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Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair



  • door lock trouble on the excursion is very common ... the actuators have to be replaced , each door takes about 30 minutes ....... the first door you do will take longer .. make sur to use ford actuators , i learned this the hard way, after replacing 4 of them with aftermarkets. they worked well for about a weeek then it got cold and they worked no more until the outside temp was above 20 degrees
  • spray the rod that goes inside each door with wd-40 , the switches are locted in the door and are most likely just sticking
  • palbertpalbert Posts: 2
    I am looking into buying a 2000-2001 Ex with anywhere from 78k-100k miles. I am hesitant in buying such a large engine vehicle, 10Cy. but am looking forward to the extreme size of the SUV. I am looking for advice and opinions of past owners.

    Is there a big difference between the 6.8 vs 7.3?
    Any problems with electrical or engine/trans?
    8cy vs 10cy? Perference?
    Any know reoccuring issues with used Exs?

  • mawademawade Posts: 1
    Hey I am new to the forum so please for give what might be a repeat question. I did a search but didn't find any answer to my question which is

    What can be done to fix the strap that holds the floor mat up on the middle bench seat?

    I thank you for your help.
  • As I was driving down the road, with no other vehicles on he road, my
    back rear window just exploded. I stopped and looked at the glass there
    were no holes all intact hanging to the tint when I got back in and
    shut the door then the glass went everywhere. I took it to Bell Ford in
    Phoenix AZ where I had purchased it. They stated that this is not a
    defect so I would have to submit it to my insurance. EXPLODING GLASS IS NOT
    A DEFECT, SO IT'S SUPPOSED TO DO THIS? I asked them about a recall and
    on the ford explorer for the same reason and they claimed not to know
    about this yet I found it on the internet. They tried to say maybe I had
    hit something causing the window to shatter. I told them that just
    because I am a female does not mean I don't know anything about vehicles,
    if I hit something hard enough to cause the window to explode there
    would be damage to the vehicle. At this point they began to give me another
    excuse. I found situations of other ford vehicles, and mercury having
    this problem and yet it didn't matter, they stated only if there is a
    recall will they do something about it. Though I also found situations of
    acura and honda owners having this occur and even though there are no
    recall on these vehicles, the companies took care of the situation. I
    guess Ford does not stand behind their product maybe this is why they are
    in a financial bind. I have a 2004 ford excursion and a 2004 mustang.
    My family owns fords also. I would like to support the BUY AMERICAN but
    I can't afford to! They are saying replacement is $1300! When Honda and
    Acura are standing behind their products. The dealership contacted ford
    and I had a message on my phone from a ford rep asking me to call the dealership back. Their solution was if i
    submit it to my insurance company while they made the repairs they would
    give me a vehicle to drive!! BIG WHOOP! I turned down the offer. If you
    have had a similar occurance or maybe know what else I can do please let me know. Thank you
  • jaygeejaygee Posts: 1
    Thanks for your post. I too just had a similar problem with an exploding rear window...but in my brand new Nissan Sentra. Yesterday, while driving on westbound 8 near Dateland Ariz., on the freeway doing about 75 MPH, the rear window suddenly exploded. My first thought was a tire blowout (very loud concussion). Then I saw the glass inside (blew inward) and thought it could be a nut case wacko shooting at passing cars. I drove to the first exit about two miles west and called the highway patrol to report it in case it was a shooter. They thanked me but said no other reports had been placed.

    Having just completed a 3 week 5,000 mile road trip in my new car with daytime temps over 105, I didn't think the 100 degree temp yesterday could cause this. No bullet holes, no rock fragments, nothing to indicate how it happened. No cars passing either way, no flying debris, nothing. It just happened without warning. A really big surprise.

    My rear window was partially tinted and had glass heaters but the autoglass company said that should not cause problems. Nissan said no recalls were in effect yet on this but had no explanation. It does occur though but maybe unknown factors (heat, small rock ding, high air conditioning?) Other ideas: USAF experimental laser beam weapons? Homeland Security secret weapon? Aliens from another planet?

    Oh well, I'll pay my deductible and just get 'er done!

    I hope others report this's really scary when it happens.
  • pw3pw3 Posts: 2
    FYI, regarding the stap that holds the floor mat up on the middle bench seat, I took mine to the dealer and they had an uphosterer screw it in place, works great.
  • jesrfjesrf Posts: 9

    do you have a particular model in mind? (maybe know someone who is selling?)

    you should get a very good price on this vehicle, no matter the year or mileage, unless you want diesel.

