose redundant positive subjectivity does?

  • w2p2w2p2 Posts: 63
    Just saw one for the first time Friday. DAMN its hot looking!. I have compared the differences between the two cars and think Lexus SC is better. Although it is 11K more than a SLK.
    The SC has a tremendous amount of features that my SLK does not have. What are your thoughs on the rain free windshield?
    I had owned a 2001,C320, but had major problems with the electronic keys and the computer in the car. The last time I took it in I decided to get rid of it and get a convertable.
    The Sc is sharp looking !
    I may have to trade this spring.
  • how old is the SLK? Don't you think it would be better if you traded now rather than later? Verts usually seem to go a little higher in spring time.

    BTW, whats a rain free windshield? Is that like rainX or something?
  • w2p2w2p2 Posts: 63
    It was a long process getting the SLK. I need to savor the moment. The SC has a coating on the windshield that sheets rain, sort of like rain X. I have not seen it in action , but have read about it.
  • squidd99squidd99 Posts: 288
    I've had an SC430 since April and have not noticed that the rain on the windshield acts much differently one way or the other from previous cars, including cars with Rain-X on them.

    The side windows do keep themselves remarkably clear of rain, however, which may be due to a coating or to the design; I don't know.

    As for the positive feedback from strangers in parking lots, gas stations, and even on the road -- I agree that folks generally will not tell you to your face that your car is ugly, any more than they would say that to you regarding your baby. However, if they have a negative or even a neutral opinion, they will just pass on their way. I don't say anything to Aztek owners, for example. What continues to surprize me, however, is the frequency with which I am subject to favorable questions and comments, even from people who do not know what kind of a car it is (since it's still pretty rare, at least where I live). What this says to me is that there is a lot of initial positive reaction to the looks of the car, which is not everyone's cup of tea, and certainly not as beautiful as the SC400, for example.

    I have never had a car of any kind that has generated this kind of an active response on the part of friendly strangers. I think it's a good thing, and speaks well of the car.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,704
    ...getting softer? Or, is it my imagination? I see a fair amount of slightly used, low mileage ones sitting in car dealer's lots for weeks and months! These are the cars that used to fetch in the 70's and now will not command this price point.
  • The demand here in So.Cal is as heavy as ever. Six month wait unless you get lucky. I bought mine a few months ago and couldn't be happier. I just replaced my wheels, I didn't like the factory wheels, even though mine were chromed.
  • Ive got a question...all these SCs that people are waiting for. Are they going high above MSRP, and if so how much? Do you think dealers are inflating the price too much?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,704
    ..dealers ARE inflating the price too high and it might come back to haunt them. It's a business though and one can't blame them. With the pricepoint they're creating (well into the 70's), however, they're getting in the range of the new SL Mercedes and it should be interesting to see how or if it affects the sales of the SC. Lexusfan2002, I think the market in So. Cal. has even softened. I received a call from B. Hills Lexus to "prodd" me a bit lately, whereas prior, they had the attitude that they were doing me a favor by being "willing" to sell me the car.
  • I can't speak for other dealers buy my dealer will only sell for list, no less no more. I did visit two others and they were inflating the price by adding stuff like custom wheels for crazy prices.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    I think that they're talking about the automatic rain sensing wipers. My Lexus (non SC) has them and I think they need to be a tad more sensitive.
  • I don't know about other parts of the country, but at least in Southern California, there are lots of SC430's sitting on the dealers lots unsold. I think you'd be able to get one under MSRP. I just bought a new Lexus SportCross last month for UNDER invoice. So I assume one could get a good deal on the SC430 also.
  • The SC430 postings seem to have died down a bit on these boards, but I have enjoyed reading them and found them helpful in making the decision to buy my new car (just took delivery this week).

    Count me in the camp of owners that think the lines of this car are fantastic, are really impressed with the handling/performance and creature comforts of the vehicle, and am counting on Lexus' great record of customer satisfaction for a happy ownership experience. I'm enjoying every minute in my new car and still discovering things to admire in terms of how the 430 was designed and constructed.

    That said, there was a great post on a prior board listing some features that are a little messed up. In the spirit of nit-picking, here are my additions:

    1. The audio control buttons on the steering wheel are great, and allow you to do almost anything needed to the stereo without having to have the panel in front of the ML faceplate open. The mode button allows you to turn the stereo on and switch between AM/FM/CD/cass modes....but it should also allow you to turn the stereo back doesn't (you need to open the panel to do this).

    2. The audio antenna retracts when the power to the ML stereo is off, but it should also retract when listening to a CD or cassette--it doesn't.

