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Dodge Ram Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello XTOCAK, I wanted to make sure the truck you listed the info. on was a 2002 and not a 2003 Ram 2500 4X4 QC. Please advise and thanks in advance.
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    Well, it was about $39.6k for everything. I got the Laramie package (which comes with about everything), the CTD HO, and 4x4. I think about the only things I didn't get were the side airbags, Sport package, and the heated seats. She came with the leather and the dual temperature controls and the rear load-floor (which has already come in handy) and the limited-slip rear. Oh, I also got the tow package. She's already been in for her first recall - a few CTD's came out of Mexico with loose fans so they're checking them all out - but mine was fine all along.
  • jeff186jeff186 Posts: 95
    The ads I've started to check by me seem to show that the best deals are available on regular cab pickups as opposed to the crew cabs. Guess the crew cabs are more popular? Anyone else notice this or I am seeing a mirage?
  • azrynoazryno Posts: 1
    I haven't received my dodge yet, it's supposedly on the train, but, I have been quoted a price of $500 over invoice, which I feel isn't all that bad. I will be paying $32,500.
  • am working with dealer now.

    Says Edmunds invoice price does not include a $500 regional advertising.

    Is this fee legitimate????

    Other wise he is selling:
    2003 Quad cap Ram 1500 SLT 2WD, Short bed for $26.4K with following options:

    M9 Premium Seat-Cloth
    AHC Trailer Tow
    CVN Storage - Fold flat
    24G Auto Transmission
    DMH Axle Ratio: 3.92
    DSA Limited Slip Rear Diff.
    GXM Keyless Remote
    SCV Leather Steering
    WPG Wheel - 20" x 9"
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Check the Edmund's FAQ for info about advertizing fees. Whether this fee is legitimate has been debated in Smart Shopper. This archived discussion may be of interest:

    Dealers Advertising Fees

    Hope this helps!

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  • Bought my Ram 1500 back in August 2002. Dealer had MSRP listed at $25,595. Just needed basic truck have two kids so did not want carpet, plus I do lots of outdoor activities. Truck has convience package for cruise/tilt, chrome wheels, rear-sliding window, automatic transmission. Walked out paying $20,900, which was cool because most online car sales listed it at $21,800.
  • 2003 Ram
    Regular Cab
    5-45RFE (I think that's the abbr.) Auto
    17x8 chrome-plated steel wheels
    265/70R17 Goodyear SR-A tires
    Under the rail bedliner, diamond plated rail protectors
    Cruise, tilt, CD player w/changer controls

    Got the truck for invoice in the end. ($22,600). I had about $1200 rollover from my other truck, but I got the rebate, plus an extra $700 for my tradein and a 5yr/75000 bumper-to-bumper warranty.
  • Had to order it today, since there were no 1500's with the old 5.9ltr to be had in the configuration I wanted.

    03 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4
    Atlantic Blue Pearlcoat
    5-45RFE Five-Speed Automatic Transmission
    Hemi(R) Magnum(R) 5.7L, V8 SMPI Engine
    3.92 Axle Ratio
    20" x 9" Chrome-Clad Aluminum Wheels
    Four-Wheel Disc Antilock Brakes
    Folding Flat Load Floor Storage
    Anti-Spin Differential Axle
    Remote Keyless Entry
    Fog Lamps
    Power Trailer Tow Folding Mirrors
    Sport Appearance Group
    Trailer Tow Group

    Dealer invoice $30,770, MSRP $34,533
    Got it for $30k + Tax + Paperwork
  • bweavebweave Posts: 16
    Yogi, what is the delivery date for your truck?

  • Looks like Mid January. Don't have a definate Delivery Date yet :(

    They said 4-6 weeks, that means NTL 2ns Week In Jan
  • Yogi, Nice Choice!!! Have you heard anything about the problem with the Hemi on the 20's. My dealer said they are delaying the 1500 Hemi with 20 inch wheels due to a calibration problem. He said after a few hundred miles the engine would start running horrible and needed to be re-calibrated. Therefore this So. Cal. dealer is only getting the Hemi with 17's in January. No word yet on when it will come in with the very nice 20's.
  • Love the truck, bottom line. Purchased truck back in July 02 from a dealer in Dallas. Went to and built the truck I wanted and sent it to several dealers in the Dallas area. Grapevine Dodge returned my call and said they had my truck, come get it. I told them I only had a check for 25G (ended up OTD price of $25,800 as I agreed to $600 over what I wanted to pay and added front tinted windows and keyless entry at the dealer). They said come on down! This is what I bought ...

