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  • 4primadonna4primadonna Member Posts: 15
    Just replaced new radiator/thermostat due to overheat once.Had it flushed (ran through machine) to clean the system.
    However, everytime we drive it, gage moving up above normal and don't understand why it's doing it. Will someone out there understand the problem, pls. we could use your advise/input. Do appreciate whatever suggestions you can give us. Thank you.
  • whilstwhilst Member Posts: 19
    Has the fuel filter ever been replaced?
    Replace ALL vacuum lines-cheap!
    Check your catalytic converter- maybe broken/clogged.
    Have you replaced OX2 sensor/
  • whilstwhilst Member Posts: 19
    Have you checked to see if engine fan comes on at temp?
    Let it sit and idle or check after runnig and let sit,watch and see if fan cycles on/off.
    If it does, radiator may be clogged,or waterpump may be worn out.
    Last would be a possible headgasket failure.
    Oil in coolant/or water in oil, bubbles in coolant reservoir are tipoffs.
  • 4primadonna4primadonna Member Posts: 15
    Answer to all your questions above are "yes" and hubby always keep the engine [non-permissible content removed] N span. Water pump just replaced last month. Mechanic checked truck and everything is ok except when driving it, gage goes up above normal which we couldn't understand what's happening or what's causing it to go high like that?
    Well, thanks for the comments/advise.
  • 4primadonna4primadonna Member Posts: 15
    Yes. Mechanic already checked everything and most of parts are new/been replaced except for distributor. He thinks the distributor is the cause of the stalling.
    Get this tho'- how come no distributor works in my car but the ORIGINAL? He tried to replace it with a rebuilt or a new one (different brand) and my car rejecting it(is that possible?) ...he claimed it got worst than before so he put back the original one (that i had) and it worked. However, it's still "jerking" and engine light stays on but only this time, it's not stopping nor stalling and i can feel the light jolt every now and then. What do you think? Thanks for your input.
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    My 1990 Toyota corolla also won't start. I have tried the repairs you mention also with no luck. I am about to try a new starter, but mechanics will not say with any certainty if this will work. How did you solve your problem?

    It takes 20 - 50 tries for the car to turn over. When you turn the key, it clicks, as if the battery is dead, but does not turn over. When it finally turns over it catches with on try. Under the hood, you can hear a hissing noise, like air escaping, while trying to start the car. The engine cooling fan does not operate after the car is turned off, but it comes on while turning the key to try to start the car. Could this be related to the starting problem?
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    I'm sure most of you veterans and pros are sick of seeing these types of discussions, but I do need some advice. I couldn't really find a specific answer to an 05 (9th gen Corolla) using search.. so here it goes.

    P.S - Thanks so much for even looking :D
    I'm pretty smart, and know my way around computers but I don't know much about cars. :D


    My car has exactly 38,000 miles on it. It is an 05 Corolla S (which I love dearly).

    I have my oil changed every 5,000 miles, and I replace the engine and air cabin filters regularly. So far I have no mechanical issues with my car.

    I took my car to a dealership to have the molding on my driver side window fixed - and the service writer told me that I need to have my transmission fluid changed and that I need a new timing belt! I said.. wtf?

    I thought that the transmission fluid in these cars didn't even have to be looked at until 60k miles or so, am I wrong on this one?
    But a timing belt? Aren't these good for up to 80k miles? Or am I a complete idiot!? lol.
    I am a bit of an aggressive driver..

    My last question I promise, I looked over the maintence guide and couldn't find this one - but what is the reccommendation for changing the spark plug? It's good to change the air filter every 15k miles at least too, right?

    Thanks for looking, and for your help. Honestly.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,709
    This post will be moved, but I will answer here anyway.

    Corollas do not have timing belts, they have timing chains, so no maintenance is required. They might have meant serpentine belt, which drives the alternator, AC, and PS pump, etc. I doubt the serpentine belt needs replaced yet, just take a look for cracks, etc.

    Automatic tranny fluid - some say drain and fill every 30k, others say follow the Toyota's maintenance schedule, which is a lot longer. Bottom line - check your maintenance guide, I guarantee that it does not say do anything to the tranny fluid at this point.

