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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    In the Seattle area, my sales tax is 8.8%, ouch. The vehicle registration fee isn't as bad as it was, when it used to be about 2.7% or so of a vehicle's MSRP -- annually! (Some depreciation was factored in.)

    One confusion I had when negotiating were the differences in invoice as stated on Edmunds vs. the actual invoice. Edmunds was not reflecting a $250 Saab advertising charge that is actually a line item on the real Saab invoice in Washington State (I was skeptical because ad fees are an easy way for dealers to pad their profit, but the invoice was legit). I think that at first Edmunds didn't reflect a $150 PDI that was also a line item on the invoice.

    Otherwise Edmunds was only off by $10, but the $400 difference was definitely there.
  • gjl3gjl3 Posts: 9
    I have a very similar car to yours, though I have a manual transmission, the other options are the same. I also bought, not leased, and got a GM supplier discount along with the launch discount and the $1k, all in all a pretty good deal. My dealer had a bit of trouble finding the options I wanted with a standard transmission. I actually ordered the car in July; but did not take delivery until December 31. My armrest is not cloth, so this change was made at some point (I have seen some other comments about this).
    The parchment interior is a lot closer to the color of my yellow lab than my old charcoal gray, so the fur doesn't show as much!
  • Is GM card money good for SAAB?
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Unfortunately, not in the U.S.
  • gjl3 - how do you like the green? I was debating between that and the midnight blue, but my Jetta is blue, so I wanted something a little different. I am a little worried about it because I've only seen it at night under the lights at the dealer. How does it look in the sun?

    Anyone know anything about changing the nightpanel settings? Can it be done? My dealer thought there was a way to change what lights stayed on, but he wasn't positive.

    As for the daytime running lights, my dealer said that they have the software to reset the Bi-Xenon lights back to a normal setting, so that shouldn't be an issue anymore.
  • Hello Everyone :)

    *oh~ that was the CD case insert! icic.

    Documentary sales fee: $52.57
    The sales tax was 8.25% (of$27,252.57=$2248)
    license+registraton fee+title transfer= $143
    No advertising fees of any sort.

    The total I "payed"(LOL): $29643.57

     I will ask them to change the speed radar when I reprogram my lights tomorrow :)
  • You can change it yourself - I just don't remember the exact steps, but it was really really easy.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    My company is based in Chi-town and I'm usually there several times a year. If I get a 9-3, I'll drive it up there on business sometime and take you up on that lunch offer:) Enjoy your new ride!
  • Those tricky step to change speed alert all listed in the manual. Should have read throught the manual. Everytime will have learn a new thing.
  • If you want to know what is/will be available for the new 9-3SS you might want to get a printed accessories catalog - just make sure you get the one _specifically_ for 2003 9-3 Sport Sedan. This catalog lists things that are not yet listed on - but are already available. For example, additional cupholder that fits into the "Smart Slot". I have a picture here if you're curious: For $39 it's a bit overpriced, but looks cute. While I passed on a cupholder, I did buy mudguards and cargo net at - you can get 15% off MSRP on any 9-3 accessories. Enjoy!
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Cool, I was hoping for a place with at least some discounts on Saab OEM accessories.

    Anyone have a good trunk mat for the vehicle, and the Saab all-season mats? I guess an aftermarket trunk mat might work but I'd want it to fit well.
  • Everytime I have service from GarTner. It's service advisor "Diane Kline" give me coupon for 10% off on any vehicle accessories.
    Don;t know if other place will do the same. And I found Diane is the only one who give the coupon.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Here's a link to the Saab press release on the Motor Week Driver's Choice award for the 9-3:
  • It's been awhile since I have read the postings. I bought a Blk 9-3 in November, and I love it. It is actually in the shop today because of some annoying rattle coming from the front. Anyone notice this noise?

    And I was reading also about the armrest? Does anyone know are they replacing this or does the owner have to?

    Also I was concerned about my lease? I have lease many cars before from a good friend of the family, but for the saab I had to find a new salesman. But here is a quick run down on what I paid.
    Sticker was 34K (fully loaded) I get GMS discount
    final price was 29K.
    I am paying about 440/month, 48mn lease, 15K miles, O down, except for first month. Can anyone tell me if this sounds like a good deal? I went through Saab Financial, and rate was 5%, and I am assuming residual was 52%? Can anyone help.
  • Hi folks,

    I've really enjoyed perusing all these 900-odd posts (whew!). You've posted lots of good info. Hopefully, as we get familiar with our cars, the posts will include more of the "how to" stuff, e.g., about installing some better (or more) rear speakers. As a bit of a gearhead, I hope to add to it. But now, I'm anxious to get the car! The only alternative that I've liked as well, maybe better, is the A4 1.8T Quattro, but it's just not nearly the car for the $, and I agree, the 325i is even worse in this regard. If you're a value buyer, you'd have to find a steal on a used car in this market segment to beat the deals on the 9-3s.

