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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • poliva2poliva2 Posts: 25
    Asside from my wheel alignment, I must say that the Toyota Corolla is the finest piece of machinery on four wheels. I havent had one problem with my 99 Corolla. Its quiet, fast ( In overdrive) and reliable. Whats the secret?? Change the oil and all fluids. Take care of your Corolla and it will take care of you!!
  • Hello

    I am glad you have no troubles with your corrolla. I have a "98" and have had its engine replaced. After it was eating alot of oil, they said the rings and seals had to be replaced. Much before all this it overheats and still does, replaced with 3 thermostats.The car is at 61,000 miles. I have always taken care of my car.
  • larrkelarrke Posts: 1
    Hello- My problem with my '94 Corolla Sedan is that somehow someone either forgot to put my windshield fluid resorvoir back or took it out on purpose. I've purchased a replacement container and cap, however when I hook it back up the system is not working. A hose was left there which I inserted into the replacement container. If this was a prank or malicious act, could this person have done some further damage to the hose system, or if a mechanic accidentally forgot to replace the container, is there anything I can do to ensure I'm properly hooked up to the system?

    Does anyone have any advice on how to trouble shoot this, or a link to an online repair manual that addresses the windshield fluid distribution system and how to fix/replace it. Thanks so much. Also when I purchased my replacement part (from a Toyota parts dealer) the cap they sold me doesn't seem to fit - is this a common problem. Did they sell me the wrong part, or is it typical to have a problem with the cap. Should I just go to a chain store and get a universal cap, if there is such a thing? Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.
  • kat12kat12 Posts: 1
    I am new to this site and find it quite informative. I bought this car 2 months ago and expected a little bit better gas mileage...more like 30 or so in the city. I do all of the things the experts say to improve jack rabbit starts, tire inflation etc...I am taking the car in tomorrow for 30,000 mile maintenance. Should I have them check something?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  • vjnvjn Posts: 1
    I have a 96 Toyota Corolla. Since last 10 days my car is giving start problem. When I try to start the car, it gives one click noise and it doesn't start.

    I have to do this 5 to 6 times and finally it starts. I would like to know if anyone saw this problem with their corolla. What is the root cause for this? How can I diagnose the problem.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    Sounds like the starter solenoid to me. You can have just this replaced, it's cheaper than a complete starter motor. Any Toyota mechanic will be able to diagnose this quickly.
  • My 99 corolla's power windows intermittently stop working for a couple a minutes and then work. The problem happens sporadically (once every three weeks) Same thing has started happening with starting the car. I turn the key and the warning lights come on the radio works but the car won't turn over and start. A couple of minutes later I turn the key and the car starts. I'm wondering if this is a short in the system (perhaps related to an installed alarm) , problem with the car computer or a mechanical problem with the starter. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Otherwise the car runs like a charm.

    I appreciate any feedback. :confuse:
  • Hello

    I have a 98 Toyota Corolla, I had gone threw the same thing, I had to get a starter at 37,000 miles. Thank goodness for Toyota Extra Care, that covered a big part of the cost.
  • sppankisppanki Posts: 2
    1995 corolla 1.8 engine. Dies when you come to a stop. Will start with no problem, but idles very roughly when dropped into drive and will sometimes die. Will "flutter" while accelerating. Plugs, wires, and coil all replaced already. Fuel filter, pcv valve, and egr valve all checked or replace. No check engine lights and no codes. Pretty much at a loss now. Maybe a vacuum leak? Anyone have any ideas?
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    It depends on the click noise. If its a "paper thin" clicking, it could be a relay or the solenoid. A heavier clicking might indicate the solenoid is trying to fire the starter but hasn't got the power (battery) or it is weak itself. If the "clicking" is firm and heavy the starter might be engaging but not turning due to low power (battery), a bad starter, or loose ground cable, etc. In other words, it could be many things.