    I've owned a 2000 Ex, v-10 2wd (base model and now an '04 V-10 Limited 4WD. Both were great vehicles and fun to drive, although mileage is a bit depressing (11 MPG average)

    The first one I drove to 36k miles, never a problem, oil changes only, the 2nd one had the Ball joints replace under warranty, otherwise only oil changes, has about 45k miles on it now. bought the 04 used in 04 (20k miles on it) paid 28 for a car that stickered at 50 and was only 10 months old.

    Enjoy your EX if you get a good deal, they are a lot of fun!
  • jesrfjesrf Posts: 9
    uhmmm, how do you fold it back if its screwed in place instead of velcroed?

    what did they charge for this 'fix'?
  • Bought a 2001 XLT 5.4 V8. I bought it to tow my camper which it does fairly well wish I had the V10. The problem is when we drive it without a load it is a very rough ride. I have read about others getting different shocks and things for a better ride. What is it exactly that I need for the smoother ride? Yes I know it is still a truck but the wife would prefer a smoother ride. Any help would be great.
  • pw3pw3 Posts: 2
    They screwed the velcro strap onto the back of the seat. The board with velcro still works the same. It was covered by the warranty.
  • kingdkingd Posts: 2
    Sorry, I don't have advice for you. My wife complained about the ride as well. I changed the Shocks (RMX Monotube)and that helped with the turns (no longer feel like I'm going to fall out of the truck and the jack hammer effect when hitting bumps. When carrying a full load in the Excursion V-10 it is a very good ride.
  • I still have my 2001 V-10 2X4 with 46,000 miles on it. I have gotten as much as 18.7 mpg and as little as 11.5 mpg in town. I pull a 18ft bass boat with it and the kids. So far the only problem I have had was a failed windshield wiper motor. I have had work trucks with the Power Stroke engine and am glad I purchased the V-10 engine. I feel it does just as well with only about 2 mpg less than the diesel. Consider that diesel now cost more than gas and the maintenance cost is higher on the diesel and the added purchase price of the diesel the V-10 was a good choice. Due to the vehicles weight I would mot recommend the 5.4 engine.
  • Have a problem where these things no longer work:
    - remote keyless entry
    - driver door entry keypad
    - door locks
    - radio stays on for 10 minutes after turning off ignition _AND_ opening the doors (should turn off if you open the doors)
    - night-time headlight 'on' mechanism doesn't work (headlights do work manually, however)

    This started gradually with the door locks working intermittently, then started noticing the radio+door problem, then it all stopped working suddenly a few days later

    Heard it might be the 'front electronic module' but need confirmation before I sell my Left arm to finance the replacement costs.

