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Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair



  • twtcadtwtcad Posts: 13
    Hello........I replaced my rotors almost two years ago w/ slotted/dimpled one's from I also got there performance brake pads and I'm just due for replacing them. Now I do not tow a trailer daily, but I am an aggressive driver. These brakes made a world of difference w/ my '03 7.3l Excursion and I highly recommend! I will be ordering new pads from them shortly. By the way it was February of '06 when I installed these.

    As far as the pinging, I would consider going to a hotter plug or maybe an after market ignition upgrade so the spark is hotter. I'm not a mechanic......just my 2 cents! Good Luck!
  • I have a 2000 ford excursion. Does anyone have any problems with front end noise? intermittent rubbing sounds like a weak car horn... going into 4 wheel drive on its own? I replaced the hubs and bearings. I had the rotors and brakes checked. Do i have a switch, vacuum or transfer case problem. The Ford dealer was no help. I am currently driving it with the hubs removed.
  • As I stated in my reply, I'm a retired mechanic and changed my own spark plugs. I torqued the plugs to the factory specs according to the factory service manual. I had over 30k miles on the spark plug change before it blew out. If it was striped out from over torque I feel it wouldn't have lasted that long. I think it would be a good idea to re torque the spark plugs after a few thousand miles. As I stated Ford knows it is a problem or they wouldn't have gone to the expense of making a $1000.00 kit to repair the spark plug treads or would not have put out a TSB on it. Also the other tool companys, Cal-Van and Lisle, would not have came out with a kit made just for this application unless it was more then just a small number of Ford engine (V-10s & V-8s) with this problem. Any ways I hope Ford comes back with the $2500 bonuse cash because I want to trade it in on a new ranger.
  • :cry: I am new to the forum so bear with me. I own a 2001 Excursion Limited 4X4 diesel
    with 126,000 miles on it. My 4X4 does not enguage the front axle. I do not trust and do not know anyone or dealer that I feel I can go to. When I switch the 4X4 switch the lights come on but the axle does not enguage and niether does the transfer case. I heard it could be the PCM module but before I go that route I want more opinions. The PCM is very expensive. Please help as you can, thanks in advance.
  • Check the vacuum... for possible leak... bad hose.
  • Would this affexct both the front axle and the transfer case? Thanks for the help.
  • My problem was different than yours... my excursion would go into 4 wheel drive on its own... and my problem turned out to be bad hubs and bearings (1500 bucks later). In researching my problem i saw problems like yours and vacuum apperared to be an issue... other things also. Search the blogs. Good luck
  • Thanks for the response. I had my hubs replaced last year. Where should I look for a vacuum leak? I thought if it was a vacuum leak there would be other symptoms of performance in the engine. Maybe I am wrong. Thanks anyway.
  • I might be wrong but i thought your front 4 wheel drive is activated from a vacuum through your interior switch? Vacuum hose to your front wheel(s), Research your problem in this forum and you should find some info? There are other ford forums here also... not just excursion so check other Ford truck and 4x4 also. let me know how you make out?... Good luck.
  • Hi, I have a 2002 EX with the 7.3 litre Turbo Diesel. At 66,000 miles, it suddenly started smoking (blue oil smoke). Has anyone had this happen. Any suggestions as to the cause. I have always thought Diesel engines were longer lasting than that.

