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Lincoln Aviator



  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    When everyone gets a chance to drive the Aviator...make sure you go through every feature and really drive it hard, take an extended test drive. This is a winner and I'm a tough sale.

  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    Spoke to my local dealer today. He said first shipment has been delayed 'til next month. They are going to run production for a while without shipping so they can be sure there are no problems (recalls).
  • That to bad it is delayed agian. But at least they are worried about recalls and othe problems.
  • Does the Aviator come with xenon lamps? or are HID's the same thing?

  • What is telematics? Which is late availability.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    The Aviator does NOT have stability control. For a $40K-plus SUV, it should have it! I think every other SUV in the class has it, even the MDX. Just wondering...maybe, they will add it in by next year.
  • I definitely want one. I'm totally sold. And I don't need to take delivery until April, 2004. (That's when the lease is up on my wife's Mountaineer) Perhaps they'll be out by then!
  • Advance Trac is available on the 2003 Explorer but not the 2003 Mountaineer or Aviator at Job 1. Advance Trac II, perhaps with an anti roll-over feature will be late (Job 2?) availability. Advance-Trac II is supposed to be available in the 2003 Lincoln LS which will be introduced in November. I assume that final tweaks are being made to the system to further refine its features.

    I drove and rode in the several 2003 Volvo SUV's at the Chicago Motor Speedway about 10 days ago. They had a demo driver take 3-200+lb passengers on a 60 mph obstacle-in-the-road maneuver with a quick right turn then immediate left turn. UNBELIEVABLE! I thought we were going to flip onto our top, but no muss, no fuss. It is a gyroscope type of operation that immediately kicks in upon impending rollover.

    I have Advance Trac on my 2001 Lincoln LS and would not buy a car without it. My 2003 Explorer w/Advance Trac arrived this week to replace my lease extension expired 1999 Explorer. I wanted an Aviator but could not wait for the availability of AdvanceTrac.

    By all accounts, the Aviator is a terrific SUV. I envy those who will be the first to own.
  • karzzkarzz Posts: 151
    USA Today had a review of the new Aviator.....

    "In fact, Aviator seems nicer to drive than the Mercedes-Benz M-class, BMW X5 and Acura MDX SUVs, all on hand here for comparison. Each of those fancy machines can come up with a dominant point, but none felt as good overall as Aviator did in the Shenandoah Mountains along the Virginia-West Virginia border, some of the sweetest countryside there is."
  • On the USA Today review of the Aviator it claims it is going on sale next week, anyone else heard that?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    We had people from out dealership participate in a similar ride and drive. There was apx 20 in total there...all but one felt the Mercedes ML500 was the ranked last....The MDX was the surprise of the bunch, Acura has done a great job converting a mini-van into an suv.... the BMW was nice but the price wasnt bashful... The Lexus was nice but not in the same league, I just didnt like it..but I can see why people do.. The Aviator had a few things that could be changed but overall was very impressive and certainly a serious competator in the Mid sized luxury SUV market...I could not find any major weak points with the Aviator and I looked hard.

    The biggest problem, from a marketing standpoint, is the lack of a strong lease program. This segment usually runs 60-70% lease. Many buyers in the class can not afford the buy the vehicle so they must lease...
  • while sittiing outside a sidewalk ten year old..whose been listening to me first talking about getting a mountaineer and then waiting for the aviator a truck full of mountaineers...i glanced..and said no..he said navigators...i said was a flock of aviators..mostly black and silver ones..headed to one of the many dealers here on long island, ny
  • Since you saw a "flock" of them proably going to a dealer maybe that is a sign the delays are over.YEA!!!!!!
  • karzzkarzz Posts: 151
    That seems to confirm what Lincoln said a few weeks ago, that the Aviator would start shipping the last week of October.
  • WOW! You must have seen a transporter with 8% of the total Aviator production YTD.

    October 28th Automotive News Truck Production Report indicates that 99 Aviators have been built YTD thru 10/26, but only 16 built last week. Boy, talk about a slow ramp-up! I guess there should be no quality-challenged Aviators delivered now.
  • Reminds me of the intro of the Tahoe in 96. Couldn't find one on the dirt for months.....
  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    The TV show Motorweek has a road test of the Aviator coming up. My TV Guide says it airs tomorrow (Sat 11/2) on PBS but the Motorweek website says it doesn't air until Nov 15th show. We shall see!
  • FYI--subject trophy was just awarded to the new Volvo XC 90. It beat the Aviator and Lexus GX 470, just to name a few. I drove a new XC 90 today and was very impressed. I think Volvo did a very good job. Now I can't wait to test drive a new Aviator.
  • It's to bad the Aviator did not win the award. I am not that impressed with the XC90's styling.
  • According to the Blueovalnews website the St Louis plant got authorization to begin shipping the new Aviator.

    I guess this means dealers should see them very soon.
  • It's about time. I can't wait to go look and hopefully buy one.
  • The Car Connection web site has a new review.....
  • novoqnovoq Posts: 26
    My dealer confirmed that they have 3 Aviators arriving on Nov 11. I'm on the west coast so mid west dealers should get theirs sooner.
  • but did find one at

    The only one I could find on carconnection is from 10/26.

  • I was fortunate enough to test drive an Aviator a few hours ago. I was very impressed and liked it better than the Volvo XC 90 I test drove a few days ago. Unfortunately it was a 2WD--can't wait to try an AWD.
  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    Thanks for the review link. It was very helpful.

    I've been waiting to find out when Advance Trak and the navigation system are going to be available and the review answered by questions.

    "Besides Advance Trak, the navigation system from the Lincoln LS will be added as an option on Aviator, along with an optional tire-pressure monitoring system, in December."
  • If I decide to order an Aviator both of those options are a must for me. I've heard both Dec and Jan for the availibility for these; which is perfect timing for me.
  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    I've been curious to see what the navigation system is going to look like. I thought the news that it's the same system as the LS would help. The only problem is that the LS does not offer a nav sys as an option.

    Maybe they meant the '03 LS model or maybe they meant it would share the nav system of the Navigator truck which seems to make more sense as the interiors are similar.

    Any ideas or seen any pics of interior with nav system?
  • Uh-oh. Looks like Ford did it again.

    -Andrew L

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