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Mazda RX-8



  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    I seen from a recent autoshow that this base price was supposed to be like $26,900. Most equipped would run about $31k though. I'll keep looking for the link!
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    Hmmm.. I'd probably wait for the second year of production... so 2004 I might have a new ride :)

    Price - that would be great if the pricing is under 30k. Insurance won't be a factor for me after I'm married... maybe wife factor will be though.. yikes!
  • I don't know why you guys keep mentioning torque. I think the acceleration could be nearly as fast, and I'm thinking the car will be a winner. Plus, I heard a 6-speed sequential manual is the standard transmission, although I could be wrong.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    According to Sam Mitani, a R&T mag editor who test drove the latest version of RX8 in japan, the car weight 2970lbs, with 250HP, 162 lb -ft, 0-60mph in 6sec, 1/4mile in 14.5sec and will be priced at $26,000 base. 50/50 weights distribution and 90% of torque available at 3250rpm, not bad.
    While I was reading this mag, my wife commented on the cars look as being very Ferrari like and she said that we can have one if we have enough extra money, Woohoo!!

  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    RX8, WRX, EVO, I bet the magazines are gearing up for the shootout already :)
  • I have the new R&T article and the RX-8 looks great. It looks great without out any wierd modern-hey-lets-try-to-be-different things. The head lights don't run half way to the windshield (like the 350Z) and the back of the trunk is close to don't get the droopy but effect. The interior looks great too. Nothing too over that top and the little rotor designs (on seat and gear shifter) are pretty cool. Looking forward to its release. 9000 RPM redline sounds like alot of fun too!
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    Anybody heard about the price yet?
    Anybody put a deposit down on one of these?
  • That is still good weight. I really really really like the RX8 but something is bothering me. Consistantly all past mazda rotery's had lots of engine problems and burned oil. I really hope this one is different because I love the double doors, and the styiling both inside and out. But that idea of the bad rotery (which makes sence because auto makers dont have as much experience with the rotery) keeps clawing at the back of my mind. If it still has good ratings 2 or 3 years after it comes out I may buy one.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Mazda tells us the car will be in the 26-32K range....but nothing solid yet.

    Saw it yesterday at the NY auto show. It looks even better in person. The RX-8 looks a little stubby in the pics but in person it does not appear that way.

  • I owned an 81 RX7, which carried me through my senior year of high school and college. Never had mechanical trouble, and don't remember adding oil between changes. I loaned it to my sixteen year old sister (at my father's request) until he could find her a "suitable" car to drive. 10 days later, TOTALED. 120K miles, but running fine, until it hit that Olds traveling 70 MPH. Everyone was fine, but my rotary engined car was gone.

    Looking forward to another fine, normally aspirated rotary soon. (I really do miss it).
  • I think this is the nicest car to come out of japan save the docile skyline and the basic sports car look of the nsx. Nissans are comming up if they work on the little details and make all their cars with a drag coefficiant of 0.26 like the g35, it will be a wining company. Mazda has to stop calling their miata as a true sports car and saying it's soul is in all of their calls.
  • carsrcoolcarsrcool Posts: 26
    This will be one, fun car to drive when it comes out. Only slightly heavier than the 3rd gen RX7. It won't have the same pull but should be more than quick enough per R&T article.

    Regarding oil use and rotaries, rotary by nature is designed to use a little oil..or at least the case with my 94 as I was told. But it was never a major problem. I loved that car, did most of my own work (mods), and still regret the day I sold it.

    Will be interesting to see how the new RX-8 rotary stacks up in terms of fuel consumption and emissions. R&T seemed to indicate that the new engine has solved those issues...and non-turbo should definitely improve reliability over previous RX-7.
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    one word for you... check out .
    Much rather have that than a 350Z.

    I saw the RX-8 at the Auto Show on a raised platform. I like the 350Z styling better... and the RX-7 was classy. I need another look at the RX-8 in person. However, it seems the RX-8 will have better reliability (non-turbo).
  • mngpaomngpao Posts: 8
    Last month I bought a Winning Blue with AutoTrans. It's now got just under 1k miles. Mazda states that although the HP (197) is lower than the 6sp, the AT torque is higher. I don't intend to race it but the power to the wheels is awesome. Also, the mpg is higher with the AT. I'm still getting in the low 20s with 50/50 highway/city driving.

    As you may know, the AT also allows manual shifting via the gear shift knob as well as the UP and DOWN paddles on the steering wheel. When the AT is in manual mode, you have complete control over when the shifting takes place. When you consider the higher torque of the AT at about 5k rpm, it would be interesting to see which model is really faster during timed runs.
  • anybody have any idea what configuration mazda has planned for airbags? Seems the wife is concerned about this...probably a good thing considering all the huge suv's and trucks around these days...
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    but here is the official Mazda USA website for the RX-8:

    speculative asked if the new renesis engine will burn oil. Well, rotary engines are DESIGNED to burn oil to create compression on the seals. I believe the old 13B NA rotary burns 1 qt every 3000 miles?

    and another thing about rotaries, unlike S2000's VTEC engine, where it changes cam profile at a certain RPM and the high-end torque takes a quantum leap, rotary engines basically has a relatively flat torque curve from around 3800 all the way up to redline (8000 in my old 91 2nd gen, and 9000 in the RX-8). And boy does it pull when you rev it up! woohoo!

  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    the renesis, like the previous 13B's, are rated at 1.3 liter displacement, and weighs about 2/3 of a common 4 cylinder piston engine.

