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Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair



  • I know the plug is on for the engine heating during winters. I want to leave the Excursion for long periods of time without driving, is there anyway to rig the plug in to trickle the battery? Since I will be leaving it outside and in the elements, I dont think putting your run of the mill trickle charger on it would be good. I use the vehicle pretty much only for towing.
  • I was thinking about switching from the 6 ski jacker set up back to stock, I have some kick [non-permissible content removed] wheels and Toyo tires with the set up. I bought the truck used, and enjoy all the other add ons but would like to drop it down to normal. Anyone interested?

    tulsa, OK

  • well havent been on site lately.and you have probably found the problem..but i found that you need at least 100 miles on read out and on even surface or it wont start what did you find out?
  • can you elaborate on how you dealt with cam shaft sensor? settings? does it run smooth now? thanks striper
  • I am not sure if anyone else has seen this, but I thought I would ask the forum folks before seeing the dealer. I am getting some paint delamination on the roof. It is along the long recesses on the roof (paralell to roof rack). It has been flaking off for about a year now and getting worse. :mad:
    Is it just me?
  • I'm having same problem. Where exactly are the door sensors? Is that the latch? Thanks so much for responding.
  • matt21matt21 Posts: 1
    when i start my 2000 excursion v 10 it does not want to stay running. it use to happen 3/4 times over 6 months but now it is happening more often, could it because of the cooler weather?

    any help?
  • rmejiarmejia Posts: 8
    what are you looking for($$$) as far as the trade. hows the tread on the tires? how big are they?
  • I have a 2001 Excursion and I recently had a similar problem. The dealer replaced some sort of Air Bypass Valve. I had several other things fixed while in the shop but if I remember correctly you may be looking at a few hundred dollars for parts/labor.
  • I realize that this message is several months old but I can relate. I have the same problem. I have a huge rub mark, paint worn off right down to the metal on the right side. Did you find a solution?
  • Hi, I had this problem with the hood and front fenders when I first got my 2000 excursion new. After 2 weeks the dealership repainted the hood and now the problem is happening again and even though I have a 7/70 extended warranty, they will not do anything about it. I also had a problem the second winter with the drivers seat not heating and they will not fix that either. some warranty huh?
  • I have a 200 excursion limited. Here is what happened with my tires last july 2004. I was coming home from KY (37,000 miles on the odometer), to NH. Upon arriving home, my husband sees that one of the sidewalls of the rear tires has literally blown away, exposing the fabric underneath. As we look at all the tires, we notice that there are areas on all 4 that appear to be lifting and ready to burst open. I take the truck to the local ford dealer in the morning and the mechanic advises me to go directly down the road to the firestone dealer, that the tires look to him as though they are deffective. I go to the F?S dealer and they also say "they look defective to them" but there hasnt been a recall on that specific tire. (LT265/75R16 D-range)...I come home and call fors and firestone and get the same story. They also have the nerve to say that :we have no reports of any deaths associated with that tire" so there is no recall. Now I had to get my inspection sticker the other day and they fail the truck because of the tires. I come on line to see recalls with this question is...any advise????
  • I have driven an Aerostar for the last 15 years. We've had 3,one was a 87 2x4 and two of them were AWD. I totalled the '94 one. I always loved the van but my husband said I am hard on them and the way I drive I should have a truck. Well the head gasket went on our '97 Aerostar and anti-freeze had been going into the engine for some time. Hub felt it wasn't worth the expense to fix it and since we were on our third trans in the thing, so we decided to look at the SUVs. We bought a 2001 Excursion from a dealer in TX off EBay. We had it shipped to Pa. It's a 7/3 ltr. Diesel with 2nd and 3 row seats and unbelievable room inside. At first it felt like I was driving a whole room around! Took some getting used to! LOL! My husband feels that this thing can take the abuse I put out. I do a lot of errands, with frequent traffic stops etc. so I go through brakes a lot. I admit I beat the Aerostar and though I always loved it, I like the way the Excursion feels. I hope we have it a long time!

  • I have a 2004 Excursion with the V10. Most times when I start out, I hear a thud and the dealer has showed me a Ford bulletin that says it is normal. It is the A/C unit "slugging". Something about the fluid changing states when you first start the engine. I've read the bulletin and it still sounds like garbage to me. I read earlier complaints of similar situations, but have not heard that anyone was able to get resolution. I've voiced my complaint to Ford, and that went nowhere. Any one have a suggestion?
  • THe clunk is the yoke on your drive shaft needs to be lubricated (also a ford bulletin). I just had this done on mine and it work. One cluck down - one to go. After readign through all the comments, I am going to check the cab mounts... this is a great site!!!