  • I have a 2001 with 127,000 on it. It has always expelled blue smoke through the exhaust on hard throttle or very cold weather. Check your oil dip stick to see if you are burning oil. If you are burning or consuming oil I would take it to the dealer. You have a 1000,000 warrenty on the engine. I had a front main seal go at 84,000 and they fixed it with no issues. Make sure you change your oil every 3,000 miles along with your filters oil, fuel, and air. Let me know how you come out.
  • New to this...we have a 05 X V10--- 40,000 miles. It does not have any power. I have changed out the fuel filter and keep the air filter clean. We have had it to the dealer who say's there is nothing wrong with it...However I know better, I drive it every day. Does anyone know anything to try to see what could be wrong. This is our 2nd X and we love the room along with the great ride it has. We pull a 32ft. camper and need more performance out of our beast.
  • I have a 00 with 107K. Never had any power problems. I would go to another Ford dealer... explain your problem and ask to take one of their more experienced engine mechanics with you on test ride. Could be curbureator. Post your fix... curious what it ends up being. Good luck.
  • I just swithced to Castrol Full Synthetic in my 00 EX V10. I've gone 1800 miles and the oil is gone?????? :confuse: Anyone know why? I only have 60,000 miles on my truck.
  • I have the same truck with 120,000 km on it. Same thing happened to me. I took it to a dealer and the mechanic explained to me that if you put oil in one of these beasts that does not meet Ford specs, the oil breaks down real fast and is gone!!! I went through I don't know how much oil and figured I needed new gaskets or something. Since I started taking my truck back to a Ford dealer for oil changes - I still have oil. It is not disappearing! :confuse: Sounds weird but that is what happened.">
  • For sure go to another dealer. My X had the stalling problem that has been talked about on this forum. There was no local Ford dealer. Local mechanics could not figure it out. I took it to the nearest dealer who was an hour drive away. Still could not figure out the problem. Then we moved to Medicine Hat Alberta. I took it to Rodeo Ford and explained the problem to them. Beasty had a major tune up (was due anyways) and now it runs like a top. No stalling, lots of power and for the first time in 3 years it will start with the remote command start!!!! When I asked the service manager about it he told me that they have a couple of master mechanics that have taken all the Ford courses on these engines and can fix them right. Bottom is don't be afraid to take it elsewhere. I'm glad that I did. :shades:
  • I am a newbie here. I proudly own a 2000 excursion with the 6.8 V10 gas engine. I went to the store last week and the fuel gauge read 1/2 tank. When I came out to start the truck to return home the fuel gauge went to full and it has been there since. I have been told it is the fuel sending unit. Is there an easy way to change this without removing the gas tank? Can I get to it from inside the truck? Thank you for you help.
  • Hi there I too have a diesel beast 2004. I had the same problem I would ask your mechanic about reprogramming your PCM module and checking that all your injectors are okay. I had the same problem. Thought it was transmission but after those two things were resolved we were good!
  • Yup. That would do it. I have the 6.8L V10 gas engine, but in 2004 I was working at a Ford dealer. We used to sell a lot of the diesels to the gas and oil industry. They would be brought in because the engines were 'bogging out'. The mechanics would hook them up to the computer and 'reflash' the engine. Fixed them up every time.
  • Just got the truck to the dealership today to learn that they think that the cat/converter looks to be stopping up. It had a little higher back pressure on it than normal. They said they have a new one on order and will put it on next week. I did ask the man to re-fresh/re-flash the computer and he said it would not help. I told him to do it anyway and they they will on monday after they install the new cat/converter. He told me that the biggest problem is the 373 gearing not the V10. I will post the results after I get the truck back on monday.....If they get it done on time.
  • i got a 01 x v-10 limited bought it a week ago 77,333 miles and i'm worried about the gas.i didn't know how much it goes though,what can i do to save gas and get a little more out of it,if nothing out there i'm selling it
  • I had to check mine. I get about 19 mpg with my 2000 V10 EX. Keep the filters clean, keep her tuned up and DO NOT skimp on things like spark plugs. I run mine on 'regular' gas. Also keep the tires inflated properly and think about switching the tires from compressed air to nitrogen. For extended highway driving at highway speeds I have been known to get 22 to 24 mpg with a strong tail wind.
  • We are on our 2nd X....We have had a 03 with the 5.4 V8 and only was able to get around 11 to 12 mpg. We now have a 05 X with the V10...our mpg is around 10 give or take 1 mpg... I have found that the beast does run better if I use middle grade fuel.. There is little to no hope if you want to enjoy the big/comfort ride that this truck is good for and hope to get great mpg. Be sure and change out the fuel filter along with keeping your X in tune along with the clean air filter and you will find that you will stop at every pump but will love your X as you move down the road alot safer than a smaller truck/suv......
  • Dose any one know where to find a supercharger for an excursion with a V10?
  • dear agoodwin , do you have an update on cryo brakes ? thanks
  • Having same problem. Any help out there would be great. Thanks.
  • I admit that I am not absolutley sure but if I recall correctly it is right inside the fuel tank. I'd google it or just ask a mechanic point blank.
  • guthmanguthman Posts: 1
    My family is looking to purchase an excursion - any opinions as to what year and engine combo is the best?

    We live in Colorado and are looking for an 8/9 passenger 4x4.

  • twtcadtwtcad Posts: 13
    If you are just looking for a family hauler (little towing) I would go with an '05 6.0l diesel. If you plan to do towing (boat, camper or trailer on any kind of regular basis) then I would go with an '03 7.3l diesel. With the 4x4 you are not going to get good gas mileage period! I have the '03 7.3l Limited and with a Superchips programmer I get about 14 around town, it was 12 before the programmer. I'm not sure what the 6.0l gets, but I would assume a little better, but you loose towing reliability! As far as gassers go.....I can not say! This has been my first Ford and has been the best truck I've owned so far and I'm saddened they quit making it as I would love an '08 version! Oh.....we are a family of 8 all seat full and I do not believe you can get a loaded one with a bench in the front, maybe an XLT (stripped) fleet version. But I can definitely be wrong! Good Luck hunting as the diesel's are hard to find, but the gassers are a dime a dozen here in Florida! Just my 2 cents!
  • aebrownaebrown Posts: 6
    I have a 2000 Excursion with 110k on it. If i had to do over again i would buy another Suburban. I had an 88 surburban and traded it with 180k miles on it for the Excursion. At the time i wanted another Suburban (a real truck) but the Chevy dealers weren't dealing on price and the Ford dealers were. I needed a large 4 wheel truck so i went for it. While I like the truck... great power... over the years I have had too many costly weird maintenance and 4 wheel drive problems with the excursion. Big ticket items were replacing the front hubs... and I had to replace the front bearings twice. I'm not crazy about the braking. The door locks stopped working years ago. And then there were the expected problems... batteries... starter.. alternater... etc.

    Good luck with your decision...
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