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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • I also recently (December 24th) became an owner of a new Saab 9-3 SS Linear. It has an automatic transmission, silver metallic color, heated seats, Launch and Touring packages. The price before taxes (but including a destination charge) was $29,583 - not quite as good as code7700's, but I thought a pretty good deal. This is in Baltimore-Washington Metro area, btw. In general, I love the car, despite a few quirks. I also still have a few unresolved questions about the equipment, although this board was very helpful in finding answers to some of them. It will be nice if people continue to post various reprogramming procedures performed by their dealers. Can someone also shed the light on the button located right above the ESP (or possibly TCS on some cars) button? It doesn't seem to do anything, and I didn't see a mention of it in the manual. It displays a white horizontal line. Any ideas? Also, for everyone's benefit - the best site for Saab's discussions and information is probably - lots of useful information there as well. Enjoy!
  • zerochzeroch Posts: 7
    I think that the dash interface of infotainment2 (launch package) is extremely user-unfriendly. Personally I prefer the simpler turn-knob of the basic model, instead of a whole of buttons that force you to take your eyes off the road in order to change anything. And I got confused everytime I tried to customize the climate control system, maybe I am just "behind" on this.

    BTW, a couple of oddities, if any of you notice this, I would appreciate your input:

    1. everytime just before I ignite my car (when my key turn from off to on), I notice the xenon light flashes for 1/10 of a sec and then light up again, as if it's about to burn out. Is this normal?

    2. on "auto" climate control, there is very little air coming out of the central vents. Any opinion?

    3. I "customize" the climate control once then I revert back to "auto" but the word "CUSTOMIZE" keep showing up on the screen. Minor but is it a bug?
  • I have experienced two of the oddities zeroch describes and can shed light on one of them. The lights flash when you turn on the ignition because they are testing themselves and self leveling. This happens every time.

    I also have the word "customize" on my climate control system. I thought it was referring to the fact that I changed the start up settings for the climate control in the profiler.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    You will find that self leveling function on the new BMWs too. It is a safety feature to help insure these bright lights do not blind other drivers.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433

    Probably all thanks to the new 9-3 with the old 9-5 dragging.

  • This is a mixed report. Quarterly sales are up 4.9%, but yearly sales are up only 0.7% (to 37,805 units). These numbers are still below their sales for 1999 (39,541) and 2000(39,479). Of course, the redesigned 9-3 was only on sale for less than a full quarter, so I think there's a potential (particularly with Arc and Vector coming in Spring) that it will pull the sales numbers for 2003. Whether it will pull them as far as GM would want, that's another question. I wonder how Saab in general and 9-3SS in particular is doing worldwide.
  • Anyone have any idea if the infotainment will ever do anything? In other words, when will it actually be infotainment!

    If you look the movie at it shows a a guy using the car with Bluetooth (said car has the [not-yet-in-the-US] navigation package).

    I really hate how people think we American's are so far behind in GSM that we wouldn't want Bluetooth in our car. Technically, you could have Bluetooth added to any phone (TDMA, GSM, etc.) Hell, you could even have it added to your toothbrush if you felt so included.

    I'm not sure what your issue is with CUSTOMIZE, mine works fine. If you tell the air to start in AUTO mode, it will start off with air coming out of the top and bottom vents (I assume you're using heat, since it is winter, but then again, you could be in Vegas). You can override it by selecting MANUAL in the SID and selecting which vents you want the air to come out of (front vs. top and/or bottom).

    I think the lights flash (separate from self-leveling) just so the system can check the power going to them. If you notice when you start the car it says CHECKING or something like that while it checks out the "network" inside the car. They used fiber optic cable inside the car as I understand it, so they can do some cool stuff without having to worry about crappy copper wires. For example, if you leave the gas-cap off, or the rear seat is not locked properly, you'll get a warning light.

    One thing maybe you guys can look at... get in the car and lock all the doors with the button. When you (manually) pull up the drivers lock, do you hear a motor? I do. But only the drivers lock unlocks. Seems that the (manual) lock is just there for display and controls the lock motor. Sort of backwards, unless mine is messed up and it is supposed to unlock all the doors. I don't know for sure. I need to re-read the manual, I'm sure it is in there, most stuff is.

    At least the numbers are going up. 4.9 and 0.7 are still positive numbers. I think it will take time for people to see and want the 9-3... lots of people still think of the Saab is an oddball car (I was one of those people until I saw/drove the new 9-3).
  • First, thanks for the input on the speakers, Brucec35 and Dgarbari. I guess I'll spring for a pair myself.

    Code7700, regarding the request about where the dealer got the info about how to reprogram, I got the impression that these guys receive training on how to work on these vehicles and that it was relatively routine. If your service guy doesn't know how to do it, here's a link to the dealership I use here in NJ. He can call them and ask!

    I have no clue what else can or can't be programmed. It was actually my salesman that gave me the tip about the DRL's. If you find that any of those items you listed can actually be reprogrammed, I'd like to know, cause they're all great ideas!