    I'm about to (I think) make an offer to purchase or possibly lease a base 9-3.

    As one of you said, it's a really complicated mess of information, especially when you consider leasing. But, could you please check my math and my numbers to see if I'm on the right track?

    And here's my understanding, gleaned from two dealers, about the dealer incentives: If you accept either the cheap Saab Financial lease or purchase money, your dealer still gets $1,000 from Saab. OTOH, if you find money elsewhere, not only does your dealer get that same $1,000, but s/he also gets an additional $1,500. Total Saab to dealer if Saab financing is declined = $2,500. And here's my point of confusion: My impression from these dealers is that the $1,000 is *independent* of the Launch Package that most of your posts have connected it to. Can anyone else confirm this? Has Saab loosened up the program? Is there even more now available? It's really hard to get a complete picture, but at least this group tries to paint one! And, at least the deals are good, no matter how you slice it.

    To the numbers:

    Dealer Invoice 24,443 (includes holdback of $570 calculated as 2.2% of msrp of 25,900).
    Discounting, Saab to dealer 2,500.
    Add destination of 675.

    Doing the arithmetic leaves a purchase figure of 22,618 on a non-optioned car. This would leave the dealer with a gross margin equal to the holdback that is apparently 570.

    For a lease, I'd have to add back to the price the $1,500 to obtain the Saab lease deal promotion.

    So is the following right? Using Saab's lease calculator on it's USA web site, 25900 is locked as the purchase price, so subtract 1000 for the remaining Saab-dealer cash, subtract another 1,457 (this is 25,900-24,443, i.e., the msrp without destination less the "apparent" invoice). Add the 675 destination. Total = 24,118. To lease at this price, with the 25,900 locked into their program, treat the difference between 25.9k and 24.118k, or 1,782, as a down payment (that the dealer would "provide", still leaving the dealer the $570 holdback). At 36 mos and 10k miles, this yields a payment of $261.15. But the problem is that you can forget the $999 down! The model forces up the amount due at inception to $3013.15 because of the model's lock of the 25.9k purchase price! So, to get the discount I'm after (one that leaves the dealer with only the holdback, or less), then that 3 grand has to be changed to 999 (as advertised). So the deal winds up at the 261/mo payment, but the model's money down drops to the 999 Saab advertises. Right?

    I've yet to put all these numbers into a non-Saab calculator (where I could control the selling price and plug in the target price of $24,118, but my understanding is that when I do so, the lease factor/rate is now .00022% per month (makes it .53% per annum). I can only hope that if you've stayed with me so far, you're not as confused as I am!

    Think I can go lower? I have located 3 or 4 base cars, but unfortunately, they're at least 100 miles away! I missed the one here in Greenville, SC by one day (after it had sat since October!). I want to buy armed with as much (accurate), complete information as possible, so if i'm missing something here, please advise. I like the approach a couple of you took of simply making a specific "no-haggle" $ offer, making it very easy to do a deal, and simultaneously alerting the dealer that you're a serious, no-BS buyer and are shopping based solely on price (I am, anyway). If I opt to lease, I'd propose the $261,to which any *non-dealer* fees, taxes, etc. would have to be added. Purchase offer would be $22,618 plus tax, title/registration, tag.

    One more question: Is the OnStar deal--free for 2 years and including 200 minutes free, still in effect? Do I need to mention this, or any other "perk" specifically to get it/them? One dealer told me that the 16" wheels are all that are on any of the cars that are already in the USA-- even those still at port. ??

    Thanks and enjoy those nine-threes! Tim
  • gjl3gjl3 Posts: 9
       I really like the graphite green; but I live in upstate NY, so having the car clean and the sun shining is a rare thing this time of year. I did see the blue at my dealer, and thought it looked great. My 95 900 was LeMans Blue which had some purple in it - a very interesting color.
       My car came with the leather armrest. I haven't seen anything about them going back and retrofitting earlier builds, you should bother your dealer
       My dealer said that the only stipped 9-3's were in black - I don't know if this is true or not, at least that way you don't notice that the lower body panels don't match the paint color
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    A problem is going to be finding that stripper with a dealer that is willing to bargain well.

    The money factor on the leases seems to vary, based on either dealer discretion, or perhaps some scale that Saab Finance is using.

    I have always read here that the $1,000 dealer incentive is based on the Launch Package. So I'm not sure if you can get it without buying the Launch Package. I wish Edmunds would be able to provide better information about these incentives.

    Good luck!
  • I have been shopping for a 9-3 lease in Manhattan and have narrowed it down to the following. Preffered Leasing in Brooklyn offered:
    15k miles/ 36 months/ Launch Package/ Automatic for $379 down with only first month and registration due at signing.

    Zumbach Saab told me that the 9-3's are now shipping with leather armrests. I also saw in their 9-3 brochure that is says that cd-holder is standard (did it come with your cars)?

    Has anyone tried using the glove compartment to cool drinks, how does that work?

