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    On the 5" being added to the Dodge Quadcad in 2000, how much additional leg room will you get????????
    Any projections available on how much the new engines will improve the gas milage for 4x4 applications?
    Thanks in advance
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    There seems to be a lot of talk about this 5" QC increase. I'm not 100% sure but from what I read there were a handful of prototypes but none are being produced. My guess is that if you're looking for a bigger cab you'll have to wait for the redesign in 2002.
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    I am in the process of ordering a loaded 2500 4X4 Quad Cab with the V10. Originally I loaded it by adding to the 28G Quick order package. However the new 28H Quick order package seemed to be a better deal (leather included, Power passenger seat, heated seats, etc). In addition both carprices.com and the Dealer worksheet faxed to me indicated the SLT Plus decor group is part of the 28H package. However, the dealer went ahead and ordered the truck and said there was a $2090 charge (MSRP) for this option (Code ATK). Does anybody know whether or not this option (ATK) is an additional charge or am I being mislead by the dealer? I turn to you RAM'xperts for help.
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    I am in the process of ordering a loaded 2500
    4X4 Quad Cab with the V10. Originally I loaded it by adding to the 28G Quick order package.
    However the new 28H Quick order package seemed
    to be a better deal (leather included, Power
    passenger seat, heated seats, etc). In addition
    both carprices.com and the Dealer worksheet faxed
    to me indicated the SLT Plus decor group is part
    of the 28H package. However, the dealer went ahead and ordered the truck and said there was a $2090 charge (MSRP) for this option (Code ATK).
    Does anybody know whether or not this option
    (ATK) is an additional charge or am I being mislead by the dealer? I turn to you RAM'xperts
    for help.
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    Sorry for doubling up the message. Er, guess its
    tripled now.
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    If you went by the listings at carprices, they are WRONG. They listed the SLT package price at the SLT Plus group as well (notice they were identical). Also remember, the wording at the SLT Plus listing that said "2000 package price to come". If you go to carprices.com now, you will see they have removed the 2000 Dodge Ram "pricing".

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    I posted this on another Ram board, but this one seems more active. What kind of gas mileage are you all getting with the 5.2 (318) and 5.9 (360) engines and is there much of a difference in acceleration and overall power? Would you all call your Rams reliable and have you had any problems? And lastly, does it handle and ride well in day-to-day driving?
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    I have the 318 in a 1500 sport reg cab and short wheel base. I drive mostly city, short commute to the office in Sacto. I get great acceleration. MPG runs about 14 overall. I have not done any trips over 30 miles with p/u that I could give over the road mpg. I have a 27.5 ft 5th wheel (6900 lbs - empty) and when I pulled it up through the hills on 101 I got avg 8.4 MPG. I'm looking at the TD or V10 for trade up in January-February timeframe.

