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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • aj2aj2 Posts: 12
    i have a 2005 and it had been doing the same thing since I purchased the car...i took it back twice, and it was something to do with a backing plate not fitting exactly right on the car. You may want to have them look at that on the car......apparently the dealership I took it to, also reported this problem...
  • 01loadedle01loadedle Posts: 23
    I agree the corollas are prone to this problem so it must be thru design. the problem is mold growing around the ac evaporator. its a dark moist place that apparently wasnt designed to air out properly which causes gives mold a great place to grow.

    Ive gone thru 2 cans of odor out bacteria killer that you spray in the ac vents to get rid of this smell. its only temporary because the smell came back both times so the only fix I know is to take it to the dealer and get them to clean it out themselves. I started smelling it when it was brand new so Ive had that problem with the corolla the whole time Ive owned it.
  • 01loadedle01loadedle Posts: 23
    someone told me it sounds like antifreeze came into the block thru the headgasket and all the pistons welded themselves to the walls, breaking the rods. he said I have never heard of four rods failing at once except through water coming in and causeing hydraulic lock.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Wow! Antifreeze (you mean "coolant") came in to the block (you probably mean "combustion chamber", its already in the block) and welded the pistons to the walls (impossible). Your mechanic said he's never heard of it EXCEPT... That means he HAS heard of it.

    Nothing is welding itself to anything during hydraulic lock.

    Find yourself a real mechanic - real fast.
  • My Corolla wagon has 170k miles. In Jan. the front left axel broke, yesterday the right front axel broke. The mechanics are even surprised. $1000 each for repair at Dealer. Both had warning signs of slipping and rattling sounds after accelerating, but has anyone had a similar experience?
  • 01loadedle01loadedle Posts: 23
    if toyota did any kind of engine work that couldve contributed to that happening then I'd get a lawyer.
  • tsilva25tsilva25 Posts: 2
    Hey all,

    I have a 2005 Corolla CE which I'm fairly happy with so far. No major problems, except for the last two weeks or so I have noticed a loud hissing sound coming from the engine compartment ONLY when I turn left and the a/c is on. Any advice?? Wouldn't this sort of thing be covered under warranty? The car is only six months old!
  • cwd2cwd2 Posts: 1
    Your original post leaves some gaps in the information. You stated "it made some noise and then "check light" cameup. I stopped and then tried to start, it would not start again." Did the engine quit after the engine light came on and you coasted to the side of the road or did you pull to the side of the road, turn the engine off and than later try to re-start it? When you tried to start it, did the engine turn over and just not start or did it not crank (turn over) at all when you tried to re-start it? You mention 60K maintenance a couple weeks ago, was the oil changed and are you sure the oil was refilled? Was the timing belt replaced? I believe this engine uses a timing belt. Piston rods don't usually break in normal engines and even if one broke, the engine would normally continue to run but would be beating itself up inside and not last long. Someone else responded to the comment on "hydraulic lock" and is correct, that would not "weld the pistons" to the cylinder walls. A leaking head gasket would allow compression leaks between cylinders or coolant/antifreeze to leak from a water jacket to a cylinder but it is highly unlikely that coolant would leak into all four cylinders at once. If the engine is running with a leaking head gasket, most of the water would be burned off as steam. If there was a massive leak, hydraulic lock occurs when the water fills the cylinder on the intake stroke and on the compression stroke the water cannot be compressed and stops the upward movement of piston. Since all four cylinders are not in the compression stroke at the same time it would be near impossible to break all the rods at the same time. Pulling the spark plugs would provide a quick check of whether there was water in any of the cylinders or not. A blown headgasket and water leak would normally be identified by by excessive steam/water from the exhaust with the engine running or by hard starting/hydraulic lock after the engine has been turned off for a while and water has had the time to seep into the cylinder and fill it up enough to cause the lock. If the "pistons are welded" that would only occur from severe overheating, as possible if the engine was run without oil.
    Another possibility is if the timing belt broke or came off, the engine would die almost immediately but not before the valve timing was thrown off and on some engines, that will result in a collision between the valves and pistons. I do not know if that is the case with the Corolla engine. However, the starter would still be able to turn the engine over but it would not start.
    None of the above solves your problem but it does give you some things to ask your mechanics about when you talk to them, if they haven't given you a clear understanding about what happened.
    Good luck,
  • poppop1poppop1 Posts: 2
    Since a well maintained Toyota engine should not fail at 62K miles, and following the "simple explanations first" principle - I suspect that whoever did the 60K mile service did or failed to do something. You have a case for the Car Talk guys on National Public Radio. Call them on 1-888-CAR TALK. It is s a car problem call in talk show and they do over the air diagnostics as well as giving tactical advice
  • mllockmllock Posts: 1
    I have a 03 corolla and I am so unhappy with the rattle on a bumpy road. Like you said, when riding on others car, even they are older, most of them doesn't feel as bad as my corolla. It just seem that the suspension is too hard and something in the car are not fit properly. I am going to the dealer.
  • dijaresdijares Posts: 2
    My son's car is the same is yours, but has only about 138k miles. It has recently started doing this very same thing. He'd be at school, come out, and it wouldn't start (turns over, but never goes past that point). Twice he has been driving, and it would just die on him for no reason. He puts it back into park and it starts right up. The first time it wouldn't start at school, I went there, called our mechanic (who's awesome!) and he said to try the battery, that maybe it wasn't getting enough juice. Tried that, and it started right up. But the second time, this didn't work. I even got a new batter, and it still didn't work. So, I had it towed to my mechanic, and he tinkers with it, and it starts right up. So, he has no idea what it is, but he does have a few theories (to not rip me off, he didn't do anything to it, until this happens again).

