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Infiniti I35 Maintenance and Repair



  • Make sure you have the gear in "D" and not "3". They are easy to change between so be careful.
  • I have not taken an exact reading on my 2002 I35 for RPM's at 65 miles per hour, but I know it is in the area on 2300 RPM. Check to make sure you are in 4th gear and not 3rd gear. It is quite easy to accidently slip the car into 3rd gear and not know it. If this is not the problem, I would have the car checked out. If you are truly running 3500 RPM in 4th gear at 65 MPH, there is a problem possibly with the transmission.
  • Just purchased Friday 8/30 @ Infiniti of Melbourne.Has anyone else purchased from this dealer ? So far so good. I have the front end shimmy that was mentioned by someone on this board. They are going to check balance and alignment. Ride feels a bit "loose" is this common?
  • I purchased a new I35 in late July. We selected one with the Nav/Sport package. The car is loaded and I really enjoy driving it. But there is this issue of my mysterious door molding. The passenger side has a door molding with a chrome strip, but the drivers side is solid black like all other I35s. I may be the only owner with this problem, but I don't think so. My dealer states that the part is not available to North America (which means there is a part somewhere) and they can't order it because they don't have a part number. Today they offered to remove the mystery molding and install the solid black molding on the passenger side. The chrome molding really adds to the side appearance and I am willing to pay for the part, if I only knew who to order it from. I know the chrome molding exists because its on one side of my car. If anyone has any info on this please respond. Thanks
  • As posted earlier, 1st week after purchased i had right side axle replaced, then following 1.5 month trying to fix the steering wheel off center problem. Tried 2 dealerships, called Infiniti customer relation. strangely, after 4th alignement and a front tire rotation, problem finally solved.
    but now, each time i drive the car (when the car has been parked for more than 1+ hour) the very first application on brake pedal, light or hard on it - front right making a grinding noise. I think the caliper just grabs the pad so tight. And it only happens when the car has park long time, so dealer wasn't able to duplicate the problem. can the caliper piston is out of alignment until the very first brake is applied to the pad?
  • This may be what's wrong....granted that my car is '96 G20 started grinding the right front started out slowly (I thought it was a warped disk) and got worse and worse. What had happened was the caliper failed. It was not releasing and it dug a nasty gouge in my rotor, almost ruining it. Fortunately my brake guy was able to machine it. Hope this helps.
    btw - use Infiniti pads....I let my brake guy talk me into some others and they generated too much heat for the disks and ended up warping my rotors twice. He ended up having to buy me new disks and Infiniti pads.
  • My I35 has about 9200 miles. I started noticing the 'spring' noise about a month and a half ago. I'm taking it in for normal service & will be asking about it. Tigertank2...did you ever get a satisfactory response?
  • pham7pham7 Posts: 13
    I found a problem which is engine knocking at cruising speed from 0 to 40 mph and in warm condition with my I35 and I bought it to dealer for repair. They had 2 engineers from Japan and 2 from USA division testing out my car. They also tested another new I35 and a Maxima in the dealer lot. They admitted that there is engine knocking as I described above. Unfortunately they said that it can not be fixed because it it "normal". I then told them it is unbelievable because this engine model is one of the ten best engines in the world and it is also used in G35, Maxima, Z35.
    I like to inform all of I35 owners this problem. Please pay attention to the knocking and bring it to the dealer to see how they say about it. The more people complain it, the more attention they will get and do something to it. I can not tell how disapointed I am with Infiniti right now. I thought it should be good because it is a luxury name plate and it competes with Lexus and other luxury car makers.
  • You should send a letter with your concerns to:

    Mr. Mark McNab
    VP & GM
    Infiniti Motors
    P.O. Box 191
    Gardena, Ca. 90248

    Sometimes, directions need to come from the top.......
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    Here's an odd one I've seen a couple of times, but can not put a finger on any pattern - my dealer tells me they do not recognize it as any type of 'diagnostic' indicator, so I figured I would ask here and see if anyone else has seen it. My '02 I35 every once in a blue moon will start flashing the "SET" light about once per second when I have the cruise control 'on' but not set (in other words, avaiable, but not in use). Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas or 'secrets' from your dealers as to what this means? I've seen it happen maybe three or four times over the past 10-12000 miles.

  • RatMan,
    How's it going? Well I hope. In a possible answer to your post, read page 5-12 of your owners manual. The title is "Precautions on Cruise Control", it might help to shed some light on your question.
    Hope this helps!
    Enjoy the Ride!!! Russ
  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    If you have buzzing noise from the small rear windows, read messages #727 and 735. You can call Johny at Pinnacle Peak Infinity in Scottsdale, AZ. It was the 2nd dealer I brought my I35 in for the repair. Johny fixed that noise in my I35.
  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    Go to message #887 and 888 if you have springy noise from the front of the I35. Even it's loud but is normal, unfortunately. The noise is from the ABS when it's in check. It happens twice, once when you start the engine, the noise is then shadowed so you hardly hear it unless you really pay attention. The ABS checks again when the car start to reach 6mph when it moves in either direction, forward or backward. I get used to that noise. Just ignore it and enjoy your I35!
  • I bought my i35 end of october 2002. I have a clicking noise coming from the front passenger side dash board. It is very intermittent. I once took a mechanic with me and it did not happen at that time. When I am driving alone, I can always hear it and it happens while driving at different speeds. Car has only 2000 miles on it, but it has been doing it while it had only 500 miles on it. I was wondering if anybody else has the same problem.
  • akhan,
    My 2001 I30 and several other Nissan/Infiniti vehicles I have been in appear to have a similar problem. In my case it was the interior air blower motor making the noise. There is a TSB out for it and Infiniti's solution is to put an additional cover over the motor. Reduces the noise significantly but does not completely eliminate it.