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    Thanks Kcram. That does help some. In the meantime I have itemized and compared the prices (based on 1999 data) for a truck based upon a SLT Quick order package (28G) loaded with ALL the options listed in the SLT Plus Package and the price quoted by the dealer for the SLT Plus Package (this is based on the actual MSRP when he ordered the truck). I get a $737 difference (lower price) for the 28G based truck. Bottom Line: I really really want this truck and even the higher price for this V10 Loaded beast is $32081. The kids can go without milk and diapers. Dads last new rig was in 1988. PS. FYI, it appears that dodge is double charging for the Travel convience group option - it is in the SLT Plus Decor Group (ATK) and in Leather Package (part of 28H). Trust me on this one. Its the only way the Group option prices add up. PPSS. I am and Engineer at Boeing Airplanes and have been deeply involved with the option structure for the Airplanes we sell. The funny thing is we always reference how the Auto Industry does things. After scrutinizing the Dodge data, it makes me laugh. It does not matter whether its a $30K truck or a $140M airplane, its all confusing.
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    just thought you might like to here about a client of mine.
    He has a 1998 3500 club cab 24V Cummins with a 5 spd.
    He pulls a triple axle, double deck livestock trailer that can hold 80 head of market hogs. His gross combination weight is just over 40,000.
    He makes a 150 mi round trip to the packing house and averages 12+ MPG.
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    I also am considering a Dodge w/Cummins to tow an asyet unpurchased Fifth-Wheel. I am also going to the Harrisburg show. Get in Touch.
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    I'm new to this - I've got a '97 Dodge 3500 dually ext. cab 4X4. Pulling a 3 axle gooseneck trailer either empty or w/ a load I have the engine running anywhere from 190 degrees all the way up to past the last white line heading for the red 230 degrees line going up hills. I've put on a new fan clutch, Dodge dealer installed, a new sending unit from the engine to the gauge, and a new thermostat. The radiator shop doesn't think the radiator is plugged. There are 79,000 miles on this truck & I bought it used w/ 70,000 miles. Any suggestions?
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    1999 North American International Auto Show
    "Looking at the vehicle, you can see it's not your father's Power Wagon ... Nor is it your father's diesel engine." - Bernard Robertson, Senior VP Truck Operations The Dodge Power Wagon Concept Truck heralds another Dodge Pickup revolution.  Featuring a new 7.2 liter direct injection I-6 turbocharged diesel engine, that generates an earth moving 780 lb-ft of torque, and a luxury level interior trimmed in leather, today's Power Wagon demonstrates how far pickups have come since the last Power Wagons were sold in 1946.
    The exterior of the Power Wagon reflects the recent trend toward 'edginess' in car design but recalls distinctly its Power Wagon heritage in its looks.   The truck stands at a height of 77 inches, 3 inches taller than today's four wheel drive Ram.  The Power Wagon is built off of the Ram chassis, but its cab is closer to the Dakota Club Cab in size to recall the classical dimensions of the first trucks.
    Great attention to detail has been paid in the machine work on the truck.  The high intensity gas discharge projector headlights and rear taillights look almost like jewelry.
    The grill has the traditional Dodge crosshairs and sports a power winch strong enough to pull an eighteen-wheeler truck out of a ditch.
    The silver painted body uses aluminum details on the door handles, hinges, and wheels.
    Four doors are found on this truck but instead of finding additional seats in the back, expanded storage is offered instead.  Check out the polished ash wood floor in back of the seats, the same as the wood lining the bed.  The bed also adds a very cool locking mechanism for tying items down in the back.

      The distressed leather seats and stainless steel shift levers are meant to evoke a "Sharper Image" type look and feel for the truck.    A far cry from the deluxe cab of the old Power Wagon where buyers enjoyed the comforts of a dome light, arm rest, and sun visor.  Steve Sowinski, interior design chief on the truck, was unable to borrow much from the original. Since trucks have become so popular in the last few years with consumers, a growing concern for auto manufacturers has been the increasing possibility of tougher CAFE and emissions laws.  The Power Wagon engine team not only designed a great new diesel engine with its 7.2 liter powerplant, but actually worked with Syntroleum corporation to create a sulfur-free "designer" fuel that uses abundant and cheap natural gas.  The fuel injection system uses high pressure to improve combustion efficiency, which reduces emissions and enhances performance.
    Power Wagon Statistics:
    Basic Dimensions Body/Chassis Overall Length207"ArchitectureBody-on-frameOverall Width79.9" Extended CabOverall Height77" Quad DoorsWheelbase138.7"Material UsageSteel BodyCurb Weight5357 lbs Steel FrameTire, FrontLT295/70R 19 29x9.5 wheel Aluminum WheelsTire, RearSameSuspension, FrontLink CoilPropulsion System Suspension, Rear Link CoilLayoutN-S front engine severe-duty transfer case front and rear axles, 4WDFinishesStarbrite Silver body,
    Color Leather,
    Polished AluminumEngineDiesel
    7.2L I-6, 250HP Turbocharged, Direct injectedWheelsPolished Aluminu
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    I ordered my Y2K RAM 1500, but the dealer says it's on hold. I looked through previous postings, but I can't find info on where to look for the reason my truck is on hold. Does anybody know where to find this info, 'KCRAM'? Thanks for the help.
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    e-mail your Ram pic's to
    [email protected]

    Awesome Dave-40
    Commander in Chief/U.S.TruckForce

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    Regarding the high temp. Do you have an auxilary tranny cooler? If not install one. An aftermarket one is only $70. Hot tranny fliud can increase the engine temp because thier is a small cooler built into the radiatoe running next to the coolant flow.
    If you ghave a manual trans then there is no option for this.

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    Thanks KCRAM for your comments:
    > stop by your dealer and inquire about two TSBs
    > Techical Service Bulletins): 18-11-99 and
    > 18-02-99. The first will reprogram the Cummins
    > computer for proper settings; the second will
    > reprogram the Mopar transmission computer
    > setings. Many who have had these TSBs performed
    > have reported improved power and economy.

