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    Yes, most all dealers had y2k ordering capability by the end of June. My dealer (this is my 3rd Ram) notified me as soon as he was able to order. He says my vehicle still has no vin # and is on hold for the V10 engine. Several other people on various boards are in the same boat. I will call the number you recomended tomorrow.
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    I am going to purchases a new 2000 quad 2500 4x2 auto, as soon as I get some information hopefully from you, it will have to be an auto because my wife will be driving it and she says no to anything with pedal for the left foot. Well be using for a after retirement fifth wheel. As I said this is our 1st full size truck. I need know what rearend I should get and any other information you can give me.
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    #103 of 113: Keith (kbutcher1) Fri 13 Aug '99 (10:22 AM)

    > Can you tell me if the cummins diesel registry
    > has a web site? I am looking for some detailed
    > information on the Cummins ETC. I have looked a
    > the Cummins web site already.

    Keith -

    The Turbo Diesel Registry doesn't have a web site with technical info - it just advertises the TDR.

    What info do you need? If nobody here has it, a good source is the Cummins 800-diesels number. They are almost always helpful.

    Also, for general interest, Cummins publishes a number of bulletins, some of which amount to a shop manual section on the particular item. Ask at the 800-diesels number for bulletin info, and ask them for the 800# needed to order bulletins.

    Charlie Smith
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    You got me worried so I called DC on my vehicle.
    They told me my V10 had no restrictions showing on screen. When I mentioned your hold problem they checked another system (figures!). And lo and behold they found a V10 restriction. They then asked me for the tranny type (mine is auto).
    After a wait they told me that while there was a general restriction, it was showing up for my vehicle. Therefore all I can do is call back around 8/24 (my est. ship date) and see what's up. Was told that the hold would probably be due to a lack of parts but as of now I guess I'm in limbo. Also...it seems the V10 hold is for QC's
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    Sorry, I meant to say the restriction did NOT show for my vehicle. They said that since it was already scheduled that I may not have a problem.
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    Sorry, after reading the original message I sent you, I led you to believe that the messages I posted earlier were in this topic. Most of the messages were in the Dodge Ram II topic. You might want to look through there.

    The discussion in a nutshell...

    Vehicle: Cummins, Auto, 3:54LS.

    The Dealerships tell you to always tow with the Auto O/D turned off. Went out on the highway with the O/D off. At 55mph I was running 2300rpm's, 60mph @ 2500rpm, and 65mph @ 2700rpm.
    The Cummins red lines at 3200rpm's and the power curve drops considerably after 2700rpm's. My complaint was that it just didn't seem right to run the crap out of the truck simply to maintain highway speeds. You can get more details by reading the postings in the Dodge Ram II topic.

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    Actually, the TDR does have a new website under construction - click here and keep tabs on when it will be fully operational. It will include a chat board, past issuers, and a tech help section.

    Comunity Leader/Smart Shopper Conference
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    Called the customer service # today on my 2000 Quad Cab V10. They said the truck is now a D1 with a ship date of 9/1. He said there was no restrictions on the V10. Sounds good!
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    Anybody know where there are pictures of the new wheels for the 2000 Ram 2500 QC. What's included in this off-road package and what models is it available on?
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    This is what I heard ...not for sure? 1500 only....

