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Dodge Ram Prices Paid and Buying Experience

satyr66satyr66 Posts: 11
SLT, 4.7, auto, 4x4 quad cab.



Was an employee purchase

What an awesome Truck

Not one problem since I've taken delivery


  • Truck looks good with 20" wheels & tires. Picked it up Friday night put 200 miles on it so far looks like avg fuel is 16 mpg so far. Hope it will get up to around 18 or so after break in not to bad for 5,000 pounds of sheet metal considering my Hyundai Sonata ONLY got 25 mpg.

    MSRP $26,720

    Discount $4141
    Rebate $1500

    Paid $21,079 + TTL only $2k more than the Dakota I was looking at. Alas the Dakota had the Infinity speakers and keyless that this one didn't, BUT this one has the room & speakers & keyless can be rectified when the Lo Jack goes in.

    Ram Quad SLT w/ Lonestar Package, 4.7, auto
  • newramfannewramfan Posts: 22
    What is that? I've never heard of it. Wish I was getting that kind of mpg. I'm averaging 11 mpg over the last 3000 miles with QC Sport 2wd and 4.7l auto.
  • Includes the 20" wheels, foglights, antislip, 3.92 for about $750 after package discount.
  • newramfannewramfan Posts: 22
    Oh! I guess that's what they call it on the SLT w/out sport pkg. Mine is a sport so that's why I had no clue. Thanks for the education.
  • brnzbkbrnzbk Posts: 33
    I've had mine for about 3 weeks, here's the details:
    SLT, 4WD, security pkg, 24G, P265 WOL, Premium seats, 3:55 anti spin, sliding rear window, standard chrome wheels, fog lights, towing pkg.
    Listed for $31600, paid $26400. After 1000K miles I'm averaging 14.8 mpg with 50/50 city and highway, . I absolutely love this truck.
  • JvodkaJvodka Posts: 5
    I didn't do as good as other posts

    Sticker was $31,065.00
    dealer disc. 2,500.00
    rebate 1,500.00
    com. rebate 300.00
    paid $ 26,765.00

    The big problem was that they did not want to give me anything for my trade. We were going back and forth for about 2 Hrs before it came down to being $300 apart, I stood up and started heading for the door when they caved.
    So I got the NADA trade-in value for my truck which was a 2000 Silverado Ext. 4x4
  • brnzbkbrnzbk Posts: 33
    Many of the prices you see on this site are from all over the USA, a couple of hundred dollars is pretty much irrelevant when your buying a $31000 truck. I don't know where you bought your truck, but from what I've been seeing on this site you still got a very good deal. You will love this truck!!!

    By the way, why did you trade a 2000 Silverado, did you have a lot of problems?
  • JvodkaJvodka Posts: 5
    I bought it in MA.
    Nothing wrong with the Silverado, Its just when the new dodge came out, it was love at first site. The real four doors, the totally new design.
    I had reservations since I had a bad experince with a Dakota years back. But I fiqured it was time to give dodge another shot.

    I went over it with a fine tooth comb. This thing is flawless. And I have the 20" wheels which makes it that much more impressive.
  • fishwifefishwife Posts: 2
    4X4 SLT Quad,SportPckg,20"wheels,side airbags,60/40rear bench seat,tow package.
    So far, so good.
  • fishwifefishwife Posts: 2
    That doesn't sound like such a great deal compared to others so I guess I should add...
    Sticker Price - $36,100
    MSRP - $33,050
  • redramqcredramqc Posts: 4
    I got my '02 Quad Cab last week.
    Flame Red, 20" wheels, 3.92 axle, SLT, premium seats, cd player, keyless, 4.7 auto.
    Sticker was 27945, paid 24400. Not sure I got the best deal here, but I'm happy w/ it. Invoice was 25050 according to Edmunds.
  • b360b360 Posts: 6
    assuming these post all deal with 1500s?
    Here, local dealer has windshelds on 2500s priced
    26-27000.they look loaded, two tones ect.
    btw my 94 was around 17, time changes everything!
  • I just ordered a new 2003 2500 diesel. They sure were happy to take my order. However, my So.California dealer was unsure of three minor things:
    1) If 20 inch wheels are available on the new 2500
    2) When will it come in.
    3) The price. They estimated the MSRP at $38,500.

    Does anyone out there have any info on the 2003's 2500???
  • tirnaogtirnaog Posts: 2
    SLT 4x4 140"
    Image Group
    Protection Group
    Two pane Color {Forest Green}
    20" Wheels

    Window Price: $33,565
    After Trade{4000} & rebates: $26,600

    Love the ride and Jude my wife likes it too.
    I am in a pickup again :)
  • rlchapinrlchapin Posts: 4
    I just got back from the dealer. Needed a very basic truck. Drove all over this morning trying to drive a Chevy, GMC, Ford, Toyota. All the dealers had nothing that was interested in (basic truck). They had none or one (It is hard to get a good deal when they only have one). I was in heaven when I pulled into the Dodge dealer. They had about 10 basic trucks to choose from. So......

    Sticker was 19850.
    less 2000 rebate
    less 300 commercial rebate
    less 1850 dealer discount (took about 2.5 hours)
    So price was 15700. I think I did pretty good.

    I added in a bed liner after this for $261, I beat them up on this too, down from 289.
  • steveuk1steveuk1 Posts: 4
    Hi Everybody I imported mine from Canada to the UK it's the SPORT model has the 5.9 engine leather seats 20" wheels cd keyless entry and it costs a fortune to run I am only getting 10mpg around town and at about $1.10 per litre I will always be poor but I love it. So think about us poor brits driving American metal we pay for our passion by the way I paid $40900 canadain thats about 26500 us
  • xtocakxtocak Posts: 5
    I just got a terrific deal on a diesel!!

