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Infiniti I35 Maintenance and Repair



  • lil1lil1 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a new vehicle. During the final inspection of the car, I noticed what appear to be acid rain on the roof of the car. I setup an appointment to get this taken care of. Not only was the repair not done to my satisfaction but other cosmetic problems surfaced as a result of the repair. There seems to be glue on various surfaces of the vehicle. The dealer is offering to buff the car to correct the problem. I'm concerned that buffing a new car will harm the finish. It will not look the same. I'd like to return the vehicle for a new one. What recourse, if any, do I have?

    Dissatisfied customer.
  • hapgoodhapgood Posts: 2
    Posts: 1

    Headlight theft
    «Thread started on: Today at 5:51pm »
    I recently had my headlights stolen from my 2003 I35. The repair bill itemized the headlights at nearly $1200 each. After doing some research, I discovered that Nissan had the same problem with their 2000-2003 Maximas, eventually providing a "theft-deterrent kit" to consumers. The police department told me that there is an increasing number of thefts on the Infinitis now. When I called my dealer's service department I was told that Infiniti has not yet addressed the issue; there is no "fix" for this problem yet. I got the same response when I contacted Infiniti USA's Customer Service Department, though they were not as friendly as my local dealer. My dealer told me he's had customers come in for new headlights two and three times.
    Does anyone have any experience or advice in this area? Is there a move to get this problem fixed?
    If I had known that I was leasing a car that was a prime target for thieves I would have thought twice before leasing it. Now I'm stuck with a 48 month lease and live with the possibility that my headlights will be taken again, costing me money, inconvenience and time. You'd think that if they knew about the problem in the Maxima they would have avoided a similar fault with the Infiniti.
    Can something be done?
  • seabushseabush Posts: 68
    Has anyone noticed skipping with their radio? I've noticed that channels I've programmed will skip to another radio station without my selecting.
  • seabushseabush Posts: 68
    Are the memorized settings only for the driver's seat. According to my manual, the memorized settings apply to the steering wheel, seats, and outside mirrors. Either there's a misprint in my manual or something isn't working the way it is supposed to.
  • roxy728roxy728 Posts: 3
    I leased a 2004 G35 in March. I have had my headlights stolen twice. Once in June at my place of business and another time in July at the mall to the tune of $6000 in repairs. When I took the car to the Inifiti collision shop, there were many more G35s in for the same reason. The situation is rampant and Infiniti refuses to acknowledge there is a problem. When I called the Consumer Afffairs dept, they said they had not heard of this. They have no anti-theft device either. I found out that the State of New Jersey has a class action suit against Nissan for the same issue they had with their 2000-2003 Maximas. The lights are taken in under 30 seconds and are easily popped out with 2 screw drivers. It can be done by my 5 year old niece. It's the same company and they should have taken care of the problem in all their cars with these lights. Expecially in their luxury autos. Now, I'm also stuck with a lease I can't get rid of and a car I can't drive anywhere for fear of this happening again. Nissan/Infiniti deserves to be sued again for not doing something about this in all their at risk cars. But I guess it must be nice when your making a pretty penny on selling $1200 headlights.
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    Are there replacement bulbs available (that fit) that would be let's say, less desireable? Do more std. bulbs fit?
  • As far as my research prior to my purchase went, no it does not affect the overall speed of the car, nor does it affect horsepower unless it senses you are spinning. The VDC only kicks in when your wheels are spinning or the car is sliding. Then it adjusts power/braking to the appropriate wheels (you do nothing, just keep driving) to correct movement and all you get is a flashing light on the dash. I keep mine on all the time due to the ice & snow up here in Mass. and I have seen the light flash at me many times and can feel the car correcting itself but if you keep the pressure steady on the gas it keeps right on driving! As far as regular driving, it has no effect on power or speed unless you are about to lose control. KEEP IT ON !!!
  • Not holding? You mean after you release your foot from the brake and are going for the gas ? That's correctable by changing the idle, meaning the car goes faster without adding gas when in drive. It will cost you more $$in fuel when you are stopped WITH your foot on the brake because the engine is racing higher. But unless you live in extreme hills I wouldn't bother with it. Just use the brake to keep the car stopped on a hill.
  • Check the lemon laws and similar laws in your state. I had a similar problem with a Ford, buffing looks great for about 2 weeks. I ended up with a new paint job to correct the problem, Ford only paid half because the car was older. It sounds like you accepted the car anyway so you may be stuck. Did you make a note on the bill of sale before driving off ? Verbal communication is nothing in the car business. Look for a friendly dealer and try communicating with Infiniti on the national level to get a new paint job.
  • Does anyone have a suggestion for cleaning the topside of the sunshield on my I35.

    I'd like to vacuum the top of it since it collects a lot of dust/debris when my sunroof is opened.

    However, I can't fit the vacuum attachment under the sunroof to get at it.

  • Hi everyone:

    Could someone out there with a 2002 I35 please check on this for me: When you have 2 or more CD's in the CD changer and you transfer back and forth between them, does each CD start back at Song #1 again or does it keep a memory of where you left each CD and go back to that selection?

    I could have sworn that my CD changer used to retain the memory of what song each CD was on but now it keeps resetting back to Song #1 each time I switch back and forth between the CD's.

    Maybe I'm just losing it but would appreciate if at least one person could confirm this for me one way or the other. Thanks! - Paul
  • jaydhjaydh Posts: 16
    My guy at Americas Tire said that a set of 4 FALKON tires, size 225/50 R17 93H for $558 out the door would be just fine for my 2002 I-35. The rating on the tire is 420 AA. Any thoughts about that?
  • Paul,
    My changer also goes to song #1 when changing between CDs-- however-- it DOES retain the memory of what song you were on when I switch from radio back to CD. My car is 2003 I35 sport. Hope this helps !
  • Hi yankeebelle,

    Thanks for your response!