    OFF ROAD GROUP -inc: 4.10 sure grip axle, "Off Road" badge, fog lamps,HD service group, fuel tank skid plate, LT275/70R17
    on/off road tires, tow hooks,17" aluminum wheels (REQ: 2_G SLT Quick-Order Pkg) (N/A w/BGK 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes)
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    Hey good for you, that's great news. I did a little digging at the discussion area of dodgeram.com and the drift that I'm getting is that there was a recall a few months back for V10's with 5 speeds. It seems if you were towing a heavy load, uphill, in 4 lo, the clutch fluid line could burst and possibly start a fire. And since a lot of 5 speeds go to the diesels that made the trannys even tougher to come by. But all that has supposedly been squared away and production on the 2K V10's started around 8/2 (albeit in limited numbers with the 5 spd). Mine is D1 also (since about 2 weeks ago) and I hope those estimated ship dates are somewhat close to reality. I'll keep you posted.
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    Does anyone have a clue as to why the Dodge Ram tail end bounces between 40 & 45 mph. I have driven 4 different rams over the past few weeks, and they all do this (some more, some less). My 97 Ram 1500 also did this, and it seemed to get worse with age. My new 99 Ram 1500 also does this. There has been some discussion of changing the shocks, but they should not be worn out on a brand new truck. I have also considered upgrading to slightly larger tires, and I wonder if this will have any affect. Any tips or pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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    After reading Michael's response above I also called the Dodge 800 number today. Two different responses on the ETH option. Morning response" we have no information regarding this engine option". Evening response "yes there is current discussion going on at a senior management level regarding this option. A decision should be made in December, or January."
    Who to believe??? I have a 2000 6 speed on order, and it's supposed to be built with the ETC. However today, DC indicated the 6-speed is back on restriction. Seems like the DC info changes hourly. KCRAM, any comments??
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    Anybody have any info on when the snow plow prep for the 2000 qc diesel is going to be released?
    Is this an axle and spring upgrade?
    Is the current axle with the heavy diesel rated such that a snow plow is going to cause bearing failures? Thanks.
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    went to the dealer with checkbook in hand to order 2500 q/c v 10 still can t get a price unsure of sport pkg but dealer says can t get forest green in that pkg also he doesn t show a woodgrain dash in his pricing or larger tires i see these options in edmunds pricing am i dealing with a nipple nose or what
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    I have the 360v8 in a 98 Ram 4x4 club cab and I get 13-14 mpg(mixed driving). People report similar MPG with the 318. The 360 has more power and torque. It is onlt like $5000 for the 360 option. I would be dissapointed with a truck thid heavy with only 230hp. The 360 has 245hp and 335 lbs of torque.
    If you offroad get the limited slip and the HD service group wi=hich has a tranny cooler. Aslo get the p265 offroad tires.

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    Anyone have knowledge as to what colors are being offered with the sport package for a 2500 model? I'm guessing that flame red, white, black, and intense blue are available as they were on the '99's. However, it seems that solar yellow is only available as an additional choice on 1500 sport models.
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    I'm expecting a 2K V10 any day now myself. My dealer doesn't have much 2000 info either. They will actually have the trucks in stock before they get the paper work on new pricing (so I'm told). I checked D/C's website and it looks like the 2500 QC LB went up $100 and delivery went up $10 (not bad!). Option prices are a carry over but they are allowing you to combine more in packages so you may actually pay less. As far as Forest Green not being available in the sport pkg., there are more 99 Forest Green sports on the lot around here than you can shake a stick at!
    I wouldn't think they'd discontinue it for 2K. Wood grain is supposed to be part of the leather pkg. Larger 265 tires will be standard with the SLT pkg. for 2K (at least D/C says mine will have them). Edmunds has pricing for 99, no 2K yet. I think you should print out the Edmunds info & bring it to the dealer (worked for me).
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    Markcord, where exactly on D/C,s website did you find info on the pricing for the 2K rams? Can't seem to find it. Much thanks in advance
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    If you go to "media" (if I remember correctly) and check press releases there is a section that lists the msrp of every D/C make and model. This will list base vehicle price and destination charge only.


    FOREST Green (I can tell the difference) most certainly WAS available in the sport pkg. (for 99 anyway - I suppose they could have dropped it for 2000 but I can't imagine why). I can go to a lot right now that has a least a half dozen forest green sports sitting right there.
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    Aside from colors I trust your info! Have you heard anything regarding 16x8 alum. wheels (or 16x7 for that matter) replacing the chrome wheels on the 2500 slt? Have heard rumblings about 16x8 but that seems like an awfully wide wheel for a 265 tire.
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    I'm ordering a 2k 2500 D, not sure whether to get 6/5 speed or auto, will pull gooseneck horse trailer, hill country. Need help from someone who has used them. Thanks
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    I know the colors for the 2500...2000
    Interior colors...agate and camel
    Black Clear Coat(px8),Bright White Clear Coat(pw7),
    DK. Garnet Red Pearl Coat (prv), Flame Red Clear Coat (pr4), Intense blue pearl coat (pb3)(agate Interior only.), light Driftwood satin glow (pfa/pfk), patriot Blue Pearl coat (pb7/pbt)agate Interior only.), Seirra Bronze Pearl Coat (ptl)( Tan inter. only) Forest green pearl coat (pg8)

    two tone
    Interior agate & camel....Blues agate only
    All colors except light Driftwood satin glow
    second color is light Driftwood satin glow

    Black Clear Coat(px8) Interior Agate, Camel/tan, Mist Gray
    Bright White Clear Coat(pw7)Interior Agate, Camel/tan, Mist Gray
    Flame Red Clear Coat (pr4)Interior Agate, Camel/tan, Mist Gray
    Forest green pearl coat (pg8)Interior Agate, Camel/tan, Mist Gray
    Intense blue pearl coat (pb3)Interior Agate, Mist Gray
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    to all:

    My bad on the Forest Green - absolutely correct it's available as a Sport color. I was thinking of the other discontinued green shade.


