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Infiniti I35 Maintenance and Repair

ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
(I figured I'd post this here as well...)

It appears as though there's a pretty common problem in the first few thousand I35s off the line that involves one of the Traction Control or ABS sensors, as far as I can tell (I haven't gotten a definitive answer from my dealer whether or not there is actually anything really wrong other than one of the sensor modules - and it seems to be common enough that it's a problem getting a good unit to replace them, since they're already on back-order).

Anyone else seen this problem? (the "TCS" or "VDC" light and the "ABS" lights stay on, and as soon as you put it in a forward gear, the sensor 'sees' slip, so that comes on, too)

>Mike< (the RatMan)


  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    Well, since I still see only three or four people posting so far, I guess my odds are long that anyone else has had the problem I've had since I seem to have had mine the longest of anyone posting so far - a month - 30 days - tomorrow. After having it three days, the sad fact is today my dealer's service department told me it would be 15 days to get another sensor because the one they had in-stock failed the QC pre-install check (i.e. it, too was defective) as well and that they're on back-order that far out (15 days?!). He also told me I _had_ been driving it 7-800 miles in less-than-safe condition, no ABS or traction control at all. I previously believed it was just a sensor problem (obvious, now, since triggering the sensor shuts down the Traction Control and ABS systems). I'm not all that pleased... Mine happened at about 3 weeks into it or 1200 miles or so (I have a 70-mile commute daily). Obviously they can't be all that astounded if they've already had that many calls for this specific part. Hopefully, I'm just that darn lucky, but it doesn't look like it.

    Please let me know if you run into similar problems - it involves a centrifugal sensor on the driver's side front wheel from what I understand. Once that happens it thinks it 'sees' the two front wheels out of sync and being technically impossible to recover it shuts down the whole shooting match.
  • Hi folks.
    The hard way I learned about the uniqueness of the the tires that we have on I-35.
    Being on a business trip (about 150 miles from home) I blew a tire (beyond repair) and checked the nearest tire shop. After 2.5 hours of hard work I learned that the tire of this size is made only by Bridgestone and is not available at this time. This was confirmed by the local Infiniti dealer as well as the dealer in my city. They do not have these tires either. Now it has to be ordered directly from Bridgestone with the waiting period of over 30 days.
    So,... be careful when you drive. You may get stuck big time.
  • Eskalnyi:
    Do you get a loaner while the car is out or did you get the full size spare? You could be in quite a predicament for just having bought a new car.
  • Hi.
    America's Tire found a Pirelly that is slightly smaller but worked for me to get home and I still use it to get around. Interestingly enough, the dealership did not want to deal with this issue (I guess that answers your question about the loaner). So I am ordering a new tire directly from Bridgestone (the Firesstone/Bridgestone store did not have the tire either). This whole thing sucks.
    So, watch your driving and perhaps it would be a good idea to buy a car with a full size spare.
  • You may want to check as they Bridgestones in stock for an I35 Luxury. Looks like there are more options for the I35 Sport.
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    By the time I got back home (ten days), the dealer had obtained and replaced the sensor - which he said was on the right-rear tire (??). Not that this makes much sense to me (I suppose it's there for completeness, although those don't make the vehicle go forward), but I've had no problems since, and now have about 2500+ miles on the vehicle, since I live quite a way from my office.

  • What package do you have? In Canada there would be a full size spare on the sport model. I can't beleive the dealer could not loan you one out of new car inventory. Our store has done it on the 02 QX4 tires until they came in. Infiniti Service!
  • Look.
    You guys will have to believe that the tire was not available anywhere (including the dealership and the Bridgestone tire store). Unfortunately I had no full size spare.
    I guess it had nothing to do with the "Infiniti Service" issue. I find it outstanding. And by the way, they were very apologetic and surprised by this issue.
    Good luck and watch your tires.
  • alfaberalfaber Posts: 19
    Hi All,
    Just looked at this board, and saw the complaints about the odd tire size. I have a brand new Bridgestone Turanza EL42 in size 215/55R17. This came as a full-sized spare on my new I35, but I have taken it off and replaced it with a slightly smaller 215/50 X17 from Tire Rack. I did this to get back the extra 5 inches of trunk space that the full-sized spare in the non-sports package soaks up. This problem is presumably caused by Infiniti's changing the tire and wheel size for 2002 without enlarging the tire well in the trunk. I've trimmed down the original thin trunk floor cover, remounted the CD changer with an I30 vertical mounting kit, and will have finished rebuilding the trunk when I get an auto upholstery shop to make me a new carpet for the trunk.
    Anyway, the tire is brand new, never used, and I would be happy to ship it off to anyone that can use it. (I'm located in San Jose, CA area). Not sure what it should cost, but presumably $10 or so below the Tire Rack price.
    Please let me know if anyone is interested. Other than the trunk problem and the invisible analog clock at night, I love the car.
  • Andrew:
    I wanted the car with a full size spare.. but when there wasn't one around..I settled for one without. How much for the tire..? I'm interested.
  • Invoice is $155 for full size spare tire.
    Can't beat this price!
  • triffnertriffner Posts: 31
    Hi all, bought my I35 last month, just came off a 2000 300m (lemon). Not really sure if I like this car. My husband insisted..... Does everyone else feel every single bump in the road? I mean every bump. It seems the suspension isnt that great. Possible to put other shocks or something on it? Don't like the way the steering wheel shakes either. Well still trying to like it.
  • poonragepoonrage Posts: 3
    In comparison to the Chrysler 300M, the Infiniti will be a harder ride. Do you have the Sport Package? typically with sport packages, the ride will be stiffer.
  • wuxwux Posts: 18
    Make sure that the tire pressure is not too high.
  • slowdriverslowdriver Posts: 41
    If the steering wheel shakes when the car is going straight ahead, either the alignment is off or the tires need to be re-balanced. On a new I35 this should not happen.