    02 SLT 1500 4X4 4 door short bed, manual 5 speed 4.7 V-8 w/17" Goodyear tires, CD, keyless entry, Heated mirrors, tint all around, travel convienence package - trip computer (think it was the 24G group package)& 7/70 warranty (just missed the 7/100,000 mile warranty by two weeks).

    I drive my truck on muddy lake roads; very impressed with handling and performance even w/the smaller V-8. 4x4 easy to use. Gas mileage varies between 15 and 19 MPG so far. Nice truck, love the pick-up in second gear! was a painless way to get the deal I wanted at the price I wanted to pay and the new Dodge dealership in Grapevine was awesome. Recently I saw a Lone star edition at a dealer north of Dallas advertising same thing for $23,889. Oh well, still happy, just don't have the lone star logo and 20inch dubs! Still Love that truck!
  • I just got the truck home yesterday and I love it. It does have the 5-spd manual tranny so maybe thats why they put it on special for such a low price. It only has a couple of options, cast aluminum wheels, foglamps, overhead console, but it seems like the SLT already has about everything I wanted anyway. The dealer is Bryan Bickmore Dodge in Portland Oregon, and they have 2 left at this price.
  • mccoy6mccoy6 Posts: 2
    Received my Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 with OffRode Package on 02 Jan 03:
    Had the following options SLT
    Trailer Tow
    Infinity Sound System with steering wheel controls
    Off Rode Package
    Premium Cloth Seats
    Security Package
    HEMI & Automatic 45RFE
    Sliding Rear Window
    After taxes, employee plan(thanks Mom & Dad for 51 years between the two of them)rebates of $2500 and the trade in of my Dodge Dakota 4x4 with the Magnum that had 161000 miles with no troubles of which they gave me $2000 and the $2000 I put down I walked out with the Truck of my Dreams for about $23000. Now this truck is worth more to me after driving off the lot then any Ford, Chevy or Toyota. Thanks Dad (in memory of Bob Williamson)
  • wtcmaswtcmas Posts: 2
    Picking it up 01/09/03..

    Here's what I got:

    Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab 4x4
    Alantic Blue Pearl Coat
    Premium Cloth
    5 spd auto
    3.92 Axle
    5.7L "HEMI"
    Sliding rear window
    Auto Dim rear view
    Fog Lamps
    Leather Wraped Steering Wheel
    20X9 Alum Wheels
    Hood Shield
    Under Rail Bedliner
    Formed floor mats
    Molded mud flaps

    I paid 600 over invoice, and after rebates the final price was 28,400
  • I am looking for the best price in the Toronto area for a 2003 Ram 1500 SLT Quad 4X4. I had my 2001 totalled 10 days ago and need to replace it.
    Has any body had a recent purchase at a great price?
    Oh yes, since the Hemi is an option this year, does anyone know the gas mileage it gets? I hear its better than the 5.7.
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    Dunno from new prices, but the Hemi IS the 5.7 - and is supposed to get better mileage than the old 5.9. That said, rumor is that the Hemi is not getting nearly the mileage it was supposed to - people towing have been getting under 10 mpg.
  • I just got an 03' 1500 quad cab short bed with the following stuff
    premium seat
    cd infinity sound with changer controllers
    sliding rear window
    3:55 axle
    bed liner
    towin pkg
    spot appearance group
    17" alim wheels
    owl goodyear tires.
    side impact air bags
    paid $26300 plus tax with $300 of mopar acessories
    How does that compare?
  • RickRRickR Posts: 4
    Carmax shows Ram 1500 QCs at over $7000 less than sticker, is that a real price?
  • Am receiving delivery in June of a 1500 QC SLT with the following:
    5.7 HEMI
    Auto Trans
    SXT value group
    Premium cloth
    Towing package
    Anti-spin Diff
    Fold flat storage
    4 Wheel ABS
    Auto dim rear view
    Painted cast aluminum wheels
    Leather covered steering wheel

