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2000 Dodge Ram

ericgericg Member Posts: 38
edited March 2014 in Dodge
I am planning on buying a new dodge ram 1500 club
cab sport. I was wondering if there are going to be
any changes for the 2000 model and when they are
coming out? I have contacted some dealerships but
they know very little. Your help would be greatly
Eric G.


  • jcmdiejcmdie Member Posts: 594
    If they want to remain competitive they better put four wheel disk brakes on it.
  • pomocojohn1pomocojohn1 Member Posts: 2
    I work for a Chrysler / Plymouth Dealership and we just got our information on what is new for 2000 and we placed our first orders already. I think that the Dodge dealerships should have the same info. We just got our info. 6/1/99
  • rflintrflint Member Posts: 34
    i would like any info anyone has on the new 2000 dodge 1500 sport 5.9 lt eng if they have any, and whatever changes they might have made to the veh.
  • ctriplettctriplett Member Posts: 1
    I would like new color information on the 2000 Ram 2500 4wd/quad long bed and any options that may be new or combined from the 1999 series. Also is there any expected price increases?
  • biknmikebiknmike Member Posts: 27
    I know the colors emerald green and deep amythist are being replaced with patriot blue and a bronze color. Also, garnet red is being added.
  • eric16eric16 Member Posts: 38
    My sale person called and said I can order my new truck now, no price for it yet. She said dodge was upgrading the brakes,suspensions and some package items. Has anyone heard of other rummors about upgrades.

  • ericgericg Member Posts: 38
    I have one question for everyone. I was wondering how you can order a truck without knowing the price? Do you negotiate when the truck arrives or are you already commited to buy it?

    Eric G.
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516

    MOst dealers will order a vehicle based on the current price plus an agreed-upon percentage, guessing the manufacturer's increase. They are often written to the customer's advantage, i.e., if the percentage is higher than the actual price increase, then the customer can renegotiate - if the increase is greater than the guess, the customer can get the vehicle for the agreed price percentage.
  • ericgericg Member Posts: 38
    Ok that is all understandable, but i do have one more question. What happeneds if the new model has different options than the previous year? Wouldn't you have to wait until the dealer has all the options available to him before you order?

    I was planning on ordering a Dodge Dakota with an 8cyl. but I heard rumors that they are having a new 4.7L v8. I know that will be an option for the new crew cab but i wanted to see if it will be an option for the extended cab.
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    in the case of engine swaps, they will usually price it at whatever the previous engine option is - for the Dakota, the dealer would guess the 4.7 would cost the same as the old 5.2.
  • ericgericg Member Posts: 38
    Thanx for all the info. I will probably go shop around for a new truck sooner than i first planned.
  • mb4mb4 Member Posts: 1
    My dealer called me too and said I could order my Ram now. They are coming out with a new SLT-plus package, and a new quick order "H" package which includes leather. Both packages seems to almost totally load up the truck with all kinds of great options. I looked over the list and everything was on there that I wanted for my 1999 Ram, which I didn't order in time. I didn't hear anything about mechanical upgrades like brakes etc. Anyone else hear about upgrades? I'd think the dealers would be more up on cars and trucks, being their business.
  • bus3291bus3291 Member Posts: 1
    Make you a deal !! You tell me where and how and with who I can get the best deal on a 1500 or 2500 Ram (2000)and I will tell you where is the worst place you can go:

    Hint the dealer slaps on a $950 dealer add on of which there are none. He didn't even bother to clean out the ash trays. To make matters worse somebody bought it
  • diver3diver3 Member Posts: 3
    Hey Everyone, I just ordered my 2000 RAM. Here's
    the details: 1500 Quad Cab, Patriot Blue Pearl with the 5.9L engine. The truck should be
    delivered in the first two weeks of September. I
    found out the Patriot Blue is NOT offered in the
    Sport trim. I don't know why Dodge is so stupid
    about not offering that color in a Sport package,
    but anyway . . . The dealer also confirmed that the cab is supposed to be 5" bigger, but he didn't
    have a sheet with the truck dimensions. I'll keep
    you updated when I find more details.
  • biknmikebiknmike Member Posts: 27
    I heard the ETH Cummins and the 5-speed Allison is restricted until January. Is this when production is supposed to start or when you can actually order them?
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    Generally, a restriction date is when the vehicle or option begins production. You can order it once the option code is known, but normally it will be either rejected by the manufacturer or given an extremely long lead time.
  • mictromictro Member Posts: 29
    Where did you find this MSRP information? Is this available to the general public?
  • ericgericg Member Posts: 38
    I found this info. at carprices.com the options are carried from 1999 prices.

