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    I see that the trailer package lists just the hitch and HD blinker for 275$ and I wasn't going to order it because I can do it for 100$, I also note the rear stabilizer bar comes with the camper package,in that I just ordered a year 2000, 2500 w 10cyl and a 4.10 rear end, I'm now a little concerned that I am not getting a heavy duty enough rear end, I plan on towing a three horse goosneck. My local dealer (NH)tried to get me to buy a 99 with the 3.50 rear end and was condescending when I insisted on a 4.10, when placing my order he told me I could absolutly not change anything,Cram I'd love your opinion.
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    My deal was in N.J. southern part plan on going to southern Calif maybe next winter.
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    stick with the 4.10 axle - you won't regret it when all three ponies are out back.

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    N.J. is a little out of my range...I knew it was a shot in the dark but i'm trying anything to save a few $$$'s. Thanks for the reply.
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    The 5.9 is the gas engine. I'm afraid that because I only put about 15000 miles a year on my vehicles I will do more harm than good to the diesel. Plus I will never get back what I paid for the diesel especialy in fuel since I don't drive the miles.
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    Well I am now ready to order my 2000 Ram, 4WD, LWB, Quad Cab with the Cummins. I realize their has been some previous discussion on this subject but I was wondering if anything has been cleared up before write the "Big Check". I have been working with two dealers and one includes the decor group (ATK), the other wants $1,777 extra. the dealer that is quoting the adder for the SLT+Decor Group says the other dealer will eventually come back and have to charge me. I am looking for the real facts before I commit to the purchase. I just want to make sure the dealer isn't trying to squeeze another $1,777 out of me.

    Can you help me on this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Here are the facts as I see them. My dealer finally confirmed that there is indeed a $1,777 charge for the SLT Plus Decor group. I believe that it is the carsatcost website that has the most updated information. The SLT Plus Quick Order package comes with the SLT Decor group and requires that you order the SLT Plus Decor group.

    I ran the numbers both ways and found that it is actually cheaper to go with the SLT and add everything else on. If you add everything, you will save $516. The only option that you are unable to add on is the Heated seats. Everything else would be identical. That tells me that Dodge is charging $516 for the heated seats. I thought that there was supposed to be some sort of incentive to ordering the SLT Plus!???

    I ordered my 2500 4x4 QC last week. I ordered the SLT and added everything else on separetly. I only left off the 4 wheel ABS, steering wheel mounted audio controls and the rear underseat storage. That saved me $1,005 off of the SLT Plus package!!

    I recommend checking www.carsatcost.com. As I said above, it has the most up-to-date information on the 2000 models. I hope that this helps.
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    Thanks for your prompt response and help with this. I live in Alaska so the heated seats are a real plus. no pun intended. Good luck on you new truck. Can't wait to get mine. Can you tell me if this is a "good deal" 2000, Quad Cab, 4WD, Long bed, Cummins Diesel, SLT+ (with decor group),Anti-Spin, 4.10 axle, Sport appearance group (Bright White), Clearance Lights, Tow Package, Camper Package, $33,831 my cost.

    Thanks again for your help!

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    Sounds like a good deal to me! Does that include the destination charge?
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    Yes, and also the $430 advertising fee. I am going for it!

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    a friend of mine tows a 38 ft cigarette with his ram 15oo sport 5.9 he says it does fine but I don't believe him. Keep asking everybody you see towing and get some more opinions, but I think your going to have to go V 10 or diesel. I went V 10
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    Just picked up my 2000 Ram 2500 V-10 4X4. Very pleased with the vehicle. It drives very smooth. No vibrations at any speed, unlike my 98. Lots of power. Only negative thing with this truck is the dealer. Made a deal to order this truck for $500 over invoice plus their "administration fee" of $240. Went to sign the papers and their "fee" had gone up to $395. This was my third Ram I have purchased from this salesman. I bitched about it for a while and they would not back down. Not a big enough deal for me to walk away, but I will never buy from this dealer again. Too bad. I may try purchasing via the internet next time.
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    I plan to tow a 27-30 foot fifth wheel. I plan to buy a Quad Cab. Should I get the long bed or can I go with the short bed. It's a garage size thing!