    Have not heard any info on the wheels yet. I'm interested to see what they do as well, because the (currently delayed) diesel/snow plow/Quad combo would require stronger wheels than are currently used.

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    Premium cloth seat comes in all three colors
    Leather trim with AJD Camel & agate
    Leather Bench with 2_H Camel & Agate
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    I have a tentative price from my dealer on the SLT+ package for the 2500 QC if anyone is interested. The package invoice is $4135 and a package discount of $595 for a total of $3540. Retail prices are $4865 and a $700 discount. My order should go in on Monday, can't wait!
    By the way, the price of the 6-speed tranny went up a little also. invoice = $340 retail = $400. All of the other options I chose stayed the same price as '99.
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    put my order in last tuesday 8/17, for 2wheel 2500 desiel Quad, auto dealer used 99 prices for all options with 22,095 for truck and 650 for dest. charge. Said the 6 spd. is a noshow for 2000. color-patriot blue peal coat. should be here in about 8-12 wks.
  • markcordmarkcord Member Posts: 113

    Is mist gray still available as an interior color? I ordered that color with premium cloth split bench. Hope its still ok, I didn't see it in your list.
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    Talked to my Ram salesman last night and agreed on invoice as the selling price. But he mentioned that there was a $300 advertising charge. Is this legit or is he attempting to get an extra 3 bills out of me? Will probably do the down payment order thing later today. Does anyone know what exactly is in the SLT+ package and it's invoice price. Also I understand that the new tires for the 3500 cummins QC 4x4 are lt235/85R16E, is this correct? Need some quick answers guys, really don't want to pay the extra $300 (Could use it to buy other toys!!!). Thanks
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    Advertising cost is legit and $300.00 sounds right.
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    $300.00 for advertising cost? IF all paid this, they are not just covering cost, they are making a BIG profit!

    Can someone else confirm this is legit? I am interested in purchasing soon too.
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    The advertising cost was listed on the invoice I got for my order also.
  • mictromictro Member Posts: 29

    I have been waiting on the pricing info for along time (just like everyone else and their dog) but was wondering, how reliable is the price of $4135 with a discount of $595? I have already placed my order for a 2500 QC 4x4, but it would certainly be nice to know what I am getting my checkbook into!!

    Any other information related to the 2000 pricing would be appreciated.

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    The dealer I went to said he had to use a dial up number from the manufacturer to get the pricing since they do not have the books yet. He gave me a copy of my order that listed the invoice and retail prices for each option I chose. These prices supposedly came from DC. The dealer has an excellent record for being fair and I know several people that have done business with them. Sooo, I am taking it in good faith that they are being honest with me.
    Hope that helps.
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    I got a quote yesterday on a 3500QC 4x4 Cummins, and the price quoted for the 2HH package was $4235 - there was no description on the 2HH.
    Also listed was "ATK SLT Plus Decor Group" at $1665.

    The sales manager that quoted this if off today, so I'll get it clarified tomorrow (Saturday). I can't make heads or tails out of the items listed on this quote, because I can't tell what's in each package. He said I could get sales literature Saturday, and that may clear it up a bit.

    On the $300 advertising charge - that sounds about right. Edmunds detail discussion of pricing covers something like that, at least they did a couple years ago.

    Charlie Smith
    Columbus, Ohio
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    Thats not just a dodge thing. Chevy charges it too. I agree it seems high but it is non-negotiable. Has been arounf for some time. Rich
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    On the page from the code book I have it only has mist gray for the sport....but I only have one page so mist gray could be listed for the premium cloth for slt (Doesn't look good since the exterior colors only list the two interior colors) ....thats the only interior Im missing. The list I posted is only for the slt and sport models. Your dealer should know for sure....they have had their 2000 code books for awhile....they just haven't had their option prices.
  • madmackmadmack Member Posts: 39
    All cost are negotiable except Hold back and destination. Three hundred over invoice is fair. Depending on where you live....several hundred more would be fair.
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    Hello!! I've been keeping up with this board for a while... just haven't posted anything... I have a question though. I ordered a 2000 QC 4x4 on 7/20. I wasn't aware that you could call DC and get the "estimated" ship date. What information do you have to have when you call them? And what is D1? I've seen that floating around quite a bit.
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    Try the website http://wwv.meltonsales.com/meltonsales/ to get a quick, lowcost quote. They claim $275.00 under invoice less rebates
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    guys be careful of the Melton website as #3 on the get a quote page says you have to add 1.5% to the cost for Kanas City Zone Charges. This could make quite a difference. I used a print out of their site as a "tool" to get my aggreed upon delivery price of "invoice". Melton can arrange a courtsey delivery to Baltimore Md, but that is the only other place other than their dealership. I've held off on ordering for a couple of days until I decide on the $300 for advertising thing. I know I paid it on my S-10, but it wasn't listed on the invoice or the window sticker. Haven't seen it on any Dodge stickers either. Has anyone just taken delivery? Was it on the factory invoice or just added on as a dealer cost? Any additional input would be greatly appreciated. Nascar6, it is a 2000, 3500 cummins and would have to be ordered. Thanks to all..
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    Earlier, I had talked about a problem with mileage on a 3500 QC 4x4 w/3.54 gears.

