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    I'm currently in the middle of buying my truck through CarsAtCost. It's formally known as American Carbuying and Leasing Service (ACLS).

    So far, it's been very easy dealing with them, but you have to be aware of a few things. First is the obvious $75 retainer fee. This gets applied to the $399 CarsAtCost service fee, which is due at the time of delivery. Somewhere in the middle is a $1000 deposit, paid against the balance due on the vehicle. There's also a "courtesy delivery fee" for getting the vehicle to a dealership located near you. I was quoted a cost of $175.

    So... your "at invoice" vehicle really runs you about $574 over invoice, without haggling. To me, it's worth it. I couldn't get a local dealer to order a truck for me, muchless get it for below $1k over invoice on the ones they had on the lot.

    Depending upon the vehicle you want, they place the order through the fleet department of a dealership they've made arrangements with. My Dodge Ram QC 1500 4x4 was actually ordered from Diamler-Chrysler by a dealer in Hamilton, Ohio. You're supposed to only go through ACLS for information. Contacting either the ordering or delivering dealership is a no-no, as stated in the contract.

    They have a website page for checking on the status of your order. It's updated weekly. I placed my order on Sept. 9th. It is scheduled to be built on Oct 23rd and delivered Nov 10th.

    Both Starr and Jennifer at ACLS are great to work with. In theory, all of the paperwork will be handled ahead of time. All I've had to do so far is sign and fax back the order and give them the $1k deposit. There's a checklist they give you that leads you through the steps. I'll let you know just how smooth it goes.
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    You mentioned that you had to pay a "courtesy delivery fee" of $175. Isn't this something that should be covered by the $650 destination charge that is already added into the invoice price and do you think this is something that can be challenged?
    Considering the cost of the truck, I guess $175 isn't that bad...but if I can avoid paying it, that's just more money to buy more toys (aka accessories) for the truck later :)
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    Nope. You can't negotiate that amount. I just found out today that they're not planning to drop ship it to me. The Ohio dealer rep will actually be delivering the truck to MY DOOR IN POWHATAN, VIRGINIA, and will then go over the truck with me, and finish up the paperwork IN PERSON. So much service, it's kinda freaky!

    Instead of the $149, if I wanted, I could fly to Cincinnati (they'd get me a one-way ticket for $99), and I'd drive it back. Heck, for an additional $59, they can bring it to me, as far as I'm concerned.
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    Now I know what they mean by courtesy delivery (ok, so i'm a little slow at these things). I was thinking that you were required to go to the dealer to p/u the truck and finish the paper work and that the $175 was just just added profit for having the vehicle delivered to the dealership lot. Sounds like the extra money is definitely worth it then. Thanks for the response.
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    Thanks of the carsascost info. It helps me out alot. Hope your delivery works out fine. Thanks!
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    Ordered a 2500 4wd qc 360 fully loaded and will have it 10-11-99. Ordered it on 8-30-99 got it at dealer invoice.
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    I have the V10 on order, but with the 4.10. As far as changing the gears on your truck, I considered that with my current 97 Chevy. It was going to run about $1800 for both differentials. Not a pleasant thought. .... The Z71 is a lighter weight truck than your Dodge. And the 5.3 engine is awsome with the 4.10 rearend. I drove one and it is faster than the Ford V10 with 4.10. It was faster than anything I test drove. I have only test drove a Dodge with the 3.55 and you are right, its not a race truck. But I'm hoping for more with the 4.10. As far as the Chevy 5.3, it is also much faster than the Chevy 6.0 in its 3/4 ton at any speed. But put 10,000 pounds behind the 5.3 and your v10 and I think the results would have been different. ..... Rich
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    After about 10 1/2 weeks my truck has finally arrived (well worth the wait)... a 2000 1500 Q/C 4x4... if anyone's interested in seeing pictures I posted them on my web page... http://home.kc.rr.com\johndean

    Only one complaint, it needed an alignment, didn't think that should be necessary as it came straight from the factory, but I have an appointment tomorrow to get that resolved.
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    If the above link doesn't work try this:


    Think I typed it in wrong.
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    We just bought a 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 QC 4x4 with Cummins--twice now the engine light has come on, an emissions problem (we are in California--would this have any bearing on the problem?). Also, the brakes were REALLY squeaky--turns out they needed to be turned. What gives?
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    Does any know what the front air dam is good for?
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    You guys with the 2000 Ram 4x4 quad cab V10. Hows your milage?
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    Just got confirmation from Jennifer at CarsatCost on my 2500 Ram QCab Cummins 6-spd,SLT+ and lots of other goodies. It is scheduled to be built on Nov 8-10.... Have nothing but good things to say about the service CarsatCost has given me. I have also learned that the truck will be coming with the 245hp/505tq engine,designated H.O. Out in Calif. no dealer, even fleet dept. will sell me the truck for less than 1K over invoice. ordered it on 8/20/99, so expect 3 Mo. at least if you decide to order one....
  • ram4x4ram4x4 Member Posts: 24
    Keep us updated about how your service is at Carsatcost. That's one of the buying services I am seriously considering when I go to order my 1500 QC 4x4. Been reading alot of mixed reviews (mostly negative) about another buying/broker service called Carorder.com in another Townhall group. Hope it all works out for you.
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    Just got my 2000 V10 QC 4x4 LB. First 3/4 tank averaged 10.4 mpg and at 65 mph on the highway I get 14-15 mpg on level surfaces. I'm very pleased with these numbers for an engine that's not broken in. It has the 3.54's.
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    I ordered a 2000 dodge 2500 4x4 through the dealer about 10 days ago. what is the number with dodge to call to check on the status of the order? also, anyone hear how long the trucks are taking to be built and delivered?
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    When you ordered you 6 speed, I assume you designated the ETC since the ETH wasn't available as an option. Did they automatically upgrade your order or am I missing something? Is it the ETH you'll be getting? Thanks.
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    Finally got a vin # for my 2500 qc 4x4 slt+ with the Cummins. I had originally ordered it with the 6-speed but they kept telling me it was on restriction. After a month, I changed to a 5- speed and now My shipping date is 10-25. DC said the 6-speed restriction probably would not be released until the end of the year. I hope they were not lying to me! Oh well, 5 or 6 speed is not that big a deal to me but it would have been nice.
    Truck is being built in St. Louis. Any Ideas on how long it will take to get to Georgia?
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    Great messages on this board! I will be ordering a 3500 SLT+ with every option as soon as the upgraded Cummins/6-speed manual and new towing mirrors are available. Does anyone have any experience with the Jacobs Exhaust Brake? Should this be ordered with the truck or should I install it myself or have a Cummins shop install it? Most Dealers in my area haven't even heard of this option. I drive mountain roads every day and would like to be kind to the brakes. Any experienced words would be appreciated. Thanks.

    P.S. Are the new towing mirrors heated?
  • markcordmarkcord Member Posts: 113
    Well I ordered my V10 somewhere around 7/27 and finally got behind the wheel on 9/30. Just about 10 weeks. Came from Fenton. Ship date was pushed back 3 weeks from original estimate of 8/24 to 9/14. I think they had to make all the V10 5spd people happy first since that combo had been on hold for some time. 8-10 weeks would be about right I guess. By the way the shipping destination was Massachusetts.
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    Reece & others--

    Isn't the gear ratio the number of turns of the drive shaft to get one turn of the axle?

    I have always heard that 4.10 is a better ratio for towing in the mountains (keep the rpm's up), which would be consistent with that definition.

    If so, how does 4.10 help with acceleration? It would seem to provide more power & less acceleration.......

  • dresslereddresslered Member Posts: 60
    Leaoco1, your correct about the 4.10 being a better gear ratio for towing in the mountains. It is the number of turns of the drive shaft to turns of the axle. Additionally, it also gives better acceleration. The cost is, reduced top end and fuel mileage. Acceleration is the rate of change in speed. If you have a car/truck with manual transmission, doesn't it accelerate much quicker when in first gear (higher gear ratio) than in fourth gear (lower gear ratio)? Don't confuse "power" as being directly related to acceleration.

