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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • dulce2dulce2 Posts: 2
    I have a simliar problem, I try to hit the remote the lights used to flicker but nothing, i hear the locks clicking, and sometimes it won't even lock with the remote I replace the battery in the remote but still the same !! any advise helllllp!! I have a 98 nissan altima gle
  • toynissantoynissan Posts: 1
    For the past 3 weeks I have been battling with nissan about the cat problem in my 02 altima. They replaced my engine but want me to pay for the cat. Is there really a recall because they are telling me that they are replacing it because I'm a good customer? If so, where can I get the info? I've been looking for a week now.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Catalytic converters are covered under the Federal Emissions Warranty for 8 yrs./80,000 miles. If you're under the time/mileage limit, contact the EPA. They'd like to hear from you about Nissan's balking.
  • chris65chris65 Posts: 2
    My factory-installed alarm has started sounding for no reason whenever it feels like it. Dealer has checked doors, hood and trunk actuators, but now wants $250+ to check all the wiring to maybe find the problem. Is there any way to just disconnect the thing? They say no becuase its all tied in to the whole electrical system. I can't afford big bucks to fix this, would rather live without alarm and automatic locks!
  • axheataxheat Posts: 1
    Sometimes the horn of my Altima stays activated like for 5 seconds or more when I try to put the alarm. Sometimes the problems is severe, it stays 20 seconds or more. It also happened once while I was driving and I tried to use the horn; Why is this happening?? :surprise:
  • Recently my check engine light came on in my 2000 Altima GXE. After taking to a local Nissan dealer, I was told there was a vacuum leak causing the car to run lean, and that I needed a new intake gasket.. The gasket was inexpensive, (seems like around $10) However, the labor to install was over $550. I was rather surprised I was having this issue (since foreign cars are often touted for their reliability and low maintenance) and since the car had less than 60,000 miles and had always been maintained very well. I took it to my shade tree mechanic for 1/2 the cost, however, he forgot to reset my Check Engine light. Since then I've also had to replace my thermostat. Is this a common problem with this car? Also, is it possible to reset the Check Engine light w/o the OBD II scanner?? Thanks in advance!
  • shailbshailb Posts: 1
    Lopez, i too am facing this problem with my 1996 altima with 12000 miles. Were you able to fix this issue ?
    I was told to replace the crank sensor but like you noted this may not fix the problem.. Could you please let me know on this ?

