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Volvo XC90 SUV



  • mark189mark189 Posts: 107
    Sounds like a great program. Free airfare for two to Europe, and free shipping of the car back here. Volvo takes care of all customs clearing. You can also drive it while in Europe and then have it shipped back. They also claim substantial savings, but that wasn't spelled out. However, the XC90 is not listed yet, so I'm not sure it will be part of the program.

    A person I know plans to buy it through this program for $25,000 (base model) vs. $35,000 here. I need to talk to her and find out more info. Definitely worth checking into anyway.

  • luonghluongh Posts: 12
    I am very interesting in the program if I can get such a good deal like you said. However, the web site you reference also show some saving on EU MSRP ($33,000) over US MSRP ($35,000 on XC). I wonder if we can even negotiate on the EU MSRP? Would you please post what you find out from your friend. Thanks a mil.
  • mark189mark189 Posts: 107
    Seems my wife got the story wrong. She checked back with her friend, who says that it's a 10% discount. I confirmed with Volvo. They say pricing isn't set, but the discount is probably 10% to 15% vs. buying here.

    Still a good deal if you're going to buy one anyway, but not enough to clinch the deal otherwise.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    I'd love to see a way to get a really good deal. But, as we all know, there's no such thing as a free lunch, and if something looks too good to be true ...

    I also think that with European delivery there could be some other costs that come into play. Usually it works out well if you already have a vacation or business trip planned there.

    Plus some folks find the experience of touring the factory and driving their vehicle in Europe a thrill. This is most especially true of some of the German programs, where some tours are excellent and you drive on the autobahn.
  • porknbeansporknbeans Posts: 464
    Do you lose those savings when you pay for transportation costs of the vehicle over the pond or is that included in the sales price? Do you have to pay the typical transportation fee that we have to here in the states? I would think that touring the plant would be a thrill.

    Grand High Poobah
    The Fraternal Order of Procrastinators
  • mark189mark189 Posts: 107
    Shipping cost from overseas to US. is included (I believe all the way to your local dealer). The only additional fee I am aware of is if you don't take deliver at the factory in Germany. Even then, I was told it was only a couple of hundred dollars for shipping within Germany.

    You also have the use of the car while overseas, so that's a free rental. Currently they're offering 2 free plane tickets as well.

    The web site has an 800 number and details.
  • mark189mark189 Posts: 107
    I should add that I'm not sure there aren't any hidden costs, only that I haven't found any yet. And, it always pays to be skeptical when making a purchase.
  • rob222rob222 Posts: 49
    My local Volvo dealer has a 10 minute video tape filmed at the testing grounds in Arizona. This is the Don Beyer dealership in Falls Church, VA. Yet another oppourtunity to see the car close up.

    I have heard from two sources that the pricing will be released in late June. Don't be surprised to see a fully maxed version for close to $50k (3seat, 265hp turbo, nav. system, night vision, rear dvd.) I hoped it would be under $45k. The dealer said I should compare it the BMW X5.

    Rob from Sterling, Va

    Anyone see the XC on display at the Volvo Great Race display in Baltimore harborplace?
  • porknbeansporknbeans Posts: 464
    I thought that this was too much for a fully loaded vehicle too until I looked at how much the competition is going for. A fully loaded Acura MDX is a little less than $42k and a fully loaded Mercedes Benz ML320 and BMW X5 go for around $52k. I agree that the XC90 would feel more comfortable in the $45k range but when the Jones' have more, you have to keep up with them.

    Grand High Poobah
    The Fraternal Order of Procrastinators
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    I think the XC90 will be a great vehicle, albeit an expensive one. I also want to see how quality/reliability pan out. I wouldn't go near a first-year version. Not to mention that dealers won't be discounting them initially.

    A fully loaded (with nav) MDX is still under $40k at MSRP, which one can get with a wait. Though some folks add accessories.

    An ML320, fully-loaded, can be bought for about $41k-$43k (discounts are easy). For $50k you can get a loaded ML500 with a very strong V8.

    Also, MB includes 4 years of "scheduled maintenance" (subject to limitations), and BMW 3 years. Volvo service and parts is about as expensive as MB/BMW service, if not more so, but Volvo doesn't include scheduled maintenance with its vehicles. So they can be expensive, indeed.

    Still love the look of the vehicle.
  • rob222rob222 Posts: 49
    Doesn't seem like you can really deal down close to invoice on Volvos, like I've done with my other car purchases over the years. If I pay more than $250 over invoice, I consider it a bad deal for me.

    For comparsion purposes, the built-in profit on a loaded XC70 Wagon is a whopping 15.5%-$5,850 (8-11% is common less trendy cars.) The TMV on the XC70 includes 10.5%-$3,941 profit. Even if you buy it in Europe, not including other expenses beyond R/T airfare and one night in Sweden, the profit is 6.3%-$2,370.

    I guess this must be the world of the MB,BMW and other premium Euro cars.

    Anyone ever get a near invoice deal on a Volvo?

    Rob D, counting pennies in Sterling, Va
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    "I guess this must be the world of the MB,BMW and other premium Euro cars."