    Rich, are you almost certain the RX-8 is gonna hit the dealers around March???? I'm still enjoying my 91 RX-7!
  • on mazda's site their targeted torque is 159 ft-lbs at 5500 RPM
  • ambullambull Posts: 255
    The newsstands are full of magazines with reviews of the RX-8. Spent a few minutes reading them last night and thought I would share. RX-8 is about the size of an NSX with wheelbase an inch or so longer than the Mazda 6. On a track with the 3rd gen RX-7, the RX-7 would pull away on the straights, but the RX-8 would gain in the corners. The handling is like the 1st gen RX-8. What torque there is comes on at over 3,000 rpm. The back seats are cozy for 6-footers, putting their feet under the front seats, which raises them about 2 inches higher than otherwise. The author didn't like that, but I don't want to drag my butt on the pavement, so it sounds okay. It's not the greatest sports car, but is comfortable, quiet, holds passengers and has decent trunk space and may start as low as $26K.
    Sounds pretty good to me.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    are looking for the RX-8 to replace the RX-7; it doesn't. But what it does do (battling the likes of the IS300) it does very well.
  • myrx8myrx8 Posts: 1
    Hey guys, I placed an order a little while back for my rx-8, dealers around the country have been taking deposits for only a short time now and I will be recieving the car right away when it comes out in mid may or early june. However, if you were to call a dealer right now the waiting list is approaching 14 months. First year production is limited and second is only slghtly better. I have spoken with a ford rep who has driven the car, un-officially he said that he expects perfomance to be closer to 5.5sec to 60 and 14.0 in the 1/4, also as others have mentioned he agrees with the R&T article stating a price of $26,000 base and around $30,000 with leather and 18inch crome rims. I have checked with my dealer and he also agrees that loaded up you can get out the door under 30 or 31. But expect dealer "market adjustments" to reach as high as $10,000. Many dealers have voiced their intent to price a loaded rx-8 very similar to a loaded up 350z ( roughly $38,000) as performance will be almost identical, insurance will be far far less (4 doors),it actually has a comfortable backseat, and fuel economy will be around 30% better. Not to mention a loyal fallowing of previous rx-7 owners. The problem is that unless you have already ordered one, don't plan on driving one for at least another 6 months, and thats if you are willing to part with around $5,000 to purchase someones reservation, last week I saw a july reservation bidding at $3,800 on ebay with 2 days left on auction. I think this car is going to actually compete with real sports cars despite the fact that many people believe the rx-8 is not an adequate replacement for the rx-7. The only thing I think will hurt the car is the price, it will rise, just as the rx-7 did in the past and just as the 350z is going to for next year. Even so, I look forward to the return of the rotary.
  • snaphooksnaphook Posts: 130
    >>and fuel economy will be around 30% better

    Better than the RX7 or the Z?

    Also, for it to achieve those performance numbers you listed it is going to have to be pretty light, which is a good thing.

    Even if I could get one now I wouldn't pay any dealer mark-up. I'm not that impatient. But I hope it turns out to be as popular as you say. It might increase the chances of Mazda offering a 2 door/2 seat version.
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583

    I want my rotary gas guzzling and smoke spewing!!!!

    :D :D :D
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Got some official info today... is the official website and pricing will come active on Jan 8 2003. Also this is the day that dealers can accept pre-sale orders. The delivery schedule depends on when the car is ordered. They have pretty much told us that they expect the order bank to be filled by the end of March.

    order in jan and expect deliv. june-aug
    feb----deliv july-sept
    march--deliv aug-oct.

    If you order through this pre-sell program mazda will email the customer directly the status and progress of your order...they will also be sending pre-sell customers a number of 'surprise and delight' gifts from Mazda.
  • sunilbsunilb Posts: 407
    Is anyone else concerned with the relative lack of torque in the RX-8?
    This would become even more apparent when one is carrying 3-4 people in the car. It seems a bit odd to me that Mazda would give the car so little torque and 4 doors.
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    is pretty much irrelevant, as by nature a rotary is rev-happy and spins up really fast, you'll be in the 5k+ range before you even notice it. Torque also builds up really fast and stays flat for the majority of the rev range.

    I love rotaries :-)
  • snaphooksnaphook Posts: 130
    You are not the only one who has commented on the apparant lack of torque. Someone posted that one of the auto mags (maybe C&D) does a test where they measure a cars acceleration from 5-60 by getting a rolling start and then stomping on the gas pedal. I would like to see how the RX-8 performs here. I personally would not be interested in having to rev the engine above 5k and then drop the clutch in order to achieve decent acceleration.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I think road and track had the RX8 on the cover a couple months ago along with a first drive article. The tester/writer gushed about the car like it was the second comming on wheels. I will get a chance to drive the car in a couple months. I can't wait. hopefully the car will meet my expectations....IF the magazine writer is on target we all will be happy
  • snaphooksnaphook Posts: 130
    if a car has a perceived torque deficiencey lets not try to hide it by touting its free revving spirit. Let's find an objective means to determine whether or not this might be a performance consideration.

    I personally love the way the RX-8 looks and I would like to be equally enthusiatic about all it's other attributes. I would just like for the assessments to not be based too much upon a rotary fanatic's POV.
  • snaphooksnaphook Posts: 130
    Peak torque and horsepower are achieved at 7500 and 8500 rpms respectively. I certainly hope that its power curve is relatively flat.
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