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Volvo XC90 SUV



  • I have spoken with my dealership about the arrival (U.S.) of the XC90. It appears that we hear in the South can expect an allocated amount of vehicles in November (maybe 8 to 10 vehicles). A demo model will arrive in October (not for sale). The allocated vehicles will be loaded (not sure about night vision) for around 46 to 48k. That will be the dealerships price, so figure the price to actually be in the low 40's, maybe even high 30's. The demand seems to indicate that the price will be very firm at 46 to 48k. We did discuss that a "stripped down" model (light turbo, less options) would be avialable in Spring 2003. That model would also be 2WD instead of the all-wheel ones coming out now. I am going into the dealership in 2 weeks to view videos comparing the XC90 to BMW and Mercedes. Naturally, I expect a slant towards Volvo, but I'll post any worthy info.
  • benzrulesbenzrules Posts: 13
    After having owned an S80 T6 for a little over 2 years (traded it in on an E430 a little over a year ago) I can tell you that this SUV will be at the top of my list when I go shopping late in the year. The S80 T6 I had was one of the best all around cars I have driven in quite some time. While I love my Benzs that I own, the S80 definitely stacked up quite nicely (only traded due to an outstanding offer on both my trade in and the E430 I purchased). If I am reading it correctly, the engine in the XC 90 will be the current engine in the S80 T6 - WOW - by far the best engine in a car I have ever driven. Easily outguns my Mercedes. And if the stereo system is the same or better, watch out - the S80 T6 system was rated best two years in a row over Lexus and S class Mercedes. I did not have any of the problems with my Volvo that others have had so I could not comment on this. Any ideas as to how many will be for sale in the first year in the US?
    Looking forward to it's arrival.
  • kojkoj Posts: 1
    I was in a dealership on Friday and the sales people indicated that they would have 8 or 9 in their dealership for sale the first of November. They're taking $1000 deposits for those NOW! They indicated the same as many here that the first models would be pretty loaded, and would be $38k - $48k. I didn't get much more info than that, as I was just picking up my car after a service an was in a hurry. They just happened to be outside smoking... :0 I have another 1-1/2 years on my current lease, so maybe the demand will have diminished a bit by the time I'm ready to buy.
  • birgerbirger Posts: 80
    Hi again, Luong

    Sorry about the long delay in answering you - I don't check into this section of Townhall that often.

    Thanks for the compliments, but I'm far from being an XC90 expert. I was quite interested in it at the beginning of the year, and even had the opportunity to see it "live" (and sit in it). However, because pricing and rebate conditions were quite vague, I didn't bite then - and have since decided to keep (and upgrade) my current SUV, a Mercedes ML 270 CDI, for quite some time more. The local Volvo dealer is my neighbor, so this of course bugs him a little ;-)

    I have no clue to the US pricing - check out one of the Volvo sites like for more information on that.

    As far as regards the silver crossbar, silver step bar, front& rear silver skid plate and side body cladding - I think it's among the options. Again, prices may be very different on your side of the ocean.

    The weather in Europe in March? Well, it's a good time to visit Sweden if you want to get some practice in driving in severe winter conditions! But if it's long sunny days you're looking after, it's four months early.

    I liked - and still like - the looks and technical solutions of the XC90, and I would prefer it over many another crossover vehicle/SUV. Rear seat room, however, seemed less generous than in my Mercedes.

    Good luck with your purchase!

    Kind regards,
  • I got word from Volvo that pricing will be on the official web site sometime in October. This doesn't help right now, but it's something. Also, I'm going to look into the overseas program offered next week with my dealer. It seems, as previously mentioned by others, that only the T6 version, with 7 passenger seating, will be available through the overseas program right now. Pickup of these vehicles is not until November. If it is as good as it seems, why not take a trip to Sweden on Volvo. Then again, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.
  • stanonpchstanonpch Posts: 2
    Goodbye 42.2" of front legroom. Hello 41.0"
    Now we know how they got that 3rd seat in.
    This info. supposedly from the production team .
  • cruiz7197cruiz7197 Posts: 1
    I have some more info on my dealers offer (I live in Germany and qualify foe diplomat sales--also available to US military stationed overseas.) I have more specs for military and diplomat overseas sales from the dealers here. The sticker for military sales for each (ALL models of the V90XC) is from $30k to $33k base. Options run my "loaded" model up to about $35, but there's probably going to be no haggling space as it's tax-free, and I qualified for the 2.9% special, 75th Anniversary rate...what specs do you want to know?...again, I've only got the military overseas specs from my dealer here in Germany. The prices may or may not be close to what you can expect.
  • kullenbergkullenberg Posts: 283
    Are the programs you talk of available to military retired?
  • kullenbergkullenberg Posts: 283
    Does anyone have a feel for what the tire size will be on the US spec. XC90. This is with a view to putting Nokian WS tires on.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    "Volvo strives to show its XC90 “SUV” is as safe as its station wagons and sedans."

