Dodge Dakota Crew Cab

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Has anyone been able to find out the cost of the
new Dakota Crew Cab ???


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    I haven't been able to find out about the price yet. Does anyone know when the Crew cab will be in the showrooms? I have read that it will be near the end of 1999.
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    According to the Dodge magazine I just received from the dealer, it says it will be available in January. There was a mail away card attached to receive information.
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    I have an '88 Dakota now and will be buying a new pick up soon. Last year I had the transmission rebuilt-the only major problem that I have had- and now I am get signals of new trans. problems. Has anyone had major problems with newer model Dakotas.
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    I have a 98 slt+ club cab 4x4 w/ 23k. mi. I have not had problems with the trans (yet). However, I have had 2 sets of ball joints after about 3k mi.
    and now the exhaust manifold bolt broke off for no reason. The engine pings and knocks like crazy and sounds like a fricken diesel. The truck has never seen the woods and has never been beat on. Its a shame because its a beautyful truck with a lot of problems. Im probably going to trade it in. (not for another Chrysler product)
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    I read in a couple of automotive publications that the BASE price will be around $22K. But by the time you option the thing out it will be priced more like a full size truck.
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    The 2000 Dakota's are going to offer Jeep's new SOHC 4.7L V8 and accompanying tranny as options which have gotten excellent write-ups in the automotive press. It would seem that would be the safest engine choice based on what I've heard about the other Dodge motors. As far as the rest of the truck, find out who the patron saint of Chrysler products is and get a statue for the dashboard.
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    A non Dodge dealer has a 98 SLT Club Cab V-8 auto with ALL the trimmings including the factory running boards, from wheel well to wheel well. Bed has some scratches because there has not been a bed liner. Truck is really straight & clean. 12,500 miles. Dealer asking $19,200. What is a fair price? I'd like to offer $17,000 but don't know if that's even close. P.S. I have no trade in.
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    yoo hoo. You're AT Edmunds. Just go to the used vehicle section and see what a fair price is for the vehicle. You may find that a NEW one bought at a good price (invoice or a couple hundred over is easy to get) is a better value.
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    to see the prices for the new crew cab go to the dodge home page
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    No one pays MSRP! What I'm waiting for are the invoice prices to the dealers. Then you'd know what a fair price is.
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    Prices for the "Club Cab" are out but not for the Quad Cab. BIG difference! I suspect though that by pricing a Club Cab here at Edmunds with everything you want then add $600-800 to the base price will give you a very good idea of the Quad Cab price. I'm being told the prices for the Quad Cab will be out in late Sept or early Oct and they'll be ready for delivery in Jan or Feb. I can't believe they're taking so long, with all the requests for these trucks. Hope this helps.

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    Have any dealers accepted an order for a
    Quad Cab yet? Did they have pricing information?
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    Price or late or whatever, I'm a Dodge Dakota fan myself and never thought I'd find myself saying something bad about Dodge/DiamlerChrysler in fact I even just bought a 2000 club cab. But, In my humble opinion the Dakota Quad Cab is UGLY, along with Nissans 4 door thingy! What use does anyone have for a 4 foot or something like that bed? YUCK! Dodge would have been much better off adding a 4 door model to the Ram line and adding the rear 1/4 doors to the Dakota!
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    I understand your feelings on this issue, but let me explain why I like them, and you may understand a little better (even if you still disagree.) I go to school in Atlanta, and park in a parking deck; ergo I need to be able to maneuver well in urban areas and small, tight parking spaces, sometimes parallel parking when driving around campus. I want to have a truck for versatility, but I don't want to sacrifice interior space and people-hauling capacity (3:00am food runs just happen a lot...) I can't buy a full-size truck, ext. cab or quad cab, because I'd never be able to park it, I have no real need for that much bed space or that kind of towing capacity, and I can't afford it anyway.. :)

    So, my only logical choice is to get the Quad Cab Dakota. Also, the Dakota is lighter, so it will have a little bit more zip to it than a Ram or F150 would. Gotta have at least a little of the fun-to-drive factor in there.
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    On the Quad cab bed.

    A Dakota Club cab has a 6 1/2' bed, the Quad cab has a 5 1/4' bed. Now I have bought club, but it strikes me that for most people there is little difference between short and very short bed. The difference with an 8' is obvious - sheets fit in an 8'.