    Any advice out there on this one.

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    If you already have your fifth wheel you will see it has a regular kingpin or an extented box. The extended box will work with a short bed. If you don't have a 5th wheel yet go to a dealer and see what I'm talking about. 27 footers can be had with the extended box for a short bed pickup. I don't know if there is a limit as to how big a fifth wheel can have the extended box. .. Rich
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    How long between the build date and the date you picked it up? I'm just curious because my 1500 QC is being built this Friday 9/10.
  • robnor1robnor1 Member Posts: 12
    My ship date was 9/1 and that is when it shipped.
    I picked it up at the dealer on 9/8. And on the fifth wheel question, I tow a 27 footer with a short bed. The 5er does have the extended pin. No problems turning or backing.
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    Thanks for the response
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    ive got the 5.9 in a 2500 quad cab, and i truely regret not getting the diesel and i dont tow but travel in the mountains, if its not to late DONT DO IT.
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    Wanted to order 2000 2500 w/Cummins and 6 speed. Salesman told me yesterday 6 speeds are on restriction again. Anyone know details?
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    The 6 speed has always been either "restricted" or "limited". New Venture may still not be at full-speed production yet, and they need to be rady for the revised Cummins in a few months (the ETH Cummins engine is only available with the 6-speed).

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    I am planning on buying a 2500 QC 4x4 with the V-10. What is the "best" tranny option, the auto or the 5-speed? What is the shifter action like on the 5-speed (does it shift like a Porsche or a White Freightliner)? Rumor has it that the 6-speed manual may be available for this motor. Would it be worth the wait? The truck will mainly be used for personal transportation, only hauling or towing when I have to get out of town fast in the middle of the night to avoid an irate father. (I don't really need a truck with this capability on a regular basis, but with my luck as soon as I bought a Neon I would be offered a free cord of firewood.)

    Also, what are the differences between the RAM V-10 and that used in the Viper? Hmmm...

    My local dealer has offered me the truck with Sport package and every option except heated seats and high-end audio for $29,600. Sounds good to me. Any idea as to how long it will take between order and delivery?
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    My dealer says (naturaly) I should use Mopar tranny fluid in my 1998 1/2 diesel auto and at 12k
    like you recomend .But how about a synthetic and maybe a easier drain pan like Hyper tech i belive ?
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    Sorry for the error . The drain pan I meant was a Mag-Hytec .
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    It's easier to say what are the similarities between the Viper v-10 and the truck v-10. The cubic inch displacement is the same, and that's it. All the other stuff is different.
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    I am considering buying a Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab with the Cummins Diesel. I may want to tow a 33' 5th wheel but I see the weights on those trailers Gross out at 12 to 14,000lbs. I do NOT want a manual transmission and my Question is What is the word on this new Allison Transmission? Where can I get information on it? What is the torque chip update on the Cummins and has anyone used it? What does it cost and is it worth it? Any problems with the Cummins or the standard automatic transmission? Any problems with the Dodge Truck? Thanks for any help as this is a major purchase for me and I have been happy with driving Toyota's in the past. My current truck is at Toyota T-100 SR5 x-cab. Thanks for any info, Joe.
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    The 6 speed manual will only be made available with the Cummins, becuase the V10 only produces torque at a peak point, and doesn't kill the transmissions like the Cummins. Your choice of 5 speed vs automatic actually comes down to whether you want to clutch or not. The 5 speed has a granny-low first, so in regular around-town driving, you will almost NEVER use it. This leaves you with 4 gears and a clutch, or 4 gears without.

    The Viper V10 is mostly aluminum, revs much higher, and doesn't compare at all besides configuration and size.

    Your order would take anywhere from 6-10 weeks depending on if any options you have selected are in short supply or on full restriction.


    You can use both, but the appropriate synthetic is very difficult to find. You cannot just use Dexron-III or Mercon synthetic equivalents - it MUST be the correct Mopar equivalent or you can kiss your trans goodbye (and the warranty will NOT cover a replacement).