    MMEYTIN - Regarding the dummy button above the ESP or TCS button, I understand that it's supposed to be On-Star related, whenever they get that fixed. Also, as an aside, in the owners manual, I believe they show both a TCS and an ESP button. My car has only one, the ESP, which controls BOTH the stability and Traction Control systems.

    Question for Hungshy: I recall that a few hundred posts up, that you had a fender bender...mixed up a little paint. How much damage, is it fixed and what did it cost?

    Finally, here's another good Saab discussion board:

    It's in the UK, so if you can get past their calling a sedan a "saloon", there's a lot of good stuff there.

    **-- Mooselook --**
  • I dread ever getting front end damage. Between the expensive headlights and water spray heads, you're looking at a few thousand dollars in damage no matter how "simple" your crash is.

    It is odd how TCS and ESP are on the same button. As for the button above that, I don't think it is OnStar related, but guess we'll find out.

    Question is, say I don't care for OnStar... if I don't get it installed, will that stop me from using anything useful in the future?
  • hungshyhungshy Posts: 74
    I got it repaird in one week. Part in 1 day but wait for washer bottle about 5 days. cost list below:
    OEM FRONT COVER - $435
    SUBL FLEX-S - $15.6
    +++TOTAL ITEMS $675.6
    my idea is this new 9-3 has very solid body frame. so it didn't cause the head light or water spray damage. lucky me:)
  • skysaabskysaab Posts: 32
    I am so glad that you like the fun part of Saab 9-3. I do feel little bit unfair to Saab since TL is Acura flagship model. No matter what, they are two different level of car. Then you still feel there are so much fun from driving Saab 9-3. Car is speaking for itself. Good thing you are notice the very interested issue. From my experience of owning Saab 9-3. After test drive, I couldn't resist myself to take it home with me. for next 6 month it's fun to drive all the time. Even now after 2 years. The feeling of exciting still come up at most of time. For me, I like to enjoy the turning, corning and stop and go on highway and local. Most of mind on the car and always look out to find out how much fun I can find from every coming trip. From the day one I already knew, interior has nothing effect to my decision. that's for show most of time to my friends only. for myself. black color is the perfect match. Present myself as professional look to my position. Present myself as special one not like others only following the fasion flow. two years ownership show me no serious problem in this car. Only went into service twice for door lock issue. Coupld months ago, breaks, rotors and tires got replaced and no more breaking nosie after that day. the ride handling even better than ever.
    For me, trust your sense. Feel the spirit of car. after 5 years. saab is still Saab. But TL will be the older model of Acura line.
  • Looking to lease a '03 9-3 Linear. Wondering what kind of a lease deal you got. Also, what are the specs of the car you leased.

  • That isn't too bad. I would have though that Saab parts would be insanely overpriced due to the low volume of cars on the road, but your costs do not seem out of line compared to the average car crash.

    On a separate topic, lists a "Phone Connector Harness" for $15 for both the 9-3 and 9-5 (1999 models and up). I assume this doesn't include the 2003 model because it is new... If you look on there, they have two types of things, they have 1999- and 2003- (they don't end 1999 with 2002, but I assume they should).

    Even if that isn't a 2003 option, what the heck is it for? It says, "Pre-wired power access. Facilitates installation of mobile phone. Dealer installation recommended." It has to do more than give you power, right? Did it tie the phone into the car in any way other than by giving it juice?

    Speaking of add-ons, I can't believe they get $60 for the cargo apron, $45 for a side cargo net, and $55 for the floor cargo net. That is a bit steep. Does anyone know of any 3rd party companies making these things?

    The only thing listed in the accessory catalog is the phone cradle mount, at $16. Still overpriced, but not that bad.

    Lastly, any of you live where it is cold? Is it worth getting an engine block heater (even if it will mainly be used when car is in my garage?) What about the SID timer that goes with it?

    And my favorite, the Coreganizer... who the hell travels with pet fish in their trunk? Hah hah hah.

    Lastly, the ice scraper that goes into the smart slot... I'm not sure how useful it'll be with ice dripping into the smart slot after use, but the thing would make a nice "friend" if someone tries to car-jack you.
  • november and december were 2246 for the new 9-3.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I have a Motorola CDMA phone which is bluetooth compatible. I would be very interested in having bluetooth in my next car. The ability to use the Onstar handsfree system, while using my personal cellular provider and MIN would be great. I have Onstar in my Intrigue and used the personal calling feature a few times when I first got the car, but after the "newness" of it wore off, I haven't bothered. One problem, it uses a different MIN so when you call someone on it, they see that number on their caller ID(or hear it as callback on their voicemail) and try to call you back on it. I'd love to sync my cell phone up with the system so I could use the handsfree as the Onstar system does seem to be the best hands-free system(sound quality wise) I've used.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    What different features can be turned on or off? I would personally like auto door locks enabled(last two cars have had this) and would like for the headlights to function automatically(but remain off during daylight hours). Also, do the headlights have a delay-out feature when they are set to work automatically? I'm still waiting on the Arc before seriously considering, but some of the deals I'm seeing are tempting Especially as my Intrigue has sat in the shop since Christmas Eve waiting on a part.
  • kpfleger asked where could you get the best information on saabs and the dealer incentives? try Far better than edmunds.

