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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • I'll probably have the auto lock feature turned on also, but it raises another question - does that also give you auto unlock? Right now if I lock the drivers door I have to unlock it before I can get out. In my Jetta, I could just pull the door handle and the door would automatically unlock. Having to manually unlock the doors every time could get annoying.
  • bv73ms3bv73ms3 Posts: 13
    Finally, after all that searching and haggling and headache, I got my Saab 9-3! Midnight Blue with charcoal leather, auto, Launch, Touring, Wheel packages, heated seats. MSRP with dest 33,580. Invoice 31,207. Cap cost 30,158.50. Doc fee $495. Reg fee $250 36 mos/12K. NO MONEY DOWN! Came out to $380 +tax! They included window tint, all weather floor mats and 3 free auto detailing plus any part/accessory I want in the future at cost. The only bad thing is that this car was at their sister dealership so I didn't get to see it or drive it. Hmmm, hope I don't get screwed! I was thinking of just waiting until next month to get the Black car that I really want but I'm afraid that Saab won't offer the $1000 back and low 0.00022 money factor anytime soon. So even though I have to still sell my old car...anyone want to buy a 1999 VW Passat?...I decided to go ahead and get the 9-3.

    The monthly is bit more than I started out but I"m happy. At first I was at $345 + tax with $900 down on a black with Launch, Touring, heat seats but they had to trade for it and it was sold before I could get it. Then there was Silver or Merlot Red for $350+tax with $900 down with Launch, Touring and heat seats but I already have a Silver Passat and I didn't like the parchment seats in the Merlot Red (get dirty too easily). So they agreed to give me the Midnight Blue with Launch, Touring, heat seats AND WHEEL PACKAGE for only $5 more a month. Needless to say after test driving it and realizing it wasn't such a bumpy ride, I took it. I decided to put 0 Down and take the higher monthly so less $900 down equals $25 more a month. Even trade off. They were willing to deal so readily because it was the end of the month and they needed one more sale to reach their quota.

    Saab of South Bay in Los Angeles CA is a small dealership, under renovation so they were willing to really make a deal. No tricks or gimmicks!! They showed me all the invoices and punched the numbers in the computer with me watching. I checked all over LA and no other dealer could match the initial $345 + tax with $900 down on that Black car. In fact, even after I faxed a sheet from South Bay with the figures, the other dealers didn't believe me and said it was absolutely FAKE! That made me skeptical but after all is said and done, it was true! South Bay gave me the full $1000 incentive plus took a $50 hit and threw in tint, mats and detailing. I know they had to dip into their holdback or other 'secret' profit they had, but I don't mind b/c it can't be that much..prob not even 1% over cost. Plus they were so easy to deal with, mostly over the phone until I went in today since I live about 30 miles from them. Spent 4 hours but that was because I couldn't decide on the color or options. They didn't pressure me at all but instead kept adding things to sweeten the pot and made the deal even more tempting. I'm gonna pick up the car tomorrow after the detailing and tint. I hope everything gets completed without a hitch. I have everything in writing but you never know about these dealers!
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    That looks like a pretty good lease deal you got. Thats pretty much in line with what I'm wanting to pay for a 9-3 lease. The only thing I'd have to change is 15K as there is no way I can only drive 12K a year. Enjoy your new car.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Looks like the cheap lease deals are continuing through at least March. 3s
  • kyh2kyh2 Posts: 6
    I am looking to get a new 9-3, and I was wondering if you all thought that this was a good deal. It says that it expires in Feb 28th, but the dealer says that the deal still is good. $23K seems like a good deal, but I don't understand how the price could be lower than the invoice.

    Also, I have heard people talk about a $1,000 incentive? How did you find this out?

    Thanks for your help in advance! - s_wildcard1
  • bv73ms3bv73ms3 Posts: 13
    I love it! I picked up my new 9-3 in Midnight's kinda dark blue with slight purplish tint and it looks black at night. But it's a great color that's different from my wife's blue RSX. It drives great and the dealer went through every feature when I picked it up that took 30 min. I was impressed that there was no funny business. The car was exactly as described. Saab of South Bay is awesome!

    I did inquire about the new lease deals this month b/c I was curious and I wanted to compare. Basically it's the same monthly but a little bit higher ( on my lease it would have been $7 more). The incentives are now $2000 on any linear but the Money Factor is higher (0.00022 to 0.00057) and the Residual is now 51% instead of 53% (so the depreciation is more and thus you pay more over the term of the lease). so I saved a little bit by getting the car now. Another advantage is that the bottom trim is color coordinated like the Vector and Arc. It looks much nicer than the black plastic trim. One negative thing I've noticed is that the CD changer is SLOOOOOOW. Maybe i'm not working it right. Anyways, I still am very satisfied with the whole deal and would fully recommend it to anyone looking to get a great car.
  • beer47beer47 Posts: 185
    How does the new 9-3 stack up against the Volvo s-60? They both are stylish but I'm wondering which one has more of a "tiger in it's tank" Also, could the Volvo be a bit more reliable over time or is it too soon to tell with the new model 9-3. I am not a "The Fast & Furious " type of driver, but I would like something that is sporty and a little zippy.
  • f650racerf650racer Posts: 16
    I still haven't make a deal, but will pass along what I'm being told by dealers as to the lease deals. I'd appreciate any news you have on purchase incentives, as now I'm leaning that way. Why buy? After spending hours and hours studying and trying to understand leases, and after getting costs, prices, payment quotes, etc. that vary widely from Saab dealer to Saab dealer, I just don't get it. As I'm reluctant to enter any sort of large financial deal that I can't really understand, buying makes more sense. There is enough variability in the info I'm getting to make me uneasy. Buying, I can understand!