    Unfortunately, the Ram will not be using the Allison automatic, so you're "stuck" with the Mopar 47RE. With a 2wd 2500 Quad, the Cummins, and the 4.10 axle, you can tow up to 12,000 with a fifth-wheel, so you should be within your range of desired trailer.

    The uprate chip is only available from Cummins, but it will exceed the torque rating of your automatic. You can then upgrade the automatic as well (TST Products is the best known 47RE upfitter), but in either case, your warranty on any engine/drivetrain components will no longer apply.

    Your truck as desired should do the job. Keep up on the maintenance, as per the heavy duty maintenance schedule, avoid your towing in overdrive, and your Ram should give you no problems.

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    I've asked questions on another list with no reply.
    Has there been a recent price increase? I was at a dealer this morning and he indicated the prices from the Dodge web site are wrong. He said prices increased last week. Also rather than work up a price, he copied my printout and said he would call me tomorrow. That seemed strange, a dealer letting me go without trying to get me to sign an order.
    Also, what is the kingpin rating for towing a fifthwheel? I am planning to order a 2500 4x4 with the trailer towing package and camper package. I didn't think I needed the camper package but a dealer told me it gives me a bigger swaybar on the rear. Also with the V10 and 4.10 rearend. This should allow me to tow a trailer over 12000 pounds, but how much weight can be on the bed with the kingpin?
    While typing this I just got a call that the saleman I talked to will be retiring before my truck would arrive. He is turning me over to another salesman.
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    Thanks KCRAM for the price. Seems I had the correct MSRP price from the Dodge site, but the invoice price I have maybe a little low. I understand the advertising fee, but I thought it would be around $325-350. A dealer yesterday quoted me $470. If that is the advertising fee it would seem I should get a little more entertainment for my advertising dollar. Maybe dancing girls? ... Rich
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    When is Edmunds going to have the 2000 pricing? Soon?
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    Thanks for the info. I've found the other site Dodge Ram II and read all the postings. A lot of Great information from you and others. I do wish to purchase the 4x4 Quad Cab version with the Cummins and the automatic and your information about the larger tires and 4:10 axel ratio was interesting. Does it look like Dodge may increase tow ratings for 2000 by raising the HP and torque of the Cummins while using the automatic? Joe
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    To JoeStapleton,

    Just wanted to make sure you have ALL the info on the Cummins/Auto combination. It concerns towing a trailer with the O/D off. Look in the DODGE RAM II topic and start at posting #23. Lots of good info.

    In a nutshell, Dodge needs a different Auto Trans that's better suited for the Cummins Diesel. When they do, I'll be first in line to trade mine in for a new one!

    Good Luck,
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    Has anyone checked out carsatcost.com or carprices.com? They list a discount for the 5.9 which makes the 5.9 "free". My question is... when did this happen? My truck was "built" Friday (and invoiced that day, I assume), I agreed with the dealer to pay invoice when the truck arrived, which I ordered the 5.9. Will I be able to get the discount? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!
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    I just recently order a 2000 Ram Quad cab, long bed, Auto tranny with the Cummins. I understand that I can monitor the factory progress on my truck up to shipment from the factory. Can you please tell me how to go about this. I just ordered the truck last Thursday. Can I confirm that the dealer actually ordered the truck? Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Anyone have the specs on the new cummins (ETH???)coming out. Have had 2 already 92 & 96 and am ready for another. What is the story on the 6 speed. I hear that with the new motor the 6 speed is the only tranny option. What about diff ratio's, is dodge going to grow up and offer a 3.73 ratio in the next millenium????
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    Probably the easiest thing is go to www.dodgeram.com, pick frames or no frames, then go to the technical section. There you will find DC's 800 number, order status codes, etc.
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    I am interested in purchasing an Dodge Ram Quad probably 2wd but unsure right now. Would any recommend getting the 318 or opt for the 360? I will not be doing any towing mainly using the vehicle for trips w/ the family. Any comments would be appreciated.
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    If you're planning on getting a 2000 I would opt. for the 360. Gas Mileage is about the same for an automatic and the 360 is a free upgrade right now.
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    I talked to my dealer today and he faxed me my invoice (Truck is on it's way from Mexico!). Sure enough listed as 3CA is the Magnum 5.9L V8 Bonus Discount -$506.00!!! What a deal! Ordered a 1500 QC 4x4 139"WB with all the options and paying the invoice price. Not a penny over! If anyone is looking for a good Dealer in KC area I would highly recommend him. No hassle, easiest truck purchase I've ever made! MSRP for my truck shows 32,100 and Invoice of 28,466.
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    KCRAM, I've been reading the various topics here. I'd like a logic check. I plan to buy an Airstream 23-foot trailer UVW 4700# GVW 6300#. I am planning to buy a Ram 2500 4wd Reg cab long bed with diesel and 6-speed to tow the trailer (and PU Canopy) over hill & dale (& high mountain passes) forest and desert, summer and winter, starting 1-2 months/yr then 2-3 months/yr when I retire. We'll use the truck for winter driving to ski areas in between. We want the truck to last a long time--so while cost is important it is even more important not to be disappointed and have to change vehicles. Have I picked the right package? Or is it overkill? Any caveats on other equipment options? thanks, abc
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    did you order that discount when you ordered your truck? i just found out about it and my truck should be here in a couple of days. is it to late?

