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    Called the Dodge 800 number Monday. It hqad been 48 days since I placed the order. Instead of the ussual BX status they wouldn't tell me the status and refered me to my dealer. He told me there had been a temporary hold and the hold had been lifted. Anyone else been that long currently without a build date? Its a swb quad, slt+, 4x4, v10, auto, 4.10 . Rich
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    I am looking for information on what is the correct K&N Air Filter for the 5.9L GASOLINE engine. A good retractable cover for the bed (like a hatchback), and a good set of side steps for a 2000 QUAD Cab. Preferably black.

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    Just because Halifaxx flamed diesel Ram owners, it doesn't mean you should refer him to the women's topics... We're not interested in narrow-minded people, either.
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    I ordered my 2500, v10, quadcab, SWB, 4.10, limited slip, SLT+ in late August early September, 15 days ago I was told it was "KZOD" carrier holds, turns out it had broken glass, but I've had a blast following it along, lots of info from this list has kept me totally updated on aspects I would have otherwise been unaware of.

    I'm dropping a Chevy for the Dodge and I do plan on calling Performance Products in L A (best prices) for a K&N air setup and a Hypertech tuning module, it's the coolest gizmo you can imagine, plug it into your computer and adjust your wheel size (fix your speedo if you undersize or oversize your tires), adjust the firmness of your transmission shifts(automatic), change your top speed from 99 to 127, and last but not least, tune your rig for the fastes possible 1/4 mile time it can run. I've read here (kcram) that the stock shocks don't hold up and I learned the hard way with the Chevy to just chuck-em and install Edlebrock shocks.
    Now I'm not getting down on Diesels, I could use the mileage, but I haul livestock and they don't need the fumes:)

    You have to be a member of your state farm bureau for thirty days to qualify for the 500$'s

    I've always been amazed how fast this page loads,(56k modem) I see 118k+ speeds when I click this link, bravo.
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    My previous posting related my gearboxes failure to stay in 4th. Well after a brand new gearbox I now have a problem with the gearbox slipping out of third. I have become quit the celebrity in Muncie Indiana with the folks at New Venture Gear Inc. (the company producing this gearbox) I have been involved with 3 extensive debriefs with their engineering staff and I can assure all of you these people are sharp. However being the only soul in North America to have two successive failures in two weeks of owning a truck, I have gathered some valuable data: New Venture says that there are some failures out there right now that have their attention but over all the gearbox is doing very well. For those of you who have used Ford gearboxes and/or are auto enthusiast with experience with "high" quality manual transmissions I can assure you that this six speed gearbox will only disappoint you. Functional yes....Able to tame the Cummins motor yes, however the gates are close and and easy to get lost in. And the jury is still out as to whether this gearbox is worthy of its close quarters with the worlds finest diesel power plant. The third gear box goes in next week, I will keep you posted.

    hallifax: G.A.F.G!!!!!!!
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    They sent me an aftermarket flyer for my Chevy, but they carry everything for everybody.Their price on the Techtronics was 50$ less then anybody else (I could find), their other prices might have competition.
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    I just got off the phone with my local dodge dealer. I ordered a 2000 Ram about 3-4 weeks ago, but canceled the order when I heard about the ETH diesel and the possibility of an updated/upgraded automatic available in January. The dealer just had a meeting with the regional representative and the representative confirmed all the rumors. The Model year will change to 2001 in January. The ETH will be available. The automatics will be upgraded/updated. NOW I'M EXCITED!!!!

    I asked the sales person when I could place my order, and that is when things got real fuzzy. He said there is no way to specify which setup you want. If you order the diesel and the automatic it might be the new setup and it might not. No information about Horse power or Torque. No information about the transmission, is it a 5 speed automatic? I called 1-800-4adodge and asked them all the same questions they said they could not comment in any way shape or form about any of this. They wouldn't even confirm the model year change. What gives? Why won't DC give any straight answers???? Has anyone else heard anything about the 2001?
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    Thanks for the web site. It was very informative. Do you have a site for K&N? Thanks, Bob
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    I just picked up my 2000 Ram QuadCab LB v10 and
    want to change the muffler as the truck now sounds
    like a sewing machine. I've been told the v10's
    won't sound as good as a v8 b/c of the firing
    order. Some muffler shops i've talked with have
    said the Flowmaster muffler doesn't make the truck
    sound very good. Has anyone changed to a more
    free-flowing muffler and achieved a good sound?
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    I just took delivery of the same truck you ordered except I got the long bed. I'm very interested in getting the K&N air filter, and the Hypertech tuning module sounds like something I'd also be interested in - just put on a set of BFG T/A KO 295/75R16 and would like to adjust for the increased wheel size. I've also heard that I should replace the shocks. Edlebrock are the best to go with?

    Also, do you have the phone number/web address of Performance Products?

    Sorry about the broken glass in your truck. I know once you order the truck you get anxious to get your hands on it. I followed my truck's progress on Union Pacific Railroad's website: www.uprr.com. Good luck!
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    I feel for you too. I ordered my 2k v10 LB 4.10 and was just able to pick it up 2 days ago; took about 7 weeks for me from order to pick-up. I'm definetely pleased. It took forever to get info on it while getting built, but once shipped, tracking it was easy. Good luck!
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    that knows. How do you get a hold of thr Farm Bureau, is the rebate only available on Dodge, and do you have to join for X amount of time before the rebate is valid? I know it's a compound question but any help would be appreciated.
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    U must be a member for 30 days. It is only good for 99 and 2000 Dodge. try this link to get you started http://www.farmbureau.com/ but you must join your states FB.