    Leases: Take Saab's lease money but now get $2,000 (instead of only $1,000 before 3/1) discount on the 36 mo. 10k mile special. The money factor has gone from .00022 to .00024 (says one dealer) or .00057 (says a second dealer, corroborating one post above--I think it's probably .00057/month rate). The residual is now 52%, down from 54%. (Someone above says the residual is now 51%). Also, if you are a current GM (including Saab or Saturn) owner or purchaser, you get another $1,000 discount. See this link for this new program: dex.html

    Buying: The basic stipper cars I've looked at, with MSRP of 26,525 (including destination, received prior to Jan, 03) did have, before 2/28, these purchase incentives according to several dealers and this list: $1,500 Saab suppport for customers who do not use Saab financing + $1,000 for customers, regardless of their source of $ and apparently regardless of any sort of "Launch" option being on the car. Total= $2,500 if you could find your own money and pay cash to the dealer. Has this changed? TIA for replying! I'm going to ask around again tomorrow and I'll report back, but sure would appreciate any info. or rumors you've heard.
  • mooselookmooselook Posts: 66
    I'm wondering if any of you 2003 9-3 "old-timers" know yet whats going on with On-star. I took delivery of my new 9-3 in November and still have not heard a word.
    Anyone? Otherwise, this vehicle is running great - NO problems!
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    ... and the Residual is now 51% instead of 53% ...

    Ohhh good point there! You must be quoting the residual on the 12,000 miles per year, which was previously 53%, and is now down to 51%.

    Looking at the leasing deal posted on the Saab web site, the residual for 10,000 miles per year is now 52%, down from 54% in January and February. So that likely means the 15k/year is now 50%. You're right, that will raise the monthly lease payments somewhat because one is paying for more depreciation.

    But if the incentive has gone from $1,000 to $2,000, that will certainly help! Obviously Saab still feels a need to keep discounting the vehicles.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    So right now there is a $2000 rebat on 9-3s and another $1000 if you own a GM car? Hmmmm, if thats the case then I would get $3K. And I am eligible for GMS pricing which typically allows for all regional incentives to be taken off the GMS price of the vehicle.
  • freemahcfreemahc Posts: 15
    I haven't heard anything - but the dealer told me that since Onstart is not available yet, we will get 2 years for free instead of just one.
  • f650racerf650racer Posts: 16
    One dealer tells me the $2,500 is still available for those who find their own money for a purchase.

    Is OnStar for 2 years from when the service begins, or when the car goes into service. And are there 100 or 200 free minutes with it?
  • rgc2200rgc2200 Posts: 37
    I bought my 9-3 12/7, but still enjoy the posts.Saab emailed me back the following information to an "old timers" ?. On star will be available in May 03 for installation. still working out some bugs in the software. they will also offer a hard ware "up date" to help the sound of the factory infortainment. It seems some of you linear buyers got leather (or vinyl) arm rests. PLEASE confirm. Saab told me they've had lots of complaints about the radio and arm rest, and they would make an arm rest replacement available to dealers AT A COST. It is optional for each dealer (independent franchises) to sell and install the arm rest at a price they set. I am hopeful our dealers will pass these replacements on to loyal early buyers at a reasonable discount. (i'm probably dreaming). like moose above, at 3 months and 3200 miles i've had "zero" problems. and i've still seen only 2-3 other '03 9-3's on the road. lost count of the # of bmw/audi/volvos spotted. . .
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    To date, I have seen only one 9-3 on the roads.
  • code7700code7700 Posts: 65
    I've been told the arm rest is something you can buy for about $30. Not a bad deal since that is about the cost of it (if you add shipping, etc.) Most dealers will install it for free I'd guess (if that was where you got your car).
  • a98gibsona98gibson Posts: 21
    I bought my 9-3 Linear (with launch package) on Feb 22 and got a leather arm rest. The dealer had several others with leather armrests too. Cars that had been sitting on the lot for a while still had the cloth version. According to the dealer, it was a factory change; not something they had done.