    After rebates, price delivered is $23,770. I think that's pretty good. Can't wait to pick it up.
  • pizza442pizza442 Posts: 110
    My 1500 V6 5 spdHD strippo stickered at $18,735 MSRP + 795 destination =$19,380 and was built in MO. The fleet price was listed at $17,813 with destination. I paid $15,995 out the door. Went directly to the fleet mgr. who gave me the deal. This is actually a "Work Special" which I can only find different to be a dark gray grill and bumpers and silver painted 17" wheels with small black center caps. They actually look sharper to me than the 17" argent gray spoke steels.
    Only options listed are:
    -Cloth Split bench $97 (fleet price)
    -"Work Special" Group (-$352)
    -Rear sliding window $123
    With rebates, price was more like $14,300 + tax and license, though the T+L was based on the pre-rebate "deal" of $17,300, and I think the license here in CAL is higher than most in the US! Most of the "one only" deals that were popping up around here, for the same strippo, every couple of weeks had no slider and the vinyl bench at $13.995 "sale" price. I feel at $14,300 I got the same truck plus the window slider and cloth seat, but minus the chrome grill and with stamped steel (but nicely painted bright silver!) wheels.
  • spicolispicoli Posts: 1
    My truck stickered at $38,470 MSRP, including a destination charge of $795. This price includes the following options:
    -Trailer Tow Group $465
    -Heated Seats $140
    -Auto Trans $1,170
    -3.92 Axle Ratio $50
    -Anti Spin Diff. $285
    -Hemi 5.7L $895
    -20 X 9 Wheels $770
    -Hood Shield $90

     The price I paid was $31,267 which is $3,009 under Edmund's TMV price of $34,276. Of course, this price includes all rebates ($2500 factory and 750 Military). I researched the invoice price of the vehicle I wanted using this site, of course (the best). Once I had all of my ducks in a row I went to the dealership (I went as far as locating the vehicle that I wanted using Dodge's dealer inventory search utility). Once there I told the sales person that I wanted to pay invoice then subtract all available incentives. It wasn't easy, but after a while I was able to get them down. They started off way over invoice, but I think they got that I was not going to give in. Anyway, they gave in and sold me a great truck, for a pretty good price!
  • sanchaisanchai Posts: 4
    I am thinking to buy an new truck either Dodge Ram 5.9 or 2004 GMC SLT with Duramax one of the Dodge quote me the price here (it is $1,200.00 les than 2004) I may get 2004 GMC but I still like the 5.9 engine better. Any one have sugestion?
    LEATHER 40/20/20 SEAT
    5.9 L CUMMINS

    MSRP IS 42,600.00
    MY DISCOUNT 3356.00
    TOTAL IS 36744
    TRADE MERC 18,500
    EQUAL 14,944 DI
  • 2004 Ram 1500 SLT
    Hemi 5.7/5-speed 5045RFE trans
    3.92 axle/limited slip diff
    Prem cloth seat
    Lthr steer wheel/wheel-mounted radio controls
    Sliding rear window
    Sport Appearance Group
    Polished 20" wheels
    Hood protection shield
    4-wheel anti-lock brakes
    Light group
    Infinity 6-disc CD/7-speaker radio

    MSRP - $29,485
    Invoice - $26,160
    Rebate - $2,500
    TMV after rebate - $24,612

    I paid $23,900

    How'd I do?

    BTW: This is a great truck!!
  • Was that for a RCAB or QCAB? And was that out the door price?
  • gwprice

    Where did you pick up this truck ?? I'm in illinois, and I'm having a hard time dealing with the sales people.

    These sharks !! are wearing me down and just plain putting me off.. The best I have so far is 28,730 (odd, couple of bucks off) for an SLT Quad Cab 5.7 HEMI with premium cloth and 20" wheels.

    I'm kind of at my wits end... Why is it so freakin hard to deal with these people.. ??
  • 14chow- This is a regular cab. $23,900 does not include Tax & Title.

    osullcy- I bought the truck in Northern VA. I bought it on the last day of the month (31 Oct), which may have helped. Good luck with your search.
  • i bought an 04 ram 1500 hemi yesterday at invoice at foothill ranch jeep chrysler dodge in lake forest, ca
  • I bought it from Dealer stock last week, and I love it. It' an 04 2500 Q cab,HO,auto,4x4,short box.
    Window Sticker just under 40K, Invoice (as per this site) Just under 35K. Price I paid=just under 32K.
    Ford and GM build good cars and SUV's, but if you want a truck, get a REAL truck. GET A DODGE.
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