    2002 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Cummins HO Turbo Diesel Quad Cab
    6-speed manual transmission
    Light group
    Trailer tow package
    Convenience group
    Clearance Lamps
    Air Dam
    Total price (financed) including tax and licensing: $27388.00

    Not bad!
  • xtocakxtocak Posts: 5
    I neglected to post a little more info.....

    MSRP - $34,585.00
    Dodge Rebate - $2500
    Dodge E-Internet Rebate at their website $500
    Negotiated Discount - $2949
    Cash down payment - $1000
    Tax, title, license - $248
    Total amount financed - $27,388.00

    The $500 E Rebate is only available on the 2500 and 3500 series only if you go the website and print out the coupon. Without it, there is no $500 available.
  • racerraulracerraul Posts: 1
    24g quick order option
    Southwest pkg, 4.7l 20"wheels w\ 3.92 anti-slip & Auto, overhead console, CD w\changer controls, Sliding rear window, premium cloth interior

    23k-ish after all rebates 24,900 OTD.

    Love the truck & can't wait to add a worthy stereo system & performance goodies...
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    Will it be difficult for me to find the 4.7l V8 with the stick shift on dealer lots? Also, does anyone have the MOPAR aftermarket nav system installed in the 1500 quad cab? Thanks.
  • inukeu2inukeu2 Posts: 23

    You'll be hard pressed to find a manual on the dealer lot unless someone ducked out on a special order. I had to order mine but it was a painless process that allowed me to get EVERY option that I wanted.
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    Do the dealers not discount as much when you order the vehicle as opposed to picking one off the lot? Also, have you driven the automatic? How does it compare to the 5spd?
  • inukeu2inukeu2 Posts: 23

    I can tell that you have thought about this a lot. I offered 2% over the kbb invoice BEFORE the rebates and got the price without any haggling. This was in mid January after the initial shock of the mayor was over. I wish I had gone lower than that. The dealership was eager to sell, and I said nothing about the dealer holdback which they gladly pocketed. They even went so far as to give me the loyalty discount to offset the advertising fee and I'd never owned a dodge before. The fact was that they wanted wanted to make $500 and I wasn't about to drive any of the loaded trucks they had on the lot. To answer your second question I did drive the automatic and it is smoooooth. It had plenty of power for the casual around town driver, but it ran out of wind when really pushed. I think I could still respect anyone for driving the auto but only if they ordered the 3.92 rear end. You'll need the torque to turn those big tires. Whatever you decide it's a great buy. You'll be happy no matter what but I knew that I would be happier with everything that I ordered. Good Luck.
  • I have been pre approved for a loan for 24K and am hoping to find a dealer that I can get a QC 1500 4.7L that is not fully loaded, but has some of the nice upgrades. I have researched the invoices on various dealer sites and it looks like the truck I want has an MSRP of $30K. My hope is that with the 2K rebate and $1-$2 back for my trade I should be able to fit within my limit.

    Does that sound right to this group? I have built this on Edmunds and it appears I am close.

    Also, if anyone has purchased a sheel for the back of one of these who much do they cost?

  • Well, I just got back from the dealer and brought home my new truck. I think I got a good deal, but am sure I could have done better if I pushed. I read a lot on the negotiations board and tried to use some of the advice to get a fair price that I could live with. I think I did.

    2002 QC 1500 4X2 140" WB
    Bright White Exterior
    Navy Blue Interior
    4.7L V8
    Premium cloth seats w/
    8 way driver
    60/40 rear
    Flat load floor rear
    Customer preferred Pkg 24G
    Trailer Tow Group
    Two tone paint
    Anti Spin differential
    Sliding rear window
    Keyless Entry
    AM/FM/CASS/CD w/ Infinity Speakers
    Steering mounted radio controls
    17 x 8 cast alum wheels
    Front Hood Shield

    Sticker was $29,215
    Minus Rebate $2000
    Minus Trade In $1000

    I got out the door for $24,500 including taxes, title, tags everything. That is $500 over my target, but my target was really for the price of the truck so I felt good to get the TTL also.

  • 1500 ST
    3.7 V6
    Cloth Seats.
    19150 Sticker
    Talked down to 16000 BUT Had a 2002 Sunfire that was wrecked and repaired to trade.......Upside down 3000. Payed 19100 For Truck....
  • I think that I just need a little convincing. I currently have a '01 Silverado 5.3 L. I love the truck except when I am loaded down or pulling my camper, 3000 lbs dry. I was looking at a 2002 Ram 2500 Ext. Cab with the Cummins SLT. I sat in the truck and loved the set up, not too mention the truck looks great. I wouldn't let myself drive it yet, as I am still debating the over expense. I do commute approx 250 miles per week, and hall the camper approx. 10-12 per year. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Extra Options being Rear Sliding window and automatic tranny.

    Std equipment includes Cruise, CD single with changer controls, 4.7l Engine.

    Just a few bucks over $24,000 (includes $1000 rebate) sticker being $27595.

    Added a receiver hitch for $150 installed and a bug deflector for $87.
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    To the gentleman thinking about the Ram to haul his camper - I just took delivery on my '03 2500 CTD HO QC - and I love it. It's got a ton of power and is the best-looking vehicle on the road. I don't think you'd have any problems hauling a 3000 pound camper (I presume you don't mean slide-in) - and you KNOW you're the best-looking thing out there!
  • Hello loncray, May I ask how much you paid and what major options you have on your new 2500 CTD? Thanks in advance.
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