    My guess is that most people who buy compact trucks will appreciate the cab space more than the lack of bed space, 5'+ is still enough for weekend haulers.
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    I'd have to say that there may be more folks
    interested in big cab w/ short bed than you think.
    I'm interested in the Dakota Quad cab 'cause
    although I like 'em, SUV's are too darned pretty
    to mess up and too darned expensive... I want
    something where I can haul people around
    comfortably, yet have a place to throw my nasty
    cargo! 5-1/4' vs 6-1/2' makes no difference to
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    they're advertised in the Denver area for $20400 or so for the 4x4 SLT version; don't know if they actually have any yet. I'm interested in one for the towing capability (I have horses). Anyone know what kind of mileage they should get with the new 4.7 engine?
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    According to what I've seen, the 4.7L/ 5-speed
    manual should get 15/20, the automatic might be
    slightly less (don't know.)
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    Another reason I like the short bed is when some asks you if they can use you truck to haul something, that perhapes you don't want to hau;, you can say ,"sorry, don't fit."
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    OK, no one seems to know the real skinny on when these things will be ready, but if they take too long they're going to miss my money! Really sharp truck and the price should be right. Please post if you have some facts on availability. The attraction to me is towing capability with some box space (for things that won't go in the trailer) mixed with the person hauling capacity. The full size crew cab short boxes are too costly and usually overpowered for my needs.
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    My next vehicle has some basic requirements.
    1. Seat 4 comfortably, 5 semi-comfortable
    2. Four Wheel drive
    3. Exterior hauling space for Gas can, compost, Junk, etc.
    4. Smaller than full size pickup
    Dakota Quad seems to meet all requirements. I am trading my '89 Mustang Convertible and '83 CJ-7 Jeep for this Truck. I am not trying to convince anyone else, but it is the right vehicle for me.
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    Does anyone know the rear leg room for the Dakota Quad Cab? I have read 36" and 32". Which one is correct?
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    Best word that I have is that orders will be taken and production will startup in early October.

    Called 800-4-A-DODGE, they said availability in late November (which jibes with the 6-8 weeks that they tell you it takes to get one.)

    So, I'd say you could very well have it by Christmas. I plan to.
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    The official rear leg room for the club cab is 36.1". The crew cab though is 32".
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    I have sat in the back of the new Quad Cab and it feels like the same amount of room that my Taurus has. The overall feel inside is that of a mid size sedan with one really big trunk.
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    OK gang, looking to buy a new on perhaps a one year old small truck. The Ranger seems to peak my interest, but then read an article and searched some websites on the 98 and 99 (and '00) Dakota's. This truck seems to fit between small and large trucks. There isn't alot of rear seat room in the Ranger, but like the large four door setup on the Dakota. Several editor reviews also like the Dakota. But, what is the difference between the Quad Cab and the Club Cab? And, what is this Dakota R/T? Anyone own any of these trucks, especially the '00's?? Thanks.
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    The Dakota Quad Cab is a four-door pickup with a full size back seat. I believe it's more appropriate to call it a crew cab. The Dakota Club Cab is an extended cab pickup, with a small bench seat in the back that can hold children and a contorted adult. It only has two doors - accessing the back seat is similar to getting into a small two-door coupe.

    In order to keep the same wheelbase and length for both the Club Cab and the Quad Cab, the Club Cab has a shorter bed. The Club Cab bed is a standard 6'6" while the Quad Cab has a smaller 5'3" bed. Whether this matters to you depends on how you'll use the truck.

    The Dakota R/T stands for the Road and Track version. It's a package that's available on the regular and Club Cab 4x2 Dakotas. The R/T package adds a 5.9L V8 engine, 17" wheels, a lowered suspension, and several other accessories. This package is supposed to turn the Dakota into a performance racing truck.

    The F150 has a similar option called the Ford Lightning. I'll let other people debate the relative merits of the Dakota R/T vs. the F150 Lightning. In fact, I believe there's already a topic about that.
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    I am looking to buy a new Dakota Club Cab with 4 wheel drive and want to tow with it. I will be pulling an enclosed trailer when loaded will weigh approximately 3,000 pounds. I will be towing the trailer 4 or 5 times a year with an average round trip of 400 miles. Does anyone have experience/opinions on whether the V-6 would be enough engine or would I need the V-8? I will have an automatic transmission. Other than this occasional towing I would not need the V-8 power.
  • pr4mncpluspr4mncplus Member Posts: 22
    Thanks for the great information!
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    I had a 97 Dakota V6, manual transmission. It's the same powertrain in the new Dakota's. It's towing capacity was 3600 pounds. Part of the problem was it's 3.19 differential. I towed a small boat, camping equipment and passengers which I estimate to be 2000 pounds. The truck did ok but I would not be comfortable towing anything heavier. It's my opinion to not "max out" ones towing capacity. With lower gear (higher number) it would tow more though.

    The V6 mileage (from the sticker) with manual tranny and the anemic differential was 22 and 17. With auto and lower gears those numbers will be lower by two or three, at least.

    Dodge now offers a new 4.7 V8 which has 235 HP and gets reasonably good mileage, close to the V6. Considering resale value and the small mileage difference I would get the 4.7 V8, if I were in your shoes.