    Eric G.
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    I retrieved that info from DaimlerChrysler's press release/media site - click here
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Looking at carprices.com I see what I think is a new option for 2000 with the 2500 quad cab SWB. The SLT Plus Quick-order package 2_H. Its probably available for other models too but I havn't checked. It reminds me of the Silverado LT package. Everything but the kitchen sink. A couple of things of note are larger tires, heated leather seats and woodgrain dash. Couple of questions. The woodgrain dash I thought was a dealer installed option in 99. I'm kind of turned off at first. I remember looking at a new 85 Ford Bronco and it was pealing off like wallpaper. Ended up getting a 85 Ramcharger. But has anyone seen this dealer installed rosewood trim for 99. But I guess the 2000 may not be the same. For 99 LT245 tires were available on the 2500. Carprices are showing a P265/75R16 included in the SLT + option. But yet under tire options it list an optional LT265/75R16E. I suspect this maybe the real tire included with this option. The P265 is a 1/2 ton size. Also is the 4.10 limited slip rearend available on the V10 for 99? Would appreciate comments on my comments. I have been looking at the new Silverado 2500 for over a year. And it looks like some time yet before they get the four doors out of the plant in a 3/4 ton. Along with all the other constraints they keep running into. I've always prefered the exterior of the Dodge, but the interior of the Chevy. I guess by mid-August dealers should have firm pricing and other info on the Dodge. I called a dealer the other day and he said I'll probably get the facts before him. ...... Rich
  • madmackmadmack Member Posts: 39
    My dealer(fleet) said he can order my RAM 1500 next week (end July) and I'll have it in six weeks...any input on this?
  • jarheadjarhead Member Posts: 8
    I just ordered my 2000 Ram 2500 4x4, quad cab, SLT, Cummings Turbo Diesel, short box, 6 speed manual. sierra Bronze Pearl paint with Camel interior. My Fleet dealer said currently this color is on hold anyone know why? The 6 speed was on hold but he says its available now. As soon as the paint is taken off hold they will build my truck. The color is really nice and I looked a paint samples at the dealership. with the 3.55 gears it comes standard now with the limited slip saving 242.00 bucks, also they finally put the bigger tires on standard with the SLT package. the rims are new and really sharp looking. with the am/fm/cass/cd, trailer tow, camp pack, fog lts, ABS, sliding rear window, She came to 30,617 only 100.00 over invoice from 30,517. the fleet guy said to add approx 700.00 for 2000 price increases. this would bring me to 31,317. according to Kcram theres only a 100 dollar difference on the MSRP 2000 prices. is this True? There has to be a bigger price increase than just 100 bucks, I have heard 7-800 bucks is standard every year. any help on this and when my color is available would be appreciated. Semper Fi.
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    Your color is on hold because it is brand new this year. It is scheduled for release next Monday (7/26/99). As for the price, the Rams went up about 2% for the truck at MSRP, and options were expected to hold the line. If the dealer is willing to say $100 over 1999 in writing, take it, but certainly expect an increase of around $600-800
  • ericgericg Member Posts: 38
    I was wondering when dodge will give out the price for the new off road package? Also, can this option be added along with the sport package? Both packages have some of the same options, but you can only get the solar yellow color with the sport package.

    Eric G.
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516

    I'll check on that and get back to you :)
  • ericgericg Member Posts: 38
    I found out from the dealer yesterday that you can add both packages to the dodge. i still do not know the price. oh ya,where did you find the production chart for the 2000 ram. i found it once on the net, now i lost it. i dont know if you call it a production chart, it listed why certain colors were on hold for production and also gave dates.

    Eric G.
  • eric16eric16 Member Posts: 38
    Can you get manual locking hubs on the dodge 2500 4X4?