    The maintenance guide will tell you about the plugs, I think it is 100k miles or so, and the air filter should be inspected (takes 5 minutes to inspect or change), but I would change it no later than 30k or sooner, depending on your driving environment.
  • jcagatayjcagatay Member Posts: 2
    mcdawgg - thanks so much for taking the time to reply.
    Means a lot to me :D

    The maintenence schedule is unfortunately not very clear - it doesn't give a specific time as to when to change it - but has a checklist where it states "Inspect so-and-so"
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,709
    No problem. The Toyota maintenance schedule book does tell you when to change things, in months and miles - just look far enough ahead. At least it does with my '99 Corolla and '07 Camry. With low miles, it only has change oil and then inspect this and that,and rotate tires because that's all that needs to be done.
  • ocfj40ocfj40 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS Twin Cam. I need to do a valve adjustment on it as it makes some noise @ about 3000 RPM. Does anyone know what the valves are to be adjusted at?
  • btsridharbtsridhar Member Posts: 1
    Hello friends,
    I have a problem with my toyota carolla. 4 months back i got a over heating problem so i went to mechanic and he told me to change the thermostat and water pump.. i changed them but it didnt work.. so he told me that may be due to malfunctioning of sensor. i have neglected in changing the sensor. i usually drive 60-80 miles daily.. (30-40 at a stretch)..4-5 days i didnt get any problem on 5th day i have listened a vibrating sound as i am increasing the accelaration, after some time it stopped. this time also the arrow is showing over heat.. and this happened twice(stopping).. after that i went to the same mechanic and explained my problem he told me to replace the radiator.. i have replaced the radiator. after that over heating problem is solved... but after this my car is began to jerk ( one of my fren told me that it is because of new belt that is used when u replace the water pump) when i am stopping at the signals.. and i can also hear the the same vibrating sound as i heared before but this time car is not stopping.. what i observed is car accelaration fall down.. when i want to increase the accelaration the sound is becoming lowder.. so i am just utilizing the downs on roads to accelarate my vehicle... these days my car is taking much time to start, i have to accelarate to start the car.. and it cant able to run 50 miles at a stretch.. (sound is increasing after that) this sound is coming only after the heat point comes to the middle.. this is my problem..

    can you please suggest an idea, i am a student and i cant afford much on it.. like taking it to dealers..
  • dave594dave594 Member Posts: 218
    I have a 2002 Corolla S with the manual transmission. The car has 80k miles. Lately I feel that the clutch is engaging closer to the top of the release. Is this a sign of clutch wear or is there an adjustment? I went to a mechanic and he says that model year has the hydraulic clutch so there's no adjustment needed. Is that correct?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,709
    Corollas have had hydraulic clutches since at least 1984 - no adjustments. As long as the clutch is not slipping (one test is trying to accelerate in 5th gear up hill at a low speed, like 25 mph), you are fine.
  • hansey420hansey420 Member Posts: 1
    Did you figure out this problem? I have the same problem.
  • psciortinopsciortino Member Posts: 22
    I have two oil change questions.

    We have a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE which is 4 weeks old.

    Question 1: Should the oil be chnaged at 1000 miles to clean out metal debris?

    Question 2: Should synthetic oil be used thereafter?

    Thanks. Phil
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaMember Posts: 405
    No I would do a first oil change at the recommended time and then switch to synthetic oil. This will give the seals time to get good and set.

  • princesshopeprincesshope Member Posts: 1
    My car won't doesn't do anything but the radio works so I know it's not the battery and I guess not the alternator. The day before it clicked and hesitated before starting. Does anyone think I need another starter and is that under maintenance? Would a new starter be covered under my warranty. I have 38000 miles on my car. I only go to work and come home which is why I'm surprised that my car won't start. And if it's not covered under warranty how much does a starter and labor costs. I really don't have any idea. My grandpa died last year and he helped me with my other cars that needed service. This is my first new car so I haven't had any problems until now. Help my funds are low and my kids start school Thursday, gotta get this fixed fast and cheap.
    :cry: :confuse: :sick:
  • busirisbusiris Member Posts: 3,490
    More than likely, it IS your battery...probably a dead/shorted cell, which will not function under a heavy load, such as starting....but, will have enought power to run accessories.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSMember Posts: 1,024
    I would have to agree with Bursiris that it's your battery. My 2001 Corolla original battery just had to be replaced last week with the same symptoms your speaking of.
  • hoopitup2000hoopitup2000 Member Posts: 46
    I wouldn't worry too much about the clutch unless it slips. With proper care, the clutch will last for many more miles (My Aunt has well over 200M miles on the original clutch....WOW!!!) She has had no major problems to speak of whatsoever!!

    I do have 2 questions;

    1. How often should the transmission fluid be changed with the manual?

    2. How often should the antifreeze be flushed/changed?

    ****I have a 2005 Corolla S.

  • alex24alex24 Member Posts: 54
    Hello to all, with the corolla vibrates problem, as you may remember I had that problem with my 98 corolla, I tryed every thing to solve it but change the tires because they were good, well now the tires wore down and needed changed, So as I put 2 new tires on the front of my corolla, now there is no more vibrating problem, Solved and wanted to let all know it does not matter how good your tires look, they can still cause vibration.
  • sunilbsunilb Member Posts: 407
    kind of urgent, and I've been looking in the engine bay and searching online to no avail....