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    When ordering a 2500 4x4 with the optional 4.10 rear axle ratio, does the front diff. retain the stock (3.55 gear) or is it changed to 4.10? Also, does anyone know the xfer case "Lo" reduction.
  • lvstanglvstang Member Posts: 149
    Axle ratios HAVE to be the same within one one hundreth of a point. You can have a 4.10 rear with a 4.09 front etc. Most transfer cases are in the high 2 to low 3 range. Meaning if you have around a 3 first gear ratio you have first gear times lo range times axle ratio for around a 36 to one lo range. THESE ARE JUST ESTIMATES to give you an idea on how it works.
    See Ya.
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    My truck should be arriving soon...i have a copy of the invoice as of today. two new cost appear:
    1. B45 Phoenix - PPA/EB-PF $210.00
    2. T45 Phoenix - DAA $260.00
    I live in Las Vegas....does anyone have any ideas what the heck they are?
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    well I ordered my truck on 8/17 and take delivery on 10/8, not bad. it's a 2000 qc diesel w/auto 410 rearend. loaded with everything but 4 wheel and leather.going to pull 32' 5 wheel. does anybody have any info on extended warranty? will get the truck for 28.000 which is about 2000 below invoice, my brother works for chysler. its patriot blue looks real good will put white pinstripping on later. i live in portland or.
  • wineowineo Member Posts: 18
    Have learned the restriction on the 6 spd. is due to only 40 unit per day being available .They haven't ramped up production to meet demand. That would mean the 6500 orders in the national order banks for the 6 pd. would take 6+ mo. to build,at the current production of units.
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    The two items in question on your invoice are the advertising cost for your vehicle. In most cases, they are non-negotiable.
  • littledakotalittledakota Member Posts: 5
    has anybody heard if the restrictions on the 5 speed were still going on. if they are when would the restriction stop. this was back in september when i orderd my truck
  • buzzeroobuzzeroo Member Posts: 2

    You would think they would be the same, but the '85 Ford F250 4x4 I have was ordered with the 4.10 gear in the rear, but the front diff came with the std 3.56 ratio, causing it to "drag" the rear wheels when in 4Lo. If there are any Dodge 4 wheelers out there with a 4.10 rear, would like to hear of your experiences driving in 4Lo in a straight line, on blacktop (like when pulling a boat trailer up a ramp). Thanks ...
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    There is a slight difference. The front turns ever so slightly faster to keep it stearing strait. But 3.56 / 4.10? don't think so. It would be undrivable and a terrible tire screeching on a boat ramp until the drivetrain ripped out. Just think, your front tires would be turning 1.15 revolutions for each revolution of the rear tire. Am I missing something? I could only think such a thing was a factory misstake. .... Rich
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    Dude I'm sorry for coming off strong but no way in heck could you have EVER engaged 4wheel drive without exploding your transfer case with such mismatched gear ratios. It would cause such a bind as to .... I don't want to even think about it.
  • wineowineo Member Posts: 18
    As most of you know, ETC is the order code for the Cummins motor. ETH does not exists, as of yet, DC rep. was very elusive today on when the H.O. version of the Cummins would be seen in production. He could not confirm or deny the production run of 6 spd. in the first two weeks of Nov. would have the H.O., as described in the 2000 Ram brochure. In the past week to 10 days though "HO" shows up in the order as: 5.9L(359)HO 24-V I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel, back on 9/23/99 this "HO" did not show up on the order.Guess will have to wait a few more weeks and see ....
    Does anyone have a 2000 Ram 2500/3500 QC Cummins/6 spd/SLT+ in their driveway yet ????
    I'd like to know .....
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    I ordered my 2000 Ram 2500 QC Cummins/6 spd/SLT last July 15. DC has had it in "D" status since Sept 17 with a delivery date of October 9. I called again today and it's still in "D" status (ie firm/not built yet) and get this,,,the lady didn't think they would make the delivery date! Brilliant! No explanation as to delay, all parts are there, no holds, but she mumbled something about waiting for enough orders before starting the line???? I guess they can't get anyone to go back to work in St. Louey. Wish mine was cummin' from Mexico,. Also, the dealer out here has/had six 2000's 6spd's sittin on the line since Sept 1, dealer stock. I think they were ETC's.
  • littledakotalittledakota Member Posts: 5
    i am looking for a good bedliner for my 2000 cummins/5spd/slt that has not arrived yet. just want to know what is a good drop in polyurethane bed liner. is the factory bedliner any good?
  • balkabalka Member Posts: 5
    I just got a call today from my dealer in NC and my 2000 QC 2500 6 spd Cummins is here on the lot. Will go on Monday to see it and finish transactions. I had an order date of 8-10-99, but the dealer exercised an allocation slot to build it, so my 8 wks for a Cummins 6 spd is a fluke, I think. Will let you guys know.
  • reece1reece1 Member Posts: 2

    Yes, My local dealer told me that each dealer is allotted a couple of slots each year that allows them to put a factory order ahead of everybody else. Most dealers will only exercise this option in extreme (money making) situations. I wouldn't expect the dealer to offer this unless he's going to make a ton of money (at your expense). In other words... if you want invoice price, don't expect a dealer to go out of his way for you!