    How old is the battery? Have it load tested first and see if the cheap solution is the one for you.
  • tomrtomr Posts: 20
    Is there anyone out there that can help me with a problem with my power rear door locks? The buttons pop up 3/4 but the doors won't open. I tried to have the doors open with a shimmy no luck. This car has been great 285000 miles 1 alternator 1 battery and 1 radiator. Still I complain about having to put my suit jacket thru the rear window and not being able to have anyone sit in the rear seats.
  • :mad: i have a corolla with 67 thousand mile it started burning oil on a trip lost in the move my slips for oil changes and i had no leak its a 2002 they say its all from us not changing the oil enough but i have had seven of these cars and got over 100 thousand plus no problem i had to replace the engine no one wanted to hear anything about it i just got bull from them where and how can i get them to pay for it they know the engine in these cars have a sludge build up problem but not as bad as other cars they make someone please help im at a dead end and this is not fair to us all that they can get away with doing nothing its been on going with this in the cars from 1995 i have looked in many places the problem is real for alot of people but they all do what i did let my money go back to the once again and im sick of getting the short end of the stick please help thanks :mad:
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Your post is really unreadable. Try using punctuation so we can understand it.
    Didn't we learn all this as a kid?

    The Sandman :)
  • scoti1scoti1 Posts: 676
    Wow! your post is a challenge to read with no punctuation and capitalization, but I gave it a shot.

    I think I was able to decipher that you do not have oil change receipts (slips) because they were lost in a move. It is important for you to be able to prove that you properly maintained your car if you expect any reimbursement from Toyota. Corollas are not covered for some reason under the sludge policy, so it is a long shot anyway. Most places these days have electronic files and could probably recover your receipts if you call or write. It if was another Toyota dealership, your local dealer may even be able to call them up on their computer.
  • Hello
    I know how you feel, I had to go through alot to try and tell Toyota that the cause of my car eating oil with no leaking had no said cause due to my lack of service on the car,I always had the car serviced on time for whatever was needed.To make a long story short, I had all my paperwork and they were given copies not the originals. Toyota paid for parts since the engine needed rings and seals replaced? But I had the bigger cost which was the labor. I still have problems with the car at times over heating,been back alot getting it serviced they still say nothing is wrong. I never was given my old parts back which I told them to do, how do I know the work was done. I wish you the best of luck !
  • murowamurowa Posts: 2
    I have 2005 Toyota Corolla LE
    When I start the car in the morning or after work I have problem with turn signal it happened six times, simply they do not work (no indication) for two three minutes then they come back and everything is OK. IT happened ones on the freeway for two minutes. Any advice.
  • tekkamtekkam Posts: 1
    Hi all, Im new to this forum, after extensive searching I came across this site. I am hoping someone can give me some valuable advice. I just recently bought a 1991 SR5, done about 103K miles, great condition. The pick up seems ok..its an automatic and I used to drive a Honda Prelude stick shift, and hence i assumed this is normal for a 4 cyl 1.6L engine automatic to have an ok pick up.

    However, when i drove on the highway, i realized that the car although would cruise easily at 80Kmiles on a straight stretch, LACKED accelerationwhen the pedal was floored, there was literally no response with the rpm, and only when i take the overdrive off, the rmp Revs higher.

    It seemed to be harder to overtake other vehicles as there was no acceleration, i.e. tyhe acceleration was very gradual. To be honest Im really upset at this time, wondering if I have been ripped off.