    I'm out of town on business right now, so don't have my Dodge folder with me - it's 1" thick. The Engine Control Computer (ECU) has been reflashed 5 or 6 times, the truck has been dyno tested at the local Cummins shop 4 times, and finally after 15 months of complaining I think Chrysler is about ready to buy it back. Here's a brief history of events from memory:

    about 2 mos old, 4000 miles I complained to dealer about low power and bad mileage (compared to 97 B5.9 truck). Dyno tested 182hp, nothing done. Avg mileage ~ 14.8 town & city unloaded.
    about 12000 miles, lots of complaints later - finally in touch with Chrysler district technical person. On his advice, ECU reflashed with recalls for idle & NOX. Power and mileage MUCH worse. Next 10000 miles avg mileage now low 13's mixed, town driving in the 11's.
    about 24000 miles, more calls & complaints. Chrysler tech person drove truck, 0-60's in low to mid 17 sec range. Determined truck had V10 torque converter. Scheduled shop time to change torque converter and reflash ECU with "FIX" for problem caused by earlier NOX upgrade. Plan included dyno tests before and after this work. Dyno tested at 172hp before work, and 159 after the work. Yeah. Doing this lowered the stall speed maybe 250 RPM, from ~2400 to ~2150. For next 6000 miles after this overall mixed mileage about 13.8mpg. Town driving runs 12.1mpg to 12.5mpg.
    Last week, Chrysler tech person had all previous work rechecked, reflashed ECU and re-dyno tested it. This time dyno was around 150hp, I didn't get the sheet on this one.

    More developments will be reported in the 11 O'clock news ...

    Charlie Smith
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    Not sure if I caught the name of the dealership you took the repairs to...
  • charlieelektrocharlieelektro Member Posts: 6
    Name of the dealership (s).

    Bought the truck from Byers on Sawmill road. Both of them. Salesman Mike Palermo knows a lot about diesels, has one himself. BUT, and this is A BIG BUT ... Byers shop people are either really incompetent or think they can give you any story and you'll go away. I'll email details if you ask. I'd definitely buy another truck from Mike Palermo!

    Then I took this truck to Caldwell on Morse Road. They at least give you a straight story! Almost all of the diagnosis on this truck has been done by Caldwell ... and the Cummins shop on Lyman Drive. Caldwell has a couple dozen or more service lifts, and usually has a backlog of work.

    I haven't found any sales type at Caldwell that knows the diesel Rams. For example, none of them know anything about the 6 speed, and apparently won't take the effort to research it.

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    Thanks for the info. I'm about ready to take mine into the shop and I only have 780 miles on it!!! Just bought it last week (1999 2500 QC 4x4 Cummins Auto 3.54 diff). Runs great and no problems at all until I turn off the O/D. I'll be towing a trailer and I was told to turn it off when towing. Well, with the O/D off I can barely reach highway speeds of 65mph! Seems like it needs to shift one more time or the torque converter needs to lock. At 55mph I'm turning 2200rpm, 60mph / 2500rpm's, and the engine red lines at 3200rpm's. If I would ever try for 70mph I'll be in the red. Seems like something isn't right!

    Caldwell Dodge is my closes dealer, but maybe I'll take my chances at another one since they still haven't fixed your problem. I'll definitely stay clear of Byers though.

    I would appreciate any info you have.
    email: [email protected]

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    I will be ordering my 2000 Ram QuadCab with the Cummins just as soon as the option pricing is available. Plan on pulling a fifth wheel with a max gross weight of 9600lbs. The fleet manager told me I won't have any trouble with the 3.54, but I noted in the specs that it is only rated up to 9800lbs. Should I go to the 4.10? And if so, how will it affect the mileage? Will be doing a fair amount of mountain pulling; northern BC in the summer and Baja California in the winter.

    I am dealing with McCord Bros in Longview WA and they are selling me the vehicle at invoice plus $250. The fleet manager spent a lot of time with us. So much so, that he had my wife under the truck explaining the suspension to her. At least I didn't have to convince her to get the diesel. The guys she works with did a good job of that. She occasionally drives a 1999 Ford F350 Super Duty diesel at work and after she drove the Dodge, our mind was made up what to get.