    Does anyone know where I can find a raised VIN in a 1994 Corolla??

    Please let me know.

  • newdriver1newdriver1 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 corolla, less than 2 years old. I was waiting at a signal, and once green i gave it some gas - IT LUNGED FORWARD , just JUMPED. Immediately the service ENGINE light came on.

    I drove slowly after that, but everytime I had to accelerate, it would lunge forward.

    Never had any issues with it before this :( Called the dealer, they said it could be something wrong with the COMPUTER

    Any suggestions ??
  • krilysakrilysa Member Posts: 1
    For the past few days, my A/C has been making a "ticking" noise whenever it is turned on. At first, I thought it was something in my glove compartment, because the noise seems to be coming from my dashboard. It only makes this noise whenever the A/C is turned on. Does my air conditioning filter need to be replaced? I think the fans might be clogged with dirt or something. It almost sounds like something is caught in there. I only have 22,000 miles on my car so I really hope nothing is broken. Thanks.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Member Posts: 1,207
    Any suggestions ??

    Take it to the dealer and let them diagnose and fix the problem. If it's under 36,000 miles the repair should be under warranty.
  • newdriver1newdriver1 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks all for the updates. I did take it to the dealer - they said it was a known problem with the Corolla - the ECU Computer was faulty :mad: .
    They replaced the same with a new one, since it was under warranty free of cost :).

    The dealer mentioned she received 3 Corolla's yesterday with the same problem :surprise: .
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Hmmm... seems like a recall might be in order.
  • fotomobfotomob Member Posts: 1
    First off, how many total miles are on your car? If you are over 100K, to solve the acceleration problem you probably need...
    A) Timing Belt replacement - VERY important, a little expensive but usually needed every 90K-100K miles.
    B) Front Axle replacement- it could be popping in and out of your transmission causing the noise and slipping.
    C) New Transmission -** Get more than 2 opinons before you replace your transmission - most transmission mechanics are LIARS.
    Good Luck!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,709
    1998 and newer Corollas do not have timing belts - they have chains, no maintenance required.
  • c2cpc2cp Member Posts: 11
    I have a 02 corolla ce and I noticed that the daytime running lights will not come on.
    My headlights work just fine including parks and they still come on by themselves.
    I checked the fuse and relay under the hood and they are fine. What else could I check that could be causing the problem?
  • hoopitup2000hoopitup2000 Member Posts: 46

    Thats one of the greatest advancements on the Corolla. Does Toyota still use timing belts on any of it's products?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,709
    Few, if any, and if they still do, they won't soon, because all of their new engines use chains.
  • nokeefe60nokeefe60 Member Posts: 3
    My 2006 Corolla with 52,000 has a computer glitch. A part in the computer will not read the chip in the key all of a sudden-they are not comaptible now. The car starts then dies within 5 seconds. The dealer has to order a part today and install it tomorrow or Wednesday. Is this covered by the Drivetrain warranty-5 years or 60,000 miles or where do these computer issues fall under? Is this a common issue, should there be a recall?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    No I don't think it's a drivetrain warranty issue, but that's just my two cents. Toyota has the final say.

    There won't be a recall because it's not a safety related issue. There isn't even a Technical Service Bulletin on it, so this is apparently not a common thing with Corollas of that year.

    Cars that fail to read the key chip are legion, if you read the complaints all over Edmunds, for various makes and models. I think what happens is that somehow, through corrosion or whatever, the computer no longer reads the proper resistance in the chip.

    Have you tried cleaning up the key at all?

    I've heard of a trick on GM cars where people install a resistor equal to the key's resistance value, right into the ignition circuit as it exits the steering post, and this essentially by-passes the whole silly thing.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSMember Posts: 1,024
    Recall???? This is the very first time I have even heard of this problem on this Toyota forum, aren't recalls and service bulletins reserved just for common problems that a number of owners are having with the same issue? Recalls are not issued for such isolated problems.
  • nokeefe60nokeefe60 Member Posts: 3
    Is this what is called a ECU-when the computer does not read chip in key? I am very unknowledgeable regarding cars, is this called a Electronic Computer Unit in the vehicle? If it is, there is a post in Maintenance, Recalls and TSB on Edmunds regarding the issue I am experiencing with my 2006 Corolla. It states that there was a ECU Flash Reprogramming procedure. I do not mean to be ignorant, I am just trying to understand.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    I think that relates to a driveability issue. The ECU could conceivably not be reading your key correctly but more likely the key device is defective. One always goes to the simplest explanation first is what I mean, in any good diagnosis. The chip in a sense gives the ECU a signal. No signal, wrong signal, no GO!
  • mago1mago1 Member Posts: 1
    I bought a used 2000 Corolla about 6 weeks ago from an individual. Since then I've had a new alternator and a new battery. Then my oil light came on and I had to get towed. They found a lot of sludge on the oil screen which they cleaned off and then told me to get the oil changed more often for a while to clean it up more. Now, a friend's trusted mechanic tells me the sludge is still a big problem and there has been damage to the engine. My plan was to drive to the heart of Mexico where I live much of the year. Now I feel nervous about making the trip. The mechanic says the engine could go at any time. He doesn't seem to be trying to sell me anything and doesn't recomment any repairs.