  • wineowineo Member Posts: 18
    Please post as soon as you get your truck on Mon.
    Just curious, also, as to how much your paying over dealer invoice for your truck???
  • balkabalka Member Posts: 5

    I agreed to $200 over invoice, (probably could have gotten the dealer down to actual invoice) which brings total to $28736 minus tax/title/tags. But I was pleased enough with the lack of hassle from the salesman (actually saleswoman). Having tried to order a 1999 6-spd and cancelling it because of restriction, I reordered a 2000 and just happened to get it in at the right time. Also the relatively small 1999-2000 price increase was a windfall to be sure.
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    We just picked up our truck 2 weeks ago and put maybe 200 miles doing some short trips. It road choppy and we did stop to talk to our sales person who just didn't have much to say. Well the next day to our surprise - we found a puddle of oil, under the automatic transmission! Well our question is, do we take the truck back and demand another - a new truck shouldn't be leaking oil...
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    I would recommend getting a spray in bedliner (Rhino) vice a drop in. Drop in's usually distort, crack, shift, and rust will eventually form underneath. I have the spray in kind and love it. I would also recommend getting "over" the rails vice "under"
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    I've seen discussions on many list of the spray in vs dropin liner. Both seem fine to me. The spray maybe more suseptiple to dents in the bed and the drop in may allow rust underneath. But do people take out the dropin liner to check for rust? Will the dropin disintagrate or something that will cause the rust to show? And if theres a dent in the inter lining of the bed from a spray in so what, its a truck and it won't show through on the outside of the bed (assuming you don't have an old import without and interliner). Anyhow I am on my first drop in bed liner and after 2 1/2 years it looks new. I also have a bed mat over it to protect my old knees and I would have one with the spray in liner too. Where I'm coming from, I haul bulky stuff but not rocks and such. ... Rich
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    How do you rate yourself on the gas petal? I have a v10, auto, 4.10 4x4 on order. I was expecting slightly better mileage. I have talked to several who tow a 5th wheel and get in the 8.5 range towing (thats as good as my Chevy 350), 12-12.5 hwy solo and about 10 around town. I plan to keep mine about 3 years. ....... Rich
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    I'm getting very close to ordering a 2000 Ram 2500 QC 4X4 w/ a diesel and auto trans.
    I keep hear stories of people having problems with the transmission.
    Has anyone had any problems with this truck in the past?
    Can't decide between the F-250 PowerStroke and the Ram.
    I like the Ram better than the F-250 but I don't want to get stuck with my truck in the repair shop all the time.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • markcordmarkcord Member Posts: 113
    I wholeheartedly disagree with response #376. Go with the spray in if you like (I didn't although considered it for quite a while). I just got a Mopar under the rail drop in for $300 installed. My big disagreement comes with the over the rail recommendation. I had over the rail on my last truck and will never get another one. Lost too much space under the rails. The under rail fits perfectly with all pockets, tie downs, divider slots, etc. still accessible. 4 bolts and washers in stake pockets and it doesn't move at all. More impact protection and you don't have to watch them grind all your paint off like a spray in.
  • wineowineo Member Posts: 18
    Any word about your truck, did you pick it up on Mon. ?????? Your probably out showin' it off....
    I would be
    Wineo ...
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    I recently bought a 2000, 1500, quad cab 4x4 last month and after 1800 miles it began to pull the to right. I had the alignment checked at a dealer and NTB and both said it was OK. The dealer told me a slight pull is normal but I know it is pulling too much. I noticed one guy posted a similar note and he had a faulty steering knuckle. Is this the problem I am having???

    If anyone knows or has heard of this kind of pulling problem, let me know.

    Thanks- Chris
  • balkabalka Member Posts: 5

    got it and lovin' it... can't wait to get it broken in and start pullin my boat around. i'm glad i went with the long bed QC--the longer wheelbase really seems to make a better ride. the six speed xmsn is great--gear spacing seems much better suited to the engine than the five speed was.
  • wineowineo Member Posts: 18
    How about a little report on what speed your going in 6th at 1500rpm, 1800rpm, 2000rpm, 2200rpm ...
    And what rear end did you get 4.10 or 3.54 ?
    Did you get the SLT+ Pkg ... and if so how's the finish work ????
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    A slight pull is not normal in any vehicle . The dealer is brushing you off. good alignment technicians are hard to find. check out the area you live in for a good independent shop. stay away from flat rate shops
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