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    I like the Rancho RS9000 shocks. You can adjust them....so if you don't have a load you won't bounce around. I just pulled my two week old factory shocks off and I wish I would have done it two weeks ago.
    You may want to look at the AMSOIL air filters, the word is that they are a little better than the K&N's.
    I picked up my RS9000 at www.hotrod-offroad.com
    They were on sale...I don't know if they still are.
    It only took them two days to get them to me.

    Do a net search for the farm bureau for your specific state....30 days.
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    I understand teamviper's disappointment in his 6 speed(s). Does anyone else NOT like their's?

    Do you agree with the gate spacing making things difficult to find? Are you still happy with everything now that you've had a couple weeks?

    I have a 6 speed on order and am wondering if it will be worth the wait. Thanks for any comments.
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    I am looking at the y2k 2500 QC diesels, with all the trimmings. Test drove 2 different trucks, and could not find one that didn't have a strong odor of diesel inside the cab (windows up & AC on)
    On 1, it was apparent all the time; the other it happened only when stopped. I like the Dodge but can't handle smell.
    Is this normal for Dodge? Has anyone else encountered the same problem? Test drove the Ford CC and it just smelled like a new truck inside.
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    I drove a 99 auto and 6 spd diesel and noticed a slight odor with the windows open . I believe diesel fumes are heavy and you are at the mercy of wind direction , if the fumes blow towards the window or towards the fresh air intake that just goes with the territory . .......cant wait to order a 2001 6spd ETH
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    i have seen post as to this and most have said that after the break in period it goes away , also did you try it with a/c in max setting , this will recirculate the inside air only , so if you have it off and then go to max you probably won't get it , but like wwhite2 says it goes with the territory .. can't wait to get mine ...
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    what does eth mean when talking about the 2000 Dodge trucks
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    ETH is the new code for the Cummins High Output Diesel. Currently the ETC is rated @ 235hp/460 tq with manual trans.
    The ETH will be 245hp/505tq it's just a ECM change to get the H.O. numbers. Also common rail fuel injection will be used with the uprated ETH .
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    Does anyone know wher I can find a rear disc brake conversion for Dodge Ram's. The vehicle is a 93 1 ton Dodge, Cummins, 4WD, 5 speed manual, w/ a Dana 70 heavy rear end w/ 4.10 gears. This truck is eqipped w/ a flatbed dump, so width of brake conversion is not really a problem.
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    Or a donor vehicle that the disc brake assembly could be robbed from and istalled on the truck?
    i. e. i know that if you wanted rear disc brakes on an 80's model Chevy you could rob vette rear discs.
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    My dealer told me the only difference between the ETC engine and the new ETH coming out is the computer chip and that switching the chip would upgrade the engine. Is this true? (He also told me the only difference between the 2500 and 3500 was the dual rear wheels.)
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    Been driving my 2000 diesel 2500, QC, 3:54, 5spd, lwb, for a week now. I thought i was going to regret the gear ratio, but not one bit. the 5spd w/ 3:54 and 265 tires are a great match. There is still plenty of torque with this combination. I already added DEE ZEE diamond plating and Duraliner bedliner to the truck. more to come. hgot the truck in 8 weeks of order time. wish you guys all the luck on yours and so far with mine no problems.

    Good luck
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    I saw on the cummins website that they are selling an uprate computer module that can be used on the 5 or 6 spd and makes 245hp and 505 ft lbs .That is supposedly what the output of the eth will be....cheaper than buying a new one .. I also think the 2500 and 3500 share many parts but there has to be some difference ?
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    In regards to the Farm Bureau rebate..Does anybody know if you have to be a member prior to purchasing a 2000 Ram? Or is there a certain amount of time once purchased (Truck) that you can still qualify for the rebate. Just purchased a 2000 QC,diesel,4:10,Auto,Loaded..Very pleased. Thanks for all the great info found here on this sight...Thanks
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    Hard luck, you have to be a member for 30 days prior to purchase of the truck.
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    That's right, you have to be a member for 30 days before they give you the certificate qualifying you for the rebate. Which works out nicely if you're ordering your truck, but not so well if you've already bought it or are about to. BTW, were any other recent Ram buyers informed of the rebate by their dealer? I only learned about it at the last minute, which makes me wonder if there isn't some way the dealers are cashing in w/o telling their customers about it. My buying experience was relatively painless, but if there's one thing I learned, it's that I'd rather have my teeth drilled than spend time in a dealership. I wouldn't be surprised if they spring a few more surprises when I actually sign the papers. I'd be interested in others' experiences. (Then we can rejoin our regularly scheduled program -- "We've Only Just BEGUN to Talk About Diesels" -- already in progress -- ha, ha!)
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    Found out my truck is still BX. I told dealer if its not here by December 21 I will probably cancel order. That will be sixteen weeks. We are leaving About Jan 9th with our fifth wheel for Arizona. With the holidays and all to get it much after the 21st won't give me much time to get a bedliner, hitch, brake controler, rollup cover and nerf tubes installed. Plus get a few miles on it before towing a test run to make sure everything is ok before we make the trip. I am kind of disapointed that after 8 weeks there is still no build date. I would guess the build date is issed at least 2 weeks before build and then 2-3 weeks for delivery. And delivery may slow as the holidays near. .... Rich
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    Picking up my y2k 2500 4x4 slt+ cummins today. Ordered on 8-26 and the wait is finally over.
    What a relief!!
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    This topic is continued in Topic 1274....

    2000 Dodge Ram - II. Please continue these discussions there.

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