    Also, I looked at the Wheels web site and noticed that the ETH is waitlisted until 1/5/00 as KCRAM indicated. But the ETC option is also on the list without a date. Does this mean that no diesels are being built? Thanks
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    It reads (AHD & ETC) I took that as the snow plow package with the diesel is on hold.?
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    to the Columbus guys - hands off my sister (she's in Whitehall on US40). :)


    Get the 4.10. For 2000, Ram 2500s and 3500s will have larger tires, This makes a 2000 Ram with 4.10s equal to a 1999 with 3.73s.Staying with the 3.54s will give you an equivalent of a 99 truck with 3.22 axles which are way too tall for a Cummins.

    Madmack is right about the ETC hold - it is for the Cummins/snow plow combination. The heavier front axle and suspension isn't ready yet.

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    Just curious-is the Ram going to have the 4.7L engine in 2000. Haven't heard one way or the other.
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    Hey kcram... How old is your sister???

    Just kidding!!!
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    The new V8s won't be out in the current Ram. Instead, theywill be installed in the new generation that debuts for 2002 I believe. At that time, a new diesel will arrive. Until then, the Ram gets a new 6-speed The Ram has a new 6-speed manual transmission. It had a quiet mid-1999 debut, though they are scarce. They are supposed to be more plentiful for 2000. For the compete rundown, check at
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    Don't forget - you're gettin' 5 tarz, not 4. The speedo calibration is fully electronic, and that's part of the price - no way to recalibrate without a dealer. Also check that you may be going from an all-season tread to an all-terrain tread.

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    Thanks for the info. Do you know how much effort is required to recalibrate the speedo (i.e. 5 minutes vs. 1 hour)? Maybe I can get the dealer to do it for me COMPLIMENTARY if not much effort is involved? I guess the other question I have to ask is how much error will the speedo register and is this acceptable to me (or detrimental to the vehicle in any way)? Oh well; decisions, decisions! Thanks again!!!
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    Doesn't changing tire size affect the anti-lock brake setup, also? I've heard several times over the last few years that ABS makes tire size swapping a real problem.
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    I pull a horse trailer that puts my gross combination weight at about 19,000.
    My truck is a 3500 club cab, Cummins 5 Speed,with the 3.54 axle ratio.
    If you are buying the automatic tansmission I think the 4.10 gear would be what you would want. With the 6 speed manual, the 3.54 would work very well. The only trouble I've had with the taller gear is U-joints, and that was in my 1992 truck set up the same way. The 1998 and newer trucks have heavier duty U-joints.
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    I am considering a 2000, Dodge Ram 2500, Quad Cab 4X4 with the Cummins. With the discussions on ETC and ETH engines can someone explain it the ETH is going to replace the ETC or will they be offering two diesel for the Ram trucks? Also, I like the Dodge and the Cummins engine but can someone refer me to a website that will REALLY convince me to go that way versus the 7.3 Ford(Intl. Harvester)? Has anyone used Dave Smith Motors in Kellog, Idaho?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Honestly don't know how long it takes, but it requires a reflash of the appropriate module to correspond to the new tire size.


    changing the tire size does not affect the ABS as long as all 4 tires remain the same size. The problems occur when only two tires are changed, or if you have to use a spare smaller than the regular tires. That causes speed and rotational differences, and confuses the ABS computer.


    As of right now, the ETH will only be available with the 6 speed stick, as only that transmission can handle the extra torque. The ETC will remain or there will be a detuned ETH for the automatic transmissions. No word on whether the five speed will be used after January with the Cummins trucks.

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    where did this cosmic phenomenen of the 3'' or 5" larger cab come from some of the dealers said that they have received a few of the 2000 Rams and there is no diff in the cabs from the 99's. Called dodge customer service today they haven't a clue as to what planet there on. They said pricing will noy be available till after Sept and everything else I asked them thet were comatose
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    My local Dodge dealer supposedly has information as to what options/colors/combinations/changes will be offered on the 2000 Quads, just no price information. Three new colors are to be offered. No mention of 4 wheel disc brakes. I asked the question about the brakes and the salesman and I personally looked through the book ourselves.