    Not necessarily! You can get an ML320 in many parts of the country for $500 above invoice, before MB applies late-model year incentives (in which case you can go below). ML500's aren't discounted as strongly, but are definitely being discounted. The vehicle is now in its 5th model year so the newness factor has worn off and the supply is relatively good.

    And the dealer profit on the ML is nowhere near that of Volvo or Lexus. I believe it's less than 10%.

    Newer vehicles in high demand tend to command prices close to MSRP. Witness the X5 and MDX (certainly not a European vehicle).

    As I mentioned earlier, the German luxury marques at least include some form of scheduled maintenance for free (with some limitations). That helps offset their typically higher maintenance costs.
  • luonghluongh Posts: 12
    Hi, I plan to buy the XC90 with the oversea program. I never own a volvo before so I decide to look for help and I found this board is very helpful. Would someone please help me answer a few simple question.
    1. Does the keyless entry remote integrate into the key like those BMW and Lexus key?
    2. Does Volvo offer memory seat, mirror, temperature and radio setting?
    3. Is it true that it is hard to work on volvo engine and general mechanics do not like to work on them?

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciate.

    Thanks a mil.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I would wait for a year or 2 before I jump on the band wagon. First year auto products are known for troublesome sendoffs. Volvo reliability speaks for itself also. I know they will be using upgraded components but I would still be careful. Make sure you get those full warranties.
  • luonghluongh Posts: 12
    From this web site, it look like there is a rear moonroof right on top of the third row seat. Does anyone know this is a fix moonroof or it can be open.
  • birgerbirger Posts: 80
    Hi Luong,

    No, it's not a moon roof, although it looks like one in the pictures. As a matter of fact, it's a (plastic) panel covering the phone and GPS antennas. On light-colored vehicles, it does look a little bit strange IMHO.

    Kind regards,
  • luonghluongh Posts: 12
    Thanks for your response, you sound very knowledgeable about XC90. Mind if I ask a couple more question?
    1. When will the pricing for XC90 be out?
    2. Is the silver crossbar, silver step bar, front& rear silver skid plate and side body cladding going to be option? approximately how much?
    3. How is the weather in Europe in March? I am planning on the oversea delivery in March 2003.

    Thanks again
  • I was able to see an XC90 up close. Volvo briefly had a vehicle in their headquarters building in Southern California for a few days. They let the local dealers send in hot prospects for a viewing. We weren't allowed to get in the vehicle as it was a prototype, but we were allowed to look in it. Some Volvo executives were on hand to answer questions. Here are my observations:

    The vehicle was a black 7-seater with 18" wheels. It was absolutely stunning. There is no question that this is an SUV and not a wagon. The pictures that I had seen on the web don't give the proper sense of scale.

    * Drop Dead Gorgeous
    * Short front and rear overhangs
    * Available in 5 or 7 seat configurations

    Exterior XC90 ML X5 MDX RX300
    Length (in.) 189.0 182.6 183.7 188.5 180.1
    Width (in.) 74.4 72.4 73.7 77.0 71.5
    Height (in.) 68.5 71.7 67.5 68.7 65.7
    Wheelbase(in.)112.5 111.0 111.0 106.3 103.1

    Towing(max) 5000 5000 5000 4500 3500

    Car Based Technology - The chassis in the XC90 is designed to give the vehicle the same ride and roadholding as a premium european passenger car.

    New and Recalibrated Engines
    - 5 Cylinder 2.5 Liter Turbo -- 208 HP and 236 ft. lbs of torque
    - 6 Cylinder 2.9 Liter Twin Turbo -- 268 Hp and 280 ft. lbs of torque

    Other Information
    * Interior had a tasteful amount of wood
    * Full Flat Cargo Floor (including front passenger seat)
    * Each seat in 2nd Row (3 seats) moves forward and backward independent of one another
    * 3rd Row seat accessible from both sides of 2nd Row
    * Sliding Center Seat in 2nd Row moves forward towards rear of front center console to keep small children in close contact with front seat passengers
    * 70/30 split tailgate provides for easy opening, tailgating and roof loading
    * 8.6" of Ground Clearance

    As you would expect from Volvo, the safety systems were overwhelming. Special attention was paid to addressing the issue of rollover.
    * Roll Stability Control - This is apparently an industry first that senses pending rollover by calculating speed and angle. If vehicle is in imminent danger, the system automatically modulates engine and braking functions to induce corrective actions
    * Inflatable Curtains in all 3 Rows -- no one else has this
    * Parts of the roof reinforced with Boron Steel - Boron Steel is 4 to 5 times stronger than normal steel
    * Seat Belt Pretensioners in all seats to hold passengers securely in place in the event of an accident -- no one has this feature in all seating positions
    * 3rd Row Seat Safety - designed to withstand a high speed rear end impact. Seats are located over the rear axle with sufficient distance from back of seat to rear of vehicle.
    * Low Center of Gravity - Only 3.5" higher than that of V70XC Cross Country while providing a seating position that is 6.5" higher
    * Compatibility with other Vehicles and Pedestrians - New front structure to protect passengers in other vehicles in the event of an
    accident. Prevents XC90 from "riding up" over the front of a smaller vehicle.