  • wasa02wasa02 Posts: 3
    I see you are all talking about Altima's but I had an '02 Maxima with the exact same problems, check engine light, horrible noise during acceleration, dealer claiming there wasn't enough oil so it was my fault. I had extended warranty up to 100k and the problems started around 68k. I had to fight extra hard with the dealership because I am a female :mad: but once I found a good service department (3 dealerships later + 10 months), they determined it needed a new engine. If the car is consuming oil to quickly there is absolutely NOTHING that will fix it except to replace the engine. Demand a new engine. They will need to do some compression tests to submit to corporate. I also demanded to be reimbursed for anything beyond an oil change that had been done to the car in the last 10 months since it all related to a warranty covered issue. I was getting my new engine last Tuesday but the car was totalled (not my fault) on Saturday. :cry: Go figure! GET UR NEW ENGINES PEOPLE!!!! :) ;)
  • wasa02wasa02 Posts: 3
    The problem doesn't typically start until 60k plus miles. I had on 02 Maxima and the engine had to be replaced at 80k because it was consuming oil to quickly. Nothing fixs the problem except to replace the engine. The engines have also caught fire but very rarely. You will put alot of miles on the car before the problem arises. Just keep very good records as to all the services that are done to the car. Don't trust the dealership to do it.
  • richtexrichtex Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Altima and am experiencing the same thing. It sputters like it's going to stall but doesn't. Did you get it resolved?
  • I just got a letter stating excessive oil consumption. With 2950mi I checked my level, no oil. towed it to dealer, first of all they said, the oil is black, the engine needs replacing, and one is on the way from Japan. Today they said, we are topping up the oil, let you drive it for 700 miles then recheck. So what happens now the engine is toast I am expected to drive it?? I don't think so. Is there anyone out there that has experienced this problem? I didn't check my oil before my first service and why should Ihave. I believe the damage is done and will seek further action if their final answer is, live with it, it's not a problem.
  • Have you taken it to the dealer? What was their resolve? Is your oil low? At 1000miles how ridiculous is it to have to check your engine oil every 700 miles?? That's why you bought a new car, to not to have to check the oil that often. Email me to see if we can do something together or at least compare note. Thanks Jo
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    but anyone who believes that a new car shouldn't require routine fluid level checks during initial break-in is living in a fantasy world of self-imposed arrogance. (The exception cars are big-buck performance models that are named after famous European race courses or famous, long-dead perfectionist engineers and which cars are specifically broken-in under controlled speeds and load at their respective factories. Sorry - mass-market Nissans, Hondas, Hyundais, KIAs, and Toyotas aren't among 'em.) FACT: a new engine during break-in WILL consume motor oil at an increased rate until the piston rings seat to a proper seal in their cylinder bores. FACT: if a new car is driven "spiritedly" during break-in, its engine WILL consume oil at an even more excessive rate. (There's a reason owner's manuals instruct owners to take it easy for the first several hundred miles.) NO engine operated daily, regardless of age, should have its diptstick pulled less than weekly as a check for proper oil level. (Some even advocate at every gas fill-up. Remember when pump jockeys checked your oil, water, and air? Shoot, how many actually remember pump jockeys who wore quasi-military uniforms and caps, and addressed you as, "M'am" and "Sir"?) ANY engine during a long trip should have its engine oil level checked at least DAILY - preferably when hot after the engine has been shut off for a minute or so. Most of the time a check won't show any serious depletion (and once broken-in, often won't show any discernable depletion at all), but it's dangerous (as some of you have now found out the hard way) to ASSUME that will be the case. Unfortunately Nissan has an aknowledged problem and some of you were caught flatfooted while the company is still sorting out the cause and developing an effective remedy. Nissan will likely treat most of you to rebuilt engines (except in cases of clear owner negligence - and those of you who are denied may still prevail if you're willing to hire a lawyer and go to court), but had you practiced just the basic common sense checks presented in your owner's manuals, the mechanical damage you've experienced WOULD'VE been avoided until a dealer-level fix could've been applied at minimum expense and time tied up. I wish I could, but I know I can't, help those of you who've already suffered engine damage. This post is a heads-up to newbs joining the discussion who've noticed excessive motor oil consumption and haven't suffered engine damage yet. You folks still have a very good chance of avoiding ANY engine damage while you wait to be contacted by Nissan corporate on how to proceed with the free fix.