    Also looking at 2002 viggen convertible w/ 10k miles vs. new s-e convertible. Any thoughts anybody?
  • Hey all,

    Been lurking on this thread for quite a while (have a 7 page word document with notes I've taken from here as well!) trying to learn as much as I can before I go in to buy the new 9-3 (first car...saw it months and months ago, fell in love, and have been saving up for it ever since). Anyways, I wasn't able to buy it in December when everyone was desperate to sell, so I'm looking to purchase one soon.

    Does anyone have any information on the new deals - both packages and financing - (effective Jan 2/3)? I've emailed three dealers (while I would love to try to negotiate, I'd rather hope to just get a good offer right off the bat and for for it), but they have yet to get back to me.

    Also, I have seen some people say they got "0/0/0" financing...does this mean that they got the dealer to agree to 0% financing despite the fact that they currently say 0% is applicable for only a 2 year loan?

  • Saabnuts, thanks for the pointer. Their incentives info does indeed seem to be better. -K
  • I'm looking at the Saab 9-3 convertible and the Audi. I've noticed many problems with the electrical and other parts on the A4. Can anyone provide me with some comments about the reliability of the Saab both electrical and mechanical?

    Would you purchase a Saab over an Audi?
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    I would wait until the new 9-3 convertible is available. The 9-3 on the market now is based on a nearly 8 year old platform.

    The new 9-3 sedan is light years ahead of the old sedan, but the price has stayed almost put. Expect the same for the new convertible.
  • bphdbphd Posts: 9
    Hey Guys...
    Went to my local Saab dealer and test drove the linear with the auto/ was ok.. I currently drive a 98 passat and felt that the SAAB size wise was about the same.. The SAAB definitely handled better and felt nicer, but I wasn't blown away.

    I also drove a 2002 Aero 9-5..I most definitely could see and feel the difference. The 9-5 was boring, uninspired and listless...The 9-3 is much better car and ride.

    Now here is the rub...I work for a company that falls into the GM supplier discount realm. I get the SAAB at $350 below invoice.

    So I think I going to wait for the ARC to come out and test drive that and then see what I feel. I hope the 210 hp and the refined interior may sway me a bit more.
  • Would like to hear from owners of new 9-3s with manual trannys... How is the shifting. Smooth or notchy. Any problems with gear grunching? Short throw or long throws?
  • I have the 5 speed manual in my 9.3 Linear. I'm very pleased with the way it shifts. I would not call it notchy at all. The Subaru WRX that I test drove was notchy. The throws are not exactly short, but they're not long either. It's a smooth shifting transmission. There are no gear grinds unless I really do something stupid. The clutch takup is progressive and light. The manual trans is fun to drive and so far, it has not been a chore (and we sometimes have a lot of traffic on these NJ roads).
    When I had my test drive of the 9.3, the dealer car was a manual, so I've never driven the Saab auto. I'd recommend that you test one out if you can.
    ***-- Mooselook --***
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I am eligible for the GM supplier discount as well and $350 below invoice seems like a very good price. I am too waiting on the Arc.
  • rgc2200rgc2200 Posts: 37
    I also love the 5 speed. Much nicer overall feel then the audi A4 I drove. Not quite as crisp as the bmw, but saab did lighten up the clutch, the throws are easy and comfortable and the car is very responsive, even in the 175 hp.

    any owners hear anything re: onstar availability?
  • cjklcjkl Posts: 1
    I seem to have found a good deal on a 01 93 SE 5spd, with only 31K on it. Test drove it and it runs and handles great. The only 'glitch' that caught my attention was when I down shift into 3rd and keep my hand resting on the shifter and press it forward a little, I notice a bit of a vibration!

    I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this before and what may be causing it? Or is this normal?

    Anyother advice or warnings about the 01?

  • Does anyone have an update on when the non-launch linears will be coming in? The dealers I have spoken with either don't have a clue or can't be trusted (surprised?!)All I have found is linears with the launch package and lots of extras and linears with no options whatsoever. I'm looking for a linera with auto sunroof and heated seats.

    Happy motoring.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I've heard March on the Arc and Vector. I'm awaiting those as well as an lightly optioned Arc is what I'm looking for. The 9-3s I've seen at the dealer here are all Linears and are loaded to the over $30K range. At that price, I'm waiting on the additional power and interior enhancements of the Arc.
  • How is the interior different from the Linear to an Arc? I know the Arc has more displacement, anything else different? This may sway me toward the Arc as well. Thank you.
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