    I do have one additional question. I drove a new 99 Quad 1500 4x4 with the 5.2l engine today. The truck felt extremely solid (much better road feel than the Silverado) and the transmission was considerably smoother than my 97. The truck also seemed considerably SLOWER than my 97 1500 X-cab 4x4 with the same engine. Does the new truck need to "loosen up" some? Is this realistic? About the only modification I have made to my 97 is installation of a K&N air filter. Also, what kind of gas mileage are folks out there getting with the 5.9l v8? If there is not much difference in the mileage numbers, I may consider the 5.9l engine. My 97 5.2 currently gets an average of 12.5 - 13 mpg now. Can't see the 5.9l engine being much worse. Thanks for any information.
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    5.9 quad cab 4X4 sport 3.55 rear end will get you 12 mpg consistently as all around combined mileage. Much better if you stay on the highway.
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    The 5-inch rumor has some basis - Dodge did make 150 of them this past spring. They were strictly test trucks for DaimlerChrysler, and their intention was not to be sold, but to examine the cab size for the new body style due out as 2002 model.


    Yes, the 5.2 will loosen up a bit after break-in, and the K&N does improve performance. I know a lot of people with the K&N kit and most of them say both the 5.2 and 5.9 "breathe" much more freely than with the factory intake.

    As for changes, as you have seen and heard, Dodge is only going to make detail changes to the Ram, since it only has 2 model years left (2000 and 2001). Outside of the revised Cummins in January, expect no major mechanical changes. The bew OHC PowerTech gasoline engines will NOT be used in the current Ram body, even though the 4.7L V8 will see use this year in the Dakota and Durango.

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    Has anyone ordered a 2000 1500 qc 4x4 with the off road package? If so, did you get it loaded up and what price did the dealer give you for the package. Also, was it available with all of the new colors?
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    I plan to order a 2500 quad diesel with an automatic soon. I will tow a 10000lb 5th wheel with it much less than half the time. It will be my only vehicle. Should I get the 3.54 or 4.10 rear end? How much does the 4.10 lower the fuel mileage?
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    You are required to get a 4.10 - the 3.54 isn't rated high enough with the automatic. It will cost you 1 or 2 mpg, but you will not be holding up traffic at launh with the 4.10.

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    I tried to order the off road with the sport package with the solar yellow. at first there was no problem. i got a call a couple of days ago and they cant do the off road with the yellow, every other color is good. you can get the sport and the off road together. my dealer said he would have a price by the end of this week. we figured it to be no more than 1000. i really wanted the 17" tires, but i figured that i wasnt going to do much off-road driving so i stuck with the yellow. i want to be different, and noticed. oh ya the off road production is on hold.

    Eric G.
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    Can you tell me if the cummins diesel registry has a web site? I am looking for some detailed information on the Cummins ETC. I have looked a the Cummins web site already.

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    Does anyone have more definitive information on the proposed ETH Cummins changes that are due in January? I asked the service manager at the local dealership, and he said he has not received any TSB's on it as yet; he called Cummins and they intimated the changes were internal and minor. They made no mention of changes in power, torque or fuel economy. You guys appear to have more information than those in the business. Thanks!
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    To jrp2,

    You might want to view the discussions we had concerning the Cummins Auto in O/D (overdrive). I just bought the exact truck you're looking to purchase. After reading these posting, you might want to consider the manual trans if you're hauling 10K# trailer. I really like my truck, but wish I would have known some of the limitations of the Auto before my purchase! I might have bought the 6 speed manual instead. Good luck...

  • jrp2jrp2 Member Posts: 3
    Brett, What are the limitations you have found with the cummins with the auto xmsn? I might look harder at the sd250 if the auto is not adequate for the job.
    Thanks for the info.
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    hey people. i own a 99 club cab with the 5.2 and a manual 5 spd with a 3.55 gear...i would suggest opting for the 5.9, if a few extra bucks wont brake you...i regually get high 12 to mid 13 mpg driving back and fourth to work. bearing in mind i live 32 mile from my home to work 1 way. cruisin at 70 to 80 mph.. i dont think the 5.9 would be any worse. i wish i had opted for it, thats my only regret...
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    need info quickly
    I'm probably going to
    get a new 2000 Ram 1500
    QC 4x4 with 318 auto
    trans on Tuesday. I now
    have a 97 chevy 4x4 350
    vortex. How will the Ram
    compare--mpg, power and
    so forth. I drive in the
    sand a lot in 4 wheel
    drive--is the optional
    cooler worth the
    money? Only reason for
    leaving Chevy is no 4th
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    I ordered a 2000 Quad Cab 4x4 V10 back in June. My dealer just informed me that all V10 engines are on restriction. He didn't know why or how long. Anyone have info on this?
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