    I believe that there is strong early demand for this vehicle based on what I was told as well as what was being said by some of the other prospective customers that were looking at the vehicle. There is no doubt that this is a winner.

    No word on final pricing. The only information that was being given out was that the press had been told that a well equipped XC90 is expected to be under $40,000. I'm sold, obviously this will vary based on engine and seating combination.
  • sean48sean48 Posts: 37
    Did they give you any idea of what "well equipped" would mean? Specifically, is it likely that an XC90 with a DVD-navigation system will be under $40,000? Or did you get the feeling that the basic model will be $39,995? Thanks.
  • rob222rob222 Posts: 49
    from what I've read on the VolvoSpy site and conversations with dealers, the fully loaded XC with the navigation, 3rd seat, night vision (some talk that this is not ready yet due to a problem w/supplier) and the larger engine is going to be in the upper $40's. Ouch!

    I have kinda given up and started looking at totally loaded Yukon SLTs. Negoiate a $44k sticker down $37k including $2k rebate.
  • greenlaterngreenlatern Posts: 77
    ...right up to the "fully loaded, $40K" part. Because manufacturers charge a premium for SUVs (read "high profit margin") and the XC90 will likely be the "hot car" I suspect loaded will be mid to upper 50s. 40K will be "base" (stripped bare).
  • I took well-equipped under $40,000 to mean an XC90 with AWD, Leather, Sunroof, CD and all of the safety features included. I would expect a T6 (larger engine) 7-Seater to sell for more. I also assume that Navigation system will be a stand-alone option which typically runs from $1500 to $2000 depending on manufacturer (Lexus, Mercedes, BMW).
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    This doesn't make any sense, please explain. Are there different tow packages? Are there different ratings if the trailer has brakes? Are there different ratings for each engine? What's the deal here?

  • rkuehnrkuehn Posts: 120
    Mid to upper 50´s? Please. The turbo 5-cyl will compete with the 6-cyl ML, the turbo 6 with the 8-cyl ML. Stickers for 5 probably 34-41, for 6 maybe 39-45?
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    A loaded ML500 sells for about $50k, so perhaps the loaded turbo 6 will go for somewhere close to it. A loaded ML320 sells for roughly $43k, and I'll put in my bet that a loaded turbo-5 will in that general range.

    One way to project the cost of a turbo-5 is to look at how much the XC90 wagons cost. Loaded up, they MSRP for around $40k. So I find it doubtful that a well-equipped one will be found for under $40k. We'll see.

    Unfortunately, for the price, the ML and the X5 include some degree of regular scheduled maintenance (X5 for three years). The Volvo won't, and that maintenance won't be cheap.
  • tinlittletinlittle Posts: 21
    That is my guess of course.

    Keep in mind, both ML and X5 are made in US. Tariff for import SUVs(trucks) is 25% compared to about 5% for import cars. When compare to the cost to ML, X5 or even XC70, you will have to figure $7-8k more tariff that goes to Uncle Sam.

    Ever wondered why Land Cruiser is ridiculously more expensive than Sequoia. Or why MB and BMW produce ML and X5 in the states and put ruined their quality reputation in the Union workers' hands? Or why people who disdain Cadilac would even consider a GMC Yukon?

    If someone is worried about pricing for XC90, he is better off buying American (ML, X5, Sequoia) or North American(MDX).
  • For some reason I couldn't space the chart correctly. It was supposed to show the maximum towing capacity for XC90 and its main luxury import competition:

    Volvo XC90: 5000 lbs
    Mercedes ML: 5000 lbs
    BMW X5: 5000 lbs
    Acura MDX: 4500 lbs
    Lexus RX300: 3500 lbs

    The information comes from the various manufacturers web sites. I assume that several factors come into play ... engine, transmission, frame strength, etc.. It does not surprise me that the Volvo, BMW and Mercedes have the highest numbers. The Volvo and BMW are pulled off luxury car platforms. The Mercedes is off a truck platform. The Acura comes from a Honda Odyssey Minivan platform which comes from an Accord. The Lexus comes off a Camry platform. It stands to reason that the Acura and Lexus would have lower numbers.
  • dmz616dmz616 Posts: 17
    Will the XC 90 have a power passenger seat as an option/package? Specs on Volvo we site only mentions a drivers power seat. We are looking at an MDX Touring but may wait til 2003 are out. MDX Touring package comes with one.
  • porknbeansporknbeans Posts: 464

    Grand High Poobah
    The Fraternal Order of Procrastinators
  • mark189mark189 Posts: 107
    I just got a call from a dealer regarding this program. There is info on the Volvocars website as well.

    He indicated: 50 cars are reserved, all have the engine upgrade and 3rd row seats. I'd add I bet they have all the other options as well. They sell for around a 10% discount, and 2 free round-trip tickets to Sweden (I thought it was Germany so I'd double check) and free shipping of car back to your local dealer. Over 1/2 are already reserved.

    Interesting deal if you plan to buy the vehicle and would like a trip to Europe.
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