    3. The switch to open/close the top should be one-touch (this may be a safety issue). And if Lexus really wanted to impress people, they would have programmed special SC keys that allow you to raise/lower the top remotely (as you can do with your windows now, but the same safety issue may be involved).

    4. The audio for the navigation system comes from the front left speaker(s) only. The problem with this is that when the top is down and/or one is really blaring tunes, Nancy Navigator is awfully difficult to hear--even when the left channel music automatically dims to let Nancy talk. The audio should dim from all channels/speakers when Nancy has something to say and/or she should talk from all the channels/speakers.

    5. I agree with the prior posts that the complexities of locking the car for a valet and the need to keep the mirror adjust out of "lock" for the mirrors to drop while in reverse are silly oversights.

    Do others have comments on these observations--or maybe there are some features above that are malfunctioning in my car that need to get fixed--I'd really welcome your remarks. In addition, I wonder if there are any new comments recommending car covers (the Lexus cover is not worth purchasing)---where can a quality one be purchased? And has anyone had success removing the unsightly ABS warning labels on either side of the sun visors?

    I look forward to your comments.....

    BTW, regarding price, I agree that the waiting lists seemed to have vanished, and I was able to pay a LITTLE less than MSRP for the SC430
  • "2. The audio antenna retracts when the power to the ML stereo is off, but it should also retract when listening to a CD or cassette--it doesn't."

    Sure it does.. press and hold the RDS button to turn it off.

    (It's explained in the manual)
  • Great...I'll give that a try...thanks. Guess I didn't read the manual as closely as I should.

    Also, regarding my point #1, I figured out last night that if you press and hold the 'mode' button on the steering wheel, that will turn off the stereo (that's probably in the manual, too).
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    At my local Lexus dealer here in Chicago they had 5 SC to choose from. They don't keep them together for obvious reasons. One in the show room, one on the front sidewalk two in rear lot and one on the side. My guess is recent events have help create this surplus. I personally love the car, however the BMW M3 convertible may be a better bang for the buck.
  • I have put 3,000 miles on the car including one 500 mile trip averaging about 70 miles an hour. No rattles at all with top up or down.I did get rid of the run flats day one (Dunlop S9000's) and this may help the ride. No regrets, no complaints and yes, plenty of people stare and tell me how much they love the car.

    Only thing I would change would be an optional 5 or 6 speend tranny.
  • rezo00rezo00 Posts: 103
    #1 If you are going to buy a car because you like the look...who gives a dam if other people think its ugly, as long as YOU like it they can all just grimace in disgust as you drive by with a smile..

    #2 Looks are subjective.

    #3 So what if its .3 sec slower 0 to 60... in the real world on normal roads such diferences are almost impossible to feel by everyone...want me to prove it? have a friend hold a stop watch and start it....then tell him when you think 6.0 seconds are up, next do it again but tell him when you think 5.7 seconds are up (while not confirming if the 6 secons were actually 6 seconds from the last time..)
  • If there is a foot of snow on ground, it does not matter what type of tire, or how powerful the engine, or for that matter how the car is shaped. They all look alike Tony
  • dh50dh50 Posts: 5
    Ref..."the need to keep the mirror adjust out of "lock" for the mirror to drop while in reverse are silly oversights."

    I'm not sure of what the discussed problem is about this feature. The driver has the option of having the mirrors drop down by simply leaving the rearview mirror master switch in the "L" or "R" position. If the driver does not want the mirrors to drop the switch can be changed or left in the neutral position. This takes about a second. Having the mirror drop all of the time, when in reverse, sometimes impairs your rearward visibility.
  • Have not seen any on the local dealers lot here? Anyone know different?
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    My sister is planning on getting the SC430. She wants to buy it used. Anyone here from CA coming off a lease? I tried to convince her to get the Honda S2000 instead.

    Somehow, I can't stand the look of the SC430. It doesn't even look like a sports car. Is it me or does the SC430 look like a lady bug? Put some black dots on a red SC430 and you'll get a GIANT lady bug.
  • joeyb1joeyb1 Posts: 5
    I just purchased an SC430 on Saturday in NJ. I paid MRSP. The dealer had 4 out back and one in the showroom, but I don't know how many were already sold.

    I'll keep the Lady Bug idea in mind just in case I get bored with it.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Red SC430 looks like a red lady bug.
    Black SC430 looks like a black beetle.
    Brown SC430 looks like a pregant cockroach.

    Man, I'll be stuck looking at one of these bugs on my drive way when my sister gets an SC430.
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