    Then KCRAM helpfully suggested:
    > charlie,
    >stop by your dealer and inquire about two TSBs
    >Techical Service Bulletins): 18-11-99 and
    >18-02-99. The first will reprogram the Cummins
    >computer for proper settings; the second will
    >reprogram the Mopar computer for the transmission
    >setings. Many who have had these TSBs performed
    >have reported improved power and economy.

    KCRAM - when you suggested this, I was out of town. Since returning to Columbus and looking at stickers on the truck, I can see that an ECU reflash was done for each of these TSB's. Thanks for your suggestions. Since these were done, I believe power is a little better - 0-60's are now running in the low 16's. But around town mileage is still in the very low 12's.

    Charlie Smith
    Columbus, Ohio
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516

    Don't panic too much about the mileage. Even my 12-valve will give me results like that if the entire tank is local streets. The reason is, the engine has trouble building enough heat to be completely efficient if you only use it for short bursts. On the highway, it's at a steady rpm for long stretches and can better reach operating temperature. Even in 100-degree heat, I have never seen my temp gauge clear 180. In contrast to those occasional 12 and 13mpg city tanks, I have no trouble getting the low 20s on a straight highway run, and I have basically the same truck (1996 3500 Club Cab 4x4, 3.54 limited slip, automatic).

    Community Leader/Smart Shopper Conference
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    Just back from my first test real drive of a Y2K
    Cummins Dodge 2500. Fords next, but first...
    Couple questions: What kind of real world
    difference is the 24 valve going to make? are they
    going to need adjusted more often than the previous
    models? is it really that much more efficient
    (having problems finding EPs on these)
    Second, the warranty. Cummins backs this for 100k.
    Thats all good, but the dealer I came from said
    that they'll take a 500k motor and recycle it. Now
    those arent rebuilt and put back into the lineup,
    are they?...Naw, they wouldnt do that, right?

    The only dilemma in my buying decision is, of
    course, the Ford. The 2 guys I know that have them
    are leasing...and really dont care about warranties
    because they plan on throwing the fish back after
    3 years...Would that V-8 Eat itself alive after 3
    years of tuggin? probably not. How about after a 72
    month adventure in Payments?!!!
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    In the last few days, somebody listed the URL for pages that showed *ALL* orderable options on the Ram. This included stuff like
    Nonstandard use of OEM paint ...
    Different tire sizes ...
    Individual order codes for things normally just listed in packages ...

    This option listing showed the order code, and both the invoice and list prices.

    Does anybody know what the URL is for this info?
    As a second question, the normal dealership computer screens used for placing an order don't go into this kind of detail - so the regular sales person doesn't have any ideas how to order something that isn't on their computer - how is this supposed to be handled? Are there dealerships, perhaps around Detroit, that are able to place non-standard orders for Rams?

    Charlie Smith
    Columbus, Ohio
  • ericgericg Member Posts: 38

    I know they have 2000 prices at www.carprices.com i cant help you with the second question, sorry

    Eric G
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    Does anyone know if Dodge is going to jump on the Crew Cab Bandwagon????????????? I'm planning on ordering a 2500 4x4 diesel in Feb to tow my boat.(9600lbs on trailer) If a Crew Cab is in the future I might be able to wait.
  • madmackmadmack Member Posts: 39
    as of today 8/24 carprices.com is current with 2000 option cost...
  • biknmikebiknmike Member Posts: 27
    After alot of debating and questioning, I finalized my order for a 2500 qc 4x4 cummins 6-speed. The dealer would not cave on the SLT+ decor group being added to the quick order package so I dropped it and went with the SLT package and added the options I wanted. The only things I didn't get were the 4 wheel abs, the security system, and the heated seats. Not much use for heated seats here in Georgia. At least not after having lived in Iceland, Michigan, and Idaho. That saved me over $1,100.
    Can't wait to drive it!!
    Mike :-)
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