    I am wondering if there is anything I can do to make the car safer? He says the damage is already done. Or, do I just have to call the car a lost cause and sell it to someone who isn't planning such a long trip? Or, do I drive to Mexio hoping for the best?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  • nokeefe60nokeefe60 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for your advice and brainstorming on my issue. The dealer said that the immobilizer had to be replaced and thank goodness it is under lucky am I? What do you know about an immobilizer? Thanks!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    You mean he had the oil pan off? Unless he's been inside the engine (oil pan off or valve covers off) then he doesn't have a clue. If he saw lots of thick greasy sludge (like a solid gooey mass you have to scrape off) then that is pretty bad news, yes. But if he just looked at the oil cap in the valve cover that doesn't tell you anything.

    You might, if there really is sludge INSIDE the engine, to do an oil flush by machine, then put in cheap oil and idle for 1/2 hour, dump that, then put in synthetic and run the car hard for 1,000 miles before you take off. No more oil light? Then you might be okay.

    If the oil light comes back on, the low pressure should be verified with an oil pressure gauge. The light could be a defective sensor and give a false reading.

    So tell us what your mechanic took apart and what he saw.
  • uktaruktar Member Posts: 1
    Stupid vehicle... I have a 2007 toyota corolla, i drove it fine this morning for 25 miles, stoped at the gas station for coffee and a breakfast sandwhich. went to turn the car on and it started. I thought anyways... it died in the 5 seconds of changing from park to drive.,.... it keeps starting but imediatly dies if i dont hold the gas down.... anyone know whats wrong with it? About three weeks ago it was running really high in RPMs.... i cleaned the air filter and it ran fine after that.... now this...

    I bought this car brand new with 21 miles on it. It now has 30343 miles... i use this car to get from home to school everyday and i am really stressed with this vehicle doing [non-permissible content removed] like this to me....First day i got it, there was a clicking noise coming from under the hood. Took it back and they couldnt find it, but it had stopped. Is this vehicle a Lemon or am i just abusive on it and dont know better?????? Oil always changed every 5k miles. fluids refilled/checked at every oil change....
  • kenymkenym Member Posts: 405
    After you put on 30,321 miles with only a couple of glitches. You want to know if this vehicle is a lemon. :confuse:

    You got to be kidding. However if your not kidding than I agree with you. You are ABUSIVE and DON'T KNOW BETTER :shades:
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,730
    >It now has 30343 miles...

    Isn't it under warranty? Go back to a dealer. More than one if they don't know what to do.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSMember Posts: 1,024
    "Cleaned the air filter" interesting!
    Need a couple bucks to buy a new one? Seriously though, most people do change the air filter, versus cleaning them. You know, throw them away and replace them?????
  • classicbob1classicbob1 Member Posts: 1
    (My Granddaughter) Has a 2006 carola, 47,000 miles. Get in one day and engine light is on. Start up, car jumps upon acceleration. Took to Pep boys, close to work. They diagnosis ignition coil on 3rd cylinder. ($100 to do this) Replaced ignition coil. Sill jumping. They say it might be computer problem? If they put on diagnositic computer and it tells them engine coil why would they say computer problem? Appreciate any help. I am going to pick up car now and take to dealer
  • hoopitup2000hoopitup2000 Member Posts: 46
    I think I know the answer to this question; but is the belt tensioner covered under the powertrain warranty? (I doubt it) How long can the belt tensioner chirp before worrying about it. (Should I get it fixed right away?) The chirping goes away after warming up.

  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSMember Posts: 1,024
    Because Manny and Moe don't know Jack!
  • jlossjloss Member Posts: 1

    We have a 2009 Corolla that we really like except for the horn. You can't hear it in traffic, which is a dangerous situation. I want to replace the horn but have a question about the horn's wiring. When I examined it I found one black wire connected to the horn itself and a green wire and white wire from the same wiring bundle as the black wire connected together and attached to a bracket at the bottom of the radiator. My question is: is the black wire coming from the battery, the white wire from the horn and the green is a ground wire?

    Thanks for your help.

  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSMember Posts: 1,024
    Is it possible that your horn is just not working correctly? The horn in my "09" Corolla is plenty loud. Altering the horn with an after market part yourself is sure to void your warranty in some fashion if you should ever have a wiring/electrical problem in this area in the next 36 months or 36,000 miles.
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