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Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair



  • This is a common problem for '00-'03 Excursions and Super Duty trucks. I replaced them on my previous '00 Excursion and am about to do it for another. Email me back and I will send you the instructions when I get them. (Also, you might as well replace all of the doors as it is just a matter of time.) Good luck.
  • I just bought a 00' Excursion and have the exact problem with the locks. If you could send me the instruction as well I would greatlly appreciate it.
  • I have a 2001 Excursion Limited and received a recall notice directly from Firestone. There were different levels of tires installed on the Excursion (D-level, used also on the F-250 SuperDuty and E-level, used also on the F-350 SuperDuty). The Firestone Dealership in Lima, Ohio explained to me that it had been determined that the additional weight of the Excursion, combined with towing was more that what the D-level tires were capable of handling. I took my Excursion to the Firestone Dealership and they replaced all five tires (the spare hadn't even been out of the cover!) with no questions at all. I didn't pay a penny, even with 55,000 miles on the tires already.

    As a Ford Motor Company employee, I'm disappointed that you received information that there had not been a recall on the tires and would like to help. Have your gotten your problem solved?
  • I have a 2001 two wheel drive gas Excursion that when going over bumps, especially washboard types, the front end vibrates violently. I had a dealership tighten the tie rods, etc. and within three months had to have it done again. The problem has come back within three months. My driving is on normal city streets and the interstate. Does anyone know what to do?

  • 1jman1jman Posts: 3
    I have had this problem since we purchased ours. The dealer replaced them all once and some twice. They still don't work and they won't replace them again. Please also send me the repalcement details so I can do it myself.

  • I have a 2WD Excursion diesel. I notice the front end shimmy from time to time at freeway speeds as a result of bumps on the road. The front end doesnt have that SOLID steering feeling as it does at lower speeds. Maybe its because of the stiff 3/4 ton suspension? I have noticed when I have a load in the rear it handles better and seems to accelerate better as if it needs a load to run and ride properly.
    Coments? :confuse:
  • I just found your rreply to the concern of failure with Excusion power door locks, I'm now experiencing the same with my 2001 passenger side, front and rear. Are you able to also forward me the instructions and tips you spoke of?


  • My electric locks are failing as well. However, it seems that they are failing at the same time which doesn't make me think that the motors are all failing at once.

    Any ideas?

  • I decided to clean up the engine a little. I used a very wet rag with some soap and rinsed with the same rag. I did not use a hose on the engine. It now is missing and runs rough. I disconnected the coils from the plugs, removed each plug to inspect for water. I found 4 that still had moisture. After cleaning and drying all the coils plugs and boots, I still have the miss. Anybody have an idea what other sensors may have been affected by the little bit of water I used to clean the engine?
    I have done this on other vehicles to keep the engine clean and never had a problem.
  • To answer your question about your interior lights and door open signal, one of your door sensors is shot. This is a common problem with all of the new ford superduties and excursions. If you have access to a code reader it will tell you which one is bad but more then likely it is the one that you use the most. I've changed them on 4 different vehicles on our ranch. They usually are the drivers side but the excursion was in the back hatch.
  • My 2000 v10 with 75K miles has suddenly developed a miss in the engine that is slightly noticeable shortly after you start the engine. However, as you drive it the miss gets worse especially when the engine is not accelerating at cruising speed. It levels out somewhat when you accelerate, but worsens again at crusing speed. Could this be the catalytic converter, or something else? :sick:
  • This seems to be a popular problem. Would it be possibe to just post the instructions to this site? I think many would benefit from this, thanks for your help. Ron
  • I also have a 2000 Excursion and only one door lock works occasionally. If possible could you send me the instructions also? No one mentioned prices for the doorlocks......what's a ballpark figure for them. My rear door seems to work all the time. Thanks in advance
  • ned412ned412 Posts: 16
    I had an 01 2WD with the V8 and had the brake problem at 30,000. My new 05 4X4 diesel needs them at 5,000. I also get the rear clunk. The 4X4 seems to wander on the highway as opposed to the 2WD which was perfect.

    It going in for the 1st oil change soon so I'll have them fix this stuff. BTW, why is there so much more oil in a diesel compared to the gas motor?
  • I have a 2000 Excursion 4x4 V-10 that will not go into 4x4 low. Works just fine in High. Any thoughts
  • I have a 2002 Diesel Excursion that I bought used at 58K miles. When I purchased it, it had brand new rotors and pads on all four wheels. Within about 6 months of purchase, it started pulling to the right while braking. Turns out my left caliper was bad (frozen) and the slide pins were so corroded the caliper couldn't operate properly. I replaced both front calipers (cost: $51/caliper & a couple of hours of time) and that solved the problem.

    Lots of things can cause road wander, but the 2 things that I've found that helped me with solving the road wander was new shocks (monroe's, about $40/each, but many swear by bilstein's, which are more expensive) and keeping tire pressure at the correct range. Lots of posts talk about installing a larger sway bar and new steering stabilizer for improved performance.

    As for the 15 quart capacity oil sump, I'm told (though I don't know for sure) that the oil pump circulates the entire 15 quart capacity about every 10-15 seconds. Of course, they designed the pump for such high capacity because of the massive heat generated by a diesel engine--got to keep all those moving parts cool and lubricated.

    Sorry for such a lengthy is Saturday and I've got some peace and quiet before the NFL starts today :)
  • I have the same problem on my 2001, any chance you can forward the instructions or lead me to the site on how to fix this problem.

  • Can you please tell me the location of the door sensors? There appears to be no exposed switches on the doors or back hatch?
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    On most Fords they're integral with the door latches.
  • Not sure if that is hub related, it sounds like a transfer case problem. :P
  • A few years ago Firestone & Ford recalled the tires on the Excursions. They replaced the D's with load range E, but did not issue new door decals with an updated pressure decal.
    Can someone with a newer Ex that is factory equipped with E's tell me the *suggested* pressures listed???? :confuse:
  • Thanks that took care of the problem.
  • I have a 2001 Excursion and my passenger door and the two back door locks won't work what can I do ?
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    You're welcome.
  • cvollcvoll Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 (10/99)Ford Excursion that the door locks (all of the either don't work at all or work occasionally. I am trying to find out what I need to replace, is their a master switch going out or do I have to replace each actuator?
  • Your 4x4 low will not engage unless you are in nuetral. Put it in nuetral, make sure OD is off and drive slow until it engages.
  • I did some research and found these autuators through another Excursion web site. The guy who posted these said they work great. I have not tried them as of yet. Here is the web site Good luck
  • Hello!
    I also have 2000 Ford Excursion, Diesel. None of my door locks works from either key remote or the interior switches. Have you fixed your problem, if so please share.

  • I have a 2000 with this problem, if you could drop me a email i would appreciate it. Can you buy replacement moisture barriers for the doors (white paper) or what do you do? Thanks in advance for all your help.
  • If your having problems with the locks check out this web site, type in the search box "door locks". It give an over view of the parts/functions of the doors locking system. It gives examples of problems and what to do to fix it. Good luck
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