    I've only seen two 2003 9-3's on the road. Another reason to love the car. It's different!
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Gartner Saab here in the Chicago area is starting to take orders for the Arc level 9-3. Deliveries are expected starting in April

    I am working with a sales person on the configuration I want. I'll report back in a few days with options and price.
  • mooselookmooselook Posts: 66
    RGC2200 - I took delivery of my Linear in November and I have the cloth armrest. If my dealer offers it for $30 or so (as I've read above) I guess I'll go for it, but you know what? The cloth really doesn't bother me. What I'm really looking forward to is the radio fix. I've added 6X9 speakers to the rear deck and the sound improved, but its still not up to where it should be. I think I'll email my dealer and see what they have to say.
    I saw my 3rd 9-3 on the road last week. That's in a period of over 3 months. We are definately an exclusive group! I'll let you all know what my dealer says about radio and armrest. Also, I'm wondering if Saab has yet deveoped a rule-of-thumb regarding oil change intervals. The manual is very vague. It looks like you're supposed to wait until the trip computer tells you its time to change oil, based on an algorythm that looks at miles and speed. Cool technology, but hard to plan for...
    Finally, to add fuel to the gas mileage fire, I've consistently been getting about 26 mpg. My 9-3 has a 5 speed manual. How's everyone else doing?
    Keep up the good work everyone. We're getting more info from these postings than from anywhere else.

  • rgc2200rgc2200 Posts: 37
    moose:i may be old, but not senile. you and i were part of many postings right at the time we purchased. i'm getting the exact same mileage as you (i have a steel grey, launch,touring, 5 speed), 25-26. My 2000 9-3 got 27-30 on regular gas! I caved on the oil change and did it at 2500, next one at 5K. I know its mobil one, but i couldn't stand waiting. the stereo hardware upgrade came as a shock to me (who knows what'll do. I think send more sound to the rear deck) which should help you with bigger speakers in the back. we'll see. i'm calling about the arm rest. if its 30 bucks, why not?
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    My mileage has been more around 22-23 MPG, with under 1k miles. This measured by the trip computer, with an automatic. Much driving is in the suburbs though there is some shighway mileage as well. At one point I noticed a very heavily-highway trip yield 28 mpg for a short time. I'm assuming I might get a slight increase in MPG as the vehicle "breaks in."

    I probably missed this in the manual, but after you reset the Trip Computer, does the MPG indicate cumulative mileage since the last reset, or just a reading for the last X miles?
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Saabs and Volvos are somewhat trendy in the Pacific Northwest, so I've actually seen a few 9-3 SS's. But there are only two local dealers (a third is being built) so I don't expect to see too many in the long run. Nice feeling. Have received some positive comments on it, e.g. pulling into a takeout-place tonight, was asked about it by another customer.
  • logic1: ooh i'm excited for you, hope the deal goes along smoothly :)

    200 free minutes of onstar telephone.

    always fun to spot a 93Ss on the road: saw three just today.
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    An email I got today from Saab says they will arrive at dealerships later this month. There are also pictures of the new convertible out at the Saab site and at the gm media site. Looks pretty sweet!
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Thanks. And thanks for the tip about Gartner. They seem much more attuned to the buyer than at Perillo. I will keep everyone posted. (by the way, did you get the photos on your website yet?)

    Big Daddy: I saw those convertible photos a few minutes ago and am impressed. Saab has always done the small convertible sedan better than everyone. The new one is really going to turn heads.
  • gjl3gjl3 Posts: 9
    I have a Linear with manual, and I have been getting around 28 mpg (calculated), or around 30 as shown on the trip computer. I will admit that I have been pretty easy on it while it breaks in (about 1600 miles so far).
    As for the trip computer, check the manual - you can clear just one item, or if you hold the clear button longer, it will clear all of the functions (I do this whenever I fill up).
    You may be seeing more 9-3's soon, buried in the news about February auto sales being down was a comment that Saab sales were up 33%.
  • ricoinvaricoinva Posts: 6
    After a bit of negotiation, a Maryland dealer is quoting $353 a month, with only first payment due at signing, on a stripped-down 9-3 Linear. 36 months and 15,000 miles/year

  • I noticed that GM has uped its incentives to $2,500. This car was a good deal before, now its a great deal! Does anyone know if the Launch discount of $1,000 can be taken over and above the $2,500 incentive? For anyone seeking a rather unique car, with a great warranty and maintenance program, and a fair amount of panache, the 9-3 may be for you. Spring is in the air...wishful thinking as we just got 8 or so inches of snow in Chicago. Builds character.
  • dbozmandbozman Posts: 23
    I have the Linear, launch, touring, 5 speed (steel gray, too). I only have about 800 miles on the car at this point, but I'm average a hair over 26 mpg on 87 octane. This is in mixed freeway/surface street driving.

    Still have yet to see another 9-3 (new body style) here in the Phoenix metro area.
  • pranpran Posts: 2
    to Ricoinva: It sounds like a good deal. What dealership is giving you the deal. I'm in Virginia and don't mind driving up to save some cashola. Thanks in advance
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