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  • kullenbergkullenberg Posts: 283
    There is an excellent set of photos at,2551,,00.html This is a Volvo International press site, and you will have to register. The high resolution photos of the interior are particularly good, as you can save it to your disk and then zoom, and really examine the dash-board
  • Does anyone know if car prices are higher in Canada than compared to the US. I realize I placed the message with pricing realesed in Canada, but thers no way I'd pay 60k for this vehicle.
  • kullenbergkullenberg Posts: 283
    You need to check the exchange rate of the Canadian Dollar to the US Dollar; it's roughly $.65 to 1.00 CD. See, now it's not so bad is it?
  • kullenbergkullenberg Posts: 283
    BTW, Canadian pricing does not necessarily reflect what the US pricing will be.
  • Thanks Kullenberg, sometimes the obvious is not, obvious. Hopefully, that price will lower here is the US.
  • kullenbergkullenberg Posts: 283

    it will alow you to change colors, rotate the car, zoom in and out, open and close doors, etc. If you don't have a hi speed connection it can be a little slow on the downloads.
  • ladbrandyladbrandy Posts: 10
    Anyone know the possibility of using the xplan with this model? Do you think the dealers would make me wait longer for a car to come in at this price or they will deny usage of the xplan because its a hot model?
    Do you most of you have a refundable deposit down? What do you think the invoice pricing will be? I wonder if the xplan will be similar to the military prices posted earlier.

    Sorry in advance if this message gets posted multiple times but it doesnt seem to be added when I hit post my message.

  • bradlake1bradlake1 Posts: 48
    Forgive the ignorance of a NEWBIE but..........what is X-plan pricing?

  • If you workfor a ford supplier, then you qualify for special x-plan pricing. At my company Ford showed up about a month ago with several fords. a land rover feelander, Jaguar x-type, Mazda of some sort,a lincoln and a volvo. They were all part of a touring group promoting the x-plan. Its great on new vehicles in short supply, since most dealers won't deal. There is even a ford website for the program. One of the guys fromford was there and I was talking to him about the Land Rover Discovery II and he said " honestly if you can wait, check out the Volvo XC-90" He said he toured with it on the auto show circuit and it was an amazing vehicle for the money and he said with the x-plan it would be a GREAT buy. Oh and by the way the x-plan pricing works on all ford associated products except Astin Martin...oh well..
  • frizzellfrizzell Posts: 5
    I just talked with the dealer here in Italy about the military purchase plan.
    He said that it wouldn't be a problem to get the 7 seat T5, which has been rumored to be an issue, but still didn't have any prices.
    He also said dealers should have demo cars by October, with delivery though the plan in Q1 next year.
    On a related note, has anyone heard if the special volvo financing for the 75th anniversary will be available for the XC90?
  • Hello,
    does anybody has a number yet($) for the new XC90 for US or for European delivery(pick up in Sweden than ship home to US).
    I appreciate any info on this.

    Thank you
  • jvikas66jvikas66 Posts: 6
    I'd put $1,000 down on the new XC90 a couple of months ago and got a call from my dealer last week to come in because he had pricing and specs etc. He also said he'd have a vehicle to test drive in October. In Canada the MSRP is C$54,995 for the 2.5T and C$59,995 for the T6. Both have seven seats and are pretty loaded (DSTC, fog lights, leather etc). The dealer also said that a/z plan and x-plan pricing will not be available on the XC90 and because of the huge interest in the vehicle they aren't prepared to sell below MSRP.
  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    Does the dealer have an option on whether they accept these ford based special purchase plans. I realize this will be a popular vehicle, but does their dealership contract state they have to accept the plan?

    Besides given Volvo's early years of production issues on the XC70 I would have concerns this won't be an isse on teh XC90.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The Ford plans are strictly voluntary.
    Our dealership will not be accepting them for the XC90 at the start either.

    As for quality, Volvos launch of the S60 was virtually trouble free and Volvo has gotten good marks from JD Power regarding vehicle quality.
    The Xc90 really isn't a new vehicle.It uses existing technology and platforms. So don't be afraid of it
  • spfoteyspfotey Posts: 131
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286 has a few good photos (in case you don't want to visit the Volvo site and wait for the page to load).
  • stanonpchstanonpch Posts: 2
    Dealers will be getting pricing and descriptions of their initial allotment in approx. 3 wks. Since allotment is based on sales, the bigger the dealer, the bigger the allotment. Initial wave will all be twin-turbo/three rows of seats type. Look for $42M price tag. Sat in one day before yesterday (sorry, i can't say where). Less legroom than I had hoped (see earlier post) but looks fantastic. The hot new color is silver with a hint of green.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Look for $42M price tag.

    Well that puts a damper on my plans - it's certainly out of my league! :-)

    SUVs; Aftermarket & Accessories
  • porknbeansporknbeans Posts: 464
    Maybe, the next allotment will have fewer goodies or Volvo won't be able to move them and will offer some discounts/incentives. Or maybe, you could ask Edmunds for a raise! I mean after all, you guys are so wonderful, intelligent, diligent, thoughtful and wise you deserve it! (Ok, remove nose slowly) :)

    Grand High Poobah
    The Fraternal Order of Procrastinators
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