    Easiest way to check is to switch off the interior fan when the noise appears and see if that stops it.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hello krishna,
    I turned off the fan and it still happens. I think it is coming from the passanger side air bag. I am not too sure about it.
  • i write a tiny weekly auto feature for a major business daily and am looking for drivers of the infiniti I35 to share their experiences with me and possibly be listed in the small piece (in the paper) as a driver of the car. Executive-types preferred (ceos, VPs, doctors, lawyers etc.) but all are welcomed to contact me about their I35. My email is LANETEF@YAHOO.COM
  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    Hi every body,
    My sunroof popped up by itself twice over the past 10 months. My I35 is 1 year old.
    I wonder if any one has had the same problem. If you did, how was the fix?
    Thank you very much!
  • bergerbitsbergerbits Posts: 7
    Dear pham7 from Nov 14,2002 message #40,

    I have recently experienced engine knocking when slowly accelerated from 0 to 20 mph. Does this mean the I35 does not have an anti-knocking sensor? Today, a lot of cars do have them. What was the cause of your knocking? How many miles do you have on your odometer? Do you travel short distances per day? Could this be carbon build up because you baby the engine? Do you need to floor the car once in a while to blow out the carbon? What octane fuel do you use? 93? What have you done about the knocking? Share your experience. Thanks.
  • maxappealmaxappeal Posts: 17
    Email me if you have any hesitation. most likely it's your 'drive by wire'. there is TSB for it and i will give you the link you need to get it corrected by the dealership.
  • bettebette Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2003 I35 and too was surprised at the odd tire size after searching for replacements for the OEM Bridgestone's. Heard they're bad in rain & snow, anyone have experiences they'd like to share? Thought I'd checked out the car thoroughly, but never gave tire size a thought! Thanks.
  • ggbogoggbogo Posts: 9
    less then 30k. Warped rotors (firs time in any of my cars - even with the high milege).
     Dealer agrred to re-surface them under warranty.
    If anybody know where to find good (relaible) rotors for our car (2002 I35 sport pkg.) PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
  • I had this problem. Had to go to dealer twice for solution. They changed the weatherstrip around the sunroof. Now there is absolutely no noise on the freeway with the sunroof closed. Be persistent & they should fix it. Our dealer was very easy to work with. They very much want to do ever thing to make our car an enjoyable experience.
  • just survived with no injuries but totaled car in a head on collison in my 1-35 at around 60 mph. any opinion on whether i should buy another 1-35 or go to a different car. the new car is $500.00 more per year in payments.
  • I have a 2002 I 35 without touring suspension with about 17,000 miles. I love the car, but I agree with the odd tire size. The probelm is that if you have a flat and need to replace a tire, Bridgestone - Firestone dealers most likely will have to order the tire. After my purchase, I realized this problem and called several local Firestone dealers in my area and all told me they would have to order the tire. My Infiniti dealer does stock them, but at $200+ per tire. It is a decent tire, but not worth $200+ per tire. When I need to replace all 4 tires down the road, I don't know of many other brand options in that size that are still M+S tires. I think Michelin may carry one M+S tire in that size. Odd size tires mean big bucks to replace. My friend just replaced his four Michelin tires on his 300M. They are 17 inch tires and were about $170 per tire. The same tire in 16 inch (more common size) was about $60 less per tire.
  • i have owned my g35 since last july and i am on my 4th cd changer. each time the problem has been that cd-r's get jammed in the changer. i know that it say's in the owners manual that they "may" jam the changer but you can't read the owners manual till after you own the car and the salesperson never mentioned it. all i own is cd-r's. i buy all my music off the web and burn them myself. how can such a technologicly advanced car NOT PLAY THESES THINGS!!!
    i have have been round and round with infiniti and they have basiclly told "to bad, it's in the manual".
    in the last 8 yrs i have owned 2 Q45's and a QX4, this will be the last infiniti i own because of their lack of concern for the problem and their failure to address it.
    if i sound pissed it's because of the way the regional manager addressed the problem (did nothing) and after countless telephone calls and 3 registered letters the home office in CA has not responded.
  • I have the 03 sport, love the car ! But my engine knocks when accelerating uphill at low speeds too. Anyone find a fix ? I am getting ready to have my first maintenance, 7200 mi. and would love to de-knock my car. I use mid or high grade gas so that shouldn't be the problem.
  • I saw the notices on trouble finding tires and am curious, do you guys have the sport (17in tires) or the regular I35 ? Mine is the sport and my husband catalog orders our tires for our cars (much cheaper) and already found my size listed in his catlog and online. It isn't as cheap as my old car but they are good, high rated tires.
    Someone also asked if anyone had trouble in ice/snow with these tires and I can say I haven't . I live north of Boston and we ski in Maine and have driven in ice and snow and done very well. The "slip" light has come on to tell me the traction control is working but I plowed right through it all.
  • I'm about 99.98% sure every new car these days has a knock sensor as part of the computer engine management/emissions system.

    The I35's engine was designed for 91 octane. Probably it would be a good idea to stop using mid-grade and stick with premium. The math generally comes out to around $100 extra in fuel costs per year. That's using a 20 cent price difference between grades.

    Knocking under light load is not normal. I would definitely ask your dealer to check that. Some occasional knocking under heavy load is not unusual. Whether the knocking indicates a problem depends on how steep the hill is and how heavily loaded the car is with people or stuff.
  • My alignment appears to get knocked off pretty easily on my 2002 I35. Does anyone know if correcting the alignment is under warranty? I have gotten all service at dealer, and had them correct it once during service. But if I just want to have them take a look and fix alignment will they do that under warranty?

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