  • nissan was really nice to me about changing the motor in my brand new nissan altima with 6000 mile on it, but i went to the dealership with a positive attitude and they got me a rental car and fixed the problem. I am really dissapointed that this happened and i would gladly join in on a class action to protect other from having this happen to any other person ever again. I would rather have a completely new car (that is what i thought i bought)but nissan is not walmart, you cannot get another just because you dont like it or it dont work, the way i understand things is that you have to prove it is a lemon and give the dealership a chance to fix it before the legal process can began, and that takes a while, by that time your car could be paid off, just take good care of the piece of crap and trade it in in one year and hope the next one is a better piece of equipment.
  • On there is a girl with the same problem at 700 miles. Sorry to disagree with the other guy on this forum, it is not caused from a lead foot while breaking the car's identified as a problem from Nissan and they have temporarily put a stop on sales of Jan06 to May 06 manufactured Altimas. OK beautyphotos, I have an attorney and I am going for it, if you want to join me, let me know how we can contact each other to get the ball rolling. Sorri to hear it happened
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    If you're referring to me as "the other guy on this forum", I NEVER indicated that these recent 4-cyl Nissan engine excessive oil consumption problems WERE the result of leadfooting. I referenced that leadfooting could exacerbate any normally operating new engine's oil consumption during break-in. ;)
  • maggiecatmaggiecat Posts: 1
    HELP! My '02 Altima has 70,300 miles on it and since 65,000 miles, it's been making a horrible noise during acceleration, too. It's burning oil and I don't know why. So I can't go more than 2500 miles without an oil change. Actually, at that point, there is barely any oil to change. Anyway, I called the dealer and he pretty much said the engine would have to be replaced. Well, wouldn't you know that I am no longer under warranty. NO CAR SHOULD BE DOING THIS AT 70,000 MILES!! So, I don't know what to do. How much is a new engine? Oh, and one more thing, since 36,000 miles, my "Check engine" light has been on and no one can figure out why. Nissan did a diagnostic test and told me they couldn't find a problem. Maybe this problem started back at 36,000 miles? Advice anyone?
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Sorry to hear about your excessive oil consumption problems maggiecat. You might want to clipboard the entire text of your post above and repost it on BobIsTheOilGuy in the "Car & Truck Gasoline Engine Oil" discussion. Be prepared for an earful - the "gurus" over there relish any opportunity to discuss and advise about oil-related issues.
  • I am having the same issues with my 2006 as well. I just cannot beleive the problems with a car with only 1200 miles on it!! As far as the "every car should have its oil checked" {at every fill up????}, if I had wanted that, I would have bought a 1968 Camero!!! I've had Honda's and Toyota's all my life, never a major problem or even a recall!! What was I thinking to switch to Nissan? I really just want out of my lease. I have two children under the age of 4 in this car, what if it catches on fire? What if it burns down my garage and house? I had my lawyer write Nissan a letter, I am sure it will languish on their desks with all the others. What is our recourse?
  • brandy06brandy06 Posts: 7
    I am not sure if you got the recall letter! I got recall letter the other day for my 2006 Nissan Altima stating to check my oil every 700 miles until the dealership can find the problem with the car. If you don't check it or anything it can result in a fire. Yea I am sure you are just as pissed as I was when I got the letter. So if you didn't recieve it I would contact your dealer you bought it through.
  • apparently that is not a recall letter. They are calling it a notice and everyone should check their oil at every 700 miles. I have registered a complaint with Better Business Bureau Autoline and they are waiting a response from Nissan. Official word from Nissan yesterday 'we asked dealer to top off oil and you should return after 700 miles' even after I said 'wait a minute, you want me to get in a car that has had 17 reports of fire due to this problem and one injury? It's a death trap and you are asking me to risk my life and endanger the lives of my children and anyone on the freeway I travel on 100 miles a day in LA'. I do not want the car, and I will take whatever action needed to ensure I don't, it is just wrong. Anyone want to join me, feel free to contact me.
  • grumpfishgrumpfish Posts: 19
    ok so I'm supposed to top off the oil at every fill up? So who's gonna reimburse me for this oil? To burn all the oil flowing through the engine, not to mention what sits in the oil pan has got to be a lot of oil if you have to do that every 700 miles, we're not topping off the radiator with H2o which for the most part is FREE!