    My CD does the same thing so I guess I MUST have been losing it when I thought it would retain the memory on multiple CD's!!

  • dsiddsid Posts: 1
    I've brought my car in for the same problem three times already. The mechanics keep telling me that it's because I'm not using 91 octane gas. So I show them all my receipts of me purchasing 91 octane gas and their reply was "how do I know it's for this car?" I'm about to go postal on them... please let me know what eventually happenend.
  • I have had the same problem now three times. After I tank up, the Miles to Empty trip meter does not immediately reflect that I took some gas. Instead, it slowly increases over a couple of days until it is accurate and then starts decreasing normally. I called Infiniti service and they said I'm supposed to somehow reset the trip meter after tanking. I tried it but it did not change anything. Neither did turning the car off. Any ideas?
  • On mine, the "distance to empty" (DTE) resets itself pretty quickly. In fact, almost immediately. Infiniti service is clearly wrong because it is resetting itself, it is just taking long. Does your fuel gauge read "full" right after you fill up? It seems like whatever sensor is measuring the tank level to compute DTE, is having the issue. I assume it works off a float, and the float is sticking, slowing its travel to where it would sit when full. Just a thought.
  • I can't be sure but I think the fuel gauge works ok, since I'm sure I would have noticed it if it did not. Next time this happens, I'll make sure to check.
    I just got the car back from Infiniti service and the service manager said his wife's Nissan Maxima has the same problem and seemed to think it was normal. I never saw the problem until just recently (I have a 2002 I35, with 37000 miles).
    I had some warranty work done, so I'll wait and see if the problem repeats.
  • Hi.. new guy here. I have a 2002 I35 and I'm about to bring it in for service. I have pulsating brakes such that the wheel shakes. Car has 34K miles.. any advice?
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    I have 38K miles on my 02 I35 with no problems with the brakes. I have always kept them clean with frequent cash washes that cleans the brake dust off the wheels and rotors. I had a 97 Maxima with 50k miles that still had a lot of brake life left when the lease expired. The brakes on the Maxima were the best I've ever had in a Nissan product.


    I have a feeling that 34K miles, the dealer should turn the rotors to correct the pulsation you feel. The brakes were upgraded with 02 model, so they should be robust enough for most types of driving. I don't have to remind you to not keep your foot on the brake pedal while driving and use only one foot to work the gas and brake pedals. I think that's a cause for a lot of brake problems people experience, no matter what make of vehicle they drive. My mom just replaced her front brakes on her 97 Honda Accord for the first time with 75,000 miles on them. Driving mostly highway miles will extend your brake life significantly vs. city driving. The life of brakes and tires will vary from driver to driver, so don't be surprised if the dealer tells you the pads need to replacing too.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    I think you definitely have a problem. My 02 I35 has never experienced that problem. My DTE reading always reflects the new fuel I put in. I've always filled it up, never doing a partial fill. so I don't know if that has something to do with it. Next time you get it serviced, talk to the service manager to enlist his help with this problem. It sounds like one the sensors is defective or dirty and needs replacement.
  • Greeting, seabush and everyone!

    I am new on this board but have been surfing it for a while. My wife's I35 have the same problem. memory set didn't remember the mirror position. I wonder if you found any solution or any explanation from dealer? Thanks.
  • I purchased a 2003 I35 Jan. 2004. Driving for more than 60min. causes pain in my left thigh and buttocks.Never had this problem with any other car I have driven. The seat is too short for my frame, 5ft. 10in. 197lbs. The front edge of the seat touches the bottom of my left thigh 2-3in behind the L knee and does not support the leg. All other vehicles the seat touches me just behind the L knee. The the controls do not angle the seat upwards enough to compensate.Does anyone know if another seat, or seat cushion could be installed, or who could modify the seat. Thanks
  • Hello,

    My I35 2002 just got the "Service Eng Soon" light turns on while I am driving. I stopped the car and checked the gas cap as tighten well. Also, changed the new air filter. The problem is still exist.


    Please help before I take the car to dealer.

  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    For the I35, the memory settings are only for the driver's seat. The mirrors have to be adjusted manually.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    Kind'a hard to tell what you should do beyond what you have already done. If you can't find anything out of order under the hood, I would take it to the dealer to have it diagnosed. It could be simple problem easily corrected, or maybe your oxygen sensor in the exhaust is fouled up. It's usually related to emissions control so you shouldn't have to worry about it costing you as it should be covered under warranty, depending on how many miles you have on it.
  • I finally quit using mid-grade gas and use premium and have not had any more problems with knocking. When we bought the car we were told it used regular gas and part of my problem was believing the salesperson. Mid-grade gas is only 89octane, have you tried premium ?
  • I have the 2003 sport model and my trip/Dist. To Empty meter immediately resets upon starting the car with a newly filled tank. No waiting period. No reset needed. The dealership is lying.
  • I am curious where people are located that have had their headlights stolen. I am just north of Boston but drive all over and those postings make me a bit nervous. I stopped by the Nissan dealer yesterday and they said the headlight kit for Maxima won't fit the I35 (mine's 2003). They even called Infiniti to verify there is still no kit out for the protection. The maintenance guy did say, however, that the thief would have to crack open the hood to steal them because the mounts are on the back. Do you know how they got the lights off ? Are they stealing the whole assembly? Have you found a solution?
  • Thanks for the info. In this case the user mannual is wrong. And even the service guy was wrong when I asked him. Anyway this is my first experience with Infiniti. Hopefully everything else would be correct with this car.
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