    The ride of the I35 is taught, but the suspension handles very well. You could let some of the air out of the tires, however be sure not to go below the recommended pressure.

    The 300M has a very sloppy suspension, I rented one on a trip to NYC, thought I was going to get seasick.
  • marcus216marcus216 Posts: 78
    I traded in a 300M for my new I35. My car is just a few weeks old. Have not noticed steering wheel shaking or feeling every little bumb. I find the I35 to be a much much smoother ride than the 300M, handles better, is faster, and significantly quieter. Neither my old 300M or the new I35 have the sport suspension. Didn't want the stiffness. I buy cars more for freeway cruising than winding through the twisties. My only complaints with the I35 are the poor turning radius and the sunroof glass is not tinted. Turning radius makes some parking attempts an adventure and I don't understand why the sunroof glass is not tinted, but I can get that tinted on my own. Overall, though, a great car that should be reliable for many years.
  • triffnertriffner Posts: 31
    I'll have the dealer check it out, thanks.
  • I just bought my i35 two weeks ago. I don't like the turning radius much either,but overall I like the smooth ride and luxury features.
  • marcus216marcus216 Posts: 78
    My I35 is one month old. Great car in most respects, but turning radius is a problem. My wife doesn't like to drive the car because of it. I really did not experience this during my test drive because I basically drove the car on main streets and the interstate, did not test park it. My daughter has 2000 Honda Accord which is a bit smaller, but not by much. Turning radius on the Honda is much better. You can see how much more the front wheels will turn. I don't understand why the I35 is like this. But not much I can do about it. I am getting used to it, learning to swing out more before I pull into parking space. I think it is a design flaw. But again, I do love the car.
  • alfaberalfaber Posts: 19
    Marcus216: I think it's clear why the turning radius is so large -- Infiniti wanted to go to 17" wheels this year and was too cheap to redesign the front end to allow adequate clearance. It's the same reason the the full size spare tire (non-sport) doesn't fit in the tire well.
    I really like my I35, but these examples of cost-cutting don't speak well for Infiniti as a company. I've spent about $400 to rebuild my trunk to get the extra 4-5 inches lost to this design problem back (if anyone is interested, I'll post details).
  • marcus216marcus216 Posts: 78
    Thanks for your observation. Interesting that the 17" wheels are the cause. To me, a shorter turning radius and 16" wheels would have been preferable. Frankly, I can't see the difference in 16" or 17" wheels. But it is what it is and you just have to get used to the turning radius.
  • mur2mur2 Posts: 3
    Has anyone experienced an annoying clicking noise when slight pressure is applied to the accelerator pedal? According to the dealer (Orlando Infiniti) it's the throttle switch and every I35 will experience it. It's not overbearing but quite discernable when the radio is off and you listen for it. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • marcus216marcus216 Posts: 78
    I have not experienced the clicking noise with the accelerator pedal. I hear a soft clicking noise when I depress the brake pedal. Doesn't really bother me.
  • ggbogoggbogo Posts: 9
    I don't have this problem. Next time you will be for service and getting loaner (get I35) take a look if it's happend. If not - bringing back loaner tell your dealership that this is not on all I35.
  • rodivarodiva Posts: 11
    Well, after hearing all these turning radius problems I started paying more attention when backing and turning. 2nd day of ownership i heard a clicking sound when backing my I35, same sound after put trans into "D". Only happends when backing. I thought it was shift lock making noise. Now after replacing it and driving back home on highway at 75mph, I feel the steering wheel isn't straight when car is going straight. the infiniti logo and the wooden part of steering wheel angle toward the left a bit. When I turned the wheel straight, the car pulls to the right.
    My question is, replacing the c.v. axel shaft shouldn't affect the alignment right?
    Have you all pay attention on the Infiniti logo and wooden steering wheel when driving straight, to see if the car is within alignment spec or not? your feedback is appreciated.
  • marcus216marcus216 Posts: 78
    Sounds like the alignment is out of whack, but I certainly am not an expert. I would take it back to the dealer and let them look a it
  • rodivarodiva Posts: 11
    I30 bought few weeks ago, now 364 miles. Had right side front axle shaft replaced due to a clicking noise. Car pulled to right afterward. Brought it in today to check alignment. Dealer duplicated problem, saying alignment within spec, but steering wheel off center, said fixed it. But on the way back still pull to right a bit.
    Do you all I30 owners ever pay attention on the straightness of you cars when put your steering wheel straight? i use the infiniti logo as the guideline, and on flat surface it just still pull to right side.
    Normally I know changing axle doesn't affect alignment, but Infiniti said ball joint was "touched" so they had to fix. any suggestion? maybe i should take it to another Infiniti dealer, hope they will honor the work.
  • My I35 with the Sport Package makes a spring noise every time after start up then moving either forward or reverse. I had the ABS actuator replaced.The noise stopped for a week then returned. Now Infinity says this is normal noise.This is not a clicking noise but a spring noise.Very load and annoying.Can be felt in the gas pedal. I thought I bought a Luxury Car. Consumer Affairs no help. Anybody else have this problem?
  • Try calling Ida Cohen @ Infiniti Corp, Offices. 310-771-3749. She maybe able to get your problem to the correct person. Sometimes the dealers do not want to fix a problem which does not make them any profit.
  • I bought new Infinity I35 on 8/26/2002.
    The speedometer reading at 65 MPH is about
    3500-3600 RPM.

    Is it normal?
    PS: For Hondas & Accura it is about 2000RPM
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