    Eric 16
  • jarheadjarhead Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info on the Sierra bronze paint being released on 7/26/99!, is it true that the Allison 6 speed is ready to order? I heard that it is. When the Bronze paint is released I assume I will be in line. my fleet dealer said 2-3 months approx for delivery. does this sound accurate. And do you reccomend the option DHG for my 2500 diesel 4x4, its called shift on the fly but the dealer says its the PTO power take off option and that shift on the fly is standard which i've read here. should I get it? thanks again for all your help, we do appreciate it.
  • jarheadjarhead Member Posts: 8
    eric16, even on the base ST 2500 there is no manual locking hubs. everything is shift on the fly for Dodge.
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    ok, in order :)


    Click here for production information. At this page, click on the most recent month shown and scroll down - you will see the various makes, models, estimated production times, and what options/models are restricted or on hold. Basically, "restricted" means it is in short supply and may take longer, while "on hold" means it is not available at all until the date shown.


    No, manual hubs are not available on any light duty 4x4 except for the Ford Super Duty F-series. All Rams are auto-locking.


    Two to three months is about right. The Allison is not ready yet (it's a 5 speed automatic, not 6); it is expected to be announced after January. And I definitely recommend the DHG transfer case. Your dealer is correct - all Rams are shift-on-the-fly and the option is simply the heavy-duty version with a PTO, but it also has a higher torque capacity. Getting it removes the possibility of the transfer case becoming the "weak link" when you need to really get down and dirty in 4wd.
  • ericgericg Member Posts: 38
    Hopefully i will be ordering my 2000 dodge ram 1500 4x4 quad sport off road by monday.

    thanks for your help

    oh ya do you know how much the off road package is?
  • eric16eric16 Member Posts: 38
    Your link to the production information showed that diesel engine was on hold untill 1/5/00 is this a different motor than the current cummins 5.9L? Thanks for your answer on the hubs.

    Eric 16
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516

    DC has not revealed option prices yet, just the base vehicles. The option prices won't be ready for a week or two from what i understand.


    Yes, the ETH Cummins engine is new. The current ETC will be dropped at that time. The ETH will have more hp and torque, and is expected to solve all of the previous drivability issues experienced since January of 98. Same config, 5.9L, 24 valve, EFI. The rumored power output is 245 hp and 505 lb-ft of torque.
  • jagadakoojagadakoo Member Posts: 1
    I just learned from my salesman that the new quad cab in 2000 ram is 3.5 inces longer..
  • west3west3 Member Posts: 7
    KCRAM, etc,

    I have been told that the Allison transmission will NOT be offered on the 2000 Ram. Sourced from http://www.car-truck.com/chryed/buzz/072399.htm

    Any other information that contradicts this that is more reliable?