    Your trailer is 3000 pounds, plus passengers, plus fluids, plus who knows what else. You could be close 4000 pounds by the time you leave your driveway.
  • pr4mncpluspr4mncplus Member Posts: 22
    Well, my decision to buy a new truck is coming down to the '99 Dakota Club cab or the Toyota Tundra (don't throw darts please). I've ruled out the Ranger, despite it's mass appeal. The '00 full size four door is a turn-off to me, but like the club cabs' hidden two doors. Anyone having any reliability problems with the '99s??
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    I traded my 97 Dakota (new body style) for a 2000 Tundra. Reliability, power, room... Did I mention reliability?
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    I, as many of you are, am excited about the new QUAD CAB (very good name considering they could have just said CREW). They way to look at these "new" vehicles is to imagine it as its SUV cousin with the back end a bed instead of covered area. I am trying to decide between the 1. Dakota QUAD Cab(DURANGO) 2. Explorer Sport Trac(EXPLORER 4-door) 3. F-150 Supercrew(EXPEDITION). I just want to get the most vehicle for the money and right now it looks like the Dakota is in the lead, but untill I sit in them and drive them the decision is still wide open. Any thoughts?
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    stvdman, I dont know if you know all the details on all the trucks, Sport Trac has a plastic bed, inside and out(bad idea, I like steel), the F-150 Super Crew is very expensive and isnt any larger than the dakota (whats up with that), and both of the fords are slated for release in March to August. As for the Dakota Quad, It has a great bed and all you need in a SUV and a true truck bed, only 1'3" shorter than other Dakotas, I like the bed myself, you can carry fuel, shrimp and anything else and not stink up the inside of a 30,000 auto and tear it up on the inside, and also, the Dakota will be out by the end of the year, you will be in it before the Fords ever hit the ground. I like the Dodge.

    Good luck,

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    The Ford isnt any larger than the Dakotas bed, the overall Ford is larger but the bed isnt, Sorry about the mistake.

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    i have a 93 dakota 5.2 v8 and have never had any problems, it has always been really reliable.
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    Hey, i ordered my new Quad today, it was in the dealers computer so I went for it, im the first one around here in Biloxi MS :O)))))))))))))
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    what options did you get and what was the cost of your quad ?
  • hennehenne Member Posts: 407
    look at topic 746 on here and you will see

    good luck,

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    read about the differences in the f-150 crew and the dakota crew-came to the same conclusion-pretty much the same except for a little less hip room in dakota. if the ford's not going to be out till march or august, my decision has pretty much been made. the dakota's a great sized, all around vehicle
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    My dealer is guessing around $30,000 but does not know for sure does anybody have an idea what the 2000 Dakota sport will be
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    Go to and you can build your own MSRP sheet online before you ever go to the dealer. Although it doesn't list the dealer cost, you can use the percentage figures that are fairly standard and work backwards. I printed mine out today and will be making some offers this week.
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    Take a look at

    After you choose the truck and model, you can spec it out with point&click option lists. It gives a running total both for the MSRP and the dealer's cost. Very nice to use.
  • lkendalllkendall Member Posts: 2
    Need some input on 2000 Dakota Quad cab

    ?? can 2 adults regular size ride in the back seat for say several hours ??

    and trying to find out about pricing
    If i get to buy one at dealer cost
    invoice are they still making $$$
    ANy help is appreciated
    L. Kendall
    you can respond to me privately @ [email protected]
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    My local dealer sells both Chevy and Dodge. I have been unable to get a salesman give me a price (to order) on a new Dakota. They told me that they had the pricing but I haven't gotten a response yet. I have made 3 trips to the dealer but they still haven't quoted me a price. I would like Dodge to know about this situation. I think the dealer is only trying to sell Chevy's.
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    Check out response #109 of topic #746 :-}
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    I too am very interested in the Dakota Quad Cab.

    Reasons for wanting it is simple. I want a truck that can hual small things and large things short distances but also be able to carry passengers. Kids especially (sp). I have seen the quad up close and sat in it and it is great. The back seat is comparable to the durango. The price was around 26,500 here in denver. But watch out they have attached a market adjustment here of $5,000. That is right five thousand. That is crazy do not pay it!!!!! As for the Nissan forget it, it is too tight for rear passengers and the bed is really to short. YOu can get by with a 5'3" bed but nothing shorter than that. And ford like many have said will not be out until later in 2000. But Ford has not set prices yet so do not listen to anyone on that just talked to ford yesterday. You can order one and it might get here in February but they do not have a price.

    To me the dakota quad is perfect. It has a big enought engine and yes it will tow that 3,000 lbs trailer great but make sure you get a low enough rear end. Also the comfort is great. You can find the msrp and the invoice price on Kelly blue book
  • amend1amend1 Member Posts: 98
    went to a dealer in ridgewood nj and saw a black quad sport-real nice. plenty room in the back seat- for 3!!, the bed is a good size and the radio sounds great. don't know when mine will be in, ordered it late in october
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    I have been waiting for the arrival of the Quad Cab. I do quite a bit of traveling during the week, and you would never guess what I found. The Budget in Chicago at O'Hare airport rents quad cabs. I have rented one for the week, and love it. I just thought I would pass this information along so if you are traveling and would like to get a better feel for the truck, this is the way to go.
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    I ordered my quad on 10/25/99 Dealer told me today that dodge has not assigned a vin no. yet. Can anyone give me some idea of a production or delivery date after the is assigned thanks john w.
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