    Can someone please advice me as to what might be wrong. I guess if I have an idea about what might be wrong, would give me a basis to approach a delearship or a mechanic so that I dont get ripped off

    WOuld appreciate any comment. Thanks in advance


  • tomzpritomzpri Posts: 33
    is there anyway to turn off the passenger seat air bag alarm? you can't put anything on the seat without the annoying alarm going off.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    Buckle the seatbelt.
  • Hello all! I have a 1997 Corolla 1.8L (7AFE) that has approx. 130,000 miles with the original timing belt and water pump. This came to my attention a week ago, after the car was looked over at a repair shop as part of a oil change/15 point inspection. The original owners confirmed that they hadn’t replaced the belt or water pump for the 115,000 miles they owned it before selling it to me. I am mechanically inclined and am interested in performing the belt replacement myself. Does anyone have some pointers on this type of repair? I am currently ordering a timing belt component kit (belt, tensioner), water pump and crank/camshaft end seals. I have a wide assortment of hand tools at my disposal and a couple of floor jacks. The job seems fairly large and I am a little nervous to tear into my beloved car without any prior experience with this kind of job. If anyone can spare the time, a step by step would be really appreciated.
    For those who can help, I will be forever in your debt.
  • sme1972sme1972 Posts: 1
    I have a 92 corolla wagon.
    Recently a clicking noise has started when I turn corners in both directions. It only happens when I am accelerating around the corner in 1st gear (It doesn't happen if I am coasting around a corner or if I am accelerating faster in a higher gear than 1st). It also does it when in reverse and pushing the gas and turning the car.
    I notice it most when i am coming out of parking lots and driveways.

    What is this and how much does it usually cost to fix and how long can I continue to drive it the way it is.. I checked the power steering fluid level and it is fine.
  • Hi,
    I have an 85 Corolla with 240,000 miles. The engine was rebuilt 3 years ago, the distributor was replaced 2 years ago and the gas tank replaced 2 weeks ago.
    While driving on the highway last week it was running fine but then it jerked like it wasn't getting any gas. About 10 minutes later it spluttered and stalled. It would start after that but I would have to keep the gas floored for it to run.
    I had it towed to the nearest garage and the service guy said it was the distributor and replaced the cap. I don't think he's right and the car doesn't work any better with the new cap.
    I'm thinking the problem is a plugged fuel line, fuel pump, or something wrong with the carburator.
    Does anyone have any ideas about what it could be and what it might cost to repair?
    I'm in my last year of college and have to rely on "zippy" for nine more months. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Anyone think to change the fuel filter?
  • have a 96 Corolla I just reinstalled my speakers, and when i was finished i noticed my blinkers wouldnt work. Does anyone know what i could do?
  • jiismjiism Posts: 2
    Hi Vijay,

    I am not car expert, but know little about this problem. This may be caused by several reasons:

    + Car Starter is bad.
    + Car needs tune up - e.g. change spark plugs.
    + Battary may be near the end of life.

  • jiismjiism Posts: 2

    I would appreciate any help. I have '91 Corolla w/ about 147K miles on it. Recently, my car battery died. I replaced it w/ new one from Walmart. However, after installation, the sensor lights for battery and break started to remain on while driving. Exchanged another one from Walmart. Still the same problem. Both were compatible w/ '91 Corolla. Returned both.

    Later, I purchased it from Toyota dealer and installed it myself.
    Now, the sensor lights for battery and break stays on most of the time when I drive the car. Every once in a while during driving, the sesor lights go off (haven't found any patter yet on when), but most of the time they remain on while driving.

    What could be causing this problem? It seems like some electrical system problem in the car. But, I'd like to find from experts here what could be causing this and hoping to save some $$s on diagnostics cost.

    Thanks very much for help.

  • i had the same problem with my 05 corolla. an intermittant clicking noise coming from the
    brake pedal. the dealer told me it was coming from the brakes themselves because they were new and tight and it was completely normal. thinking this was b.s i crawled under the dash and lubricated the moving parts of the brake pedal assembly with a dab of white lithium grease and this took car of the problem. there was a some lubrication on the moving parts of the assembly from the factory but apparently not enough.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Same problem on my 05. After many "that's normal" discussions, they replaced the brake pedal yoke and push rod since both were "mis-shapened" from the factory. No problem since.

    Keep an eye on it, though. Grease may be a temporary fix and you'd hate to find that out at 36,001 miles.
  • thanx for the info
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