    Tx, JFR
  • Same thing that happened on my wife's 2002 Explorer Limited with the back up or more sensor is bad. When you first start it up the "off" light is off and when you put it into reverse it bleeps a time or two then turns itself off due to one or more of the sensors malfunctioning. Hope that helped!
  • My 02 did the same thing but my door ajar light was not on, after hours of traking down wires I found that my rearest dome light had been turned off. That caused the rest of the lights to come on and not turn off for 1/2 hour after the car was turned off.
  • I know this problem doesn't really compare but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Ever since I got my truck I have had trouble with the TV/VCR. Ford is giving me the run around about correcting the problem. The audio works fine but the video will go in and out. I have had my truck in the Ford Shop over 5 times and each time they SAY they fix it and they never do. We have had it...the TV/VCR was in the truck when I bought it from the Ford Dealer. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I have an 04 EB Excursion, v10 runs great 12.5 in town 14.8 on the interstate, yes I used the paper method to calculate. The DVD player plays the audio over the IR heads sets or Radio Audio. The IR headset work great, but when we try to listen over the radio we don't get any sound over any of the useable choices, this used to work until recently. We did search in the upper frequencies and can find limited audio that is pretty garbled. Which leads me to the FM modulator. I'd love to dig into to it and fix. My only question is where is the FM modulator? Is it part of the DVD unit? I dropped the unit out yesterday and there only appears to be two plugins for power & control. Would anyone know where I could pick up a schematic of this unit, or is there a simple fix that I am missing.
  • One possible problem could be the ribbon cable that goes between the screen and the console. A common problem with flip down screens is that the ribbon cable overtime will crack from repeated opening and closing. The fix is replace the cable (cost about $35) , this is not difficult but does require some experience. I replace mine and it is working great.
  • My wife owns a 2000,V 10 Triton, 4wd Ex., bought from Carmax 3 yrs.ago.I'm really hoping someone out there can help or guide me in the right direction.Truck has 100k miles and a gas engine, #1 problem - changed oil about 2 months ago,was unsure if original oil was synthetic or regular, auto. tech.(?) at auto parts store told me it was OK to switch from Syn. to reg. but I couldn't go back to syn. afterwards so I drained all remaining oil and put new filter on and put 6 qts. 5w 30 in,think I remember checking dipstick and reading was fine, recently oil gauge needle started "jumping" back and forth, checked dipstick and no reading at all(very strange - no leaks under vehicle,no oil residue in tailpipe, no visual signs of oil burning from exhaust,coolant is still green so I hope no crack in block) so I added 1 qt. and needle stopped jumping but still no reading on dipstick,I have since added 2 more qts. and still no reading (I am not about to add anymore until I find out whats going on).We live on a block that slopes so I checked the Ex. parked facing south and then north,still no reading on dipstick,oil gauge is reading OK,PLEASE HELP ME!
    #2 problem - rear defrost in rear windshield no longer works,checked fuse box under hood and fuse box by drivers seat and all fuses appear to be OK.(Is on same switch as heated mirrors and they work fine)
    #3 problem - driver side heated seat no longer works,seat got very hot before it stopped working,again all fuses seem to be OK in both fuse boxes.
    #4 problem - ghost radio. Radio/CD player used to work fine,now whenever the Ex. is started radio goes on by itself(even if you turn it off before you turn ignition off and then restart vehicle)and at random times when radio is on and there is no CD in player,radio will switch to CD(on digital read out) and then state "no disc" and then go back to radio(I think its haunted).
    Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated and I want to say "thank you" in advance.
  • Forgot to mention this problem - Problem #5 - Passenger front window,when trying to roll window down or up it would slow down severly about 1/4 of the way from the top, after I would try several times the window motor would go into "thermal overload" and the motor would shut down until it cooled off. I replaced the motor @ around $165 and discovered(much to my dismay)it is not the motor,the new motor does the same thing,so there must be something wrong with the window track or track hardware(possibly causing too much resistance,hence the motor overheating). Window is not "off track",I pulled the door skin off and checked. Problem is now starting to occur in the drivers side front window also.
    Any advice or knowledge would be appreciated. Once again "Thank you" for any and all help in advance.
  • I have an 00 v10. It turns over fine but wont idle on its own. I have to keep my foot on the gas to keep the RPM'S at about 1000 until it eventually runs on its own. The problem seems to arise when the outside temperature drops below 50 degrees. The problem seems to be effecting my gas mileage as well (topping out at about 6 mpg). Any helpful hints?
  • ned412ned412 Posts: 16
    Would anyone know if you can tow an Ex behind a motor home? I have an 05 4x4 with the 6.0. The manual say's no. But was wondering if the transfer case can be put into neutral.
  • Hi, I own a 2000 Ford Excursion that had the same problem,and yes we also bought a new motor with regulator, after replacing and doing the final adjustments on the new parts, it was still having difficulty going up and down, so what I did was removed the glass out and PULL out the window rubber track,this rubber track is located right inside the regular metal track, it starts on the bottom of the left side of the track up ALL the way around to the other end othe right side of the track this is where the glass actually depends on its groove too make it glide easily,when removed you must now get a cleaning agent, (mineral spirit) and thoroughly and remove all the dirt and grease that has build up in there, after it has been clean and dry, re-apply a good quality synthetic lubricant, I used Permatex Ultra Disc Brake Caliber Lube,it worked GREAT.
  • You can probably find a Remco Drive Shaft disconnect for the Excursion. check out You will also need a serious tow bar (8k lbs) and toad brakes to be legal.
  • Anyone know the cause of a rattle in the left frontend, definetly noticeable on washboard or rough roads. Not a loose Shock, dealer says it may be bushings in the front end sway bar. Excursion has 45k miles.
  • ned412ned412 Posts: 16
    If I remember correctly it has something to do with the exhaust. I had it on my old ex and I'm pretty sure that is what they repaired.
  • Take a look at your heat shield on the exhaust pipe coming across from the left side to the right. The welding on my 2000 Ex have come loose causing a rattle.
  • Check out Post # 217, The heat shield on the exhaust may be loose
  • I have the same vehicle and it is doing the same thing. Can anyone PLEASE HELP!!!! It is driving me nuts! Also as soon as it gets near oil change time the oil in it just disappears. No spots on the driveway or signs of leaks. :cry:
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