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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    ????? Living in Buffalo, NY with over 90 inches of snow every winter I've never even heard of any problems with this. I have to say that's a new one to me...

  • reba05reba05 Posts: 36
    I currently have an ECHO which I really do like, mainly because of the great gas mileage, however, my annoyance is with cross winds on the open road. My first inclination was to upgrade to a Corolla because it is about 500 lbs. heavier yet still a small car. I have read some reviews with complaints on the cross winds on this vehicle as well and wonder if its even worth it.
    Advice is much appreciated!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Lots of the same complaints with the new Honda Ody and Accord - rocks taking out the compressor. Many of the Honda owners are putting in there own screens to keep the rocks from damaging the compressor.
  • scvragescvrage Posts: 1
    A friend of mine has a slow leak of dirt brown coolant. It happened over night and seems like it is coming from the center of a belt pulley. If anyone has a suggestion on what the source of the problem is or how I can fix it please let me know.
  • kalm2kalm2 Posts: 3
    im new at this so be patience with me. anyways i just got a new toyota corrola 2005 and my odometer went. i was wondering what fuse do you replace?image
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Take to dealer - under warranty.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    And don't let them tell you "that's normal".
  • kalm2kalm2 Posts: 3
    ok but cant i do this myself? how hard could it be to change a fuse. so if i dont want to go to a dealer but spend money on the thing what fuse would i take out?
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    You can do anything you want, but take mcdawgg's good advice.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    It's a good idea to have the dealer do this to get the problem documented in case something else is wrong. My question is what is causing the fuse to burn out, if that is the problem. That's why I think you need to go to the dealer. Besides, I have never heard of anyone having a problem like this.
  • kanukanu Posts: 19
    I drive 97 collora CE (3 trans auto) 101K. I notice that the car consume higher gas in last couple months, even after the engine oil changed. I drive the same route (50/50 highway/local), and use the same gas (Shell 87 Octane), same tire presure. I ususally got about 31mile/gal for couple years but now it is 27/gal. Do you know what cause that?

    For more info. I have not bring my car to dealer for services since I bought in 2001. Just have the regular oil change every 3000 mile at Walmart, and always check all liquids.

    Thank you,
  • 2kayak2kayak Posts: 1

    I have a 98 corolla 5 speed with 185 000 km. Went in for oil change (at 6k interval), dealer said there wasn't much oil left (~1 litre) They don't know where the oil went (no leaks, no signs of burning oil), and there were no warning lights on. Now the timing chain makes a rattle. Toyota said the engine was likely "oil starved" and the chain was subsequently damaged.

    Does this make sense? Has anybody had a similar experience.

    To prevent further damage I know I need to replace the chain. If the engine was low on oil, but no warning lights on, engine temp was fine, bit of a rough idle . . . is there likely to be other damage, i.e., valve or piston?

    I'm tempted to have the timing chain replaced and then post a for sale sign.
  • I have Integrity tires on my 2003 manual shift Corrola. I have 45,000 miles on them with only about 20% life left. I found they are OK in snow and rain not great. It's my intention to replace them before the snow flies around here in December as given their wear, I'd suspect I'd be looking for trouble trying to get another winter out of them.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 6.

    Regards and safe driving,

  • I replaced a 1994 Cavalier with a 2003 Corrola and immediately noticed the cross wind issue (if you can call it that) especially if you are following a trailer truck doing 65 down the highway. It's never been more than a minor thing to me so I wouldn't let that stand in my way of getting one. I'm not sure 500 lbs. is much of a difference.

  • kalm2kalm2 Posts: 3
    yeah i guess. thanks for the help guys:)
  • My toyota only has 4K miles on it and doesn't start on the first try sometimes. I've taken it back to the dealer this will be my third time last time they kept it for 2 weeks and claimed to have fixed the problem but the next day it happened again. They replaced some fuel thing and tried the other key. Has anyone else experienced their new corolla not starting on the first try?
  • I bought an '05 Corolla last week and since then, the check engine light has been on. I did the obvious and tightened the gas cap, but the light is still on. There was one 10 mile stretch where the light went out but when I restarted the car, there it was again. Any ideas on what else may be causing this problem?
  • I am looking to buy a used Corolla and tried out a '94 with about 148k miles on it today. It has automatic transmission. It was in generally good condition, with one odd thing: right after starting the car, I shifted from park to drive and found that it took close to a full second for the transmission to kick in, and when it did it the car shuddered. No noise, but definite movement in the car. The same thing happened shifting from drive to reverse. No such problem when it shifts on the open road, at least nothing noticeable. Took the car to a mechanic and he seemed thoroughly unconcerned by it -- said that these cars often have a delay / slightly harsh shifting mechanism. Is that true? I didn't know this particular mechanic, so I wanted a second opinion before deciding whether to buy.
  • sdesde Posts: 42