    His theories; as crazy as this sounds, he has seen a honda that did this same thing - but only if the car was parked in sun. In other words, when it was in the sun, the ignition would become hot and expand, and the conenctions weren't being made. In the shade it was fine. He said it could also be the distributor. He said it's one or the other. He showed my son how to make sure the wires on the distriubtor are not loose. It's quite baffling. :-O I'll keep checking back in the hopes that someone else figures it out. If I find out, I'll let you know.
  • tsilva25tsilva25 Posts: 2
    Well thanks for nothing, everyone.. no one replied to my question! hah

    Just in case anyone else has this same problem, the dealership told me this problem occurred (hissing when turning left + a/c on) because the drain hose was clogged. A quick remove/clean fixed it, no prob.
  • inaina Posts: 5
    I found where the heater resister is in the 1999 Toyota Corolla . You can pop out the Glove Box from inside and it's right there. The part is around $32.00. :)
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    I'm glad your problem was taken care of by the dealer. Considering your Corolla is only 6 months old, that was the best way to go.

    Please remember that these forums are not intended as a place for professional advice, but more for owners (and those seeking to buy) to share their experiences. It very well could be that no one whose Corolla has had this issue has visited this discussion since your initial post five days ago.

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  • You could get a therapist! But later take it back to the dealer.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    And if a good therapist is what you need, check the Mercedes board. Most of those people can recommend a good one.
  • nancyb1nancyb1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Corolla and when the car is sitting in the sun the warning break light comes on. Then after about 5 mins it goes off. I have taken it to the dealer and they have tried to fix the problem but so far everything they did didn't work. The funny thing about it coming on is only when it is sitting in the hot sun. Has this happened to any others?
  • kneehowmakneehowma Posts: 17
    Hi, I have a 2001 Prizm (Corolla's sister) with 67000 miles on it. I have changed engine oil regularly and air filter about every 10-20k. Drain and filled ATF at 60k miles and plan to drop the pan at 70k and switch to synthetic ATF. Lately the car is having start problem. When key is turned, it click once and no firing on the plugs (this is with A/C on), if I turn off the A/C and turn the key to off, wait for few seconds, it will start fine. I first figured this is a battery problem, since I still have the original ACDelco battery from day one, so I took it to Wal-Mart and got a new one. However, even with the new battery, this still happens. What should I do next? I don't have alarm or any security device installed.
  • Hi ina. I have a 95. Speed 2,3,4 work like 1. One shuts it off. I have the glove box out, etc. What exactly does this resistor look like? Thanks.
  • After reading through a few of the posts, I've found that I'm not alone in some of the quirks my car has. It was comforting to know that other people have smelled that "sweaty foot" smell from the AC system, as well as the "rotten egg" odor emitting from the exhaust pipe. It's weird when you park at Wal-Mart and hope no one around you smells your exhaust. But this is something I can relatively deal with. What really annoys me is driving down the road and in the event I'm not listening to music, I hear rattles. Lots of rattles. After about 10 minutes of moving around suspects - CDs in the door pocket, a cup in the cupholder, etc. - and still coming up with the noise, I give up, and come to the conclusion that it's something I'll never be able to get rid of. :(
    The most recent problem I've had is with my windows, where the most rattling comes from. I have manual windows. Nope, no power locks or windows for this chick - it's all done by hand. Great. But anyways, it sounds as though my driver's and front passenger's doors' windows are loose. Sometimes, I can roll them down partially then roll them back up and the sound will go away for a while. But it will always start back up again. I can't stand it!! If anyone has advice, I'd love your 2 cents on this one!!
    And the last problem I have is something that has just come up in the past week or so. It is very hot and humid where I live, but I still don't think that's reason for this - the "leather" interior door covering on the top of the driver's side where it meets at the window is coming loose! If I roll the window up, a little flap of it slides up as well. I try to tuck it back down, but it doesn't really stay. It doesn't even appear as though the fabric is even long enough to completely cover the door like it's supposed to. It's all bunched up in the corner. I guess I'd never noticed it before because the side rearview mirror obstructs direct view of it from the outside of the car.
    Well, that's all the complaining I have to do for now. I know I was rather lengthy, but maybe someone will read it anyways!