    Joe - 23ford guy
  • While gas prices soared in September, everyone seemed to ignore the fact that the last Excursions rolled off the assembly line. :cry:
    I just received a post-cardseries from Ford explaining the importance of their service department.
    I think THIS FORUM is going to be crutial in maintaining our Excursions.
    Make sure you keep in contact and post any fix suggestions you come accross!!
    Meanwhile, drive and enjoy!! :shades:
  • I just purchased a 2001 Excursion, mainly for towing purposes. While I didn't expect good gas mileage, I would like some input on devices such as the "Vortex", "Throttle Body Adapter", Performance Chip, etc. Do they really improve the mileage significant enough to justify the costs of these items?
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    If any of that junk worked, it'd be standard equipment on vehicles from the factory.
  • i have a 2001 x limited edition and the lock in hubs will not turn to manual or auto i cannot get it to move in either direction i was wandering if anyone else has had this problem or knows of a way i can fix it thanks... :confuse: :confuse:
  • I too gave up my keys of my 2000 Ex to the wife when my baby girl was born. Wife doesn't like to fill up at the pump and frequently ran it low. I also live on a hill and recently started having problems with start up. She would crank over but not idle without a little help from the pedal. I understand the fuel pump is inside the gas tank towards the front of the vehicle (not an easy fix if you fry it). Now I dont let it get lower than a 1/4 tank and I try to park it as level as possible. Problem seems to have gone away. Im going to change the fuel filter anyway - any tips or ideas for upgrades? Is the stock filter located under the rear passenger driver's side running board? Any special tools required? Do I need to do any thing special to maintain pressure? --- Just trying to keep a few $$$ out of the hands of those crooks at the dealership
  • Im so glad I found this site. My 2000 V10 4X4 just turned 50k. I've got peeling paint on the roof (I had some paint repair done under warranty in the door jams as well). Rear hatch has scratched up the barn doors, the infamous "CLUNK" under the front end has been there the last 5 years, both passenger side door locks dont work (I hear the click but the actuator doesn't lift), I just did my 1st complete brake overhaul at 30k (pretty darn good for hauling around a Weekend Warrior FS26), and I just lifted it 6" and threw on some 36 x 12.5 BFG Mud Terrains. The first few weeks of the lift I actually got better gas mileage from 10mpg around town to 12 (now I get 7). I've already got plenty of tips on most of the problems but I would really like to fix the POWER DOOR LOCKS and gas mileage??? Anyone out there upgrade Chip, Banks, K&N, if so what was the outcome?
  • We've had many problems with our rotors warping. They can't even be turned, but need replaced prematurely. . . AGAIN! The Ford dealership denies any knowledge of a problem, but the recent improvements Ford has made a with their 2005 Ford Super Duty Trucks, including larger rotors and disc brakes, would seem to prove Ford finally received enough pressure to make a change. We are going to try Power Slot rotors w/Hawk pads this time. Hoping to get 25K-30K but haven't found anyone who warranties! THANKS to everyone who posts on this site for your input, It's nice to have company when you're feeling warped (ha-ha)!!! We'll keep you posted. Has anybody successfully dealt w/sensor problems, ie:false readings, alarms, etc??? Our interior lights stay on and it looks like a door is always open. Thanks ahead of time.
  • Joeexcursion;
    Your hubs are shot. :sick: Sorry to break this news to you. Mine were just done under warranty (I thought they damaged them doing a seal, but they say no).I have a 2000 Ex Ltd V10 with 65K miles.
    Either way, you need hubs.
  • I have a 2001 Ford excursion diesel that rattles in the front when I run over wash board bumps it also rattles from apparently the front when I set at a light in gear.It has been doing this from day one and I cannot find it or any indication that anything is rubbing against something else.
  • msmelmsmel Posts: 1
    I don't know if the rattle you hear is related to the squeak I used to hear when going over bumps, but if you think it might be, you should consider whether it could be the windshield. I thought it must have been the dashboard but turns out to have been windshield.
  • This is a diesel not a gasoline unit. I'm sure it is in the front it is a rattle not a squeak.
    Thanks anyway.
  • The fuel filter is under the drivers side running board. You will have to release pressure from the fue line. Remove the gas cap to relieve any pressure from the tank. Then open the fuel filter/water separator drain valve by turning it clockwise.
    You should place something underneath to catch the little bit of fuel that drains out.
    Disconnect the lines and install the new filter.
    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the info. This is a really great site! I just wish that there was a cure for the paint cancer. Even the areas that the dealership repainted under warranty are pealing.
  • Has anyone had this problem and fixed it? Its only the passenger side front and rear. Is there lubrication maintenance that I dont know about or is there a common problem with motor failure. Any tips????
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