    The driver's side power windows on our two '05 Toyotas work differently. On our '05 Highlander Limited, the "auto" function works both ways: down and up. On our '05 Corolla LE, it's only auto-down, not auto-up.

    Does anyone know if there's a way I can make the Corolla also have "auto-up" on the driver's-side window?

    Thanks so much!

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I don't think the Corolla has this feature, just the auto down. It's the same on my '03 Sentra and the wife's '05 Mazda 3.
    Check with the dealership, but I think it's working just the way it was intended. Your Highlander is a more upscale car and it makes sense it works both ways!

    The Sandman :)



  • I haven't with my Corrola but a friend with a new Matrix has that problem and has a complaint filed with Toyota. Same exact scenario, they keep it for two weeks then give it back to him. He said there are three known causes, two of which Toyata has fixes for.

    There is another board, I'm not sure of the name, that has loads of such complaints on it.

    Good luck with yours. If I hear a solution, I'll post it.

  • Hello, I got a 1989 Corolla with the 1.6l 2bl. I race it up at the local speedway, and its been giving me a couple head aches. The track has steep banked corners, and as soon as I enter the corner the car flat out dies on me till i get it back on the straight, once i do it goes like a bat out of hell until i reach the next corner. It has seen some "wear and tear" to say the least, so there is a possibility of something being knocked loose.

    There is also some hesitation when you get back on the gas, roughly 1 to 2 seconds, the timing may be out a tad but I have had no luck finding a timing procedure for this car.

    Other then those two problems I am set. But if anyone knows which vacume lines can be plugged and what not, or any other little tips, tricks, and tweaks I would be glad to hear them, and remember it doesnt go on the street so anything goes.
    thanks in advance
  • alexp3alexp3 Posts: 1
    Just got my 2004 corolla with auto and noticed something this morning, when it idling the revs are uneven goes from 1000 to around 850 or so . Had 96 corolla and never experienced anything like that. The car only have 8K. Anybody have any idea to what causes it or it is ok?
  • reba05reba05 Posts: 36
    Thanks for the response! And yes I know about the issue with following the trailer-truck - my car bounces around terribly!
  • toguytoguy Posts: 20
    We have both the 2002 and 2003 corollas in our family; I drive the 2002 and my wife, the 2003. When, for whatever reason, I have to drive hers or she mine, the thing we notice the most is how much more composed the 2002 corolla is on the highway compared to the 2003, especially in windy conditions. With the 2003, 120 km/h (75 mph) seems to be the threshold to drive the 2003 safely on moderately windy days (slower in stronger wind), while I easily do 140 km/h (88 mph) in my 2002 in the same conditions without thinking twice about it.

    The tall narrow body of the 2003 (and later) corolla does make the car particularly susceptible to cross winds, but that's the price to be paid for increased interior space.
  • sdesde Posts: 42
    Thanks, Sandman.

    Here's a dumb question: is auto-up something that could be added to the driver's window somehow? It is a power window, after all... might the switch be rigged to add that functionality? If so, what sort of place might do that?


  • well heres what i did once, i rolled the window down, then i counted how long it took for window to roll up, then i went to an auto parts store and got a relay that opened for the same amount of time, or as close as possible. it worked perfectly for the time i had the car.
    hope that helps
  • I can only provide sympathy. My 2003 Corolla, just out of warranty, has a failed rear door lock actuator, about $400. I bought this car new and it only has 33,000 miles. I am unimpressed with Corolla's famed reliability.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Any piece of machinery built by humans (all) have the chance that it will break, and with certainty will wear out with use eventually. Toyota's will have a MUCH lower probability of that occuring, but it can and will eventually happen. Just a question of when. Over 12years of driving Toyota's and I still purchase extended service programs for my Toyota's for exactly the circumstances that you're describing. For the small cost of the protection, it eliminates most of the headaches for unexpected failures.

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