    thanx in advance

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    I understand concerns about the Auto Transmission in the Ram Turbo Diesel but haven't they fixed that problem? Does anyone out there TOW heavy loads with the Auto Transmission? Also after reading Kcram's postings on the Dodge Auto diesel needing BRAKES every 8,000 miles and front shocks and steering work in 20,000 miles I am concerned if I want to buy this truck. Cummins says NO Exaust Brake for the automatic as it builds up too much heat in the Transmission. CAN ANY OWNERS OUT THERE ADVISE ME ON THESE QUESTIONS? I really Like the truck and the one just purchased by dogeram is what I wanted to buy. Help, COLD FEET! Joe.
  • deanjohdeanjoh Member Posts: 11
    No... I didn't order the discount it just "showed up" on my invoice. When was your truck invoiced do you know? Mine was invoiced on Friday Sept. 10th, so I would assume if your truck was invoiced after that day it should be on there. If not I would definately ask the dealer about it. The code next to the discount is listed as 3CA.
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    It would be a safer bet to access Kelly Blue Book
    at just http://www.kbb.com
    That way you can enter your own zip code when it asks.
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    Has anyone ordered a cummins with the six speed and had it scheduled yet? I ordered mine at the end of last month and am still waiting. I know the six speed is very limited but I just wanted to find out if anyone else had any luck.
  • ericgericg Member Posts: 38
    how do i find out when my truck was invoiced. all that i have is a copy of the order. that includes the msrp prices only.

    Eric g
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    I'm trying to build the dodge that I want. A 2500 SLT quad cab long bed diesel. Still not sure about the transmission, an auto or the new 6-speed manual. Right now we have a 28 foot fifth wheel, but want to upgrade that to a slide out which will weight around 10 to 11 thousand lbs. The auto with 3.54 rear end isn't enough. So my options are an auto with 4.10 or go with manual. My present question is what is the difference in gas mileage between the 3.54 and 4.10? I read one response once that said their was not much of a difference. Does anyone have any numbers on rear end vs gas mileage and tranny?
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    I found a six speed 3500 diesel at a dealer here in Ma. Took it for a ride, it was sweet! I will get one but waiting for the new cummins ETH in Jan
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    Ordered 2000 w/6spd on July 15th. Dealer said it would be delivered in 8 wks. Checked with DC yesterday, said still in stage "C", firm but not yet scheduled. DC say's won't be delivered until Nov. So cancelled order, will wait for ETH.
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    Can anyone tell me the details of the Off Road Package(AWL)? I see on Wheels,inc. web page that it is scheduled to be available 9/16. I know I've read something about it before, but can't seem to relocate that link. Thanks in advance!
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    Ordered on 8/5 2500 Quadcab SLT, 4x4 plow package, leather,V10,South Holland Dodge,in Illinois,Steve White. Nice guy.Intense blue,can't wait.At invoice.Shipping by truck from St.Louis area on the 20th.
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