  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    yeah, I talked to the editor of car-Truck today. Not good news on the automatic front - we'll have to wait til the redesign (2002) for a heavy duty automatic from Mopar themselves.
  • jarheadjarhead Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info again. I thought the Allison trany was the 6 speed. I want the 6 speed manual. the color Sierra bronze does not show a hold anymore! cool. the 6 speed manual says extremely limited availabilty? any idea what exactly this might mean in terms of my order for such? Thanks again for all your answers. I am trying hard to hold out for the 2000, due to the color, rims, and 6 speed manual. I hope its worth the wait.
  • jarheadjarhead Member Posts: 8
    Kcram, you mentioned that the new ETH Cummins is supposed to solve all the driveability issues from the current model. is there something I should know before buying the ETC Cummins for my 2000 Ram? thanks
  • captrccaptrc Member Posts: 11
    whats wrong with these dealers cant get anybody to call me back with price trying to get price on dodge 2500 4x4 short bed v-10 loaded to the hilt any comments on the v-10 going to get the 3-54 rear hoping that will help on milage if i get 10 mpg that will make me happy read all the postings someone said cab is going to be bigger is it true
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    I have been looking at the V10 also. I can see your reasoning for the 3.54 rearend. But doesn't that kill its towing capacity? I talked with a guy pulling a big three slide out 5th wheel and the 4.10 or 4.30 rearend and he said he had plenty of power and got 8.5 mpg towing. That is not bad towing. But I agree the V10 doesn't do to well solo.
    But how would the 5.9 gas with the 4.10 compare to the V10 with 3.54. I bet the 5.9 would have better acceleration solo and pull near as well. Any comments? Rich
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    thanks for the tow ratings, BUT it does seem the V10 is going to have less acceleration with the 3.54. My point is would it be acceptable while towing? But how about acceleration comparison between the 5.9 and V10 with 4.09 vs 3.54? Dodge is different than Chevy in that the tow rating stays the same no matter what the gear ratio with Dodge but you must admit with a heavy 5th wheel the 3.54 may be a poor performer. It does not seem logical that the 3.54 and the 4.10 would perform the same on hills or stop and go driving pulling even a moderate weight 8,000 fifth wheel. Anybody out there towing? ...... Rich
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    If I only keep it 3 years and 45,000 miles I find it hard to justify the cummins. Even fifth wheelers that full time don't tow that much. They may stay at one location for months. ...... But the V10 with the 4.10 it seems will get poor mileage solo. The cummins whlie getting high fule mileage is offset by frequent service and high initial cost. My fifth wheel is borderline for the 5.9 gas and will probably get as poor a mileage as the V10 while towing, but what kind of mileage would it get solo with the 4.10? ...... Rich
  • captrccaptrc Member Posts: 11
    richinks captrc i know it doesn:t make sense that the 3.54 4.10 tow ratings are the same but for me i will only be towing 2 mos out of the year and i will sacrifice a little bit of towing power for the extra gas milage havent bought my fiver yet because of the same reason i haven:t bought my dodge. no 2000 pricing available going to go to the harrisburg show in sept to see all the 2000 models trying to stay in the 30 ft range with 1 slide going to go out west in 2001 and then alaska possibly the year after
  • wiz1wiz1 Member Posts: 18
    I had a 99 6 speed ordered since Feb 2, but they were on restriction. They came off restriction late in May/June, shortly before the cutoff date for 99 orders. My dealer agreed to order a 2000 for the same quoted price of the 99. The 2000's have the 265's, upgrades to the brakes, supposedly different wheels (aluminum ?). I did not hear about the new "patriot blue". What's it like compared to the "brilliant blue" offered in 99?
    I might just kill this order, since I've heard so much rumor with the ETH engine, scheduled to come out 1/15/00. My dealer is not aware of it, but has no problem with me backing out, since he's looking for a 6-speed truck. He said he'll keep it. I just don't know how firm the ETH option is. This is a good info site...I'll be back.....Wiz1
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516

    The ETH Cummins engine is still scheduled for January - it is expected to have enough of a poweer increase that only the 6 speed can handle it.

    As for Patriot Blue, it is a deep royal blue, as opposed to Intense Blue, which is a lighter, brighter shade - both are metallics, of course. Patriot Blue is currently a Durango color, so you can see it now if your dealer has one in stock, or click here to see the Patriot Blue Durango from the Dodge website.
  • wiz1wiz1 Member Posts: 18
    Thanks for the update, especially on the colors....Tough choice to make. I'll have to go and see one in person
  • moelarrymoelarry Member Posts: 2
    You can also check out the patiot blue on the '99 JEEP Grand Cheorokee's. Looks real nice. From what I hear from the others, its not available with the Sport Package.
  • rufarcirufarci Member Posts: 5
    kcram, thanks for all the info, where are the different 2500 rams assembled? I heard the extended cabs are asssembled in Mexico and the regular cabs in the US?

    does anyone have real world milage estimates for their Cummins? I've heard of older 4x4 auto getting around 26 on the highway?

    plus, are the maintance costs more for a diesel than a gas--I have a 460 Ford, and I've been checking out the Cummins for a while.

    I'm glad to read a

    conference which hasn't turned into a "my car vs

    your car" fest.
  • biknmikebiknmike Member Posts: 27
    I read on the cummins diesel site that someone just took delivery of a 2000 3500 cummins. Sounds like we might start seeing them on the lots soon.
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516

    Here are where Rams come from:

    Warren, Michigan (Dodge City assembly plant)
    - Ram regular cabs
    Fenton, Missouri (St. Louis North)
    - Ram Quad Cabs
    Saltillo, Mexico
    - Ram Quad Cabs
    Lago Alberto, Mexico
    - Ram Club and Quad Cabs (the 1500 shortbed will be available as a 2-door Club for 2000, all other extended cabs are Quads)

    My truck is a 1996 3500 Club 4x4, Cummins, automatic, 3.54 axles with rear limited slip. My real world mileage is this:

    summer winter
    city/suburb 15-17 13-15
    highway 19-21 17-19

    my best tank is 24.3 - cruise control set at 57 mph for a 265 mile road trip.

    Community Leader/Smart Shopper Conference
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