  • Found it. Replaced it. Still no go. :cry:
  • jaydavisjaydavis Posts: 2
    I am having a Similar problem. I have a 2002 automatic toyota corolla which makes a sqeaky sputter when it rains or when it is very humid. Has anybody experienced a similar problem?..The noise seems to increase when I accelerate. During winter I dont experience this sound, but when it rains or when its very hot and humid the rattling starts again.
  • jaydavisjaydavis Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 automatic toyota corolla which makes a sqeaky sputter when it rains or when it is very humid. Has anybody experienced a similar problem?..The noise seems to increase when I accelerate. During winter I dont experience this sound, but when it rains or when its very hot and humid the rattling starts again.
  • inaina Posts: 5
    It has a rectangular shape with a wire and plug going into it, with 2 screws. Hope this helps.
  • inaina Posts: 5
    Chimochimo, If it's not the resister, did you check all the fuses. There are 3 fuse boxes under the hood, and 1 inside, on the left side of the steering wheel. They should be marked, if not look in your owner's manual.
  • trip8959trip8959 Posts: 1
    I have a 92 corolla, should be the same engine as a '91. I'm am having the same problem....bought the car used and drove it for a week. Then it died with an 1/8 of a tank. Thought id run out of gas. It would turn over but not start. Put gas in it and it started up. Next morning I tried to pull it out of the garage and it wouldnt start.
    5 minutes later started right up. Drove it for 3 weeks no problem, jumped on the highway and it died. Wouldnt start...called tow truck, before they left I got it to start again. Drove it to a mechanic and they had it for 4 days....couldnt get it to do it. Took it home and drove it for a few days died again. Took it to another mechanic and they had it for 2 weeks. Couldnt get it to do it!!!!! Picked it up and on the way home it died....HMmmm.... then drove it to get something to eat and it wouldnt start....then it started and drove it half way home and it died . So i pulled spark plug wire and grounded it to block......NO fire...coil checked out fine now another mechanic has had it for 1 week and cant get it to act up long enough to figured it out. Thinks it might be an ignition module......HELP!!!!!!!!! I want my car back.............
  • wcardwellwcardwell Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Toyota Corolla with 85K ,I have to put in 2 qt of oil every week. It doesn't have any signs of leaking so I'm assuming that it is burning the oil. Is this common and is this a serious problem? I have changed the oil every 3,000 miles since I have owned the vehicle
  • 1999 Corolla 96k miles. Yesterday after starting (engine started running) the car I heard an unusual sound and turned the ignition off. the starter kept cranking. the only way I could stop it was to disconnect one of the battery cables. (took about 5 minutes to find tools). what could be the most likely problem? what would be the best way to trouble shoot. (the starter seems difficult to get at)
  • 1999 Corolla CE ~75k. I've been hearing a sound somewhere between a click and a knock when turning corners lately. Not to channel Fozzy the Bear, but it's kind of a 'wokka wokka' sound. At first I thought I just had a golf ball or something rattling around in the trunk but I still hear the sound after cleaning it out and it seems to be getting worse.

    I'm going to take it to get looked at but am wondering if anyone has any theories?
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    What kind of golf balls do you normally play?
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