    I've yet to hear of any fatalities in the press, perhaps this is why Nissan isn't so vocal on this for now, but certainly the gov't should be demanding a recall or options to buy back or get something else. It's absurd and thoughtless that Nissan expects us to keep driving these things while they figure it out. I'm in with anyone for a class action suit :mad:
  • Agreed Grumpfish, not me...I am going to be at the head of the line. There is a lot of press on it, I typed in Nissan 06 Altima in google, and found 5 articles reported in USA & Canada. Yes, they haven't released a recall yet, but I am sure more of us experience the problems (problem too young right now) and have 'dummies' drive their cars for 700 miles to work out what they should do from there. I am sure Nissan is doing everything they can to come up with the best solution meanwhile, as I am new to this site, I have no idea how you can contact me or me you, but let me know so I can fill you in and we can go to the next step. I have the wheels in motion for no other reason than to own the car I originally intended to have, that's one with a reliable motor.
  • grumpfishgrumpfish Posts: 19
    ;) anyone with a '06 Altima should print this out as proof to fight your cause - replacing the engine while good for you will be costly to the company having this should help ya get what youre entitled to

    find me @
  • tarnmastertarnmaster Posts: 12
    That is a good site you have show here :

    it shows WHICH Altima cars have the bad rings ... there is only a range of VINs of cars which are affected by this ... those built before and after have not manifested this oil consumption issue ... most Altima owners will NOT fall into this range of numbers ... Nissan is very concerned about this and is looking into which manufacturer supplied the rings and take appropriate measures to ensure it won't happen again ... best thing to remember is ALL manufacturers are concerned about their cars ... be glad you don't have one of the 500,000 Honda Odyssey vans and CRV suvs recalled ( the fourth in three years ) , or the 987,282 Toyota Prius and Corolla models that have been recalled ... you don't hear so much about THAT on the news as those two companies think they are above reproach ... anything mechanical is bound to have issues now and then , like people do ... many Altima owners are upset , naturally , but many are vehement that Nissan would DO this to THEM ; Nissan didn't DO anything - it's an unfortunate happenstance that they are doing the best to correct ... it could have been ANY manufacturer that happened to get those rings , just happened to be Nissan that got the bad batch ...
  • varahalacvarahalac Posts: 1
    - 1995 Nissan Altima 4cyl
    - Check engine light did not display
    - Suspect noise comming from valves
    - Ran compression test as first stage diagnosis. Camshaft Position Sensor was disconnected from distributor.
    - All cylinders read between 180-190 psi
    - Re-installed plugs and Camshaft position sensor to distributor (the connector was very brittle and a few small plastic pieces broke but a solid conncetion was made)
    - Started car: check engine light unexpectedly displayed?? Car drove and operated normally.
    - Ran self diagnostic check: check engine light returned (1 long, 1 short).
    - Haynes manual indicates - Check camshaft position sensor. But also stated that the check engine light does not display this code and to check the LED on the computer. Could not locate LED on computer.
    - Camshaft Position Sensor connector has four pins (A,B,C,D)
    - Checked continuity between pin A and ground with ignition off - reading was 105 ohms.
    - Checked voltage between pin B and ground with ignition on - no voltage reading.

    - Conclusion is that the Camshaft Position Sensor wiring harness is suspect. If the harness is suspect then why does the car operate normally? Should I replace the wiring harness?

    Any help is much appreciated - thank you.
  • yes Grumpfish found that today and also the news that Nissan is calling for a recall, dates not given as yet. If you call them, there is a dept dedicated to this problem and they are saying the same thing, right now there is one option, change oil, and check every 700 miles, everyone should know, if your engine sounds noisy and you have one of those VIN #'s they will replace the motor. Also, there are 2 aspects to recalls: Service Campaign - for non safety issues - car replace. Recall - safety issue, allow company to fix, the have 60 days to come up with a solution/fix, the clock started ticking on June 9..meanwhile, take it in every 700 miles, if the oil is being consumed, they'll replace the oil. Anyone, care to contact me personally, let me know how and I'll give more information
  • bob1952bob1952 Posts: 3
    New to this page but didn't find any problems with throttle body replacement or mafs sensor failure. Anyone had these problems and what related cost for replacement was? :cry:
  • I just brought in my 2005 Altima 3.5SE for service because my drivers side window would rattle when I closed it. They told me some sensor wasn't working correctly and fixed that for me.
    Right after I brought it home and I put the window all the way up it would bring itself down about 6" for no apparent reason. Needless to say I brought it in again just as soon as I got it home.

    The new problem I noticed when I inspected my door to make sure everything was correct was a small crack that had started on the door closest to the middle of the car, right about at where the window goes into the door. To make sure it wasn't a freak thing, I checked the passenger side dorr and it had the same crack.

    I showed the maintenence guy the cracks, and he said he would note it, but figured that it was the result of 2 parts that weren't meant to be bonded, but were just painted and together and finally separated/cracked.

    I'm posting here to find out if anyone has had this problem, or can inspect their cars to see if they have it. I can post pictures on the net, but they'll have to wait because it's 2am where i am.
  • galt06galt06 Posts: 4
    I read in our newspaper today that Nissan is recalling 97,000 Altimas and Sentras with the 2.5 engine. This was announced Thursday. A date for the recall has not been set. There have been 274 reports of excessive oil use and 24 engine fires, one with minor injury. Owners can call Nissan to find out information (800-647-7261.
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