    Thank you for all the informative posts.
  • I think someone else posted a message, but I didn't see it when I took a quick look -- when I lock my doors (with the key-remote) only the driver's door locks. All the other doors stay unlocked. And when someone goes to open any door but the driver's door (as they are unlocked) the alarm goes off. Anyone else run into this?
  • Hi code7700, yes, I did have door locks couldn't be locked under cold weather. I sent car to dealer three times. First they chnaged the new lock but forgot to program it. second time they program it and check throught it. I think it's ok but dealer guess it's not good enough so they order the new door lock control motor and will arrive on March. Actually I have no problem at all since then even under cold weather. I think saab USA knew this common problem when my dealer talked with them.
  • Thanks for the encouragement. I'll let you know how (if) things work out. Like you, I was a little surprised when two of the dealers I spoke to gave up the information that the $1,000 applied to the sort of stripped car I want. Actually, I wish they had sent a bunch over here giving away the Touring package instead of the Launch. I'd like those Xenons!
  • it's quite possible that I simply misunderstood about the $1k (regarding my previous post). I've been acccused of hearing what I want to.
  • My mileage always show only between 22-24mpg no matter how long I drive on highway.... Is it a problem? Would like to know others experiences about the gas mileage.
  • I was a little bit concerned about the gas mileage in 93 as well, until I realized that the mpg are calculated starting from the last time the trip computer was reset. So if you haven't reset the computer, that would be the average performance since you purchased the car. It is not calculated in "real-time". To reset the trip computer, when the SID displays the mpg, press the clear button under the SID knob. A couple of days ago I reset mine while I was doing 60mph on the highway. I drove approx 25 miles while keeping the speed between w60-70mph and the gas mileage went up to 33mpg!!!! I do most of my driving in mixed conditions (Stop-and-go, city, highway) and it evens out at 24 mpg. Not bad for me.
  • Thanks for your information. I will try it. Sounds great. gas price is getting higher and higher. need to save osme money on it.
  • Spoke to my "contact" at SaabUSA. He was helpful as always. Once again, didn't give me the answers I wanted to hear (see below) but he was friendly and honest.

    I was told the upgrade for the audio system should be available in March to improve the current system to a 300-watt system with
    four additional speakers. The radio upgrade will be approximately $450.00. He did not know if that includes installation or just the part.

    That is pretty expensive, considering there are cars that are half the price of the 9-3 with better stock radios. =8(
  • Hi,

    After going through too many posts, I am no closer to figuring out if I am looking at a good deal. I am considering leasing a Saab 9-3 Linear (Launch, Touring, Heated Seats, Metallic Paint). How do these numbers sound:

    Gross Cap Cost - $30,500 (Edmunds TMV = 29,680)
    Cap Reduction - $1,500
    Taxes and fees upfront - $1,207.58 (Including 10% tax on cap reduction)
    Monthly Payment - $360.58 for 36 months
    12K miles / year

    Any comments?
  • pablo_lpablo_l Posts: 491
    Mileage goes down quite a bit as ythe engine gets lose. Supposedly, after 8k miles, mine os just about getting there. And milage on the 205HP engine is 29mpg on the highway (Bay Area traffic), and about 20-25mpg in town depending on how one drives...
  • Your numbers look great! I am looking at the same 9-3 configuration and they quoted me $390 inc tax for 36 mos/12K. They only gave me $800 cap reduction and then charged me all the fees ($600 for an ad fee and $200 for a prep fee)! So then the cap cost came to 29687 which is about the invoice price. Which dealership are you talking to? If I had your quote for $360 I would take it.

    Good luck.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    At least with those numbers. The $1,500 cap cost reduction is the killer. They've kept the stated monthly payment low by jacking up the cap cost reduction.

    The capitalized cost of $30,500 is way too high. The vehicle's base invoice (launch, touring, heated seats, metallic paint -- I assume this is a manual transmission based on your post) is $29,036 as stated by Edmunds (which I believe to be $10 off but this is close enough).

    Advertising fees and PDI are sometimes legitimate BUT dealers often overstate them. Ask to see the Saab Factory Invoice. It will have what the REAL advertising fee is. PDI should be $150. In the state of Washington, the advertising fee on the Saab invoice is $250.

    If we add the $400 in fees on top of the $29,036 invoice, that comes out to $29,436 (it can be different in your state, depending on how much these fees legitimately are -- again, ask for the invoice). Let's give the dealer $250 profit on top of the holdback, which would make it $29,686 (and you can probably squeeze another $50-$100 here). Then take out the $1,000 Launch Package dealer incentive, and your gross capitalized cost should only be $28,686. Certainly not $30,500.

    Even if you include the automatic transmission in there, that only adds $1,044.

    The residual on a 12k/year 36-month lease is 53% of the MSRP.

    I recommend you negotiate first on the gross capitalized cost on the dealer. Some of them focus in on your desire to maintain your monthly budget and then slide in higher acquisition costs.

    Good luck!
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